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File 143364682576.png - (461.75KB , 640x480 , Yamato 11 - remaster (Central Anime) [413af728]_mk.png )
23258 No. 23258 [Edit]
Why the shit do so many old anime put important spoilers in the episode title and preview
>> No. 23260 [Edit]
I think tons of modern day shows (including live action stuff) leave spoilers in previews. I recall even seeing some anime that have spoilers in their OPs.
>> No. 23283 [Edit]
In my experience it's almost exclusively anime of the 80s and maybe 90s that have titles or previews saying something along the lines of "MC's love dies a tragic death in the last minute of the episode"
I have a bad memory but I don't remember getting angry at spoilers like that in anime made in the 2000s

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