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File 143075155991.jpg - (209.49KB , 641x647 , d2a9847f7568e6e068dc6ea34ecf9339.jpg )
18063 No. 18063 [Edit]
In less than a minute, the clock will turn to midnight in Japan, which means that it is May the 5th there, the birthday of my lovely wife. And to start that off, I'd like to wish my sweetheart a very happy birthday right now!

This is the second time we get to celebrate such a special occasion together, and I have a few things planned for us! She and I are going to have a wonderful time, that is for sure.

I love her so much, and I have so much the thank her for, the light of my life, and the sunshine in my sketch.
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>> No. 18064 [Edit]
Happy birthday to Yuno! Hope the two of you have a great time today!
>> No. 18065 [Edit]
Happy birthday Yuno! I wish you two the very best, and I know you'll make her feel special during this wonderful time, as always!
>> No. 18066 [Edit]
Happy birthday Yuno!!
>> No. 18067 [Edit]
File 143076952749.jpg - (140.32KB , 1000x787 , 1359252683050.jpg )
Happy birthday, I like her a lot she is a lovely girl.

Please upload at least a few pictues later if you feel like it, have a good day you too.
>> No. 18068 [Edit]
File 143078018878.jpg - (274.12KB , 620x855 , 1399030535046.jpg )
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! She appreciates them a whole lot.

I've only got a picture of our little celebration, sadly I couldn't bake anything fancier thanks to a busy schedule. It's up on my waifu.pl shrine. And she is the loveliest, thank you!

At least we are still going to have the whole night to ourselves!
>> No. 18069 [Edit]
Happy Birthday! Yuno is happiness!

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