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File 142068055535.jpg - (1.00MB , 1382x1440 , alice2.jpg )
17353 No. 17353 [Edit]
I think I might have finally found mai waifu, guys.
I've been waiting for quite a while. I've had crushes on anime characters and video game characters, but it's never been the same kind of feeling that most people said, "you will know when she's the one". I figured that means like when I dated my long term girlfriend back in high school, when I met her I just had really strong feelings I couldn't explain.
I haven't played the VN Monobeno that this character Alice is from, but from the instant I saw a picture of her lying in bed next to the viewer, I can't believe I felt that same feeling. I'm incredibly happy right now. There isn't much material of her on the net, but I've found all that I can and have the pics in a folder.
I currently have one of her as my wallpaper and keep looking over at my other screen, and feeling the same feeling I thought I'd never feel again since I decided to break up with my high school gf years ago.
I'll wait and see if this feeling stays or if it's just infatuation, but I am incredibly happy. Just thought I'd share this with you guys, and maybe you can take a moment to send your love to your waifu and remember not to take her for granted.
>> No. 17356 [Edit]
Congrats! I wish you two the best.
>> No. 17358 [Edit]
Nice! It sounds like waifu love to me.

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