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File 13415923315.jpg - (129.37KB , 510x600 , Dorothy4.jpg )
9672 No. 9672 [Edit]
Let's talk about fanart. Are you very picky when it comes to art of your waifu? Do you browse Pixiv, Zerochan or Danbooru for hours looking for the right picture?
Do you prefer screencaps of her? I do, as I am picky and I rarely find artwork that I truly feel does my waifu justice.
Do you get offended when you see bad or indecent artwork of your waifu?
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>> No. 9673 [Edit]
I'm like this as well. There are a few specific "styles" I like, so it's tricky to find appropriate images of her. I don't get offended when I see a poor one, though, I just pass over it.
>> No. 9674 [Edit]
I'm quite picky. Which is strange, as there's a complete dearth of fan-art for her in general. I like it when it's as close to the original art as possible. Any other time, it always ends up looking like something that a 12-year old drew.

I do prefer screencaps, although the anime is so poorly done.
>> No. 9675 [Edit]
I really can´t be picky since her series is quite old and she isn´t the most popular character, i am happy about every picture of her i can find. Of course there are some that i don´t save because they either offend my image of her or they are just of poor quality.
The majority of her images i have saved are therefor screencaps, im fine with it, but i would be happy about some new drawings as unlikely it may seem. Heh, i should better get some drawing skills under my belt and make some myself.
>> No. 9676 [Edit]
Yeah I'm pretty picky. If I spot a flaw it will annoy me and I won't save it. Bad pictures don't offend me though, I'm just glad she's a popular enough character to still be getting new fanart on a regular basis.
>> No. 9679 [Edit]
File 134161600843.jpg - (69.94KB , 480x640 , 22028554 - カキカキいおりん.jpg )
I am not really picky, not everyone is really talented in their art, but at least for most of them, they really put the amount of effort in to draw their favourite characters. The artwork may be terrible as it can be, but I will save every image of my waifu because I am the type of person who loves to see every artist's perspective and interpretation on my waifu. And I am a terrible artist myself, I believe anyone who can draw will draw way better than I can.
>> No. 9680 [Edit]
File 134162032861.jpg - (307.12KB , 750x750 , 5074207.jpg )
I'm somewhat picky.
I have it set out like this:
Madotsuki > Favorites > Ideal
I'll save fanart into one of those 3 folders depending on how close it is to my idea of her.
Though if it's absolutely terrible I won't save it at all.
I'm slightly offended whenever I see cowtits tacked onto her. It just ain't right.
>> No. 9682 [Edit]
File 134163209195.jpg - (83.00KB , 592x828 , a867c1a5119ad78d53b4791671c95df6.jpg )
I love every fanart, since she is a secondary character she doesn´t get much, i don´t like seeing porn of her, but i still do it. I hate myself for it.
>> No. 9685 [Edit]
File 134163823992.jpg - (839.63KB , 1240x1388 , 28309600.jpg )
>I'm slightly offended whenever I see cowtits tacked onto her.
I really hate this, even though I can only think of a couple of instances of this. I also dislike seeing anything with an overtly western style or anything with her dressed too slutty, as it just seems too contrary to her character to me.

As for fanart that I like, the artist's skill doesn't seem to be important to me, as my favorite pictures of her run the gamut from refined and skillful to crude and naive. The only real common trait I can identify from my favorites is that they all capture a facet of her character and present it in an interesting way.
>> No. 9690 [Edit]
File 134170837553.png - (741.47KB , 1000x1000 , 1339647547482.png )
I am very picky when it comes to fanart. I get annoyed when I see bad artwork of her, which is all the time. Although, I do like when artists take certain liberties with her outfit, like giving her stockings.
>> No. 9695 [Edit]
File 134174223181.jpg - (1.56MB , 1440x1007 , 28363225.jpg )
I browse pixiv daily, when Fate / Zero was still airing there would be 3+ pages of new pictures every day. As a result, the majority of the art of her is terrible, or gets her personality wrong. It doesn't offend me, per se. I just ignore it.
The only thing that really annoys me is when someone draws her in love with another character, like that fucker Gilgamesh or the manwhore Lancer.
>> No. 9700 [Edit]
File 134176615055.jpg - (1.25MB , 1920x1200 , 6fb5603d2079789cb8135a04e219e856.jpg )
I usually pick out the wholesome fanart of her, although I wouldn't a few skin.

Lucky for me, the wholesome ones are decently drawn, as well as the risque ones.
>> No. 9702 [Edit]
File 134178513654.jpg - (55.38KB , 600x422 , ad94862f369f98a182c3a1d07d7e55dc_bp.jpg )
Well, I'm not specially picky with her fanart as long as it's good, and by good I mean that is not poorly represented.
As for screencaps, I have some but they are outnumbered by her fanart.
I'm not usually offended at anything, I just don't put attention to bad fanart.
In the end, I love Suigintou. And I would still love every aspect of Suigintou no matter how she looked, as long as I can recognize "her".
>> No. 9724 [Edit]
I only save images I like, obviously. I am a little picky about it. I mainly browse Pixiv, and every once in a while I check safebooru. I take my own screenshots, but the anime she appears in is pretty poor in quality. I do not like degrading art of her.
>> No. 9730 [Edit]
Theres not many pictures of her and shes from an old series so I save everything I find, even the ones I don't like, in case it disappears from the internet.

>Heh, i should better get some drawing skills under my belt and make some myself.

You can do it man.

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