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File 141779826652.jpg - (44.49KB , 423x558 , 7a37c8b415659daa8880264dd9945f35.jpg )
17100 No. 17100 [Edit]
It's that time again! What are your Christmas plans with your waifu this year?

I'd like to make things more special with her this time around by making her a present. I've had a few ideas so far, I just hope whatever I come up with turns out okay. I already bought her other present. Since I've bought her chocolates every year, it's becoming a bit of a tradition.

I'm also hoping that the custom daki cover I ordered will arrive in time for Christmas Day. It would make our time together even more special!

Post edited on 5th Dec 2014, 8:52am
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>> No. 17101 [Edit]
File 141779873443.jpg - (268.98KB , 1920x1080 , christmas.jpg )
The same thing as last year, a lovely and quiet dinner. Last year was our first Christmas together, so hopefully this will be something we can do every single year from now on - a nice little tradition.

I might just do something special for her as well, I've got a great plan, hopefully I'll be able to make it!
>> No. 17102 [Edit]
Well I'm not around for Christmas sadly, but we had a quiet dinner a week ago instead. We'll probably figure out something small while I'm gone.
>> No. 17103 [Edit]
File 141781812317.jpg - (111.76KB , 370x600 , 40d815cd25bbecc5a191907e80493ddc.jpg )
I plan on making her a portrait painting. NEET/poorfag so I can't afford much, but this'll be a nice thing to do instead. Probably a pose like this but in watercolor and her looking less loli-ish.
>> No. 17104 [Edit]
Probably an illustration and write a poem/non-canon short story, family will probably make me do something on Christmas with them.
>> No. 17108 [Edit]
File 14179653686.jpg - (1.90MB , 1347x1500 , c6633c2d71bd595c66fc35c561076414.jpg )
I dunno. Maybe a dinner with her and my family.
>> No. 17115 [Edit]
File 141801524571.jpg - (94.82KB , 726x596 , 46302943_p7_master1200.jpg )
Good luck with the daki. Did you make it yourself?
I was working with Photoshop to make my own but after an accidental wipe I kind of lost interest in it.

As for Christmas; I don't really know right now and I'm scared of that. My first idea was to get her a perfume and apply it on the items I've given her, associate with her and the drawings / paintings I've made.
I'd die from embarrassment trying to shop for a fragrance though.
When I try to think of some other thing to buy or make; it seems really silly or not good enough.

I'm surprised Valentines' ideas came much easier than this.
Our anniversary was just a quiet evening together, more romantic than usual.
Birthday isn't really known. So we kind of go without, there's a hint but it's not concrete.
>> No. 17123 [Edit]
Nah, I don't have anywhere near enough drawing skill to make my own.

>I'd die from embarrassment trying to shop for a fragrance though.
Yeah, I remember feeling on edge the first time I went out shopping to buy her something. It wasn't even for anything as lavish as a perfume.

I actually bought a body spritz to use on my daki. Might be an easier option for you if you can find them, since designer fragrances are pretty pricey and have an almost infinite amount of scents, whereas body spritzes are labeled as to what they smell like and can be very cheap.
>> No. 17127 [Edit]
That's actually a really neat idea. I might have to do that too.
>> No. 17131 [Edit]
File 141809393710.jpg - (416.29KB , 760x1140 , DDSMakotoCrop3.jpg )
Probably going for a Christmas themed photoshoot or something.
>> No. 17134 [Edit]
File 141809999554.jpg - (58.15KB , 960x540 , Eva2-22_C0807.jpg )
We don't celebrate Christmas.
>> No. 17200 [Edit]
File 141856134556.jpg - (85.73KB , 700x450 , 2340432.jpg )
Not sure yet. Thinking about writing a poem for her.

Basic, I know, but for not it's better than nothing and I love writing for and about her.
>> No. 17201 [Edit]
File 141856142518.jpg - (48.11KB , 500x500 , 1189357496931.jpg )
Osaka's my waifu, btw. I didn't want to cause any confusion whether it was her, Tomo, or Kagura.
>> No. 17215 [Edit]
I'm working on Christmas this year and i plan to use my holiday pay to commission the art for a custom daki since i have no artistic talent of my own and i just haven't had the money until now.

After i get home i'm planning on drinking and watching some anime that i've been saving with her on my second monitor.
>> No. 17233 [Edit]
File 141922486784.jpg - (851.54KB , 2592x1944 , bhtHDeS.jpg )
I followed through on my plan. After reading the wikipedia page on perfume, I went to a ton of department and drugs stores trying out as many testers as I could before the counter ladies started bugging me.
Like guerrilla shopping.
Ended up getting a knock-off at a dollar store first because it was pretty close to what I imagined, even being that cheap.
Then when I was about to give up I checked one last place and instead of being heckled a lady let me test a few. I picked something elegant, amber and just barely floral.
I won't wrap it, but I'll wait until Christmas to apply it.
>> No. 17258 [Edit]
I'm visiting family so it'll have to be a quiet night of quality time. I did get his photograph frame a new back and I bought a diary/journal so I can have one dedicated to him. I've wanted one for a while but I didn't know how to go about it (digital, hand written, etc.).

I did recently get an idea for a poem/song so I'm going to try and get that written out or started, at least.

I might be able to get him a late present: lace for his 'shrine'.

Good work on finding something nice.
>> No. 17265 [Edit]
File 141945803725.jpg - (417.35KB , 1000x1399 , 46731883_p0.jpg )
We're spending it with my family this year
>> No. 17266 [Edit]
Well it's her birthday so we usually celebrate together anyway. Tea, cake, watching her birthday episode, then just generally relaxing.
>> No. 17267 [Edit]
File 141946574512.jpg - (42.64KB , 300x300 , 1150083785824.jpg )
It's just hit midnight here. Merry Christmas, /mai/!
>> No. 17270 [Edit]
File 141951694222.jpg - (409.16KB , 1000x836 , 68a048607226efa27afab435a5e633b1.jpg )
We just had a dinner outside.
>> No. 17271 [Edit]
File 141953122667.jpg - (303.95KB , 1280x960 , IMAG0356.jpg )
She's tired.
>> No. 17272 [Edit]
File 141955646692.jpg - (2.10MB , 2376x1584 , DDChristmasOther.jpg )

Was pretty fun. Hopefully next time we can be surrounded in different Christmas lights, but this was satisfactory.
>> No. 17273 [Edit]
File 141955676522.png - (1.03MB , 1024x768 , christmas pic.png )
Don't want to be a downer but ended up sick, probably from riding the public Greyhound bus back home... I may get sick again when the New Year begins by riding the bus back to my school, last year I got sick three times in less than three months I think. Honestly just shutting out my emotions and not really crutching on waifu either.

I can't wait till I can just spend Christmas alone to be honest, seeing as most of my old friends aren't bothering to meet up anyways or whatever and I'm still just a really antisocial dude.

Still drew this for Christmas, might've turned out better if I felt better.
>> No. 17274 [Edit]
It was a rather energetic family day, so we didn't get much time alone. Now that everyone's in bed I guess it's time to wind down together and eat some Christmas chocolate and watch cheesy movies. Or maybe something scary would be better. Scary and festive?

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