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File 135927725455.jpg - (578.12KB , 1091x1538 , 31731447.jpg )
11531 No. 11531 [Edit]
What do you have in common with your beloved?

Is there anything you differ in (be it opinions or situations or anything) so much that you feel it is worth mentioning?
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>> No. 11532 [Edit]
File 135928799641.jpg - (729.93KB , 1952x2360 , my empressu.jpg )
I have many things in common with her. So much so that at times it makes think how of wonderful it would be to be together with her. At least I can dream.
While I may not have as much talent for the arts has her, I do have the same interest and amiration for them. From music, painting, fashion, acting, sculpting, metal working and architecture. I enjoy them all. The only ones I have any talent for though is drawing, and architecture.
We are both hedonist.
We are both quite passionate about the things we enjoy.
We both suffer from migraines.
We are both perfectionist.
We both greatly admire beauty.
We are both of similar sexual orientation and preference, we both see ourselves as half and half.
We also have very similar personalities, opinions, views and lifestyles, though I might be a bit more laid back and indifferent than her when it comes to certain subjects.
In regards to what we differ on there isn't much. There is nothing she does or has done that I have a problem with. Though I know other people do. I think it's more along the lines of things I do that she has a bit of a problem with. I smoke, and knowing her, I'm sure she doesn't like it. I can be a bit boorish at times too.
Other than that there isn't much else that I can think of. Though I'm sure I'm probably forgetting something, a small trivial detail or two most likely.
>> No. 11534 [Edit]
File 135929194644.jpg - (204.25KB , 600x750 , 0bd086a89fb39d23d9d2302ed909a7c2.jpg )
We both can be very cheerful, though she is probably way more genki then me.
We can be both idiots at the time as well. (Which makes me think that, if we were together and she would come up with something silly I would totally do it.)
We are also both found of animals, well. We both like their warmth. She probably loves them more then I do but I love seeing them too.
We can both be a bit of a show-off as well.
We both can suppress shitty feels and be our usual self the rest of the day but once we get home it comes all out.
We both seem to be the cuddly type.
We both have pride, though she has way more than me.
We both can be mad easily but snap out of that very easily.
We both have a big mouth sometimes but a little heart so to say.
We both have a bit of a fighter in us.
We can easily laugh at things.
We both seem to be very chatty. Though she way more than me, but me and her together will probably end up in non-stop talking.

Man. Now I look at this I realise just how perfectly we fit together. We sort of complete each other.
>> No. 11536 [Edit]
File 135930870928.jpg - (360.41KB , 700x893 , 064af599a28f79e72e5211b86f14a3f1.jpg )
We're both stubborn.
We both want to be treated differently by people around us.
We both dance, or at least, I used to dance.
We both delay reaching our goals to make others' happy.
We both have parent issues.
We're both probably good at racing games.
We were both looking for our prince/princess, until we found eachother.

To be honest, I had to dig deep to find some similarities. At first glance, we're pretty much complete opposites.
>> No. 11537 [Edit]
File 135931031936.jpg - (1.00MB , 1600x1200 , 0a9c5714a479816e75a4a9d26244492b.jpg )
We are both very stubborn.
Neither of us can give up against our hardships.
We never give up to achieve what we want.
We both are very selfish outside, but kind and worrying on the inside.
We are both very prideful, we hate when people are condescending towards us.
We both love to tease others but hate being teased.
We both long for self-achievement and recognition.

We also differ in many things.
I am more calm than her.
I'm more forgiving than I should.
I'm more obedient towards other people.
I am more lazy, which she is not.

There's much more similarities, as well as many more differences. But I think that's alright. She's better than me in many aspects and I'm better than her in others, but that's okay.
I'm not searching for someone like me, I'm searching someone to love, someone from which I can learn from and improve myself. Someone I can call "my beloved one".
>> No. 11538 [Edit]
File 135931215339.png - (231.58KB , 1920x1200 , 1307936310697.png )
Funny how i can't think of anything in common, we are total opposites.
>> No. 11539 [Edit]
File 135931287370.jpg - (290.84KB , 734x1024 , John Lennon.jpg )
W-we are both worried about our c-chests...

And we both have only one close friend.
>> No. 11540 [Edit]
File 135931386332.jpg - (95.58KB , 650x459 , Kanako (64).jpg )
Now that I think of it, there´s not that much we have in common.
We both are heavily "focused" on our brothers.
And we are both pretty reckless when it comes to reach an important goal.
But we don´t have anything special that we both have in common otherwise.
Its not that big a deal. But since we have completely different hobbys, we always do something that´s on "neutral ground" like movies or music, that we both can enjoy equally.
>> No. 11541 [Edit]
File 135931998495.jpg - (109.92KB , 601x323 , Q.jpg )
From NGE:

We failed big time.
We rather blew it all out than taking consolation prizes.

From Rebuild, up to now:

We're currently the same age.
We're somehow stuck, unable to mature, however toughen up.

>> No. 11542 [Edit]
File 135932272217.jpg - (385.27KB , 938x708 , 656f13340fbc7ea0b3d5c445e51e1046.jpg )
We both like to think of ourselves as high class and cultured, when in fact we are both quite childish.

We both enjoy the nighttime.

We both like to bite.

We both decided to survive no matter how bad things get for us. For us, death is not inevitable, it's defeat.

We both love sweet foods.

And we both love our little sister.
>> No. 11543 [Edit]
File 135932393321.jpg - (26.97KB , 300x400 , 33126759.jpg )
We both worry over the smallest things.
We both love to explore and experience interesting, surreal things.
We both like flowers.
We both love romance (pun not intended).
We both have a sadistic side and a masochistic side, and enjoy teasing and being teased.
We've both been through similar troubles, though the extremes happened/were handled in different ways.

Our living situation was very similar before she became a permanent resident of the dream world, though now it's quite different. She's softened up a lot since that, which is nice, but she's still a tease. Not that I'm complaining. It's fun, and cute. It's good to see her happy, having escaped all her troubles. I'm eager to do the same once I've finished what I've set out to do.
>> No. 11544 [Edit]
File 135933189556.jpg - (66.49KB , 560x711 , 2001s_am.jpg )
I can't really name much that wouldn't be stretching it. I guess our mother's aren't all there in the head, and our fathers aren't really a part of our lives, not too many friends while some people say we're hard to approach. but again that's stretching it. I think it's safe to say we don't share many of the same interests, although I wouldn't mind at all having her introduce me to her hobbies, astronomy might be fun and I probably should read more anyway.
>> No. 11545 [Edit]
We actually aren't that similar at all. I can't really think of anything meaningful we share in common.

I'm pretty similar to her best friend, though, which gives me hope that if she were a real person we'd at least be able to get along alright.
>> No. 11548 [Edit]
File 135933462270.jpg - (76.72KB , 269x471 , father.jpg )
>I guess our mother's aren't all there in the head, and our fathers aren't really a part of our lives

Now that you bring on relatives' specifics:

Suicidal ex-biologist mother, usually misunderstood by others for a raging manipulative psycho. Absent/nonexistent father, held as something between "the man who deserted us for that woman" and a totally alien concept. Both of us raised as somewhat "genius" (science/maths major), until the aforementioned failure. Wanting to grow up fast, ending up being pathetically childish. Although sometime praised and acknowledged by others, in the end just utterly lonely. Not ever wanting children of our own.
>> No. 11578 [Edit]
File 135947678274.jpg - (410.14KB , 788x1152 , Kurisu boo.jpg )
In my opinion we have a lot in common. I don't she would have ever caught attention if I didn't think so. After I started thinking her as my waifu, I've come across many things we have in common.

In the very beginning what was the most important was the similar interest we share. I've always been interested in maths and physics (how good I am is different story) and I don't think I've ever met female who didn't think those subjects are "boring". And she is actually pro which was very impressing even for fictional character (and well pandering for people like me). But on other hand while she is actually smart, I just think I am smart.

Big thing obviously was I found out she lurks imageboards during her free time. Regarding that, one thing we have common is we both are kind of "embarrassed" that we lurk imageboards and sometimes we blurt out some stupid memes we have been used for years. Actually one scenario writer of Steins;Gate has said following:
>She visits @Chan a lot, and even uses a tripcode name. However she does not show herself on cam or anything like that. Her posts are mostly of the intellectual type and she wins most internet arguments. When she gets mad though, she will start trolling.
When I read this first time I was stunned how similar we are. Maybe I should start using tripcode too? Heh.

We are both quite introverted types. As shown in Steins;Gate many times she usually just sits on couch and reads book while others are discussing. We both try to be cool and calm, but we get easily embarrassed of some stupid things and we can't handle our emotions well. Also we both dislike it when we are proven wrong.

Last but not least, while I consider events of Steins;Gate have never happened with my Kurisu, "Future Gadget Laboratory" group she joined during Steins;gate was her first social group she could consider as her friends because she had spent all her youth studying. I think tohno-chan, specially /mai/, holds similar meaning for me. While sometimes people here are annoying idiots and totally different than me, still I really love this place...
>> No. 11591 [Edit]
How funny, that is the same way I feel too. Even if I looked deeply into Iori's routes in [email protected] SP and [email protected] after finishing the anime, I don't think I could list anything we have in common. In fact, it seems as we're completely opposites to each other. I guess the idiom 'opposites attract' does fit our relationship well strangely.

Then again, I wouldn't know how to deal with a person if they have the exact same personalities as me, as it would have been boring to be honest.
>> No. 11593 [Edit]
File 135956427873.jpg - (521.89KB , 800x619 , 669ac34e8b0f9dfaf8ecc2e605b3dc57.jpg )
I have, I think, a few things in common with her.

We value our privacy that much, although don't mind being around people.
We are both interested in combustible things.
We're both curious.
We're both considered out of place in our society.
We both keep secrets from the rest.
We could be rude at times.
We're both lazy to an extent.
We both considered ourselves as out of our minds.
We have a penchant for violence.
>> No. 11600 [Edit]
File 135960538096.jpg - (68.06KB , 480x620 , Tomo154.jpg )
If I really think about it I would have to say, that we're both normal on the outside but on the inside we both have pretty perverted minds. We care a lot for our friends/loved ones.

But that second one is stretching it in my case, we honestly do not have that much in common. But that doesn't matter much.
>> No. 11654 [Edit]
File 13602921798.jpg - (25.28KB , 200x422 , erica_sleeping.jpg )
We are both Europeans.
We are incredibly lazy.
We both love sleeping, and do so for large swathes of time.
We both possess high libidos.
We both enjoy inebriation (wine & brandy bottles around her room, with brandy & pot being my trusty poisons).
We are rarely serious - only if the situation necessitates it.
We both embody the archetype of a disorganised prodigy.
We are both good at combat.
We love to just mess around.
It's hard to tell which of us is more laid back - probably her, slightly.
We are on precisely the same wavelength.


I am Britannian; she is Karlslandic.
I am very tan for a white person, whereas she is the orthodox medium/pale.
I have black hair; she has blonde hair.
She loves potatoes, I merely like them.
I love extremely spicy food, she merely likes it.

...and other superficial crap.

All else aside, it's nice to see whose relationships flourish from their similarities, and whose thrive upon their differences.
>> No. 11669 [Edit]
File 136046402521.png - (146.96KB , 318x470 , 1332467412147.png )
>we are both good at combat

You are? Real combat, sim combat, or both?
>> No. 11682 [Edit]

Real - kind of. I've been studying Wing Chun for a year, and I've done well at clay pigeon shooting in the past.

Sim combat - I'm great at FPS but not much else, especially not simulations.
>> No. 11689 [Edit]
File 13605618856.jpg - (1.30MB , 1500x1389 , 29639987.jpg )
>I'm eager to do the same once I've finished what I've set out to do.
Not sure exactly what you're implying here? Godspeed to you either way.

For years, I'd thought that Reki an I were alike in every way. We're both introverted, creative, knowledgeable, independent, self-effacing, somewhat secretive, spiteful when under pressure or stress, and a million other things. After time passed and things changed, I realized there was one very important difference; whereas she'd been abandoned by everyone important to her (excepting Rakka, of course), I'd cut myself off shamefully from everyone that was important to me. This one difference then became a basis for our romantic love; our deepest longings are mirrored in each other and thus requited.
>> No. 11691 [Edit]
File 136056489252.png - (605.13KB , 1450x1833 , 25916354.png )
Once I've experienced more of the entertainment this world has to offer, have the money/resources and lack of supervision to do so reliably, and feel like there's nothing still keeping me here, then I can make my exit and permanent entry.

And thanks. I apologize if it seems like this is bringing a negative mood on. I assure you it's all positive.
>> No. 11750 [Edit]
File 136100169216.jpg - (109.73KB , 400x400 , Asuka isn't sure.jpg )
We both strive to find a reason in life, and we both fixated on one thing and one thing only. Nothing else mattered as long as we were the best at what our purpose was. For both of us that idea came crumbling down over an abrupt and short period of time, and we suffered horribly for it.

We both put on a mask to protect ourselves. The mask is our defense, though, so when it comes off we're extremely vulnerable.

We both isolate.
We both have parent issues.
We're both romantics.
We both consider(ed in my case) ourselves more mature and older than we actually are.
We both call people stupid maybe a little too easily (been workin' on that one myself.)

There's probably more, and there's probably a lot of ways we're different, but I'm not very good at stuff like this.
>> No. 13698 [Edit]
File 138516735817.png - (60.15KB , 400x507 , 081203.png )
We both longed for an intense, intimate, and lifelong relationship.
We're very stubborn in matters of the heart, but willing to listen to reason if somebody will take the time to explain things.
We're very gentle but also hard to get to know. Many people don't really "get" us (for him both in a canon and fandom sense).
We both have PTSD and have had issues with depression, anxiety, and self-consciousness to the point of self-loathing.
We're extremely loyal.
We're both hopelessly romantic.
We are both very hard on ourselves, more than we should be.
We've both hurt people that we've loved in unforgivable ways.
We both are trying to move on from our pasts and become better people because of it.
We have a lot of history in common as well as similar life views, so I think that has a lot to do with our compatibility.

Our differences mostly lie on our upbringing and his world- I had a loving family while he had none. Due to the world that he lives in and things that happened in his childhood, he is much more physically strong than I am. I think our similarities are more numerous than our differences, though.
>> No. 13700 [Edit]
File 138526764689.jpg - (282.91KB , 600x776 , 6b13174d0866c20e1fb87768b16d3988.jpg )
- We are both taciturn.
- We both dislike social situations and interact poorly with others.
- We both have very few friends.
- We both enjoy reading (though her love for it certainly exceeds mine).
- We are both hikikomori.
- We are both asthmatic and in generally poor physical condition.
- We are both very protective of our belongings.
- We both end up making a lot of mistakes despite being cautious and not acting before being prepared.
- We both dislike sunlight.

Thinking about it makes me imagine how enjoyable it would be to hole up in a room with her for hours (or even days) and just block out the rest of the world.
>> No. 13702 [Edit]
File 138539191580.jpg - (114.07KB , 519x515 , Kanako (33).jpg )
We both find it hard to express our emotions properly.
Both not really that great at dealing with people.
Both cover up our mistakes and desires to be friends with others by pretending to be cold and unfriendly.
Both can be a bit too obsesive about a person they like.
Both have black hair and black eyes.
Both have a similar body build.

I think if she was in the real world we would be very similar people. But not neccesarily friends. Similarity doesn't neccesarily mean being good friends or lovers..
>> No. 13707 [Edit]
File 138550062225.jpg - (96.44KB , 1280x720 , widesmile.jpg )
Guess I'll post in this thread.

-We're both pretty weird
-We both like avant-garde experimental things in art that most people don't seem to get, except her with paintings and me with music
-We both like food and eat a lot but don't become fat from it
-We both are fairly childish
-We both are unscheduled and spontaneous, coming up with plans and things to do on a whim.
-We both long for freedom

A lot of differences I guess since she is a girl I'm a boy, she is a perfect 2D girl from a fantasy world I'm just a shitty person who longs for a better world.

Post edited on 26th Nov 2013, 1:18pm
>> No. 14897 [Edit]
File 139670035185.png - (506.16KB , 600x742 , f4d0e6a96a1bbfa1d4ba729d90056973.png )
We are both obsessive.
We are both introverted/shy.
We both have black hair.
We both hide our weaknesses and act cold to the point of screwing social relations.
We both are misunderstood.
We both have struggled with self-worth issues.
We both sort of buy the Nietzschean theory of suffering validating self-worth.
We both are morally corrupt/bankrupt.

Differences, my curiosity and interests are at times random while hers mainly focuses on Madoka. I can also laugh more to lame stuff. I can occasionally just speak up and say some dumb things rather than holing myself up all the time. I would prefer hand-to-hand combat even in a magical world while she would stick with guns. I'm a lot bigger than her, though not really fat.

Post edited on 5th Apr 2014, 5:21am
>> No. 14898 [Edit]
File 139670613695.png - (203.74KB , 640x360 , Aikatsu_suzukawa4.png )
We're both very quiet, we don't like to speak carelessly.

We're both very hard workers.

And we both love all kinds of music. He's a little more pretentious in his tastes, though.
>> No. 16496 [Edit]
I was thinking of this and we really don't have too much in common, be it interests or personality. Aside from general introversion and parental instincts our basic characters are almost opposites. He's uptight and I'm easy going, he's tidy and I'm messy, he has issues expressing his emotions while I have no trouble, etc.

It's probably good that we balance out, though. If we were both like me we'd get nothing done and if we were both like him we'd destroy each other. The only thing we haven't got covered is cooking. Neither of us can cook.
>> No. 16498 [Edit]
File 140893652927.png - (1.66MB , 1920x1080 , doyourbestest.png )
We both dedicate ourselves to the things we like the most and we work hard for them.
>> No. 16499 [Edit]
File 140896861293.jpg - (64.45KB , 408x768 , 18ed6c6d119c351b43f7827b363b4409824d9a5f.jpg )
We both like hanging out with friends.
Both of us were really bad at certain subjects at school, which we both kinda shrugged off.
Neither of us can cook.

She's more determined than I am.
She has a lot more focus on what she wants to do in life.
We're almost complete opposites, physically.

There's probably some things I'm forgetting, but those are the main ones I think.
>> No. 17387 [Edit]
Me and my husbando can both be selfish at times, though he's more selfish than I. We both enjoy being alone, and hate the world, though yet again, he hates it more than I. We both make lame jokes and we can be lazy at times. We're also both dreamers, though he hates to admit he's one.

My husbando is more rash and outgoing than I. He takes situations head on while I try time avoid them. He also doesn't like to have very many friends, or admit that someone is his friend, while I enjoy having friends.
>> No. 17388 [Edit]
Ugh i sincerely apologize for the accidental spam, my phone was having issues... I hope you'll understand.
>> No. 17392 [Edit]
We're both perfectionists to an extent, but not so much so that it's a problem. We're also both very modest.

However, she's very prone to jump head-first into dangerous situations (despite not being able to do anything -- a big fault of hers that causes a very big problem late in the series). I'd probably just get scared and run away.
>> No. 17396 [Edit]
Almost way too many to list.
We both like chess, pool, music, cooking, and occasional drinking. She likes books while I am more interested in the visual arts.
We both share similar views on humanity and society in general and dislike opening up to people, though she expresses this in a different way. She tends to simply remain silent or closed up while I tend to hide behind incessant and compulsive jokes.
Spoilered bit is perhaps a bit of a downer.
She has had a few highly traumatic childhood experiences at an older age while I have had plenty of moderately traumatic childhood experiences at a younger age. The end result is largely the same.
Both of us understand why people can act in cruel ways, so despite disliking the actions of others, we bear no hatred or anger towards them in the long term.
Overall, I would say that she has slightly better morality and significantly better self-control.

Post edited on 11th Jan 2015, 9:34pm
>> No. 17399 [Edit]
File 142105039361.png - (464.86KB , 700x546 , yeh.png )
Mainly, I'd say it's the fact that we've both based our self worth on one single thing we've been told (by a parental figure) that we do well. Though in the end it made him determined and goal-oriented while I'm drowning in self-pity. We both have a general disgust for people and express that on a regular basis, but due to some miracle I ended up with friends. We are also both able to easily display certain feelings while others have been so numbed that it hurts to even consider it. There are a few little things we have in common too, in particular his habit of calling distasteful people/situations "gross" is something I've been known to do. Taking advice is also a challenge.

Most of our similarities are because of stressful family situations in the past that we just detached ourselves so far from emotionally that we're screwed up.

Concerning general differences, he tends to be cruel and immoral while I can be easygoing and empathetic. I'm also jealous of the fact that he can be so intimidating though I'm pretty sure my classmates thought I was creepy.

This turned out longer and more negative than expected, whoops.
>> No. 17422 [Edit]
I'd say to experience love one must be able to relate to both the pain and joy of the other.

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