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File 136143860241.png - (91.42KB , 500x667 , 985.png )
13178 No. 13178 [Edit]
Is there any way to earn proper money, enough to buy food and pay rent, as a hikikomori?
>> No. 13179 [Edit]
I don't know much about stay at home jobs, there's phone operators and tech support jobs I guess, also programing I guess. but brother you have no idea how hard I've tried to find a way to make money online without getting a job, none have worked out very well at all.
one thing you can try is just making a ton of sites and loading them with ads. Blogger has decent pay rates with absence, but they love to ban people and it's a bitch to get unbanned.
Linkbucks doesn't pay for shit, and it only kills your traffic. Adfly is a bit better, but not by a whole lot. I've only recently reached my first $5 payout after months of running like 7 bloger pages on multiple accounts.
There used to be money in making shitbookpages and content locking them for ads, but shitbookchanged their html page system to negate this.
There's also captcha typing and pay to click sites, but they're all completely worthless wastes of time. oh and if you do try making sites for ads, know that porn always gets the best traffic. (sometimes you gotta swallow your pride to make a buck)
I'm not sure if I'd recommend trading stocks, or that exchange rate trading thing 'Forex' or whatever, most people loose more money than they make with it from what I've heard. you really got to know what you're doing for that to work, and really devote yourself to it.
oh, something I've heard about but haven't tried, is hanging out on sites where people post requests for things like programers to make them a site or something, then you go to some other site where lots of programers who need money hang out or whatever. if the guy who needs the site or whatever is willing to pay like $500 for example, you'd go look for a programer that would do the job for $400 or less. and then work them together with emails and stuff.
I've also been selling stuff on ebay (more like feepay) but I'm not making much profit off it. certainly not enough to pay rent of any kind. sometimes feels like I'm just selling stuff to cover the fees.

If you sign up for adfly, it would help me out if you used this referral.
>> No. 13185 [Edit]
I went in with one grand and came out with nothing in forex. Sure you can make money, but it's unlikely. Just like a casino.
>> No. 13206 [Edit]
The short answer? Authors and such can stay indoors almost every day of the year.

The long answer? >>13179

The realistic answer? No.
>> No. 13207 [Edit]
>> No. 13209 [Edit]
Translation? I'm sure other denizens of this board share the pipe dream of being paid to translate light novels and VNs, but I don't know about the rate of success. Japanese translator is my long term goal, but if you're a touch more serious about it, find out which language has the most demand to be translated, then learn it. On a discouraging note, I think most translators have a college degree.

A career in programming, which will definitely require one to jump through the hoops of a formal education, may land you a work-at-home position.
>> No. 13210 [Edit]
Most serious programming positions (that I know of) require that you work in a team on various projects. Which means that you ideally won't be working at home. It's a misconception that employed programmers work alone, as far as I know.
>> No. 13211 [Edit]
Yes but point in this thread was probably to be freelance programmer, not programmer in company.
>> No. 13212 [Edit]
Yes of course; sorry about that.
>> No. 13244 [Edit]
i was thinking of mandarin chinese.
>> No. 13308 [Edit]
It's a shame that freelance programmers are in horrifically low demand, thanks to the fact that half of the active internet population has the knowledge needed to be one. And the other half can find out by spending a couple hours on Google if they really wanted to.

As >>13206 pointed out, landing a well-paying gig through the computer at home is an (unfortunately) unrealistic goal.
>> No. 13330 [Edit]
Yeah. Disability.

You'll be eligible for food stamps and subsidized housing, too.
>> No. 13331 [Edit]
That's a bitch to get for most people.
>> No. 13346 [Edit]
lol, i've applied for several jobs recently, low-end jobs, but it seems even there the competition is to fierce for me.
I don't even get called to an interview.

Then again, i have no skills at all, which i can't sell.

Anyways, i have lost the motivation again, and don't feel bad about it.
I've done enough for me to be satisfied.

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