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File 141333180495.jpg - (569.45KB , 692x1024 , Kitaouji_Sakura_full_1676181.jpg )
16798 No. 16798 [Edit]
What would a society that supported waifu look like? Would you want to live in one?

I've been fantasizing/world building lately about a society that, due to population limits and space scarcity, has en mass moved from 3D love and 2D love/waifu has become almost the norm. Companies support this by creating lovable virtual characters for many types of people and putting on Vocaloid shows/concerts with them. Having a girlfriend would be weirder than having a waifu.

Would it be easier if everyone had a 2D love? Or would the pain be as bad even if it was shared?
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>> No. 16799 [Edit]
I think it's a silly fantasy but that such a world would be better for both genders given how often they run into problems in real relationships. As far as the limited reproduction would go in order to make sure our population doesn't drop too rapidly it'd probably be something along the lines of simply friends or companions of the opposite gender choosing to create a baby in an artificial womb and the kid going to whatever loving family is available, although I don't know how well having one 2D parent and one real one would go... It's either something like that or having young people from nearby countries/areas move into the city and become accustomed to waifuism, otherwise (given people still don't live forever) the society will die out.

There would still be the problem of competition though as it'd be an amazing feat if companies managed to create a perfect significant other for everybody that desires one, as almost everybody has a desire for romance. In addition I think even if it became normal for people to find consolation and support in virtual waifus there would still be a large amount of the population that would still participate in 3DPD sex due to promixity.

Regardless it'd be interesting if not anything else, /mai/ is nice but waifuism can go a lot farther.
>> No. 16817 [Edit]
My solution to the problem of kids:

Artificial wombs, every citizen is required to donate genetic material so they only use the best. People can apply to get a kid, need to pass tests and such. It should be at least two people but can be a group of friends, not necessarily a romantic couple.

I can see how waifu would be a solution to a society where no space means no place for the average person to have a live-in partner and where most will never have a family. I often think that humanity would be content to live in tiny "sleep box" style capsule apartments if 3D sex/courting wasn't a factor. I definitely would be fine with it.
>> No. 16818 [Edit]
>My solution to the problem of kids

From the front page, I expected that post to be about how to get people to stop having kids.
>> No. 16821 [Edit]
Societies waius are gods
waifu wars result in millions dead and suffering
knowing your waifus source material line by line is essential in some cases
Not following your waifus example can get you killed or marked as a haretic
>> No. 16822 [Edit]
That would work really well. Having strict controls on reproductive rates would do wonders for over-population and genetic defects.
>> No. 16824 [Edit]
I definitely would, the inherent lack of social skills possessed by literally everyone due to this withdrawal from society in order to spend time with a 2D loved one alone would make it much easier for autistic NEET's like myself to get career positions, the rare times I do have to interact in a social environment, people would be more understanding and sensitive, and perhaps best of all, this board would be much faster while still maintaining quality.
>> No. 16826 [Edit]
>What would a society that supported waifu look like?

It is in a way somewhat supported now. Nobody calls it waifu though, they call it religion. I was raised Christian and theres a lot of similarities between a god and a waifu. Unlike the religious we (or rather, most) don't believe in their waifu's existence. Regardless of that it's similar, the sense of companionship, desire to please them, the sense of loving and being loved. Whether gods exist or not people who follow them often get that joy out of it, waifus fill a similar role. Of course you're treated as crazy in current society if you don't believe in god, but if you have a waifu people act like you're completely insane.

I think like >>16799 said it'd be better for everyone. A lot of people rush into relationships just because "It's what you're supposed to do.". Same for having kids. For all the acceptance western society likes to boast it has we're still very pressured into relationships/having children. It's gross, most normals don't seem to care about relationships past spreading their genes. The amount it's pounded into your head since childhood that you have to follow suit doesn't help. People have been catching on though, look at declining birthrates, declining marriage rates, etc.

>Would it be easier if everyone had a 2D love? Or would the pain be as bad even if it was shared?

It wouldn't make too much difference. It'd be nice not to feel pressured to get into a relationship/have kids or feel like you can't mention it to anyone. Other than that waifuism isn't painful to me. Its made me a lot happier.


>There would still be the problem of competition though

For some people, a lot of people seem to not mind it since as you have your waifu for longer your perception of who they are, how they act, can drift away from their source material. That being said I still get mildly jealous when I see other people mention her even though my view of her is quite a bit different from her purely canon version.

>Regardless it'd be interesting if not anything else, /mai/ is nice but waifuism can go a lot farther.

It might get a little bit more popular. At current people who take waifuism seriously probably number a couple hundred-a few thousand worldwide. With factors like declining population growth, declining marriage rates and even declining dating we might see it become a slightly bigger thing. I don't think it'll ever become more than a small group though.
>> No. 16829 [Edit]
>I don't think it'll ever become more than a small group though.

It's a bit selfish, but I hope it stays this small and eventually fades away into obscurity. I want to be the only person who remembers my waifu fifty years from now.
>> No. 16838 [Edit]
This would be great, if only because of the rapid production of new technologies that could be used to love one's waifu. For some reason, I feel like something (though not quite to this scale) may happen in the future. As in, it may be accepted as a valid kind of relationship by everyone and there would be more people available who share similar experiences. That would be nice.
>> No. 16839 [Edit]
It would be nice not having to hide my sexuality or being mistaken for a closeted homosexual.
Other than that, I couldn't care less.
>> No. 16894 [Edit]
File 141434906460.jpg - (279.33KB , 828x1200 , emi_by_badriel-d52a1db.jpg )

This would be my biggest benefit. Everyone thinks I'm gay (not that there's anything wrong with that) or a pervert or something because I don't date or show any interest in 3D girls. I consider myself a pretty normal person (great job, friends, activities, etc) except for the fact I have a waifu instead of a girlfriend.

Currently the conversation always seems to go:
Person: So, Anon, you have a girlfriend?
Me: Haha, no.
Person: Boyfriend.
Me: No, I'm straight.
Person: Why are you single, Anon? I can hook you up with someone.
Me: No thanks.
Person: Seriously? Why aren't you into girls?
Me: Uh, how about that local sports team...

If 3D love was socially acceptable, it would go:

Person: So, Anon, do you have a girlfriend?
Me: I have a waifu.
Person: Oh, okay. Who is it?

It would be so much easier. I'd love to have her photo on my desk at work but it would be so awkward and weird.
>> No. 16923 [Edit]
I think it would be cool, but to be honest I am not sure how it would work. What about reproduction? Even if there is space scarcity that wouldn't last long. Not that many of us are reproducing anyway, but I am well aware that my love for Hanako isn't contributing to the population.

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