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File 136312883530.jpg - (53.18KB , 500x700 , 82583973d8a8bf57967180849d4c5bfc8e1b01be.jpg )
12078 No. 12078 [Edit]
Artscow is running a sale on body pillow covers right now until April 8th, $25 for two, if you use the coupon code PILLOWCASESFOR2 at checkout.
Plus, I think you can use DISCOUNT25OFF at the same time, taking 25% off of that, even.
I can't get any due to parents/family but some of you might be able to use it, I guess.

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>> No. 12079 [Edit]
It's not actually Minami's birthday, by the way, I just thought the image was cute.
>> No. 12080 [Edit]
I wish I could get one made. All the ones of my waifu are shit. The images I want to use aren't big enough either and I can't vector anything.
Well then again, no one says I have to have one of her.
>> No. 12081 [Edit]
I know what you mean. There's only one (fanart) image that would work but it's far too lewd. I might commission something eventually.
>> No. 12082 [Edit]
I don't have any way to get one commissioned since I don't know anyone who could draw an image. I'd rather use the images I like for one anyway, but like I said they're too small.
>> No. 12083 [Edit]
File 136314790674.png - (771.09KB , 900x1100 , 1333001970636.png )
Thank you, Pete Ham. I tried but you cannot have two coupon codes at the same time, but the order overall ended up at $13.50 with the Pillowcasefor2 code, which is cheap enough already.
>> No. 12096 [Edit]
>It measures 21" x 54", which can easily fit in any standard size body pillow.
What the hell is with that size? Where can I find pillow of this size?

If you want custom made dakimakura I suggest http://www.dakimakurapillow.com/. Yes it is more expensive, but money shouldn't be issue if you are seriously considering getting dakimakura of your waifu.
>> No. 12105 [Edit]
If anyones knows a really good artist who we could commission a dakimakura pic from, could they share?
>> No. 12109 [Edit]
This is just a suggestion but your dakimakura cover picture doesn't need to "dakimakura styled" picture with her laying down on sheets etc. Just try to find high resolution picture of her (from yande.re, danbooru, zerochan etc.) and use it as cover. When you are hugging the pillow, you will be watching the face and that is the most important.
>> No. 12112 [Edit]
Anyone knows how good are the pillow prints from Artscow? The offer is so tempting...
>> No. 12113 [Edit]
I've heard they're alright. Not great, but not terrible.
>> No. 12114 [Edit]

I got one printed out a couple weeks ago. Like >>12113 said, nothing amazing but they're not bad either.
>> No. 12115 [Edit]
Can you post pictures?
>> No. 12116 [Edit]
File 136346665372.jpg - (2.66MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_5298.jpg )

Here's two I took just now, if you want more or if you think they're shitty or whatever just tell me and I'll take others when I get a chance.
>> No. 12117 [Edit]
File 136346669585.jpg - (2.49MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_5310.jpg )
>> No. 12121 [Edit]
That's actually quite nice.
>> No. 12124 [Edit]
Looks very nice indeed.
>> No. 12133 [Edit]

Who's your waifu? There has to be an existing dakimakura pic of her out there.
>> No. 12295 [Edit]
Three days left, you'd better hurry if you want to get one.
>> No. 12298 [Edit]
Same here, there are no images even close to being the right size, and finding an artist able and willing to make one of her would be almost impossible.

Post edited on 5th Apr 2013, 6:10pm
>> No. 12313 [Edit]
The market is absolutely flooded with talented artists who can't get a job and you can't find even one.
>> No. 12314 [Edit]
It's called having standards.
>> No. 12321 [Edit]
File 136535233635.jpg - (200.28KB , 622x695 , granberia_by_wizard898-d5ij1wz.jpg )
Problem is my waifu is rather out of the usual scope of most artists. There are good monster girl artists, but I don't know japanese and couldn't communicate with most of them. As for the english speaking ones, I haven't found one likely to do such a commission that I like.

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