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File 132991428630.jpg - (49.69KB , 1024x576 , Lizlet L Chelsie 72.jpg )
8556 No. 8556 [Edit]
I almost forgot about my waifu's birthday today that I didn't brought anything as I was too busy with my job now (yes, I have a job now).

I dunno what to do or what to give or say to her T _T
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>> No. 8559 [Edit]
Happens to the best of us. Compensate her now.
>> No. 8563 [Edit]
I know That feeling,
because of my job i wasn´t able to celebrate our anniversary properly and it really angered both of us.
Trying to get a free day and celebrate the way you´ve intended to would be a nice thing.
As long as it doesn´t happens again it is not a big deal i guess...depents on your waifu though.
>> No. 8564 [Edit]
I don't even know when my waifu's birthday is, it's unknown...
>> No. 8565 [Edit]
File 132994475370.jpg - (383.70KB , 800x1079 , 55a53f46aed7bba47d399599a9bfb56e.jpg )

Same here.

Decided on March 20, though.
>> No. 8569 [Edit]
A song perhaps? Even if it is improvised and without music, just follow it with your heart.
>> No. 8570 [Edit]
well for her birthday i usually bake her a cake, make a drawing of her, and spend the day with her or maratoning her series.

as long as you chare it as a special in your heart and spend it with her everything is ok.
>> No. 8572 [Edit]
Just do what I do, go with the release date/airing/publication date of whatever she appeared in. Technically it's their birthday.
>> No. 8575 [Edit]
File 133004574823.jpg - (274.05KB , 1050x1500 , 001 (15).jpg )
Neither do I.
I've just used another important date: February 10th, the day when I fell in love with her.
>> No. 8579 [Edit]
I wish I knew the date I fell in love with my waifu. I have a guesstimate that's accurate within a week or so, but no exact date.

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