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File 144807096041.png - (120.78KB , 440x299 , 1412214331290.png )
27927 No. 27927 [Edit]
Does anyone here know anything I could do to stop sexual urges? They're bothersome and pervert my mind. I would just like them to stop so I can think normally without sexual stuff getting in the way.
>> No. 27928 [Edit]
well there's surgery...
also a lot of medications with side effects that prevent that stuff.
>> No. 27929 [Edit]
Cut off your penis.
>> No. 27942 [Edit]
how puffy is your vulva?
>> No. 27990 [Edit]
Start with avoiding all types of porn.
>> No. 28070 [Edit]
So anon how has your progress been?
>> No. 28072 [Edit]
I'm so horny I read doujins all day and get so horny you can smell my cockstink through my underwear.
>> No. 28078 [Edit]
Just disociate it from love/romance entirely and masturbate when you need, like you'd take a shit to get rid of the biological need for a while. Until we're cyborgs there's not much more you can do about it.
>> No. 28092 [Edit]
I know. I even crossdress and self-insert as the girl in doujins and it makes me so horny. I feel so ashamed of myself but it just makes me even more horny as i completely submit my will to these base pleasures. I'm sorry I'm so disgusting.

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