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File 134638787591.jpg - (79.92KB , 764x600 , 1329642219325.jpg )
11568 No. 11568 [Edit]
The only way out is to face your fears.
Change is hard but not impossible.
>> No. 11570 [Edit]
Those are some big boobs.
>> No. 11571 [Edit]
Oh Rydia, if only you didn't have such wonderful cleavage then maybe people would take heed of your wisdom.
>> No. 11572 [Edit]
It's kind of hard to change when my fear is of something way beyond my control.

Anyway, OP's pic reminds me of some pic of Rydia that I liked to fap to. Too bad anonib is gone or something.
>> No. 11581 [Edit]
Maybe if I stare at her breasts long enough my fears will go away.
>> No. 11582 [Edit]
That's really cool!

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