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File 132383868897.png - (220.87KB , 848x480 , [EveTaku] Kyouso Giga ONA [480p][XviD][E2F9BC8C]_a.png )
7699 No. 7699 [Edit]
This was...astoundingly good. I'm really into this show, and it's only at the first episode.

It's so delightfully offbeat and weird. I can tell the future of this series is going to be great. They're really going to end up fleshing out the world of that "Kyoto-underworld", I think. Well, I hope. Either way, it's a beautiful looking show, just have to wait and see if the story follows suit. The art, though, the art is...It's at the level of some moments, I was shocked and awed by the general beauty of it. Maybe my standards are low, I dunno. It's very charming and cute, but poignantly beautiful. Makes me sort of nostalgic for something I can't quite name.

That being said, I really like the characters quite a bit, as well. Koto[-sama] is going to prove to be very interesting for sure, and Koto[-chan]'s very, very cute, but I can't put my finger as to why. I've always liked "tomboyish" characters, right behind the refined, gentle characters, and this series has both~
The 'perverted monk' (Myoue) is pretty cool as well, I like his personality.

Going to prove to be an interesting show. Putting a lot of stock into it.
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>> No. 7701 [Edit]
>Makes me sort of nostalgic for something I can't quite name
with that you sold me on it, thanks for posting
>> No. 7702 [Edit]
I'm a little bit confused. Was the ONA released just a preview for a full season coming this winter or is this just going to be a series of OVAs?
>> No. 7704 [Edit]
File 132388673290.png - (444.83KB , 1000x970 , e0b421d15b2ffc8eb1bb3d0116fe8357.png )
I honestly have no clue. Wikipedia implies that it's just one episode, which is `just bullshit (of course, keeping in's Wikipedia). Same deal with MAL. The Commie subs website says the same as those two. This all makes me very concerned. I mean, I devoured the first episode greedily and happily. Keeping in mind that all of these come with a very big [citation needed], though, keeps my hype going. And the basic logic that producers wouldn't simply abandon this unless it did horribly, but even then, I don't want to believe that they'd drop it without a genuinely pressing issue, like, say, the studio blew up. Yeah. That's the only thing that should prevent it from going on.

It's one or the other, though. I think it's going to be a series of OVA's aired online. Not sure if that makes any sense from a logical standpoint, though...Then again, doesn't he story actually seem sort of...complete? Everything that ought to have happened did - Well, minus the main character's issue being solved, but the support cast seems to have completed their purpose, so to speak.

Next Saturday will have the answer, I guess. If there's a new episode, we can conclude that it's the latter, if there isn't, that means it's either the former, or they just canned it/decided to make an awesome one-shot...

I'm seriously thrown into a pit of despair at the prospect of this show being only one episode.

Entire paragraphs to posts needing only one sentence to answer.
>> No. 7711 [Edit]
Yeah, the first-episode was rather self-contained, but the three humans have yet to go back to Earth so I would assume they have more planned. Hopefully it's a series of OVAs or something so they have more budget to play around with.
>> No. 7740 [Edit]
File 132404233913.jpg - (821.60KB , 860x1200 , Kyousogiga.jpg )
MC is kind of awesome with that hammer.

I think I might have a new favorite Rie role.
>> No. 7789 [Edit]
Best news of all, for those reading this.

It's coming back in March~

Turns out the ONA was just a teaser. God damn, you'd think they would at least announce that before the fact or something. Maybe they did? Can't read Japanese...

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