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File 137437508481.png - (157.90KB , 300x500 , 21864427.png )
15510 No. 15510 [Edit]
Did you ever/do you still have a best friend?
What were they like? How long has it been?
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>> No. 15513 [Edit]
I had a few. They started partying in high school, I didn't. We interacted socially at school, but nothing after school. So we drifted. been 10 years.
>> No. 15531 [Edit]
I used to have less than a handful before college that I would consider very good friends, but not best. Went to different colleges, so that pretty much ended it. Just graduated again. Haven't made any new friends since.
>> No. 15556 [Edit]
I've had one really close friend since 3rd grade. I was the weird kid who was always staring at the floor and never talked to anyone except himself, and then one day, out of nowhere, this kid asked if I wanted to come over and play Nintendo. To this day, I have no earthly idea why he did that, but I'll always be grateful for it. I don't know if I'd ever have known what it's like to have a friend otherwise. We still chat online every now and then.
>> No. 15576 [Edit]
I have two; they are literally the most ideal friends I could ever have. The only problems are that they've become the elite of society so I rarely see them due to their time constraints and because of my own inferiority complex.
>> No. 15623 [Edit]
I don't have any friends, I thought that was why I was on Tohno-chan.
>> No. 15641 [Edit]
I had a best friend. A friend that I could tell everything without hesitation, that shared the same interests as me and that was always there for me. We sometimes met, ordered pizza and we watched anime and played SMBB until 6 AM. It was wonderful. Even if we didn't meet a lot after school because we are both kind of asocial, we were never out of touch. It's really great having someone to talk about hentai IRL.

But then I had to move to another country...
We still talk on Jitsi and stuff but it's not the same...
>> No. 15644 [Edit]
I don't think I've ever had friends, much less best friends. I think best friends are people I can entrust my life with, and friends are people I can only trust time or money with. I do have people I hang out with and, on occasion, I do have fun being around them, but I would never trust them with time, money, much less my life. People are naturally selfish in my opinion, I don't blame them.
>> No. 15650 [Edit]
Real friends (best friend included) are hard to find and make. They describe conditions above acquaintances. I don't buy into the I hang out with them so they are friends by default thing. The person you spend the most time with at work or school isn't necessarily a best friend either.
>> No. 15661 [Edit]
Currently 7 years and counting. Even though I moved, I make sure to visit as often as I can.
>> No. 15679 [Edit]
It always baffles me how some talk how hard is to find a "best friend", but the truth is, instead of waiting for one, YOU have to be the "best friend" of someone.
Eventually that person will
a-Become your best friend
b-Use you

Not every human out there will be a -b. Most people will a- because everybody wants a best friend.
>> No. 15680 [Edit]
c) be your best friend but eventually either get sick of you or annoyed by you and leave
d) act like they are your best friend out of pity
e) make you their 'third wheel' friend in a group of friends and place all their other buddies above you
f) say they are your best friend but then get mad if you show any sign of sentimentality with them and only want you for playing games with them and whatnot
g) say they are your best friend and non the less never talk or do things with you
h) say they are your best friend but then just stand there and do nothing when you are in a fight/argument with other people, and never has your back in times of need

Post edited on 30th Jul 2013, 1:03pm
>> No. 15681 [Edit]
That's stupid. You're stupid.

All people are shit, so they'll use him until they either get bored or find a gopher with more resources.
>> No. 15682 [Edit]
File 137522670641.jpg - (47.48KB , 500x500 , 1541080.jpg )
I ran through pretty much all of those before I found my best friends.
>> No. 15684 [Edit]
Would you do any of those if a /so/ fag tried his hardest to be your friend?
>> No. 15685 [Edit]
This isn't 4shit, stop talking like you're there.
>> No. 15686 [Edit]
I wouldn't do any of those to anybody. Being betrayed over and over has ironically, made me obsessively loyal. On the other hand it has made my paranoia borderline unbearable to the point where I constantly think about scenarios about what the other person may or may not do in the future to me, or what he may be doing now, thoughts like 'maybe I am annoying him' etc come constantly. It is irritating as fuck.
>> No. 15687 [Edit]
Stop being so paranoid and stupid
>> No. 15688 [Edit]
Stop insulting people for no good reason.
>> No. 15689 [Edit]
Some people don't click no matter how hard you try to force it. If the personalities and background/experiences just don't fit then you shouldn't try to force it at all.
>> No. 15690 [Edit]
I think people should let the other person know beforehand that he doesn't view him that way, I've had so many people act buddy-buddy with me for up to months even years and then suddenly say they never really cared for me and I was just an acquittance for their own amusement.
>> No. 15804 [Edit]
My best and only friend is my brother.
>> No. 15810 [Edit]
I used to have a best friend. He was the only of one my friends that actually made the effort to hang out with me, and then ask if I was okay when I got depressed. And then I got scared, ran away and now think about him as if I hate him so as not to have to admit to myself that he's the only person I'll have ever met who would actually be there if I needed someone.
>> No. 15811 [Edit]
Do you think there's a chance the two of you could recover your friendship?
Maybe they do. Best friends don't forget each other easily.
>> No. 15845 [Edit]
I had one in middle school, who kept me from going absolutely crazy, but I don't think it was recipricated. I still adore them, even though we haven't had any contact since that time. They're in another state now, in med school, dating and having a life.
>> No. 15846 [Edit]
I highschool I did. He ended up having sex with the girl I liked back then in my room. Cut contact ever since.

Haven't had friends since I graduated.
>> No. 15848 [Edit]
My sentiment is similar to >>15644 , though perhaps less cynical.

I've had friends, some whom have referred to me as their best friend, but all relationships of two spending time together - nothing more. I think best friends would have a much deeper connection, but perhaps that's my romanticized ideal, because I've never felt less distant with a friend than any stranger. I'm both unable to develop interpersonal emotional connections and unconfindent in my worthiness as a friend. Thus I imagine others have trouble presuming my thoughts of them, leading to a standoff where neither party knows how to proceed, unconfidant of their standing, letting time waste away at whatever connection had us talking in the first place. But this could very well be the nature of friendship; all having an end. Furthermore, I'm very headstrong in my ideology of having no ideology, quickly frustrated by the underlying reasonings in innocuous remarks. This divide is enough to keep me from fully liking another. So I'm unsure if I've ever had a best friend, and in any case I'm not much one for friendship.

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