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File 129326027171.png - (160.59KB , 225x347 , i86444.png )
180 No. 180 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure that last year, during Christmastime, I shared this manga with /a/. I don't really remember if it was in fact, Christmastime or Valentine's Day. I don't really think it matters, because I'm going to share it anyway. This is, personally, my favorite release by my favorite manga author. Inio is one of the few manga artists who I actually find myself identifying with because of deep, resonating themes, instead of the personality-less self-insert character that many Japanese VN and manga authors turn to using. Anyway, here is one of his anthologies, "Before Dawn and the End of the World":

In addition to that, Inio did quite a few manga that seem to be favorites around these parts. Goodnight PunPun and Solanin were by him, along with a handful of obscure one-shots. He also did the incomprehensible Nijigahara Holograph.
>> No. 182 [Edit]
Personally for me, this manga was kind of a mixed bag. There were a couple stories that I really disliked (such as the last chapter, thank god Kotonoha released that chapter first. I'd have been bummed out to read that as the end to this collection) but on the whole, most stories managed to successfully pull off being poignant so I still thought it was a great read.

Out of all the chapters, I absolutely loved the one about A-ko the shopkeep at the train station. Inio managed to make that one cute and melancholic without going down too much into the grimdark end with a lot of deep moody monologues that he sometimes tends to do (which I'm not the biggest fan of). The best part is that it was less than 20 pages and everything felt so tight, not a single panel felt unneccessary or wasted.

Which chapters did you particularly like?
>> No. 187 [Edit]
Three chapters in particular stood out for me. "17", "Tokyo" and "The End of the World". I don't know what it is about them.

I guess I like 17 because I really relate with the story. Tokyo, more or less for the same reason, except 17 doesn't really get that 'aimlessness' that makes Tokyo great. And I love The End of the World because it captures the vigor of youth (that I never had).

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