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File 135231439925.jpg - (679.25KB , 1300x1843 , 1352305989825.jpg )
12364 No. 12364 [Edit]

What are you going to watch?

Post edited on 7th Nov 2012, 11:40am
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>> No. 12366 [Edit]
Haganai for sure, because I need more meat. As usual I will probably end up picking up one or two more depending on what word of mouth is
>> No. 12367 [Edit]
Definitely Haganai and Maoyuu Maou Yuusha.
>> No. 12368 [Edit]
puchimas for one, seems cute as heck.
I guess I'll be watching vivid red operation, obviously becuase of strike witches.
minami-ke, can't say I've given up on the series just yet, thought I should really get in that recent ova thing
love live, yet another idol anime in this booming thread but what the heck, can't be worse than akb.
yama no susume, I'll never tire of the slice of life anime with old 4-5 girls and little to no plot.
kotoura-san, becuase what the heck, the mind reading aspect sounds like it might be interesting.
and gdgd Fairies, fuck yeah!

Post edited on 25th Dec 2012, 2:53am
>> No. 12369 [Edit]
Vivid Red Operation and Maoyuu Maou Yuusha most likely.
>> No. 12370 [Edit]
[email protected] seems good. Hopefully it's not as...SHAFT-y as their other stuff.

That's all I'm really interested in, though. Maybe Kotoura-san. It's just v1, though, so more interesting show will most likely crop up.

Do you think they thought the title of Mangirll through? I don't.
>> No. 12371 [Edit]
Well, at least I have the "Enormous Breast Hyper Battle" to look forward to.
>> No. 12377 [Edit]
Maybe Train Hero will inspire someone to finnish subbing Tetsuko No Tabi
>> No. 12378 [Edit]
More Da Capo??
>> No. 12379 [Edit]
gdgd Fairies for the sure.

Everyone should watch the first season if you need a reason why, I'm not shitting you, go watch it.
>> No. 12387 [Edit]
is it subbed?
>> No. 12388 [Edit]
File [Vyrsalia]_Gdgd_Fairies_-_01_[720p][C92A7B6B]_mkv.torrent - (17.61KB , [Vyrsalia] Gdgd Fairies - 01 [720p][C92A7B6B]_mkv.torrent )
lots of good looking stuff on the chart, i'll have to work harder to clear my slate before this season ends.

>> No. 12390 [Edit]
Vivid Red Operation for me.
>> No. 12510 [Edit]
New Vivid Red Operation trailer

>> No. 12514 [Edit]
File 135329179719.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0012.png )
tried watching Gdgd Fairies...
...It's certainly a lot more random and wtf than I would have thought.

This also makes me wonder...
I know most anime these days use a lot of 3D, but is it really right to call this "anime"? they aren't even trying to hide the 3D, it's like watching a kawaii version of a gerry's mod video or some sort of [MMD].
>> No. 12530 [Edit]
File 135348881215.jpg - (1.14MB , 1300x2600 , 1353383986104.jpg )
Nothing seems really that interesting on this to me.


>> No. 13040 [Edit]
It's that time again...

Watching 100%:

• Vivired
• Sasami-san
• Love Live! - it took ages to finally do it which is kinda suprising for me. The idea that you could create something like a sports anime/manga where the outcomes would depend on popularity polls occured like half a decade ago to me. While it's not exactly what I imagined it's the first step in that direction so I might as well follows this.


• Haganai S2

30% (I usually end up picking up one of these at random):

• Imouto Osaka Edition
• Ai Mai Mi
• Mangirl


I suspect the original title is supposed to be pronounced as Mangaru. Japan absolutely loves portmanteaus (or so it seems). The fact that it sounds retarded in English can't be helped.
>> No. 13101 [Edit]
Yeah I liked it too. And it's one of the things I'm looking forward the most.

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