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File 141912229649.jpg - (113.23KB , 600x600 , 1415086434723.jpg )
19259 No. 19259 [Edit]
How can you make money online to not become homeless while NEET/hikki?
>> No. 19261 [Edit]
we actually have a board for that.
>> No. 19262 [Edit]
Thank you so much
>> No. 19290 [Edit]
I have a serious answer, but it's not one you'd like to hear. The truth isn't always pleasant though.
There are jobs that involve working on your computer. But they aren't ones you will just stumble upon through a search engine.
The online jobs you find through searching for "make money from home" shit on search engines are usually scams or pay peanuts.
The legitimate work-from-home jobs are ones you have to have connections or do real applications/interviews to get.
I know multiple people who work from home. One is a telecommuting sysadmin who only goes into work occasionally and does remote administration most of the time. Another is a writer for a church. Another is an investment analyst who writes for a premium (pay-to-read) investment advice column. But the one thing all of these people have in common is that they didn't apply for these jobs online.
>> No. 19291 [Edit]
Is it even possible to get any of those jobs without any prior experience or a college diploma/degree?
>> No. 19292 [Edit]
>without any prior experience
If you have connections, yes.
>or a college diploma/degree
If you can prove that you're smart and skilled, maybe.
You also need social skills.
>> No. 19294 [Edit]
That's a no then
>> No. 19296 [Edit]
I think there has to be ways for us losers to make money by helping eachother, rather than our usual "how can I MYSELF make money"

Like, all those pay per view shits, where the more people you have the better the pay.
Or what about playing poker online, joining the same table with one space open and letting one of us win it all, then split the gains.

I shall think about it later.
>> No. 19297 [Edit]
how many "hidden" boards are there? Maybe it's not hidden but rather I'm too stupid to find it in the front page.
>> No. 19301 [Edit]
A lot.
>> No. 19311 [Edit]
Most of them seem to be random messages, at least what I found from curiosity

And whatever you do, do not type in the dreaded 3 letters you might be thinking of

Post edited on 25th Dec 2014, 6:49pm
>> No. 19312 [Edit]
>> No. 19315 [Edit]
Yeah, I was sorta curious about what could be there and my browser crashed

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