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File 135999841768.png - (819.71KB , 704x396 , shot0001.png )
13824 No. 13824 [Edit]
I can't belive you fuckers go apeshit over Sankakucomplex, but are just fine with crunchyroll.
Look at the kind of vomit that crunchyroll publishes as "news" that Sankakucomplex wouldn't touch with a ten feet pole.
God damn that shit was lame, you never see crap like that on Sankakucomplex.
>> No. 13825 [Edit]
I think both are fucking terrible.
SC blasted me with more Ads than sand in the deserts, and CR content ain't that good.

I guess it's a lesser of the evils situation here.
>> No. 13826 [Edit]
I am not fine with either
>> No. 13828 [Edit]
They both are horrid. I don't know how you diluted yourself into thinking that the people here like either site, or how you convinced yourself that Sankakucomplex is good.
>> No. 13831 [Edit]
I agree completely OP, I think they're both shit. I never even view CR subs, even if it's ripped and re-encoded.

I'm guessing it's becuase people get flamed when they link to Sankakucomplex, but no one complains when people link to crunchyroll stuff.

> I don't know how you diluted yourself into thinking that the people here like either site
people have linked to crunchyroll 22 times in that thread.
>> No. 13834 [Edit]

the people who did that video are probably the same people who love reposting "shitkaku" all the time. after all, its an "epic meem" from /a/ and we all love /a/ meems, right guys?
>> No. 13836 [Edit]
I sometimes get images from SC. CR had some stuff as well, but I always had to remove the demotivational crap around them. I don't entertain myself with the drama around either.
>> No. 13837 [Edit]
I agree with the other people in this thread. Both are shit.
>> No. 13839 [Edit]
I don't like, visit, or care about any of those shitty sites. I don't watch HS "subs" either.

Sankaku's booru probably has the least content out of all the boorus. You'd probably be better off with either Dan or Gel. Dan is a better site, but Gel has the most content
>> No. 13842 [Edit]
I know: in terms of fan art, they just repost Danbooru's stuff, who also get most of their own from Pixiv (my own shit is indexed in all of them following that very relation of inclusion). What I normally go to SC for is to get full sets of good quality screencaps of some anime episodes. I mean: I could make them myself, but since they're already there...

Post edited on 4th Feb 2013, 5:21pm
>> No. 13847 [Edit]
I think you mean "deluded," not "diluted."
>> No. 13849 [Edit]
Please do not misuse spoilers.
>> No. 13852 [Edit]
I think they're both kind of lame, but if it's just some informative or interesting link about some anime-related news, who gives a shit where it came from? I'd rather people post anime news links from CR than not make the post at all.

CR is only lame because the forums are lame, right? They also seem to regularly cater to a younger and more annoying audience, too, so I guess that makes for a pretty lame image. You guys can't possibly be mad that they're catering anime to western audiences for a subscription fee, though, can you? They're helping to fund the anime industry, so that's no reason to dislike them.

I wouldn't flip shit or derail over links to sankaku or CR simply because that's where the content is hosted. If it's a stupid link, I might more annoyed, but whatever.
>> No. 13853 [Edit]
>They're helping to fund the anime industry
They're only helping themselves. If they wanted to help the anime industry, they'd let the anime industry distribute it's own product over seas.
>> No. 13854 [Edit]
Yes, it is true that Gel just copies everything from Dan (which does get mostly everything from Pixiv, but they also have some exclusives that make staying at Gel worth it. I spend a few hours once a day there, so I speak from first hand experience.

If it's just for screencaps, then you're right since Gelbooru deletes a majority of the caps that go there and Dan is mostly just fan art.

I'm not going to use Pixiv because I don't want to make an account just for that. Besides, those other sites are tailored for H and I get my fill from what they have to offer, even if I won't stop myself from blocking their ads.
>> No. 13855 [Edit]
>If they wanted to help the anime industry, they'd let the anime industry distribute it's own product over seas.

but what if they dont want to distribute their own product overseas, they prefer to use a foreign company that can do a better job. its not unusual, same goes for video games, movies, books etc.
>> No. 13856 [Edit]
Boy, what immense ignorance.
>> No. 13860 [Edit]
"you're stupid" is not a meaningful counterargument.
if you feel the need to make angry shitposts, please make them somewhere else.
4chan in particular seems to be very accepting of the particular variety of misbehavior you favor.
>> No. 13861 [Edit]
but anon, >>13856 is right though.

while you are correct in that supporting crunchy roll DOES NOT support the anime industry, the latter half is a solid chunk of wishful thinking in ignorance.

The JPanime companies don't give a shit about oversea markets, especially after their own efforts proved fruitless nearly a decade ago. If another company wants to try to push it overseas, they are happy just so long as they get their licensing fee and some assurance that the process will take long enough that they don't lose potential BD/vD sales to japs importing the US version instead of buying theirs.

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