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File 132324856423.jpg - (252.26KB , 713x1000 , 1313540489369.jpg )
7577 No. 7577 [Edit]
Do you have any shows that you wanted to watch, but dropped because the dialogue is just too fast for you to read the subs without pausing every 15 seconds? I dropped SZS for this reason, it was taking me a almost an hour to watch an ep and I wasn't enjoying it even though it seems like something I would enjoy. Its tense trying to read the subs as quickly as possible so you don't have to pause and go back. Same thing happened with Tatami Galaxy. I recognized what was going on and dropped it halfway through ep 1.
I watch anime to take it easy, I don't need this kind of pressure on me.
Anyway, I'm wondering if I'm the only person to ever run into this problem or if others here have experienced it.

pic unrelated
>> No. 7578 [Edit]
i dropped tatami galaxy as soon as i heard them talking for this reason
>> No. 7579 [Edit]
I heard that the Tatami Galaxy slowed down after the first episode.

But no, I never really had trouble reading any subs, but I can imagine it would be annoying.
>> No. 7580 [Edit]
Yeah, that can be a bother but not enough for me to drop shows. What annoys me more is if there's a lot of dialogue and they're unnecessary/redundant. I dropped Katanagatari for that reason.
>> No. 7581 [Edit]
>Tatami Galaxy
I perfectly know what you mean about the insane amount of text and the speed on each case... But, OP, you really should go back and finish them: it was damned worth the (relative) effort; both are just TOP tier series (IMO). And althought the pauses could be bothering at the begining, in the end I grew a love for them (as I am quite a maniac of references, myself) to the pointt I even resented that the 3rd season of SZS had an apparently slower pace than th 2nd one.

Post edited on 7th Dec 2011, 2:17am
>> No. 7582 [Edit]
There were a few, although the only one I can remember at this point was SZS, though I didn't actually drop any of em.
maybe shana also, becuase of just how hard it was to follow, but can't really recall.
oh and also, pani poni dash, but only becuase of the massive about of TL notes

Post edited on 7th Dec 2011, 1:53pm
>> No. 7583 [Edit]
No, and I really can't imagine this ever being a problem for anybody who has read anything before. I can imagine it's problematic, but you only have yourselves to blame.
>> No. 7587 [Edit]
Didn't have any problems with SZS (although pausing it to read all the examples has left me in despair) but I see how that could be a problem in Tatami Galaxy. Shame as it was one of the best (if not the best) shows in recent (or maybe not-so-recent by now) memory.
>> No. 7590 [Edit]
I never had a problem with Tatami
>> No. 7602 [Edit]
I have always been a really fast reader so it's not a problem for me
>> No. 7619 [Edit]
I had this problem for about the first half of the first episode of Tatami Galaxy. But then I got used to it and I think it slowed down a bit. But honestly OP, you need to go back and finish it, it's one of my favorites.
>> No. 9192 [Edit]
I did find that the subs I have for Bakemonogatari go by quite quick. There seems to be a lot of dialog, and the characters do talk fast, but it has been kind of frustrating.

I only have to go back to reread subtitles, like, once per episode, and that's usually because I'm either too busy eating, or looking at the characters, but I do wish there was a lot less redundant dialog, so I can spend less than 90% of the time watching it with my eyes on the bottom 2 inches of the screen.
>> No. 9687 [Edit]
I generally watch raws, so the problem with reading too slowly doesn't apply, but in Tatami Galaxy they simply spoke way too fast for me to understand, even when I did technically know all the words they were using. Maybe in 2 years or so I can give it another try, when I'm more used to listening to Japanese.
>> No. 9688 [Edit]

I had the same problem with this show. I know Japanese, but it flew by so fast at times.

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