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File 142665787471.png - (49.47KB , 452x102 , pantsu.png )
26540 No. 26540 [Edit]
Is that a scrotum?

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>> No. 26541 [Edit]
Luckily for you, no, she's a girl from harem series oniai.
>> No. 26542 [Edit]
OK, better safe than sorry.
There does seem to be an unusually large amount of "overstuffed" panties in contemporary Japanese visual culture.
>> No. 26544 [Edit]
It does look pretty stuffed. I have no idea why that is. Been wondering about that as well.
>> No. 26545 [Edit]
Is this a joke? This is common otaku knowledge. If you honestly don't know then you should leave and go to reddit or wherever you belong.

You can get that type of simple information just by browsing a booru for a couple of hours.
>> No. 26547 [Edit]
File 142669288369.jpg - (9.45KB , 90x214 , skirt.jpg )
I guess OniAi skirts are common otaku knowledge now. This skirt too is of common otaku knowledge.
>> No. 26548 [Edit]
>> No. 26549 [Edit]
anime illustrators have almost zero knowledge of actual female anatomy.
>> No. 26550 [Edit]
I prefer to keep it that way.
>> No. 26551 [Edit]

2D is better for many reasons. That might be one of them.
>> No. 26552 [Edit]
Or maybe they just want to make it better?
>> No. 26554 [Edit]
Thats correct!
>> No. 26558 [Edit]
File 142676930217.png - (51.24KB , 452x102 , 142665787471.png )
girl's vaginas get puffed out when they are horny, just like penises do except that you can't see it as much because its mostly internal, but its still fairly significant. that why anime always makes girls look like they're packing a scrotum, because they think it makes the girls look hornier and hotter.
also they can't draw wet spots without getting censored or they'd do that as well.
see i draw'd a wet spot on her an now it look much hotter
>> No. 26559 [Edit]
Well fuck my argument then.
>> No. 26562 [Edit]
Vaginal secretions are pretty gross.
>> No. 26564 [Edit]
That edit makes it like she got stabbed or something.
>> No. 26565 [Edit]
>> No. 26569 [Edit]
Is this thread a joke?

Puffy vulva, fat mons. Get on it, or go home.
>> No. 26570 [Edit]
no real women have a package like that without something being wrong with them.
maybe the banner is supposed to look like she's wearing a menstruation/incontinence pad?
>> No. 26571 [Edit]
No, it isn't.
>> No. 26572 [Edit]
File 142680593676.jpg - (184.56KB , 993x1400 , 006.jpg )
there is nothing at all wrong or disturbing or otherwise no good about futa so long as it is in twod form
>> No. 26573 [Edit]
Unless homosexuality counts as being wrong.
>> No. 26574 [Edit]
Finally! Somebody that isn't ignorant to the greatness of the puffy vulva. I want to hug you for feeling the same thing I felt!
>> No. 26575 [Edit]
I want to suck a lucky star's dick.

Homosexuality is very wrong and disgusting.
>> No. 26576 [Edit]
But it would be too obvious if it was a puffy vulva. Like when you're in China and get asked to name a certain citrus fruit in English, and it's clearly a mandarin.. you can't just say that it's a mandarin, it would be way too obvious.
>> No. 26577 [Edit]
i have never been to china, but is playing guess the citrus a popular game over there? sound like fun, i fucking love citrus. next time you go to china and you're playing this game say its a satsuma. its a japanese tangerine variety and the chinese would trolled as all fuck.
>> No. 26585 [Edit]
hamburger pussy.
>> No. 26627 [Edit]
File 142730794194.png - (693.84KB , 1280x720 , 137180475090.png )
i get all of the "long name anime with a cute nickname" animes confused. except oremio, i can alway remember that one. is oniai the one with tennis boy?

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