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File 134749003268.jpg - (100.97KB , 1035x595 , whoops.jpg )
11721 No. 11721 [Edit]
If you coincidentally met someone from /tc/, or with interests exactly paralleling those of /tc/ collectively, would you feel comfortable talking to them about whatever?

Like, if a coworker ended up revealing to you that he had a waifu, without either of you knowing anything about each other on that level, would you feel better around him?

Essentially the question is whether or not any social anxiety you have is caused by the way people are/their personalities, or just the fact that sentient beings exist around you?
>> No. 11722 [Edit]
no, in fact i think i would feel even more uncomfortable.
>> No. 11723 [Edit]
I can't even talk to internet people with a mic so I really doubt I'd be able to do so in person either
>> No. 11724 [Edit]
You see what happened with Thad, the /b/tard who kept attention whoring about his 2D lifestyle? This is why people should hide their powerlevels and not spill it as if they came from gaia.
>> No. 11725 [Edit]
That guy was a real pedophile who was into 3D children and I would hope is not representative at all of the average TCer
>> No. 11730 [Edit]
I can tell you: I'm Anonymous for a reason (or several). There's no way I'd even post the way I do in here through a persistent identity, let alone talking in person like this. I have had a few otaku IRL chats in the past, and they all came out pathetically. I cherish this place because it's the only way it can work for me: it's the only way I can stand (myself on) it.
>> No. 11731 [Edit]
Anybody who openly admits something personal and something that is supposed to be a big secret should never be trusted.

I'd probably become even more paranoid from it.
>> No. 11733 [Edit]
It's more likely I'd have things in common with them than the other people I've been around, so I think I would be more comfortable around them.
Unless they were one of the shitty IRC circlejerkers, in which case I'd avoid them like the plague.
>> No. 11744 [Edit]
I've met two people from /tc/ in person and I've made plans to maybe move in with a third.

Crazy site, isn't it?
>> No. 11747 [Edit]
I see no reason why anyone would want to be with me or anyone like me.
Sadly, this includes myself.
>> No. 11748 [Edit]
That definitely includes me. For better or worse, I can't stand being around strangers, so I'd move away from them even if they're not bothered by me.
>> No. 11759 [Edit]
I can think of about 4 people on /tc/ who live within 20 minutes of me, but would never meet them. People are terrible and I have no desire to be near them, let alone talk to them.
>> No. 11768 [Edit]
How do you even know that many people from here? I live in a tiny state near the north east coast, not many people I see here have much to do on the internet at all besides your average social networking stuff, if there is any tohno-chan users here they are just as silent as me which brings me to the question again how you would even find out unless you went around awkwardly asking everyone you met.
>> No. 11771 [Edit]
I not much talker but I think I would be more comfortable with people like me. Problem with normals is that I can't never think anything to speak about or I can't (or want) take part of their discussions.

No offense or anything but if you really disliked people that much, you wouldn't be chatting with people on imageboards or irc.
>> No. 11772 [Edit]
Not really. My social problem is more RL related than anything, so even when I having common interests face-to-face just doesn't work for me.
>> No. 11773 [Edit]
I'm not him but I also hate people yet here I am
I still can't get over this pathetic need for even a bit of communication, it seems
>> No. 11774 [Edit]

Big country..small you end up near each other.


You're implying I see any of you as people to begin with. (To be serious, I do agree. Ultimately all of us here desire some form of social contact, however arbitrary or minor it may be, otherwise we'd just stop visiting.)
>> No. 11775 [Edit]
There are quite a few people on the IRC if you're not from there.

I wouldn't like to talk to someone from tc, I don't know. You are all company on the internet, and it's bad for internet and real life to mix.
If I were somehow to have a conversation with someone with similar 'otaku' tastes, and not being a complete pleb, maybe I would make one more 'friend'. But things would be boring because there is only so much on a topic you can discuss without having other interests in common.

I don't have anything in common with anybody in my classes at school, so I have no reason to every talk to them unless it's work related.

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