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File 13903523544.png - (795.93KB , 1280x720 , 1390348124930.png )
16611 No. 16611 [Edit]
What have you done today?
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>> No. 16612 [Edit]
I went outside with my mother to eat breakfast, then I walked around with her and some other family for some shoes or something, then I went to a supermarket.

I still have the pancakes from the morning, so I don't think that it was entirely a waste of time, but I still would've preferred to stay inside my room.

Right now, I'm eating dinner and watching Gundam Build Fighters and seeing Bandai whore their gunpla as much as they can. The girls on this show aren't that bad, though.
>> No. 16613 [Edit]
File 139035506229.gif - (2.06MB , 500x629 , 1390272229145.gif )
I watched a crapton of ongoings. Had a lot of fun.

Build Fighters is great. The love and emotion the staff puts in the show pratically escapes the screen, you can tell they love working on that show.
>> No. 16615 [Edit]
I've been unecessarily rude with someone because he created a redundant thread and pondered whether I feel bad for it or not.
>> No. 16616 [Edit]
was planning to spend the day learning microcontroller theory
procrastinated on that all day
>> No. 16617 [Edit]
I browsed the internet and used imageboards from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep. I guess I've thrown yet another day away.
>> No. 16618 [Edit]
File 139036284554.png - (0.96MB , 1200x1121 , 42eb0a83ab31f65b83c7cae9e8f6a8eb.png )
Browsed image boards, read some articles, and drew some stuff. A pretty typical day.
>> No. 16619 [Edit]
What are articals did you read?
>> No. 16620 [Edit]
Drank cheap vodka, had trouble sleeping and kept waking up, thought about all the things I need to do soon, gave up on going back to sleep, went on my computer.
>> No. 16621 [Edit]
Started reading into Speculative Realism despite having only a passing acquaintance with continental philosophy.
>> No. 16622 [Edit]
File 139039944315.jpg - (44.42KB , 612x859 , 4cd7e2650a065c375e8304adf13eab23.jpg )
I can see that with Build Fighters. I actually like it more than I was expecting.

The girls on the show are pretty good. I think that Aila might be the best one on the show, so it kind of bothers me that the girls are set up with love interests and stuff.

Something that I noticed about the second ED is that it's about a guy wanting to stay a manchild for as long as he lived. I like it and know what he means.
>> No. 16644 [Edit]
Went to the bank to create an account.

Got rejected because I didn't have a paper that they never said they needed in all the places where the requirements for the account were stated. Ugh.
>> No. 16646 [Edit]
I went to open a bank account without knowing any of the requirements. They wanted references, and I obviously have noone in the world I could use as one. I tried offering to leave and come back another day with some (lie), but the bank representative kept needling me, "Are you sure you can't think of anyone?" Had to have been at least 3 minutes. In the end she took pity on me and skipped that step and I got an account.
>> No. 16651 [Edit]
I woke up, worst part of every day.
>> No. 16652 [Edit]
I wish I could guarantee that I'll die in my sleep. Having a heart attack or stroke or something while awake seems terrible.
>> No. 16653 [Edit]
File 139076171962.png - (49.80KB , 297x297 , 1390400498008.png )
Procrastination & masturbation
>> No. 16654 [Edit]
File 139076789373.png - (6.32KB , 336x270 , 02.png )
I went to church and then bought two bottles of Sessions.
>> No. 16655 [Edit]
Had breakfast with my mother at a diner while contemplating the point of going on with my empty meaningless life.
>> No. 16659 [Edit]
woke up from weird drunk dreams
drank a lot of water and tried to chill out and recover
made pizza
listened to podcasts all day
didn't do any shopping, so I'll be eating cereal or instant noodles for dinner
>> No. 16661 [Edit]
A dream where you slam dunk
>> No. 16665 [Edit]
I didn't expect to see Build Fighters love here, but I'm happy to see it!

I finished building my Gundam Fenice at 2 AM, slept, and listened to Random Access Memories all day.
>> No. 16666 [Edit]
Today I managed to piece together that my mother stole money from me, then I sat in my room and listened to the entire Kill la Kill OST. It isn't that bad.

Now, I'm just trying to catch up to the booru pictures that I missed out on since I didn't have time to keep track of it.
>> No. 16668 [Edit]
File 139089103111.jpg - (1.01MB , 1250x2000 , 2a693a2b103cc7378baac196e72f67b6.jpg )
Today I read some nice non-H Touhou doujinshi and got drunk by myself as I looked at cute pictures. Browsed some imageboards too and I exercised a bit.
>> No. 16686 [Edit]
File 139119816167.jpg - (202.52KB , 1440x810 , 1391074079519.jpg )
I got a job today.
>> No. 16688 [Edit]
I hope it'll either be painless or pay well. Maybe even both.
>> No. 16692 [Edit]
I'm working on a new imageboard engine. Today, I added the ability to delete posts and cite other posts. In addition, I'm working on adding more native support to things like MP3s, OGGs and various file formats.
>> No. 16693 [Edit]
Videogames and procrastinating, like usual
>> No. 16699 [Edit]
File 139133472556.jpg - (200.98KB , 400x400 , 5864de71fb77684cd9a5be32b47c0086.jpg )
I baked banana bread today.
>> No. 16700 [Edit]
File 13913471285.jpg - (874.56KB , 2000x2000 , 39316215.jpg )
Today I found a download for an old game I used to enjoy alot. It took a while to get working and it didn't feel quite the same. It was still fun.

Banana bread is really nice. Yet I had somehow forgotten about it. I will have to find some for myself, sometime soon.
>> No. 16701 [Edit]
File 139137497355.jpg - (168.35KB , 725x650 , 1355766083556.jpg )
You should try baking it yourself. Just look up a recipe online and go to town. Its a nice feeling to enjoy something that you created.
>> No. 16704 [Edit]
File 139147561896.jpg - (771.54KB , 850x1250 , 41339430.jpg )
I made a deep-clean my room today. I have one enormous trash-bag waiting on a corner.

Will it be dummy-friendly? I've always wanted to make an imageboard but I'm too dumb to understand how to set-up one.
>> No. 16710 [Edit]
File 139158045596.jpg - (177.31KB , 640x426 , rock eater.jpg )
Nothing, Hina-chan...

>> No. 16712 [Edit]
I don't want to go to college because I'm behind. I'm behind because I don't want to go on campus.
>> No. 16719 [Edit]
File 13916781144.jpg - (99.94KB , 850x854 , rbtybsegbhetr.jpg )
Everyone online keeps telling me to kill myself and banning me.
>> No. 16720 [Edit]
>> No. 16721 [Edit]
A lot of people don't find my jokes funny.

Among other reasons I'm sure.
>> No. 16729 [Edit]
File 139173638476.jpg - (160.51KB , 600x720 , 9148134bc960f6d89b80736a7d07de1d.jpg )
Bought new strings for my acoustic guitar. I'd just glued the neck back on the body for the second time, it seems to be holding on just fine and still sounds ok despite the amount of aggression I put it through.
Then started looking at Schubert's Winterreise and wrote an extremely rough and nearly unplayable arrange of the intro and first couple of lines of Gute Nacht. I didn't even expect to be able to read it so that's fine.

Picture related, never understood why some guys ooze at the sight of girls playing electric guitar. Girls playing acoustic, especially classical, on the other hand is absolutely beautiful. Too bad there's not many pics of that out there.

Fuck, I just wrote a blog post. Sorry.

Post edited on 6th Feb 2014, 5:27pm
>> No. 16730 [Edit]
File 139173673044.jpg - (55.28KB , 560x643 , Balthus - Guitar lesson.jpg )
I can't stand the sight of women playing classical guitar. It's like they're fingering it and they are the ones meant to be fingered and played with by men.
>> No. 16732 [Edit]
No fingering? But boy, does that leave women on a tough spot musically. Like, there goes pretty much everything with strings and even the phallic woodwinds, or is it okay for women to finger while they blow?
And what about drums, but no, you'd say it's repulsive since it's like they are beating it and women are to be beaten by men, right? But what for maracas and being shaken? And harmonicas? Harmonicas should be fine unless it's for men to suck and blow women and not the other way around. Then there's vocals and theremin I think, are those okay? And armpit farts, can't forget'em, cool?
>> No. 16733 [Edit]
File 139174283323.jpg - (188.70KB , 800x600 , 49.jpg )
I do love them on piano, violin and cello. Piano is always very proper and strings have the phallic component of the bow, indeed. It's the women's shape of the spanish guitar (with the curves and that big hole in the middle) and the fact that its playing looks like being embraced and caressed on the performers lap (while he seats with wide open legs) what looks too much like a masculine stance for me. In any case, girls on drums do look tomboyish, of course, and there's nothing wrong about the idea of men dominance over women (this is /tc/; get a grip).
>> No. 16735 [Edit]
File 139178115126.jpg - (1.78MB , 2112x3027 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Piano has some class but it is kinda bland, it's just like sitting at the dinner table, only with less lobster and more fancy sounds. But indeed, I can dig some hot futa action on bowed strings too.
And y'know what? Yuri is A-ok in my book, so maybe that explains the classical guitar thing, funny I never made the connection.
And sheesh man, you're the one who can't take jokes and I'm the one who needs a grip? I got a couple of well-oiled drawers with very functional grips right here on my side and they go swooosh swoosh just fine.

What about stuff played while kneeling? Seems right up your alley. Pic more or less related, also girls playing (partially-)naked is hot. Spoilered because I hate NSFW stuff on the frontpage.
>> No. 16740 [Edit]
I don't suppose you could maybe spoiler images like that could you?
>> No. 16741 [Edit]
You don't like promotions?
>> No. 16742 [Edit]
You sound insane even compared to other self-proclaimed victims.
>> No. 16754 [Edit]
File 139187980345.jpg - (362.47KB , 666x865 , 41485560.jpg )
I accidentally got myself spoiled on a series I was avoiding any kind of spoilers and/or discussion. Worst part is that, personally, I think it is a series ruining-tier spoiler.
>> No. 16759 [Edit]
File 139189822011.jpg - (274.26KB , 904x1280 , 1387599451500.jpg )

The journey is the important part.
Even if a little section is spoiled for you, it's how they reached there that is most important.

Unless you're watching pseudo-intellectual crap where the big twist is all the pile of garbage as going for it, anyway.
>> No. 16760 [Edit]
File 139190725929.gif - (1.09MB , 480x270 , 1337062139692.gif )
Spoilers are possibly one of the only rules I actually care about. Unfortunately it's pretty much never enforced, and you barely ever know what's a real spoiler or not thanks to everyone using them as surprise boxes for stuff like ">you will never fug your waifu ;_;" or something equally not a spoiler.

Spoilers often really ruin series for me. I can sometimes get through it, but I've just completely dropped series before when someone drops something like the name of a killer in a whodunit series.
>> No. 16776 [Edit]
File 139217290773.png - (310.01KB , 1020x950 , 6fafad910114b7d81a4551b7b7823fab.png )
I have recently passed in my college entrance exams and have finally achieved success in enrolling into superior education. I should be very happy, but I'm actually quite sad. I can't say for sure why is it that I've been more depressed than usual lately, but I believe that it is because I'm finally going to have to be forced out of the comfort zone I've been living for the past four years. I've become used to the life of mediocrity that I've been taking ever since I've failed to pass in exams four years ago, and gradually, but quickly, lost all my friends and hopes for my future in the process. I can only hope not to give up halfway through.
>> No. 16788 [Edit]
Be careful. I was in a similar position. You cannot change your self worth so suddenly, it takes time to reevaluate yourself. I suggest taking a light load of classes, take generals that are transferable to other unis, and live with your parents if you can.
>> No. 16790 [Edit]
I went to a ophthalmologist today and the woman who was the doctor that was attending me putted some eye drops in my eyes that dilatated my eyes to no end. I ended up walking back home whilst seeing the world in maximum bloom effects. I genuinely felt inside a game of some sort.
>> No. 16814 [Edit]
This is good advice. It is a big paradigm shift. Also, if you're going to uni with the aim to get a good career afterwards, you should start preparing yourself in year 1 with getting close to industry/faculty and internships/co-ops. Even for non-'bullshit' fields in demand, competition is fierce. If your family already has those connections for you, than just ignore everything I said.

Graduating underemployed in a soul crushing McJob can feel just as bad as being unemployed.
>> No. 16819 [Edit]
File 139242929896.png - (60.20KB , 309x500 , 58a903d3986c46c69c1ee683250ab233.png )
Shigbosted on message boards.

Drank beer.

Changed a for loop in a bash script I use to just iterate through an array instead, which I should have done in first place.

Watched anime.
>> No. 16846 [Edit]
I re-watched Madoka on a whim I got a few days ago.

I'm surprised at how much better I understood certain things when compared to when I first watched the series, years ago, practically when it first aired.

Tonight I'll watch the movies.
>> No. 16944 [Edit]
Building maintenance had to access my apartment so that they could work on something related to my neighbor's plumbing. I pretty much never have anyone over. I became hyper-aware of how unclean my kitchen is and now I'm going on a crazy cleaning spree.

I also learned that the maintenance staff have master keys that can open any of the apartments here! I feel really violated.
>> No. 16946 [Edit]
Got permabanned from Wizardchan
>> No. 16949 [Edit]
For what?
>> No. 16953 [Edit]
Not because I'm a non-virgin, but for "spamming" on the fucking /b/ board. The moderation on boards like that is so shitty.
>> No. 16965 [Edit]
You should not clean for others but for yourself, this includes your body too. Feeling clean is a really nice feeling.
>> No. 16966 [Edit]
File 139289660198.jpg - (130.23KB , 512x640 , e40662f45248e561e37efafdd57d05d6.jpg )
I got some antidepressants from my doc yesterday but I already stopped taking them today after I realized I can't cum anymore.
>> No. 16967 [Edit]
Good, you shouldn't be taking them anyway.

Making your sex organs stop working is only one negative thing they can do.
>> No. 16973 [Edit]
Had lunch with some new acquaintances, fixed some computers, and got a free set of 5.1 speakers.
>> No. 16979 [Edit]
File 139298850946.jpg - (329.95KB , 724x1023 , 1390934708758.jpg )
Today I lost No Fap February and I stayed up way too late drawing things. It was fun though.
>> No. 16985 [Edit]
Try to get food from this youth center which is full of LGBT people. Only got a little food, most of the stuff i didnt like. So much for food pantries being the best. Then again I only got the leftovers I guess.
>> No. 17002 [Edit]
I ended up adding a random person because he seemed nice enough and made me think we'd have a lot of things in common. Sadly, that was not the case. To make it short, he didn't even know what NEET meant...

Post edited on 24th Feb 2014, 8:46am
>> No. 17003 [Edit]
Doing lots of deep cleaning today.

There's something strangely relaxing and satisfying about cleaning.
>> No. 17005 [Edit]
File 139331363380.jpg - (399.67KB , 763x976 , 1389827353565.jpg )
I played vidya and spent some time with my(online)friends
Cleaned the mess that was my gaming room because l was sharing it with my younger brother and he is a pig when it comes to hygiene.
Decided that l'm going to start exercising again along with a balanced diet to make my body slim and more...feminine, in a few months, also thinking about having a laser treatment for hair removal in my entire body.
Watered my weed plants, really looking forward to see them flowering and then enjoy the harvest.
Bought two games that l really wanted to try out.
Been worried because a friend doesn't log in as often and he seemed really off the last time he messaged me, l miss him.

That's it, pretty much.
>> No. 17006 [Edit]
lndeed, it makes you feel fresh and productive
>> No. 17037 [Edit]
Just being offered a job. I'll starting next week. Kind of worried how I will get on with the other people in the workplace.
>> No. 17041 [Edit]
I get a racing heart at the thought of this, and it's not even an immediate concern for me. Good luck.
>> No. 17167 [Edit]
I sat in my car on a rainy day playing Pokemon emulated on my netbook. This was in place of going to college.

Then I came home and did some help with the house renovations. Then I played videogames and now I am here.
>> No. 17185 [Edit]
I studied some pre-calc for an upcoming exam. I used to know high school pre-calc really well, but almost two years out of formal education has left me a bit rusty and confused.
>> No. 17198 [Edit]
I did some last preparations for a certain exam to make sure I had all my bases covered. In between I watched the sequelitis series by egoraptor - my favorite work of his, it always gets me in good spirits. I don't think I made any mistakes on the test, so that's good I guess. I haven't slept yet.
>> No. 17200 [Edit]
I played WoW on a vanilla server, listened to some angsty grunge rock, fapped, and drank a lot. All the while freaking out over the fact that I fucked myself over with college debt.
>> No. 17201 [Edit]
Went out to try and buy air dusters but couldn't find any store that sold them cheaply. Listened to demo tapes of obscure heavy metal bands from the late 90s. Read up on artists who committed suicide and came across Michael Buonauro who was a webcomic artist. Reading his last Livejournal entry was pretty heart-breaking.
>> No. 17208 [Edit]
File 139743824681.jpg - (1.12MB , 827x1267 , 9f3938cd74fa97a8fbb52c2e57451e80.jpg )
I've done nothing but browse imageboards from early friday up until now. I've been lucky to get this whole next week free from my current occupation but I doubt it'll be any different from my recent everyday life. I hope to be able to do something that is not a waste of time during some day of this week though.
>> No. 17212 [Edit]
Participating in sport course at college, circuit training.

I suck, I am physically (and mentally) so freaking weak.
It's disgusting.

I can't identify with this body.
>> No. 17213 [Edit]
I took more than five hours of complaining about it being wednesday only to notice it is tuesday. Being lost in time is rather fun sometimes.
I wish you good luck.
>> No. 17214 [Edit]
Ate pizza and beer two nights in a row for dinner.
>> No. 17216 [Edit]
>> No. 17241 [Edit]
I played elona for 17 hours
>> No. 17259 [Edit]
I tried to read a book but I got tired and fell back asleep. I did my general daily tour of sites (this takes an inordinate amount of time). I typed out a long post but didn't post it. I paced around out of anxiety or something, then went back to bed and wallowed in self pity for a while but I couldn't sleep because I had already slept far too much. Then I was hungry so I ate some food. Now I am repeating my tour of sites.
>> No. 17268 [Edit]
Today I realized that there's no way out
>> No. 17279 [Edit]
drank a lot and cried a bit, as usual
>> No. 17283 [Edit]
Sleep and more sleep. Since I can no longer be NEET all my weekends are devoted to recuperation.
>> No. 17290 [Edit]
Phone crashed for some reason and won't turn back on. Felt weird spending a day at work without a phone. Made me feel somewhat vulnerable as well.
>> No. 17311 [Edit]
i just took some rivotril, i hope i can have a long and satisfying night of sleep.
>> No. 17329 [Edit]
Did it work?
>> No. 17333 [Edit]
No, my young brother was playing LoL or whatever in the other room and he was yelling and laughing really loudly at the mic, also my father got drunk and emotional, and was listening to melodramatic songs in the radio at a really high volume. I couldn't sleep very well that night.
>> No. 17349 [Edit]
Went for a walk around my town.

Tired visiting this site I use to frequent way back in the early 00s but found it be hacked.
>> No. 17353 [Edit]
File 139923439270.png - (362.31KB , 1102x1600 , 1399092534306.png )
I had four days to do things due to monday but I spent my time on imageboards instead.
>> No. 17354 [Edit]
Same. Extended holidays just go down the drain with me, can't get shit done on them.
>> No. 17356 [Edit]
my belly aches and i got the shits, how awful
>> No. 17390 [Edit]
I'm a nervous defeated train wreck and I hate my weekends. I did nothing today as well as yesterday, and I will probably do nothing tommorow.
>> No. 17416 [Edit]
I experimented with partial hanging suspension today.

Currently, I am unable to get the noose to properly tighten around my carotid artery, while cutting off my jugular and causing my head to fill with blood. I will try lubricating the cord tomorrow, as a bit more pressure may be enough to cut off the carotid simultaneously.
>> No. 17417 [Edit]
So... that's a goodbye, then? Good luck, I guess.
>> No. 17418 [Edit]
my head hurts

Are you sure the rope has the proper length? Safe travels for you.
>> No. 17419 [Edit]
Nope, I am only practicing in case I feel the need. Not that I would I mind fucking up into the best way possible, mind you.


The nice thing about partial, suspended strangulation is that you can lie on your knees (as long as your hands do not hit the ground), and you do not have to obstruct the trachea, which is the most painful part of strangulation. If you do it right, you have ~10 seconds until you lose consciousness.
>> No. 17468 [Edit]
I drove on highway my dads car for hours, he says im ok and might finally let me use it when I want. Today was a good day.
>> No. 17469 [Edit]
I've been playing fistful of frags a whole lot and it made me interested in Western films. I've been watching one a day. Today's movie is "Rio Bravo".
I played a little Persona 1 and went with my mom to an imported goods store where she bought me a variety of interesting foreign beers too.
>> No. 17473 [Edit]
File 140089089817.jpg - (436.55KB , 1014x590 , ss (2014-05-23 at 20_18).jpg )
I spent nearly the whole day playing Custom Reido V and eraQueen, been pretty addicted to slave training games lately.

Then I went to sparring class in the evening. We did 3 minute free spar rounds instead of the usual minute rounds. It was strenuous as fuck but I felt like I did better than usual.
>> No. 17474 [Edit]
That's what I usually do in my free time. Dig up kusoge and frantically play them for a few days, then go to another. I never heard of eraQueen, I'll add it my list, thank you for listing it.
>> No. 17476 [Edit]
Kusoge are the best. I'm waiting next month until AA2's release, it'll be somewhat entertaining at least.

It's femdom actually, so you should probably avoid it if it's not your thing.
>> No. 17477 [Edit]
It's right up my alley actually.
>> No. 17496 [Edit]
File 14010731874.jpg - (355.17KB , 600x802 , d0095aa04315e8da6127428bf8e11ac2.jpg )
It has been a little more than three months now since I've entered university. Time has been passing extraordinarily quick and I can remember little of what has passed in the last few months. I feel proud of having been able to live off alone at some other city away from my parents since I thought for sure I was completely uncapable of doing so. While I have not made any friends and doubt I'd be able to make any in whatever form of near future, I found myself still capable of having small talk with class peers, which also came as another relief to me. I'm guessing that, no matter how long one stays disconected from society and/or activities in general, there is also hope and possibilities to start anew. Maybe this can serve of some example or inspiration to others that believe to have themselves in dead end circumstances.
I've got to say that I'm quite glad with how it all has been coming along. Although the days have been going by too quickly, I can have little time to sob or sulk as I used to when I was completely unoccupied. I've been craming, amongst other things, latin and intend to start japanese soon. Life has been, surprisingly, going very well. I'm glad I was capable of getting somewhere.
>> No. 17498 [Edit]
We all have hidden abilities. I'm glad you've discovered yours; may there be more to come. What's your major/field of study?

Post edited on 25th May 2014, 8:28pm
>> No. 17501 [Edit]
I've been studying musical composition. As I am unsure of a future based off sololy of a career of composition I've been expanding to all fields and activities that my department offers. Due to this, I'm currently also working as a harpsichord accompanist of a old music consort. I'm also looking forward to doing a test for new members of a semi-professional choir as accompanying pianist. If I do pass in this test, I'll be receiving a scholarship(?) of the equivalent of three hundred and fifty dollars for about twenty hours a month. To think I could ever make money off the sweat of my own brow so early into a course is something that I could have never thought possible, and I'm having good feelings about my chances of passing this.
>> No. 17505 [Edit]
Looks like you're doing all the things to better your chances for the future. Good on you, and good luck with the test.

And yeah, being able to do relevant part-time jobs early on in the run is the best.

Post edited on 25th May 2014, 11:15pm
>> No. 17509 [Edit]
Played Unreal Tournament 2004 for the first time in many years. Used to play the shit out of it in my teens.
>> No. 17514 [Edit]
I took a Math proficiency test for university so I can retake Calculus I, which I have taken in High School and now twice in College. I managed to do 20% worse on the test, so I am going to have to retake it until I get 70% of the questions correct.

I really hate it when my relatives say that I am "too smart" to not go to college, because I am utterly deficient in things for which I have no intuition, like the entirety of Mathematics. Its not as if I do not have a conceptual interest in the field, but knowing concepts and appreciating them without applying them is absolutely useless.

My self-hate is good at doing everything short of self-improvement.
>> No. 17522 [Edit]
Skyrim, Star Ocean: Second Story, and now Im checking if there are a new chapter of Koe no Katachi.
>> No. 17525 [Edit]
worked. tiling.

i've been drinking this yunnan black tea. it's alright but i think would be better as part of a blend.
>> No. 17539 [Edit]
Some fatass cunt asked me if I had any money to spare outside of a subway. The idea of women begging for money bothers me enough for multiple reasons, but she obviously wasn't starving being as big as she was. I simply told her I haven't had a job in like four years, so no I couldn't spare any. I'm not sure but I think she yelled something at me as I left the area. It was a laps in judgment that made me forget you should never talk to or even make eye contact with women, since they're all trouble. Now I don't want to go near that place again.
>> No. 17542 [Edit]
>you should never talk to or even make eye contact with women, since they're all trouble
That sure seems like a well-adjusted philosophy.
>> No. 17544 [Edit]
Well that's how the Saudis do it, and they do not seem to have many problems with women.
>> No. 17552 [Edit]
Last thing you want is a women targeting you and turning your life into hell. They can easily get men in the area to beat you up if they so want, or get you arrested without you doing anything wrong. They're a horrible unstoppable menace that can easily be provoked and should be avoided at all costs.
>> No. 17557 [Edit]
I was waiting at a bus stop, and some crackhead, all ragged and miserable looking, came and asked for some spare money becaue he needed to "buy medicine for his wife". I told him off, and he went around asking the other people. No one gave him anything, and he just stopped, and stood there for a while, didn't even blink. Suddenly he lost his shit and started flipping out. He would incoherently yell that Haruhi would remember this day, that we will regret what we did, that the blood of Jesus Christ lives on him, and mumbled some shit about a "corpreal(sic) spirit" that I didn't understand at all, and he was getting progressively angrier as time passed, until he started bashing his head really hard against a wall. Then someone gave 2$ to him, and quietly walked away like nothing happened.
>> No. 17559 [Edit]
That's why you gotta carry pepper spray with you.
>> No. 17570 [Edit]
I always used to run into junkies all the time in the subways back when I lived in NY. I never gave them money and just ignored them whenever I went by. If I paid them any sort of mind I was afraid they'd try to follow me or attack me or some shit. I'm a fucking sucker so I felt bad every time I had to pass by one of them.
Also I still remember this one frequenter who always held up a sign that read "need money for drugs." Makes me wonder if some people humored him and gave him money for his honesty.
>> No. 17573 [Edit]
You shouldnt hate them for being who they are. They made a mistake. Nobody wants to be a crackhead who ruined their life, lost everything they valued in life and feels shitty with aches and pains all over their body just because they didn't get a hit.
>> No. 17574 [Edit]
They should in all honesty die.

I'll hate them anyway just for existing since they're trash trying to extort money from people by being annoying shits.
>> No. 17576 [Edit]
Like we have a right to complain. We are trash who leech off parents/welfare and dont contribute to society. Most of us anyway.
>> No. 17577 [Edit]
You should hate them for not trying to get out of the situation they're in. Rather than blowing all their money on beer and drugs they should be using it to get some decent cloths they can take a job interview in, or invest it in a trade. By just giving them money when they ask for it you're doing them no favors and are encouraging them to stay the way they are. Shit happens, but you have to at least be willing to -try- and improve things.

There was a video I saw a while back on youtube where this guy offers a homeless family $100 to remove the word Haruhi from their begging sign and they refused. It's that kind of mindset that keeps people like that poor and homeless. When you're at rock bottom and have a kid to take care of you don't have the luxury to be picky. Yes some people make mistakes, but then there's people who continue to make mistakes and refuse to correct them.
>> No. 17580 [Edit]
The difference is it doesn't leave our homes and we don't harasses random strangers while dumping our problems on them for pity and handouts. Besides, the US government is 15 trillion in debt and climbing. you think not giving $400 a month to some NEETs is going to make any difference?
>> No. 17587 [Edit]
How do you know they haven't tried that? Being addicted to one of those really hard drugs like heroin is no cakewalk. This isn't like marijuana. You're physically and mentally addicted to it. Your whole body feels painful and you can't feel happiness unless you take the drug. In a detox clinic the majority of people will relapse. The odds are heavily stacked against you and it takes a gargantuan effort of willpower. Like I said nobody wants to be a crackhead whose lost everything, they're being kept that way against their will because of their addiction.

Your example is just one example.
>> No. 17588 [Edit]
Still their own fault for getting themselves addicted in the first place. That's unless someone tied them to a chair and made them take drugs by force. If you ignore all the warnings and take that shit anyway, you've got no one to blame but yourself for what happens.
>> No. 17589 [Edit]
Soo.. I take it you haven't lived in a drug centric environment? Me neither. It's nice, right? We get to say these things and be so righteous!
>> No. 17590 [Edit]
He wasn't harming anyone but himself. And was too malnourished and small to do any real damage, not considering junkie-strength

Miserable beggars are the least dangerous things in the streets, a spray won't help me when someone points a .38 to my head and takes my wallet.

I don't hate him. Better a beggar than a thief. It was tragically amusing if anything.
>> No. 17593 [Edit]
You think I was born into some exclusively white gated community or some place like Beverly hills or some shit? Hell no bitch, I just aint fucking retarded enough to do stupid shit I've been warned about all my life. It's called free mother fucking will. That means the option to say no or avoid that shit. I've never drunk alcohol, smoked a cigaret or done weed in my life and that shit if fucking -everywhere-. It don't matter how much people try to encourage me too or how prevalent it is, and I say that as someone who's had to live around alcohol and the faggots that keep trying to push that shit on me. As those shitty anitidrug adverts say it's really as easy as just saying 'no'. People need to take some Haruhi damn responsibility for their lives and their actions and stop trying to blame everyone else.

Post edited on 30th May 2014, 11:03pm
>> No. 17596 [Edit]
Speaking as a former addict - he's right. No one gets themselves into that mess but themselves. And no one besides yourself can pull you out of it. Drug addicts have made a choice for themselves and they have to deal with the consequences of that choice.
>> No. 17610 [Edit]
Yes of course, on an individual level you are very right. Being responisble for ones' own actions is the essence of autonomy; people are by nature autonomous. It starts getting complicated once you wish to explain why individuals "weak of will" amass in certain areas more so than others. That statistic in itself implies that there are other factors than the human's autonomy alone. Environment, culture, education, genetics, social affairs, demographics? It can both be simple and complicated to explain why other people become drug addicts, it just depends where you're putting the bar.

>And no one besides yourself can pull you out of it.
This is undesputible, but the optimal method is more shaky - or so I've gathered.
>> No. 17615 [Edit]
Its a choice but the person making that choice may not comprehend the full ramifications of that choice. So without knowing where it could lead to, its very easy to make a mistake that leads to disastrous consequences. ALso being in surrounded in a shitty environment with a culture of pessimism, as well as having personal flaws, stack the odds against you. You shouldn't blame the victim in that sort of circumstance.
>> No. 17616 [Edit]
I tried cutting my hair today. I'm not sure if I'll keep it or just shave it all off. If you just glance at me it looks alright. I feel like if you looked at it for more than a few seconds though it starts to look shitty.

Sure a shaved head can turn some looks too, but not as much as someone with a shitty looking haircut, and if my parents notice and ask I can just say I decided to try it for a while since I've never really had a really short haircut. If they notice I tried to cut my hair but did a shitty job at it they'd probably get worried about me again.

Shame I couldn't find any tutorials on cutting your own hair for guys with long hair. Everything was either for girls or guys with short hair that was a lot easier to maintain. Or it'd be "how to cut your own hair with a friend!".
>> No. 17618 [Edit]
>the person making that choice may not comprehend the full ramifications of that choice.
Yeah becuase nothing bad can happen when you start doing crack cocaine.
>> No. 17619 [Edit]
I've gotten myself sick over a few hours. Good job, me.
>> No. 17620 [Edit]
Wanna have a good time?
>> No. 17623 [Edit]
How come you arent a CEO with the income of Bill Gates and the body of a bodybuilder? You lack willpower. Don't you know nothing good can happen out of being a NEET and browsing a *chan website all day?
>> No. 17624 [Edit]
Yeah I'm not Bill Gates so give me money.
>> No. 17625 [Edit]
I went out with my mom for breakfast, came back to my room, dealt with even more shitty kids, cleaned up a bit after them since I don't like how they leave shit all over my room. Then I took a nap for an hour or two. Which just ended up with me playing my 3DS and waiting for the Haruhifest thing to start in Puzzle and Dragon so that I could roll some Haruhis since I don't have that many good monsters since I don't want to put any money in a mobile game nor support Google in any way, even if I do enjoy the game probably more than I should.

Now I'm here feeling angry and disappointed, like always.
>> No. 17628 [Edit]
lacking willpower just makes it all the more so their own fault. How's it my fault they have no will power? That's their problem, why should I have to give them money?
>> No. 17629 [Edit]
I completely understand your angle but Bill Gates was a relatively terrible example. So are Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg. Gates came from a functional, affluent family (dad was successful lawyer and mother a teacher) as did the other two. The class you are born into and the privileges or handicaps associated with it does have an effect on your confidence and attitudes toward life. Elements you can lump into that so-called 'willpower'. Being born into the right crowd and having the resouces to afford elite tutors definitely does help.

But again, I understand what you mean when it comes to people of any social class who refuse to help themselves and take responsibility for their own lives. It's just that you should also have some consideration for the fact that this task is much easier for some not born as a heroin-addicted baby in a drug den. It may take much longer and/or be a much harder fight for them to rise out of all the shit they started in.
>> No. 17630 [Edit]
Minor footnote: the example wasn't explicitly centered around Bill Gates.
>> No. 17637 [Edit]
You can -not- be serious. you can't. I refuse to believe anyone can be this fucking stupid. This is apples and oranges to it's extreme. You're comparing the willpower to work towards a long term goal to the willpower to just avoid something and say no. Like curing cancer and not murdering your parents is the same thing, or wining a noble piece prize and not raping children. You can't possibly be comparing the willpower it takes to build a fortune 500 company from the ground up to the willpower it takes to not rob the gas station down the street. Your post is single handily making me loose faith in mankind. It's enraging to think people can be this fucking dense. Honestly I don't even completely believe you can be human to post what you did. You'd really have to be a robot or alien to think not becoming a CEO with the income of Bill Gates and the body of a bodybuilder is comparable to avoiding drug use. Your post makes me want to kill myself, Too bad I have the willpower not too otherwise I might be entitled to harass people for handouts.

You should be ashamed of yourself for humoring such a moronic argument.
>> No. 17646 [Edit]
And I'm saying its very easy to make a mistake which has consequences that are extremely difficult to reverse, weak willpower or not.

You sure owned me hard with those hot insults by the way.
>> No. 17647 [Edit]
making a mistake is not the same as making millions of dollars a year as a CEO
>> No. 17649 [Edit]
Typos are an easy to make mistake. Washing your whites with your colors is an easy to make mistake. Doing crystal meth is not.
>> No. 17650 [Edit]
Being a pathetic NEET posting on tohno-chan is a mistake but you're still here.
>> No. 17651 [Edit]
I could say the same about your birth.
>> No. 17652 [Edit]
I can't believe that my passive agressive-ness started this.

I'm kinda sorry, guys. Kinda
>> No. 17655 [Edit]
>> No. 17659 [Edit]
Taking hard drugs is an 'easy to avoid mistake' but becoming a useless NEET is also an 'easy avoid mistake'. You judge others for lacking the willpower to avoid such things but you yourself don't think you should be judged for being a NEET, hikki, posting on tc, having a waifu etc.

One is a metaphor that makes sense and the other is another pointless insult. Im not going to entertain you any longer if another petty response is forthcoming.
>> No. 17864 [Edit]
I'm extremely furious at myself because there is a problem I cannot solve for days due to its close relation to a dependence I have in real life. I cannot end this and I have been continuously suffering day after day for so long I can barely take it anymore.
>> No. 17865 [Edit]
File 140469155619.jpg - (102.34KB , 630x627 , 69f35393595be763e360bb70ccb1be29.jpg )
I lived through most of today, which is really not what I wish I could say I did. I want to have done more and do more in the future. Too bad that's not possible, given that I am a low IQ mongoloidic piece of shit. It sucks being this stupid.
>> No. 17866 [Edit]
File 140471559675.png - (82.24KB , 829x775 , asdf.png )
So, are you diagnosably borderline or just under some pretty justifiable suspicions? A myriad of factors can influence a given result and due to intrinsic variability you're almost always going to be operating within a range, rather than a static value. If you weren't given a battery, it's generally meaningless.

If you can solve this relatively quickly, you're probably at least >90
>> No. 17867 [Edit]
Not the same guy but lol took a few minutes :/ I was too distracted by the positions instead of whether or not they were inside the circle. Is it G?
>> No. 17868 [Edit]

Can you link me to that test? I remember taking it like half a decade ago but I have trouble findining it. That one had a time limit (like an hour or so) and I'm too lazy to spend time thinking about the answers too long so I rush through most of tests in ~15 minutes. I'm pretty good at them, though, so I usually score pretty high. I'm retarded either way.
>> No. 17869 [Edit]
I've never seen something like this before. Is it only in America, like there's a difference in logic tests between EU and US? I'm usually fairly good at logic tests (within the normal range), but this is far from anything I've seen or thought (aside from adding the missing piece in a series). Even if you give me the answer, it won't make sense to me.
>> No. 17870 [Edit]
I must really be an idiot, I've been staring at this for an hour and still have no idea what the answer is supposed to be
>> No. 17871 [Edit]
It's A, right?
>> No. 17873 [Edit]
>> No. 17874 [Edit]
I choose G because dot on the inside=add a number (or add a positive number of dots), dot on the outside=subtract a number (or add a negative number of dots). This holds true for both rows and columns.
Row 1 (from top to bottom): 1+1=2
Row 2: 1-3=-2
Row 3: 2-2=0
Column 1 (from left to right): 1+1=2
Column 2: 1=3=-2
Column 3: 2-2=0

Post edited on 7th Jul 2014, 9:27am
>> No. 17875 [Edit]
What the hell is with this? It's strange and hardly has any patterns, and the few it does has aren't anywhere near consistent enough to lead to a solution.

There has to be a dot, since there's always a dot. The dots are always either outside or inside at the same time. It's okay for one to be alone as long as it is inside. Repeats are apparently okay, but there's nothing stating that they need to happen. There isn't a single instance where the orbs get on the line, so that one gets ruled out.

I was left with D,E, and F, but I ultimately chose D because I forgot my reasoning despite coming up with it less than five minutes ago.

Anyway, I don't need 'tests' to tell me that I'm stupid. Then again, I'm not entirely sure what type of 'test' this is.
>> No. 17876 [Edit]
I came to the same conclusion after staring at the thing for five minutes.
>> No. 17877 [Edit]
When taking the tests I liked to pretend it was some alien message. Something like this particular problem could easily be a way for them to see if we're intelligent enough to bother with, and to also teach us about their written language.
>> No. 17879 [Edit]
This is the correct choice and reasoning.

I chose this one because I've encountered similarly modeled questions across different tests and it just stood out as unique. It's less spatial than much of what can be found on the site, but it's still culturally neutral.
>> No. 17880 [Edit]
I agree that it's culturally neutral, and it is indeed unique. Okay, so it forces the subject to think out of the box (seeing how it's not standard pattern logic), and uses simple mathematics to solve a simple problem. You don't need any education, only a keen eye for asymmetrical patterns, I guess. It's more of a massive curveball than anything else in, my opinion. I'll hazard a guess that humans unfamiliar with typical logic problems will score higher. It's one of those "children can solve this problem, but you can't" that makes you feel like shit. I don't know, I may just be salty, but it's a neat problem that reminded me that logic isn't bound by rules.
>> No. 17884 [Edit]
So this is how you're supposed to think on these tests?

I thought it was supposed to be something where you look for a pattern, figure out what the pattern is, then choose the answer. Not something where you find any truth and look at the answers to see if there is only one answer that fulfills that truth.

This is like asking someone to complete this pattern:
54 7 268 1 4160 9 57802 3 4686 5 849502 7 _
and only one of the answers is even...

Instead of asking for a specific number, it should ask something like, "what is a pattern in this sequence?"

It also irritates me that the inputs and outputs are ambiguous, but I guess that's sort of the point.

After I spoiled myself reading that the position is irrelevant, I concluded the truth was that any rectangle drawn from the top left corner with both sides of length greater than one will have an equal number of inside circles and outside circles. That is true and just as valid as the "real" answer, but there are 3 answers that satisfy that condition.

Anyway, I don't need these tests to prove to me that I'm dumb. Whenever my feelings of inferiority start to dwindle and I realize I need a reality check, I internally chant "one hour" to myself. I once overheard a person talking about how it took her one hour to solve a Rubik's cube for the first time. It took me a month.
>> No. 17885 [Edit]
Unless I got you wrong your method yields the same answer other people came up with, G, no triple solution at all.
>> No. 17886 [Edit]
Well there are different types of intelligence. I've heard from teachers that I'm generally above average academically (despite me being an underachiever in my overachieving high school haha) but I'm pretty dumb as piss socially. I guess I'm also taller and physically healthier than most maybe... When all else fails I guess then there are the people that learn to be funny.

I never solved a Rubik's cube but I never put serious work into one after childhood. I think I'd take longer than an hour though since I don't really know the basic approach for it at all.
>> No. 17887 [Edit]
B and C also fulfill the requirement of my incredibly wrong conclusion.
>> No. 17894 [Edit]
I followed the same line of thought >>17874 did and at some moment I was in doubt about B,C and G too, for they seemed to "express" the same result in just slightly different ways.
What I figured is that G is the option most consistent with the language of the problem, as we never get balls along the circle line or balls both inside and outside the circle, just no balls at all.
I don't see how your method is incredibly wrong. Its only fault is that it doesn't point to the correct answer as strongly. By interpreting the lines and rows as a way to obtain the third element from the "first" two it becomes clearer that when you "add" a "inner ball" with an "outer ball" you get no ball rather than one-ball-in one-ball-out or two balls on the line.
But I do have qualms with the question to be honest. I'm suspicious left-to-right and top-to-bottom was just begging for my western mind to get it right, I did try some weird combinations before settling down on it, but something was telling me all the time that it's gotta be something simple and ltr ttb is simple. And even the consistency argument I gave above doesn't feel quite right, it just doesn't feel natural to rule out a representation as not consistent enough when language as we understand and use everyday is just as full of not-really-consistent, arbitrary conventions.

Post edited on 7th Jul 2014, 7:54pm
>> No. 17895 [Edit]
>If you can solve this relatively quickly, you're probably at least >90
I can see that you're a nice guy, but this statement came out a bit foul.
>> No. 17908 [Edit]
File 140479075097.png - (111.61KB , 852x823 , fdsa.png )
The limitation with the more orthodox types of logic problem is that there's really no novel way to increment challenge. Problems tend to become a tedious slog; the solution doesn't necessarily require intelligence or creativity to comprehend and the rate at which a solution is generated will depend on what you begin to iterate with or where you begin to look for a pattern. I'd argue that this specific one isn't totally neutral, as you will have a definitive advantage in the solution procedure if you've been exposed to linear algebra. Formal mathematical ideas actually make a lot of the problems featured on that site pretty accessible.

These problems never have any definitive truth value or absolute meaning - they're just pixels on your screen. When you participate, you're essentially agreeing to play a game where you accept that the imagery, at a macroscopic scale, holds some transitory symbolic significance and is representative of an underlying organizational logic. It actually isn't, and can't on an intellectual basis be defended otherwise, though. Draw a smiley face in the box if it so pleases you.

I probably estimated a bit low, as that problem was like ~30 and really isn't super conventional.
>> No. 17912 [Edit]
I may not know much about algebra, but I was able to see something of a pattern in that problem which let me narrow it down to A and B, of those two I have no clue which is correct.
>> No. 17914 [Edit]
>The limitation with the more orthodox types of logic problem is that there's really no novel way to increment challenge.
That's a school of thought I've long disagreed with, especially when implemented in education. It's this desire to quality control the ability to solve problems that the subject haven't been exposed to. I think it's an unreasonable method in determining basic skill and ability. There needs to be exposure and experience, and it should be intuitively possible to make the proper connection - not by some arbitrary, theoretical connection. It's a novel challenge, that's as far as I'd rate it. I'm fully aware that I'm probably wrong and/or unreasonable. And sorry about ranting, it just touches on some points of bitterness.

Post edited on 7th Jul 2014, 9:06pm
>> No. 17917 [Edit]
Fuck I picked at this thing for 40 minutes even on paper, treating the Xs as -1 and Os as +1s and seeing if they totaled to zero if the sum of both the sums of the rows and columns added up to zero at the lower left.

Then I thought "tic tac toe!!" If now I have the right answer and everything else was a red herring imma laugh so hard.

I choose H because there are four of these tic tac toe things with Xs at the center and only three with Os, and these are 9 games of tic tac toe;X goes first (center) four times, O goes first four times and one game has a filler triangle in the middle. This might be all the possible ways tic tac toe can be placed with three filler spaces (triangles). And when the centers are strung together resembling one 3x3 tic tac toe we have a winless board because the center is plugged up with a triangle.
>> No. 17918 [Edit]
I'm familiar with linear algebra(well, I used to be) and I still have no idea what I'm supposed to do with that.
>> No. 17919 [Edit]
2 pairs are identical, though. It might be related to ultimate tic tac toe, but the match was over short into the game.
>> No. 17920 [Edit]
>2 pairs are identical,
Yeah I noticed that too.
each block with have two rows that have 2 of one shape and 1 of another. the block bellow with also have them but they will have moved to the side by one row. That's how I came to A or B.
>> No. 17921 [Edit]
>When you participate, you're essentially agreeing to play a game where you accept that the imagery, at a macroscopic scale, holds some transitory symbolic significance and is representative of an underlying organizational logic. It actually isn't, and can't on an intellectual basis be defended otherwise, though.

Anyway, my guess is B.
Each grid shares a certain number of symbols with the grids above and to the left.
First two rows, each grid shares 4 symbols with the grid to the left.
Last row, only 1 symbol is shared.
For each column, only 1 symbol is shared with the grid above.
B is the only choice which satisfies these conditions.

That is the conclusion I came to after about 45 minutes.
>> No. 17922 [Edit]
File 140479663690.jpg - (143.65KB , 828x784 , 20.jpg )
I fell into a similar pattern of thought with this one, where I'd recognize something unique that could be done with the format and endlessly try to intricately model those possible processes. The sol for this is embarrassingly simple, and the ~15 minutes spent trying to frame it into something complex was pretty needless. It's definitely possible to overthink these/not even bother to really visually examine the problem and lose significant amounts of time in the process.

Being able to manipulate and transform fields of data accurately is all that's required here. Terribly superficial, I realize, but that form of experience served to expedite the procedure in my case.
>> No. 17923 [Edit]
Yup think you got it especially since the guy uploaded a new puzzle... Do you guys think this should be its own thread now? Puzzles for roneries :/
>> No. 17924 [Edit]
/mt/ would be a more appropriate place wouldn't it?
>> No. 17925 [Edit]
Looking at it some more, I landed on H. My reasoning is so obscure and embarrassing that I don't even want to share it. I think I've even forgotten it already...
>> No. 17926 [Edit]
On one hand I'd welcome more life at mt. On the other hand I fear that it'll die out much quicker.
>> No. 17927 [Edit]

I chose D because each flower pattern "spins" a certain amount from the previous flower that shared its pattern. The pattern with 3 whites on each side and the pattern and the even pattern both rotate two petals each time clockwise. The pattern with alternating petals seemed to rotate three petals counterclockwise.

>>17925 Lol was it my tic tac toe reasoning said here >>17917? Pretty sure >>17921 is correct.
>> No. 17928 [Edit]
why? Would the /mt/ folks solve it too quickly or lose interest (for whatever reasons) too quickly? The board doesn't seem that "smart" to me at all.
>> No. 17929 [Edit]
File 140480362483.jpg - (1.61MB , 2400x1196 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I will be entirely honest with you - I don't understand your solution conditions at all. Specifically, how would you go about confirming these conditions hold for the top row of grids? I also noticed a few inconsistencies, but I'm likely misinterpreting the conditions entirely.

This 3-step transformation a grid undergoes holds for every left to right grid transition - hopefully the notes aren't too incomprehensible. Obvious spoiler warning for anyone who wants to do it themselves.

If you think imperceptible photons haphazardly exiting a screen hold any non-arbitrary, universally consistent meaning I'd be inclined to disagree.

Edit: Oh and yeah I arrived at B as well

Post edited on 8th Jul 2014, 12:26am
>> No. 17930 [Edit]
Low traffic, coupled with a hearty dose of does it even matter? Technically we're "doing" the puzzles which is relevant to the thread's topic.
>> No. 17931 [Edit]
Wow I think you got the right formula. How did you get it? I don't think I would've gotten that from just continuously staring at the puzzle.
>> No. 17932 [Edit]
>just continuously staring at the puzzle
Basically this, but I converted the symbols to numbers and just tried various things until something held for all grids. It took ~50 minutes, and I definitely feel as though that was time wasted.
>> No. 17933 [Edit]
File 140480535615.png - (152.42KB , 852x823 , 140479075097.png )
Here is a diagram. I came up with this solution because I was trying to figure out a transformation (since they all have the same number of symbols) and decided to note which ones didn't move.

>If you think imperceptible photons haphazardly exiting a screen hold any non-arbitrary, universally consistent meaning I'd be inclined to disagree.
I would argue with you, but the photons coming out of my screen don't have meaning so I can't understand what you're saying. I agree that meaning is arbitrary, but that has nothing to do with photons. It has to do with life being dicks. Before, we were talking about non-universal truth.
>holds some transitory symbolic significance and is representative of an underlying organizational logic
It does hold transitory symbolic significance. The fact that you are reading this is evidence of that.
I guess I did end up arguing. Like I said, dicks.

I don't doubt that you are probably a lot smarter than me, it's probably why I feel the need to be curt.

Post edited on 8th Jul 2014, 12:43am
>> No. 17934 [Edit]
I think we should stop treating these as representative of our intelligence and just do them for fun -- although I'm not sure much fun happens in /so/... In any case this is a nice place for me to read about things I can't normally find. I suppose in general I just like observing how people's thinking patterns.
>> No. 17935 [Edit]
I'm pretty confident about my choice this time. D.
The pattern from top to bottom or left to right is dick, lopsided, then balanced. If you take all of the different rotations of the same pattern and combine them, they fill the flower. So that gives you the up facing lopsided pattern.
>> No. 17936 [Edit]
Subjective /= objective, and that's all I was and currently am talking about. The conviction that one is jesus or some other popular religious figure is quite common amongst schizophrenics, and subjectively they are absolutely truthful and noble in that claim. Tilt the focus to objective however and I'd deny that a person is the "same" entity between two arbitrarily small time increments because chemically, they are completely distinct.

That diagram really helped, though and very clearly demonstrates an issue puzzles of this complexity can be expected to face. I still don't care for the fact that the first two rows are basically arbitrary in their quantity of commonalities, though.
>> No. 17937 [Edit]
The thesaurus rape is really starting to crack me up. I'm still waiting for some Latin phrases or obscure quotes from well-known mathematical geniuses.
>> No. 17941 [Edit]
Nah. I built upon my stupid ultimate tic tac toe reference. Have you played it? It's pretty fun. It's those triangles that makes it obscure, as if 3 people played the game, which would be like playing Go in 4 dimensions. Either that, blanks or blocked spaces. Theses problems are never that complex, I doubt you even had to play regular tic tac toe to get it; I just wanted to do it differently I guess. It has to be either patterns or algebra. I don't understand that guy's approach.

Post edited on 8th Jul 2014, 6:21am
>> No. 17942 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure many of us go heavy on the crossboarding, so it doesn't matter in that case. I don't think it's bad to take a break from the despair. And yeah, this should be a fun thing. I don't care about off topic anymore, as long as there's some positive energy, or rather not too much negative energy. May be a tall order, but think a lot of the really depressed people too come to this site to take it easy. I don't know.
>> No. 17945 [Edit]
I read the pattern in a diagonal line going to the right. The arrangement of black bars change position either to the next equal arrangement to the top or to the bottom. The black bars change position a certain amount either to the left or the right so to correspond to the same arrangement above or below in the line. Here, the top left arrangement moves either 3 spots to the left going upwards, or 6 spots to the right going upwards. The next line of arrangements either moves 3 spots to the left going upwards, or 3 spots to the right going downwards. The last arrangement can move either 1 spot to the right going upwards, or to the left going downwards; or either 4 spots to the right going upwards, or 4 spots to the left going downwards; and finally either 7 spots to the right going upwards, or 7 spots to the left going downwards. You get D if you follow this logic. Used between 10 to 20 minutes to "solve" it, an eternity to explain it. You're welcome to ask questions if there's something you don't get, or point out any potential flaws. I'd also welcome a comment if you find a system of numbers that's mathematically pleasing, other than that I've explained.

I'm >>17869 and >>17942, so I maybe am getting the hang of it, after reading how other people have solved the other 2 problems.

I read >>17935 after "solving" it, and I wonder if it's the same system of thought - just a different explanation or approach.
>> No. 17960 [Edit]
And I realized there's a simpler solution involving filling all the white spots by adding all the black spots in the similar arrangements, which leaves you with answer D.

I was working on >>17908, gave up and looked at your paper. I now understand it, and there's no way I could've solved this. That's a bloody algorithm. How did you even realize where to start? What even?
>> No. 17965 [Edit]
File 140487595386.jpg - (68.87KB , 576x572 , 32.jpg )
See >>17932

Nothing elegant, spontaneous or insightful about it. I basically started with possible transformations and iterated them, modifying them based on certain similarities between specifics rows/columns/clusters. You could actually program an algorithm to solve something like that, which is why I think those variety of problems are dull to begin with, As contrasted with >>17866

Every time someone posts a word with more than 3 syllables, do you cry a little on the inside?
>> No. 17967 [Edit]
Is it E?
The pattern I saw was that from top to bottom, the image turns the bottom left "branch" and then the top right "branch" 90 degrees. (If we separate the image into quarters with four branches.)

From left to right, the image turns the bottom right branch and then the top left branch 90 degrees.

Therefore, for both the third row and third column if you followed that pattern you'd reach "T leaning to the left with a flat accent on top"
>> No. 17970 [Edit]
I think I'm getting the hang of these. E.

Left to right.
Rotate bottom-right by π/2.
Rotate upper-left by π/2.
Also works vertically: rotate bottom-left then top-right.

>> No. 17974 [Edit]
I didn't understand his explanation.
>> No. 17977 [Edit]
>> No. 18017 [Edit]
I've turned in my living will. This is a document that just recently became available in my country. Basically, I checked a bunch of boxes expressing in advance that, in case I become permanently unconscious, deaf, mentally stunted, etc, to just let me die. Also, I volunteered my corpse for scientific experiments.
>> No. 18083 [Edit]
I found a small old rack on our attick and it's perfect for my figures. Now they looks much better and don't block my manga anymore.

Trigger warning on that video.
>> No. 18085 [Edit]
File 14053923773.png - (754.35KB , 1234x1043 , 1378915562537.png )
I watched this video of this girl in her early to mid teens from the sound of it anxiously trying to speak on voice chat during Minecraft and beginning to have a panic attack before it cuts off. It's horrible to think that she probably had to get over the fear that someone could be recording while she stammers over her words, and now it's a YouTube video with a quarter of a million views within two days, with most commentators saying she was horny and masturbating. For a person with severe anxiety this is a nightmare come true. Imagine the nauseating, stomach sinking feeling she would get if she were to simply read the title and view count. I hope she hasn't found this video and never does, it could have disastrous effects for someone with severe anxiety. I don't think I'll ever understand the casualness of needless cruelty.

>> No. 18086 [Edit]
It's completely staged.

If it isn't, the content creator is literally exhibiting his interactions with a cognitively impaired child as entertainment, which isn't exactly unique in itself. The repetition of phrases, prevalence of idiosyncrasies, word-salady structure and staggering tangentiality/incomprehensibility all point directly towards mental illness. Retards are retards irrespective of gender.
>> No. 18087 [Edit]
>Trigger warning
>> No. 18088 [Edit]
Apparently this guy took interest in stumbling upon a socially anxious person of that degree. If it wasn't for his intent on 'trolling', I think he'd have every opportunity to make her not feel horrible about the situation. He obviously wasn't grossed out by the shyness or awkwardness. It's sad, some YT users will upload anything they can get away with, as long as they think it'll generate views.
>> No. 18089 [Edit]
That post I pointed to was >>18085
The video features annoying ford drivers in their teens trying to be funny and hitting on 3DPD. Bonus: obnoxious video editing and social media links. Not to mention the person with anxiety..
I regret clicking on that link
>> No. 18090 [Edit]
You don't strike me as a knowledgeable authority on this subject, to make that judgement with credibility. Sorry.
>> No. 18091 [Edit]
No, what is a trigger warning? It certainly has an obnoxious, tumblr-esque, irredeemably vague and ultimately meaningless air about it.
>> No. 18092 [Edit]

Basically what you said. Did you look it up? You looked it up didn't you, you sassy scoundrel.

Post edited on 14th Jul 2014, 8:43pm
>> No. 18093 [Edit]
Sorry, my English isn't perfect. By trigger warning I mean that the contents in that video are obnoxious and may offend some people here.
>> No. 18094 [Edit]
>> No. 18096 [Edit]
What a stupid video. Why would someone with social anxiety have a microphone? They probably paid some dumb bitch 20 dollars to act for them.
>> No. 18097 [Edit]
>It certainly has an obnoxious, tumblr-esque, irredeemably vague and ultimately meaningless air about it.

No, it doesn't. You're projecting.
>> No. 18099 [Edit]
Don't judge the whole board just by one single post.
Also, I don't think he cares what ford drivers think about him. You haven't been here for too long, have you? You talk about desiring sex, acting tough and being/not being attractive. I smell an outsider.

Post edited on 14th Jul 2014, 10:19pm
>> No. 18100 [Edit]
I don't even know what's going on right now in this thread.
>> No. 18101 [Edit]
Actually, I've been here for years.

>Also, I don't think he cares what ford drivers think about him.

You mean he tries to kid himself that's the case, like the majority of people in his situation?
>> No. 18102 [Edit]
No, I mean I don't think he cares what ford drivers think about him.
>> No. 18103 [Edit]
>You haven't been here for too long, have you?
Funny, I don't remember seeing your trip in past years.
>> No. 18104 [Edit]
The trip is new, I'm not.
>> No. 18105 [Edit]
How many years have you posted here? Why is it now you think your opinion is so important it warrants a trip?
>> No. 18106 [Edit]
Only a year, the trip is because I know a lot of other people who also post here, specifically /mai/. I was suspecting that >>18098 only came here casually and not often, but nevermind that. I don't think my opinion is worth more than anyone else's and I don't think people who use names/trips make it to make themselves seem more important than others. If my posts bother you, you can easily filter them or anonymize them using a plugin like dollchan. Sorry to be a bother (seriously)
>> No. 18109 [Edit]
Starting a rant unprovoked, making entire arguments based on haphazard conjecture, trying to use lack of experience with women and unattractiveness as an insult (and even putting 'man' in an insult)... your impression of a stereotypical bitter female is great!

>Actually, I've been here for years.
You've been here for years, but you actually think the people here have an active desire for sex and female attention? Even someone that's been here for a single day could find the fallacy in that bullshit. Or maybe the idea that not all males desire sex/female company offends your distorted worldview, and you cope with it by telling yourself that males who claim otherwise are "in denial" or some such nonsense? But that's just conjecture on my part.
>> No. 18111 [Edit]
you can't get female attention so you convince yourself you don't want it. thats obvious. ever hear the fable of the fox and the grapes? in b4 this post is deleted.

>> No. 18112 [Edit]
I hate saying this because I don't like the word and expression, but I think you're projecting your feelings on others.
The majority of people here don't find real people attractive and some people have rejected 3D before in favor of 2D.
>> No. 18113 [Edit]
I went for a run in the morning. I went out for a coffee in the afternoon. The psychological exertion made me very tired. It's half past six and I'm sitting in bed listening to shoegaze.
>> No. 18115 [Edit]
>The majority of people here don't find real people attractive
I'm finding this not to be as true as I had once hoped. When the topic is brought up plenty of people claim they're still able to find 3dpd attractive.
>> No. 18116 [Edit]
I hope it's just a vocal minority
>> No. 18117 [Edit]
Here's a crazy idea. Now, this may sound nuts, like completely off the wall insane so bare with me here... but maybe... just maybe... some of us don't find overly bitchy gold digging manipulative high maintenance and overly masculine walking sacks stds that dare to call themselves women to be attractive?
crazy idea right? Fuck you, you ignorant close minded piece of shit
>> No. 18118 [Edit]
That's a rather amusing call to make, given I'm a virgin male myself, and a hikikomori of many years, but if that's the call you want to make, feel free to do so.

I simply don't appreciate people without any issues with anxiety whatsoever thinking they have the right to mock people who are actually struggling and call them mentally impaired, especially not on /so/ of all places. The influx of people from normalfag havens like wizardchans sickens me - men who have no issues other than laziness, often men who have groups of friends who are similar in personality, men who are in the middle of college or working regular jobs acting as though they have it so hard it's unbearable. Just a year ago I doubt you'd find people on /so/ mocking somebody who obviously has severe anxiety, because most people on /so/ could relate to that entirely. How long have you even posted here for? Because you behave exactly like some WC immigrant, hence your treatment as one. Do I think the majority of old posters on /so/ care about female company? No? Do I think you do? Yes.

Dare to call themselves women? What else are they meant to call themselves? If you have a vagina, you count as a female, I'm not sure why this issue would upset you.
>> No. 18119 [Edit]
Thank you based mods. Appreciate it when the offending post is kept around as a practical example of when the line is crossed. Effective deterrent compared to just telling (or not) one shitposter why they were banned.
>> No. 18120 [Edit]
They're more men than they are women. They're only female in the technical sense of the term but look and act nothing like one. It upsets me more than you can ever hope to understand. I'm not about to go out and start fucking men with vaginas just because dipshits like >>18111 think I'm a loser for not lowering myself to that level.
In my book it takes a lot more than a vag and tits to call yourself a real women.
>> No. 18122 [Edit]
>men with vaginas

Can't exist. If you have a vagina, you are female, and if you have a penis, you're male. Are you jealous that they get to actually be female, yet don't enjoy it or put it to the use you would in their position? You come across as a very bitter and jealous closeted tranny.
>> No. 18123 [Edit]
you're an idiot and clearly didn't understand what he was saying, women act like men in our time, there's not even a pinch left of feminity in the vast majority of them.
>> No. 18125 [Edit]
>That's a rather amusing call to make, given I'm a virgin male myself
Well, that's why I said "impression". You could have easily fooled me.

>don't appreciate people without any issues with anxiety whatsoever
How do you know everyone/most people here have "no issues with anxiety whatsoever"?

>often men who have groups of friends who are similar in personality, men who are in the middle of college or working regular jobs acting as though they have it so hard it's unbearable.
That's understandable, but again, how do you even know that one guy doesn't have anxiety himself? Are you just assuming he's part of the normalfag influx lately? The way he worded it, it sounded more like he was saying the video was most likely set up (which I agree with, as socially awkward people virtually never use microphones), or just another relatively common case of a socially awkward person being harassed (one that wasn't special just because of her gender). It didn't sound like he was personally mocking her.

>How long have you even posted here for? Because you behave exactly like some WC immigrant, hence your treatment as one. Do I think the majority of old posters on /so/ care about female company? No? Do I think you do? Yes.
If you want to turn this into an "oldfag" circlejerk, I've been here for a little over 4 years. And that post you're responding to is the first one I made on this thread. You seem to assume that I'm the same guy you were bickering with before, but I'm not.


Post edited on 15th Jul 2014, 5:41pm
>> No. 18127 [Edit]
I'm not sure if you're trolling, extremely dense, of you have some mental problem that prevents you from understanding a figure of speech. There's no way a normal person would think any of that was meant to be taken literally. I shouldn't even bother responding if it's any one of those, but I'll say this much;
If you think not finding masculine women to be attractive makes me a closet tyranny, then by the same (moronic) logic you and everyone else who like masculine women are closet homosexuals.

Post edited on 15th Jul 2014, 5:59pm
>> No. 18128 [Edit]
>There's no way a normal person would think any of that was meant to be taken literally

I'm a homosexual, and the term 'men with vaginas' is often meant to be taken literally in the communities I spend the majority of my time in. I also happen to speak to a lot of very obvious closeted trannies by virtue of being in those communities, and the bitterness you have mimics theirs almost completely.

How exactly do women act like men?

A person with anxiety wouldn't listen to somebody struggling on the verge of a panic attack and then proceed to call that person cognitively impaired.

>the repetition of phrases, prevalence of idiosyncrasies, word-salady structure and staggering tangentiality/incomprehensibility

are all symptoms of very severe anxiety, which I don't think is on the same level of mental illness as he was trying to imply it was. Somebody with experience with all of those things would recognize them for what they were, but he immediately leapt into insulting her and implying she was an incompetent, unintelligent headcase.
>> No. 18132 [Edit]
It's still a figure of speech, no matter if you're gay or not. Even an 8 year old can tell you that.
>> No. 18134 [Edit]
They are symptoms of a panic attack, to be certain, but not necessarily indicative or even correlative of social anxiety or other anxiety disorders. Even people suffering from severe social anxiety disorder or GAD can go through their entire lives without having a full-blown panic attack. And again, I seriously have to question why someone with anxiety would not only have a microphone, but stay on the microphone to chat with the apparent trigger during a panic attack. Regardless, even if he mislabeled her problem in a somewhat rude way, I don't think it's grounds to label him an outright normalfag.
>> No. 18135 [Edit]
go white night somewhere else.
>> No. 18137 [Edit]
>I'm a homosexual,
>How exactly do women act like men?
oh boy. Why do I feel like this is one of those explaining colors to a blind man situations?
>> No. 18141 [Edit]
I don't know, how is it? I obviously know how men act, and I know the majority of women act nothing like them. I'd genuinely like to know why you think what you do, can you please explain it to me?
>> No. 18142 [Edit]
Went to a job interview. Honestly have no clue how I did. Talked (shockingly) to people in the reception area. Most say it's boring, but the pay is okay enough. If I get it, I'm hoping for the backmost cubical.
>> No. 18144 [Edit]
I'm actually not too sure about this one either. I kind of understand what he's saying in a way, in that women have become very "unladylike" and adopted some of the less desirable male traits- the current young adult generation of females is very violent, rude, and overly sexual, for example- while losing positive traits that were once associated with traditional femininity (ie: kindness).

That being said they still act significantly different than men *as a whole*, being more social, taking interpersonal relationships of all kinds more lightly, displaying often-startlingly high rates of dishonest and histrionic traits compared to males, and having a tendency to be much more impulsive to name just a few.
>> No. 18146 [Edit]
File 140548999452.jpg - (100.55KB , 549x302 , e379164f40000577becc2a9b321223d2.jpg )
>the repetition of phrases, prevalence of idiosyncrasies, word-salady structure and staggering tangentiality/incomprehensibility
They are also symptoms of asperger's, schizophrenia, autism, an active dosage of various psychotropic medications and a plethora of other pathologies. I agree, a diagnosis on the basis of a youtube video is ridiculously inadequate and no conclusions can ultimately be drawn from it. This doesn't preclude speculation though, and I think it's possible to organize a relatively compelling defense of the girl's placement on the spectrum.

The symptoms displayed by this individual were markedly debilitating and in the case of simple social anxiety, it's clear that the they would not remain unaware of the extremity of these effects in previous instances. This immediately raises the question noted by multiple people already - why does this individual (A) possess a microphone, (B) willingly hold extended interactions with people they are unfamiliar with, (C) actively seek environments in which prolonged, intimate vocal communications with other human beings is inseparable from the experience? The level of mental impairment present in this individual necessitates a very high level of trauma - it is unlikely that a child would possess the capacity to continuously expose oneself to such an environment. A public minecraft server is simply not a place in which you will find people suffering from profoundly debilitating anxiety.

I'm not going to cite specific bits of conversation, but the kid demonstrates repeatedly that she does not comprehend semantic components of much of the interaction. Her responses are invariably stereotyped and do not even begin to approach coherence - the partial sentences she manages to utter have no link to antecedent statements, and are totally unintelligible when even generously interpreted. It's a placement on the autism spectrum, low IQ or a blend of both.

Also, gender is not sex and gender dynamics are contingent upon culture, but I'm not entering that discussion at all.

Post edited on 15th Jul 2014, 11:20pm
>> No. 18148 [Edit]
I find it rather rich you're speaking about others having autism after having typed that entire thing out. Are you diagnosed, out of curiosities sake?

Perhaps she was trying to practice her social skills and work on her anxiety in a setting she considered more comfortable than real life. I've known other /so/ posters who have tried similar things rather than to expose themselves to the outside world in a desperate attempt to better themselves. It's far more likely she was anxious rather than her being a schizophrenic, autistic, cognitively impaired dunce.

I take back what I say about you not recognizing the traits of anxiety out of being a normal transplant from elsewhere, though. I think you lack the capacity to recognize and categorize emotions properly period.

>Also, gender is not sex, but I'm not entering that discussion at all.

You won't enter that discussion at all because you know it's illogical and there's no way to try to argue for that other than with your feelings.
>> No. 18151 [Edit]
This whole "discussion" is stupid and should stop.
>>18148 is just an asshole, there's no use arguing with him.
>> No. 18152 [Edit]
Okay, so you open with some clumsy insults and address nothing that was presented. That's fine, I can't say I was really expecting anything beyond that.

As I quite literally stated at the opening of the post - nothing definitive can be determined from the information we currently have.

>you not recognizing the traits of anxiety out of being a normal transplant from elsewhere, though
I don't understand this sentence at all.

>there's no way to try to argue for that other than with your feelings
There are goddamn bodies of literature and academic fields that attend to these exact subjects. The topic is finished intellectually and you're welcome to go beyond tohno-chan to discover this. For a literal faggot, you know surprisingly little about your public existence.

Post edited on 16th Jul 2014, 1:06am
>> No. 18153 [Edit]
File 140549837088.png - (887.50KB , 757x1056 , american_miku_by_adrianne010794-d655ci3.png )
More or less what >>18144 pointed out. These days women (especially younger ones) have lost damn near all traces of femininity and have only held onto the less desirable female traits. We're in an age now when showing interest in things like baking, wearing pretty cloths, or sewing among other things are viewed as demeaning and oppressive. It's almost like it's embarrassing in today's culture to be or act like a girl, it's no surprise when the media is full of messages telling people to man up, stop being a pussy, be a man and stop throwing/hitting like a girl. You'd always hear the phrase 'insecure about your masculinity' tossed around on tv, but you never hear the opposite. Now they're trying to be men at every turn, from dressing like men to joining the work force/military. Even gaming has been getting invaded by women. They don't want to cook or clean anymore and want to be the man in the family, even if there's already one. Any man who shows interest in the more ideal women is automatically labeled a sexist pig, true scum holding back women kind. I'm no homosexual or tranny, of that I am absolutely certain. I don't want to 'be' a women any more than average person xyz wants to 'be' their wife/husband. Just as being labeled a sexist pig for liking feminine women, it's depressing that not liking masculine women in turn labels someone a "bitter and jealous closeted tranny". I feel like there's really no place in today's world for a truly straight male. If nothing else at least real women are plentifully in the world of anime, but even then it can be both sad when the most feminine characters in any given work end up being male. I can spot a fake 9/10 times but it still annoys me.

I go out and the women I see are covered in nasty tattoos, land whales twice my size, trashy looking women who strike me as drug addicts and who probably sell their vaginas for pennys on the dollar, women who dress in sleepwear on the streets or dirty flip-flops and shorts. If being disgusted by them, annoyed that they've killed off all the true women, depressed that my options are to settle for the likes of them or die alone... if that makes me bitter than so be it.
and no before you say it, I'm not just imaging it and/or projecting it. This town has tons of drug addicts, the mental health office I attend also serves drug addicts, and there's always plenty of them. I had to leave the help group I was attending there when some female drug addicts showed up. During the times I worked I'd encounter a lot of people all across the state. If you heard half of the the story I had you'd probably lose hope for humanity. I can't even comprehend at this point why anyone still gets married, so many men who have had their lives ruined by fickle bitches...

I'm not a misogynistic mind you for I adore women. rather, the concept of what a women can be and not what we have here now. Graceful calming beauty and elegance so pure, warm and tender gentle kindness, the sent of fresh flowers draped in the finest cloth. true angels, sigh...
what I can't stand are the pieces of filth that sully the name of women. feminist cunts with dick envy, crude self entitled bitches and whores, manipulative deceitful golddiggers that lie like it's second nature. They stink of disease, a cancer on society that spreads with western media which glorifies the filth. These abominations killed women and for that I will always despise them. yes I'm bitter for everything good and pure has been raped murdered and replaced by scum not fit to bare the tittle.
I realize I'm sitting in a sewer here and wishing for it to rain diamonds but that doesn't mean I have to like it, nor does it mean I have to accept my situation and eat one of the countless turds that float down my way. Don't you dare call me jealous for one god damn fucking minute! Not of those vail and wretched monstrosities. I have nothing to be jealous of there, not in this god forsaken hellhole. With the state of women being what it is, I can't blame you for being gay, I really can't but that's just not for me and since the alternative is no alternative at all, I rather just die alone and dream of something better.
>> No. 18156 [Edit]
It wasn't a clumsy insult, you quite literally behave like a complete and utter autist. Nothing is wrong with autism, I just don't think people with your condition are in any place to be acting judgmental.

>There are goddamn bodies of literature and academic fields that attend to these exact subjects

I don't quite think tumblr counts as all that.
>> No. 18158 [Edit]
I wholeheartedly agree with this post.
>> No. 18163 [Edit]
File 140551067979.png - (41.23KB , 500x375 , hierarchy of disagreement.png )
I really hope you're trying to troll that guy and aren't being serious here. If that's not the case, I don't think you should be too preoccupied with someone else having autism...
>> No. 18164 [Edit]

Fortunately I think you can still escape to smaller towns and find a different mindset. I've done this last year. The general mindset of the people was a nice improvement, among many other things. I don't get out much other than tending to my needs (though sometimes it feels like that, for I can just take in the beautiful view just looking out the window), so take my observations with a grain of salt (hopefully I'm not just full of shit). Not just women, but men also, everybody makes sense. There's a certain beauty in just embracing that simplicity. Not everybody needs to be a box full of quirks, something mighty to say about feminism/alternative lifestyles, etc.

I must say that despite this, I'm still all for women training in intelligent areas, assuming important jobs, etc, like men would do. But yeah, some of the women I've seen are really trying too hard, and it's just awful to see. Mind you, I don't adore women (not even 2D) cause I decided I'd put that enthusiasm into something more productive (still trying here). But if I did, I would probably move away from a society ravished by awful media. It seems that dumb media is, overall, brainwashing people less over here, and you can still buy anything you want off the internet.

Then, I don't mean to come off as ignorant but it seems like life in the US is really out there, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. It's a pretty big land though, maybe you could find some sweet change in Montana, Idaho, Wisconsin, etc. If I moved there I'd probably find a place like that. Anyways, it seems like all these issues are less intrusive here in Europe (in the eyes of a humble shut-in), but people are still educated and civilized. A nice balance all in all.

Sorry to all the upstanding female browsers that might be lurking, you don't factor into this rant, yadda yadda. Gotta give credit where it's due.
>> No. 18166 [Edit]
>I don't mean to come off as ignorant but it seems like life in the US is really out there

No, you're right. I've lived in small US towns for my whole life and the women here aren't any better than the city trash stereotype. Our country is pretty notorious for having the very worst women among all nations, and it's pretty easy to see why. The difference in how polite the foreign women that come here are compared to the rude, self-righteous, and man-hating women that live here is like night and day.
>> No. 18180 [Edit]
Ironic for a Tohno-chan user to be complaining about people not living up to rigidly interpreted western gender roles.
>> No. 18181 [Edit]
What's ironic about it? TC is not against the "western paradigm". It's against anything that isn't the "TC paradigm", and it just so happens that a lot of the western way falls outside it.
>> No. 18182 [Edit]
Do you think, let's treat >>15594 as our representative average, epitomizes the ideal "male" according to an approximated early 20th century western/christian binary social doctrine?
>> No. 18183 [Edit]
I have no idea what lead you to consider I'd think that.
>> No. 18184 [Edit]
You didn't see the overwhelming irony in specifically that individual claiming that there were no more "true women" in America, and apparently still do not.
>> No. 18185 [Edit]
1. Are you saying that unless someone is the "ideal male", they should force themselves to accept repugnant women?

2. Even if I was "the ideal "male" according to an approximated early 20th century western/christian binary social doctrine" do you think that would change the current state of women?

3. A pot being called black by a kettle is still black.

4. I may not be the "the ideal male" But I think I'm a lot closer to being the "the ideal male" than most women these days are to being "the ideal "woman" for the simple fact that I'm not ashamed of my gender as they seem to be.

5. Were women more idea some of us might have an incentive to try and become the "ideal male" in turn, but as is stands there is no incentive to do so.
>> No. 18186 [Edit]
There is no irony there. Just because he's not much better doesn't mean he can't have his opinion. That would be like saying you have to be a good movie director to call a bad movie bad.
>> No. 18187 [Edit]
Oh, that? Well, fine, it can be seem as such if you ignore how much TC's values deviate from the traditional western ones and say TC makes judgements based on the western doctrine and that's it.
How fair of an assumption that is I don't know.
>> No. 18193 [Edit]
I've made no attempt to interpret or use as a reference point "TC's gender ideals/values". You keep trying to comprehend my comments with this notional value system directly in mind, but it is in this instance irrelevant.

Quoting >>18153
>women (especially younger ones) have lost damn near all traces of femininity
>all traces
This implies categorical gender standards of a past era, additionally the commenter has confirmed his nationality as american. Broad public re-conceptions of gender arguably arose in the ~1960's, so he is specifically drawing from a conception that is dated beyond this. He is applying these as social conventions, not what you believe to be "TC's".

A fallacious equivalence. It is ironic because:

"I think adherence to traditional gender roles is right/good/etc" -> "thoroughly deviates from said gender norms"

Holy shit.

Post edited on 19th Jul 2014, 11:11pm
>> No. 18194 [Edit]
>"thoroughly deviates from said gender norms"
How so? Do you think men have become more feminine?
>> No. 18195 [Edit]
I see your point. It became clear later that TC recognizes but is willfully noncompliant of western values, instead of holding another one over it.
>> No. 18196 [Edit]
where the fuck do all these feminist pieces of shit keep coming from?
>> No. 18197 [Edit]
It starts with school and the news, and slowly seeps into the mind and all over the web until no place is left pure. Truly like a disease.

Tbh in my opinion even traditional women are just putting on an act, there's more honest traditional men out there I think because the physical labor just dulls their mind to that sort of role whereas women would have the time to have ulterior motives in their act. Not like there aren't exceptions and not like you couldn't brainwash them but still, it's rare for anyone to be born in that ideal image.
>> No. 18198 [Edit]
yup, best to give up hope and kill one's self.
>> No. 18199 [Edit]
I find it amusing that you're criticizing people for using fallacious comparisons when you're trying to pass that shit off as a valid argument. And really, your wonky way of typing with the poorly placed adjectives and the unnecessary word substitution really gives off the vibe of "trying too hard", as much as I dislike that term.

Firstly, it wouldn't be an ironic opinion even if your arguments held water. It would be hypocritical at best.

>thoroughly deviates from said gender norms
Blatant mind reading conjecture; how do you even know he does this? It's an assumption you've taken based on his first post, despite the fact that he's said otherwise here >>18185. Naturally, any feminist-type will have an inherent bias against him, though, and you appear to have notable leanings towards that mindset.

Regardless of whether or not he fits his gender role, opinions ARE subjective and have no truth value. >>18186's analogy DOES make sense, because that's what he was getting at. You seem to be insinuating that his opinions are invalid or hold less water because he's not an ideal male, but that's simply not the case. You don't need to be a highly desirable male to be dissatisfied with the mentality of modern women; hell, you don't even need to be a male. After reading his opinion, why would you think he'd even WANT to be desirable?

You go first, sister.
>> No. 18202 [Edit]
It's probably because women are more collectivistic by nature. Which makes them more conformist. Of course that's just my personal hypothesis, no factual ground. That or maybe because the shittier parts of media and social norms addresses women. It wasn't like that before. I guess you're more exposed to that in certain parts of the world.

Post edited on 20th Jul 2014, 12:23pm
>> No. 18203 [Edit]
It's a bit sad that feminism, the idea that men and women should be regarded as equal (within reason), has deviated so far. It' become a perverse, militant movement that thoroughly segregates the 2 sexes. You can't peacefully express pro equality, or dissatisfaction with the current feminist movement, without stirring shit up among the masses. Modern feminism has destroyed any chance of reasonable discussion on the matter. One side or the other will attack you no matter how you approach it. It's as counterintuitive as it gets. At this point I don't know which is worse: men's rights or social justice movement.

Maybe it'll work out for the better a couple of generations later. Just maybe.

Post edited on 20th Jul 2014, 1:10pm
>> No. 18204 [Edit]
>After reading his opinion, why would you think he'd even WANT to be desirable?

Funny thing is I actually was desirable for a while. Could be again since I do keep in shape but it's like you said. During high school there were a handful of girls who were clearly attracted to me but they were all far too trashy for me and nothing came of it.
During my first job out of high school an overweight young girl practically threw herself at me. She even offered to quit smoking and start exercising in hopes that I'd accept her. She was only 17 at the time and already had a 2 year old kid. Doesn't matter how desirable you are, some things will never change.
>> No. 18206 [Edit]
File 140590373074.png - (50.58KB , 774x375 , 140551067979.png )
Oh hey, it seems you moved up a few echelons. Don't worry friend, I'll use really simple words and sentence structures so the discussion is accessible for you.

Here's an example of irony:

*it is bad outside* -> *someone states it is really nice out* -> ironic, due to opposite meaning of statement and actual situation

Here's the example you're currently struggling with: *someone states they adhere to gender roles because they are important in this world* -> *they are actually a heavily medicated, mentally impaired, SSI beta who treats imageboards as their personal hugbox*

>opinions ARE subjective
Good job. You really did good here.
>> No. 18207 [Edit]
Just don't reply to >>18206 , he's a troll.
>> No. 18209 [Edit]
Considering the person has no idea what irony means, they're ignoring people's counter arguments, they're attacking another user with projected stereotypes, and failing to understand what it is they're even arguing against. yes, I'd say you're correct.
>> No. 18212 [Edit]
>Don't worry friend, I'll use really simple words and sentence structures so the discussion is accessible for you.
My, what an unpredictable retort. I honestly did not expect a passive-aggressive, glorified version of "ur 2 dumb 2 get it" as a response to being called out on trying to use lengthy words (incorrectly at that) in a rather transparent attempt to look intelligent or knowledgeable.

>*it is bad outside* -> *someone states it is really nice out* -> ironic, due to opposite meaning of statement and actual situation
Maybe you do understand...

>Here's the example you're currently struggling with: *someone states they adhere to gender roles because they are important in this world* -> *they are actually a heavily medicated, mentally impaired, SSI beta who treats imageboards as their personal hugbox*
Or not... it's funny how you display comprehension of the definition of irony, yet can't seem to grasp that this is not a form of it. Also,
>*someone states they adhere to gender roles because they are important in this world*
Is incorrect. It should be "*someone states that they wish the opposite sex adhered to gender roles*" or something along those lines.

>they're ignoring people's counter arguments
But I did give you a counter-argument; you just chose to completely ignore it in favor of focusing on the first two sentences and crying about responding to tone. Combine that with the whole bitching about someone daring to criticize women, and I really don't think you're in a bright position to bash anyone for wanting a "hugbox", friend.
>> No. 18213 [Edit]
>But I did give you a counter-argument;
pretty sure you didn't
>you just chose to completely ignore it in favor of focusing on the first two sentences and crying about responding to tone.
pretty sure I didn't
>Combine that with the whole bitching about someone daring to criticize women,
Pretty sure you got me confused for someone else.
> I really don't think you're in a bright position to bash anyone for wanting a "hugbox", friend.
No clue what you're even talking about here, but I still think you got me confused for someone else.

fyi, I'm not the feminist anon.
>> No. 18216 [Edit]
Cute backpedaling. To make it simpler for you:

In the post >>18199, your entire retort was based upon the first three sentences:

>I find it amusing that you're criticizing people for using fallacious comparisons when you're trying to pass that shit off as a valid argument. And really, your wonky way of typing with the poorly placed adjectives and the unnecessary word substitution really gives off the vibe of "trying too hard", as much as I dislike that term.
>Firstly, it wouldn't be an ironic opinion even if your arguments held water. It would be hypocritical at best.

You ignored the rest of the post explaining your own logical fallacies, apparently thinking it was a better idea to continue the argument with a bunch of ad hominems and name-calling (while funny enough, criticizing my use of responding to tone and name calling).

Though you may not be "the feminist anon", you are undeniably criticizing someone for bashing modern women and 'adhering to gender roles', something that makes it quite easy to associate you with a feminist mindset, even if it was not your intent.
>> No. 18217 [Edit]

Also what the fuck are you doing with >>18209, >>18212, >>18213, and >>18216 nerd?
>> No. 18219 [Edit]
Hows that back peddling? You're just confusing me with another poster. I didn't post >>18199 that's all there is too it.
>> No. 18220 [Edit]
And I'm not saying you did. But you responded to it, and ignored all but the first three sentences of it.
>> No. 18221 [Edit]
That article even brands itself as "speculation" from the get-go; I think you're going to need more than one person's speculation and widespread confusion of the two words to change a definition.
>> No. 18222 [Edit]
>I'm not saying you did.
>In the post >>18199, your entire retort

Assuming you're not a troll I'm finding it very hard to understand what you're going on about. >>18199 is not a post I wrote/created/posted.
I did reply to that post, but only quoted something at the end since I did not disagree with anything in it.
When I said the feminist type anon was ignoring counterarguments I was referring to my post here >>18185

>you are undeniably criticizing someone for bashing modern women and 'adhering to gender roles'
I was the one bashing modern women. seriously, I think you're mistaking me for someone else.
>> No. 18223 [Edit]
The definition itself is sufficiently comprehensive to subsume all instances of conscious/unconscious hypocrisy. The article is not speculative, it simply argues for this generality within an academic context.

Situational irony is not verbal irony. With this clarified, how dull do you have to be to not recognize a simple juxtaposition between extremes of contradiction?

What is the endgame of this argument? I've provided a definition of irony for you, demonstrated the satisfaction this definition, included fucking citations of academic work and your continuous response is an insult, followed up with an effective "no it isn't". This is unbelievably pointless and I wish you luck with whatever trolling endeavors you're attempting to engage in with this >>18222 retard.
>> No. 18224 [Edit]
I don't know why you can't just admit you were replying to the wrong person instead of name calling.
>> No. 18225 [Edit]
Well, this is somewhat disappointing. I was certain you could keep >>18213 - >>18222 going for a few more posts. You've basically offered a lazy concession here, ya know.
>> No. 18226 [Edit]
File 140593184890.jpg - (14.51KB , 261x153 , 1405129305293.jpg )
Was >>18206 also your post? I never even intended to aim any arguments towards you, unless that was you- I presumed it was the other guy.

Your "evidence" as to using irony as a synonym for hypocrisy is paltry, and does little to argue for your case. Moreover, calling your citation an "academic work" is arguable at best, but I feel we have already reached the endgame of this argument. Hence, I submit the following: You're a faggot.
>> No. 18227 [Edit]
No, it wasn't. I almost feel like just listing off every post I made in this thread just to get this whole thing cleared up.
I didn't think agreeing with >>18207, that >>18206 seemed like a troll would cause so much trouble.
I guess the problem is
>*it is bad outside* -> *someone states it is really nice out* -> ironic
I didn't and still don't feel this is an accurate example of irony, saying it's nice out when it's bad is just someone being wrong or misinformed. Thats why I said it seemed they didn't know what irony was, but I guess I'm the one in the wrong about that.

So it really was trolling. Thanks for at least letting me know I guess. reported all the same.
>> No. 18229 [Edit]
File 140601940137.gif - (569.74KB , 704x464 , lain leaving.gif )
By the way, what are good programs for making gifs from videos? Doing this was a tremendous pain in the ass. I used KMPlayer to capture frames and GIMP to make it into a gif. I wouldn't recommend this method. KMPlayer seems sketchy at best. I tried using GIMP Animation Package to rip the frames, but that didn't work.
>> No. 18230 [Edit]
File 140602013941.gif - (569.74KB , 704x464 , Spoiler Picture.gif )
Realized I should have put a pause at the end...
Here's a version with a pause at the end, spoilered to be a little less spammy.
>> No. 18231 [Edit]
GIMP is just a PITA to work with no matter what, but I use it anyway because it's the best I've got.
For frame extraction I just use mplayer(GAP can use it too, but you lose a lot of flexibility by doing it that way).
mplayer itself can output gifs from videos directly, but it doesn't let you do dithering or optimization, which sucks.
>> No. 18232 [Edit]
File 140603027769.gif - (2.75MB , 1048x704 , making gifs.gif )
Just pirate photoshop. There's no reason to force yourself to use GIMP, it's an awful program.
>> No. 18233 [Edit]
Thanks, I'll keep mplayer in mind next time I want to do this. I probably would have tried it next, since GAP has an option to use mplayer.

The reason I tried KMPlayer is because it was mentioned here:
Don't use it. The installer asks to install a bunch of extra bullshit.

I also found out VLC has some simple support for this via the "Scene video filter."
>> No. 18234 [Edit]
Thanks for your advice, too.
I googled around and it looks like virtualdub needs a plugin to open mkv? Is that correct? Or does selecting "DirectShow input driver" after selecting the file trick it into opening the mkv without the need for a plugin?
>> No. 18235 [Edit]
Nevermind, I figured out the directshow thing.
>> No. 18255 [Edit]
For capturing frames, ffmpeg is probably the best tool on Linux, though I am not sure about Windows.

After you specify your input, you can render a frame at a particular time by using:
-ss 2:11.72 -f image2 -vframes 1 test.png

Once you get the starting frame, just do the same for the ending frame, and use -to to define a start and end time.
>> No. 18516 [Edit]
Well the world seems to not want me to play games today. Got back on Shadow of the Colossus (emulated on PCSX2) and for some reason I missed a pretty simple jump over and over, I didn't even miss it that much my first playthrough. I guess it might be because I got too used to an actual joystick. Silly because I've played through the game 4 times as well since 2011.

Went on Zelda Majora's Mask and the game just froze on me when I tried to punch an icicle in Snowhead. Have to replay that entire segment because the saving is weird/inconvenient in that game as well. Overall that game has probably crashed 3 times on me, twice on the Wii running Gamecube Collector's edition and once on the PC with Project64. Played through it maybe 3-4 times but only beat it once haha.

I guess technically I could become a speedrunner, I can't do any glitches though, the guys I follow have school as well... Still I've seen so many resets and runs gone bad while watching live.

Post edited on 22nd Aug 2014, 7:08pm
>> No. 18517 [Edit]
Stayed in a hellish place over six hours with normal people to not be in a mental health institution, life is horrible...
>> No. 18519 [Edit]
Speaking of speedruns, this is worth a watch. It's the current world record Ocarina of Time run with lots of history and mechanical explanations. I'm not into speedrunning much but it's still really interesting.
>> No. 18521 [Edit]
Yeah I saw it a while back, I'm subscribed to Cosmo. Currently following EnNopp112 (Majora's Mask) Tenderhearted (Skyward Sword) and ZFG (Ocarina 100%)
>> No. 18526 [Edit]
Did some cleaning and came across my old sketchbooks from when I did an art course at college. Looking at all the drawings I did - I seemed better at it than I am these days. Kind of wish I have the discipline and patience to get good at drawing again.
>> No. 18535 [Edit]
this was hella hype thanks for sharing
>> No. 18536 [Edit]
Fascinating, thanks.
>> No. 18549 [Edit]
File 140905182921.png - (138.38KB , 401x356 , carl sägen.png )
I took a (what google told me) was supposed to be a 7 minute bike tour to my destination, the welfare office, to make arrangements. I stopped numerous times because I was out of breath, my legs were sore as fuck. So I arrived half dead there and I'm not even joking. Riding the bike back home almost made me pass out and I'm not even fat.
>> No. 18550 [Edit]
are you really skinny?
>> No. 18552 [Edit]
I don't look like an Auschwitz survivor but, I guess you could say I'm the average skinny, weak shut-in type of person.
>> No. 18557 [Edit]
Haha I get banned there every week. One of these days I'm getting a perm.
>> No. 18559 [Edit]
You should probably exercise more often. A seven minute bike ride shouldn't tire you out unless you're biking uphill or into a strong head wind.
>> No. 18562 [Edit]
i like to think that im not actually that weak, i just have crap stamina lol. maybe you're the same
>> No. 18575 [Edit]
If it makes you feel any better, I visited an old friend who was pretty hikki outside his school earlier this summer. When we went outside, he could only bike two blocks until he got absolutely tired and went back into his room. He's kinda fat though.
>> No. 18576 [Edit]
Sounds more like he just didn't want to be outside anymore.
>> No. 18577 [Edit]
he was panting and stuff though and he was able to walk outside as well.
>> No. 18578 [Edit]
That's an odd one. Biking is generally less physically demanding than walking.
>> No. 18579 [Edit]
Yeah, we walked farther than he was able to bike too.
>> No. 18588 [Edit]
I played games and posted on imageboards while listening to some music.
I'm now going to watch some cartoons and maybe play a VN.
>> No. 18598 [Edit]
I've wasted another day. I've planned to read at least two volumes of manga, three hours of eroge, and learn a little bit of python everyday but I hardly did anything.

Today I read one volume of manga, 40 minutes of eroge and did about five mintues of programming. Considering I am awake 14 hours a day is mind-boggling. What the hell have I done? Where does the time go? The whole day feels like it's dragging along but thinking back it goes so fast. Right now I could be doing something more but I'm not. I could blame that the internet is additive but the internet isn't the problem, it's the solution and a bad one at that. I guess I could start drinking but that is just the most well known way to cover your problems.

I would say I enjoy reading manga so why don't I read more? Eroge is also enjoyable when it's not dragging on with shit pacing or maybe that's just Kiminozo. I used to like anime but I've drifted away from that. I only watch about five minutes of Precure while eating breakfast. Why don't I just do something? What can I do to make myself feel better? I don't know. Thanks for reading.
>> No. 18599 [Edit]

I have the same problem petty much but I'm working on it and lately I'm wasting 'only' 4-6 hours a day. The rest I spend on anime, manga, games, books. It's hard to force yourself to do something but you said it yourself - you enjoy manga yet you waste time on other things and feel bad about it.

Internet is the real time sink here, yeah. I actually completely turn off my router at times. What made 'spare' the most time however was creating a simple text document and writing down what I do every 30 minutes or so. After doing it for a couple of days and realizing all the positions are 'random shit on net' I simply started to cut down on that.

It's kinda tricky though as I feel keeping such a schedule and reducing my net time wears me out a bit.
>> No. 18600 [Edit]
>Considering I am awake 14 hours a day is mind-boggling. What the hell have I done? Where does the time go? The whole day feels like it's dragging along but thinking back it goes so fast.
I have had years like this day.
>> No. 18601 [Edit]
Feel you bros.
>> No. 18602 [Edit]
Something I started doing recently might help the last few posters out.

Keep a checklist of things to do every day. Put things you want to do daily and gradually add more onto it. It's been helping me cut down on doing nothing.You don't have to put "checklisty" things on them. One of mine is to watch at least an episode of anime for example. It sounds unappealing at first but I'm glad I started doing it.

Post edited on 30th Aug 2014, 6:48am
>> No. 18604 [Edit]
Haven't posted here for a while.
Next week I am ending my summer student job.

Ofc I am not really a student, only on paper, but that will end also as I haven't taken any exams at all, which I would have failed anyways.

I hope everything ends soon.
>> No. 18605 [Edit]
So I started doing the checklist thing the last two days, it worked pretty good yesterday but not so well today. I've spend most of today downloading ero manga and music.

I think I wrote to much so tomorrow I'll write a shorter list.
>> No. 18667 [Edit]
Really starting to get into Smite. My first MOBA really, hardly played League... Been playing since Friday or so and so far I have unlocked Mercury, Artemis and Freya with Favor.
>> No. 18668 [Edit]
Any favorites yet? How are you liking merc? His poke is ridicules
>> No. 18671 [Edit]
I really like Merc, been using him mostly with 2 mastery, his ulti is pretty fun when I use it as a pseudo-sniper against people. I'm more of just chase someone down with 3, buff with 2 and pummel with my teammates I guess haha, my aim with made you look is iffy.
>> No. 18690 [Edit]
Really starting to get into Rose of Versailles, the first Dubarry arc was kind of a drag for me though even if it made for a good setup. Old show, yeah, but it really shows how bitchy and manipulative women can be, even in its historical setting. There are sameface problems like most anime though, and I'd have to say the characters were made more "pretty" than cute. Animation isn't bad at all to be honest and I like the camerawork, even if they have those old sorts of "corny" shots.
>> No. 18694 [Edit]

Easily one of my favorite anime of all time and I've seen a fair share of those. I actually liked that arc, though. It's a prehistoric Death Note so to speak. Amusing if you look at it through such light.
>> No. 18806 [Edit]
Nothing. Over the past few months I have successfully, accidentally taught my body and mind how to stay idle. While desires of doing something creative or noteworthy appear, I can't seem to get myself to go into them.

This is not a good thing.
>> No. 18825 [Edit]
I made a thread on another image board and it got over 200 replies. The discussion was good. There was next to no trolling or shitposting and a lot of actually good, non-hostile conversation.
It wasn't even one of those self-promotional kinds of threads where it only has a lot of replies because you yourself reply to a lot of the responses. I only made a few posts and it just took off on its own. Never had to bump it or anything.
As dumb as it is, it made me feel pretty good.
I've made threads that died before they got even a single reply, even on boards that aren't really high traffic. That makes me feel like shit. Like my writing is so bad or my topic is so stupid that even dorks on image boards don't care enough to respond. Makes me feel like I'm a loser even among losers. But today is different.


It's probably really pathetic to care about this kind of stuff, isn't it?
>> No. 18826 [Edit]
I would be pretty thrilled too if I did that.
>> No. 18829 [Edit]
I'd feel good about it too, fear of things like no replies is what keeps me from posting on forums.
>> No. 18836 [Edit]
Extreme pleasure ride!
>> No. 18922 [Edit]
Today I went fully aware of how ugly I actually am and that it'll only get worst as I keep growing old. That hurt.
>> No. 18927 [Edit]
Well I do care, and I actually made a thread here that got almost 200 replies, if browsing image boards takes a lot of your time it feels good when these things happen.
>> No. 18934 [Edit]
Take a look at this website, I don't know if it will help at all but for me personally I learned that all faces are really different but even ones that aren't the most attractive can still be interesting in some way.


It's also a good reference if you're an artist which is how I found it in the first place.
>> No. 18935 [Edit]
File 141456568617.jpg - (46.38KB , 500x600 , ed186e556083a938d4c057b54bf18a85.jpg )
Watched Eva for the first time ever. I like it so far. Thereafter, spent lots of time just looking through /jp/'s archive. Ate dinner and went to bed, but woke up because my stomach is hurting. I hate how I was able to sleep just fine last night but can't now. It's been this way for weeks.
>> No. 18936 [Edit]
How many episodes of Eva did you see? Wait till you get to 16, the show gets fucked up from there.
>> No. 18938 [Edit]
So far, just episode two. I can already tell it's going to be really enjoyable, and episode one was all it took. I'm also really hoping to see lots of Rei.
>> No. 19056 [Edit]
Um.. walk round the park to get out. Get called a faggot when a guy asked me for weed (which I never have had), play a few LoL games and WoW.

>> No. 19059 [Edit]
>Watched Eva for the first time ever
Well, I hope you get something from it. It changed my life completely, without exaggerating.
>> No. 19071 [Edit]
Potheads are the worst shit to exist. I mean, they're not as far down on the list of human trash, but they're still shit that need to die.
>> No. 19074 [Edit]
Making this list really helped me feel better. I feel like it gives life a little meaning and it keeps me busy so I don't have as much time thinking about bad things.
This may sound weird but I also started meditating using some audio files ripped from CDs my therapist gave me. I didn't expect them to be of any use at all and didn't want to try it at first, but as it turns out they are actually helpful.
>> No. 19080 [Edit]
I'm the opposite. I hate routine and like to think about strange problems and bad things and see how they might amuse me in themselves rather than worrying about whether they're unsolvable. I fall asleep by letting my mind drift back and forth between completely random things instead of meditating.

Post edited on 23rd Nov 2014, 12:40am
>> No. 19083 [Edit]
The only thing I got was a couple laughs at how terrible it was, especially near the end. The most enriching thing that Eva spawned was the embarrassing, poorly writtens, pseudo-intellectual burbling of a decade of socially rejected, ugly teenagers.
>> No. 19084 [Edit]
Not deep enough for you?
>> No. 19088 [Edit]

I also recently started meditating. I do breathing meditation though rather than guided. It's really relaxing. I do 30min/day, usually a couple hours after I wake up.
>> No. 19089 [Edit]
How do you go about doing it without a guide? Did you invent all the directions and memorized them yourself or did you get the idea for it from the internet somewhere?
I suppose what you do is similiar to this, right? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mindfulness_meditation#Practice
A lot of the audio files are about breathing also because breathing is something you just do all the time even without thinking about it. I prefer more imaginary stuff though, things that are not about the body itself but about the thoughts and emotions. I wish there's be more of that sort of stuff..
>> No. 19091 [Edit]

Mostly the same as the wiki article. I breathe in deep and count up, as I exhale I reset my count. Some people that meditate this way count down when exhaling. In my experience it can lead to distractions so I restart my count on both exhaling/inhaling.

Found this method looking for advice on how to meditate. Best method seems to vary a lot person to person.
>> No. 19093 [Edit]
Not the guy you quoted, but I started with Buddhadasa's guide here http://www.dhammatalks.net/Books3/Bhikkhu_Buddhadasa_Anapanasati_Mindfulness_with_Breathing.htm
It eventually gets to things that are less about the body, but Buddhadasa is really strict about potential distractions and it never really becomes directly about emotions or imagination, as they must be calmed away and kept under control as things progress.
It's also filled with buddhist stuff, so yeah, not that interesting if you're not interested in that.
>> No. 19142 [Edit]
Day just flew by and I did nothing. It's so shitty looking back and not even being able to remember what you did all day.
I just keep looking at the clock and each time half an hour has passed and nothing got done.
>> No. 19147 [Edit]
Aren't enough bike racks near my apartment, the bike room is exclusive to people who live there and so a lot of people just leave them unlocked in the room. Of all the unlocked bikes it looks like someone decided to take mine, leaving the helmet on another bike.

Hopefully he just thought it was his and he'll return it. Otherwise I'll have to deal with parents if I want a new bike.

tl;dr nigga stole my bike
>> No. 19148 [Edit]
Bikes always seem to get jacked from locked storage rooms, it's happened more than once in my family. You have to wonder just who is doing it when only tenants whose own stuff is in there as well have access.
>> No. 19149 [Edit]
Bikes in general get jacked a lot. ALWAYS lock them up, it only takes a few seconds. Even if there are no bike racks around you can at least lock the wheel in place to the frame which might deter or slow down thieves. I go as far as to use once lock for each wheel when I go out, never know when someone might just take the wheel. Of course I once had someone fail at getting past the lock on my new bike and opted to slash my tires instead lol. I know because the lock was all cut and scratched up.
>> No. 19150 [Edit]
One of my bikes got stolen recently too (I chained it to a power pole). I'm seriously considering using glue to paste sticks and garbage onto my bicycle just to deter theives. Maybe I look like a retard riding it, but hey, thats the point.
>> No. 19191 [Edit]
File 141817135616.png - (11.32KB , 741x597 , fuck everything.png )
I made an appointment with my college's mental health counselor because I want to talk about how it's hard for me to do well in college because of my agoraphobia.

I don't think I'll be able to go. Pic related.
>> No. 19192 [Edit]
Bad luck dude. Don't worry, you can do it!
>> No. 19193 [Edit]
If you aren't doing it to fulfill a technicality they're just going to inform you that you're a pussy and/or refer you to some chemical lobotomy peddler. They exist sololy to encourage you to keep giving your money to the university.
>> No. 19201 [Edit]
Why hello there, myself.
>> No. 19237 [Edit]
The medication conspiracy guy again? I didn't know you were still around.
>> No. 19247 [Edit]
This stupid computer ruined my life but it's also the only thing I have to distract me and keep me calm
>> No. 19254 [Edit]
I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure I'd still be a loser even without a computer.
Before I ever had a computer or TV or video games, I was still a social outcast.
>> No. 19256 [Edit]
I finally mustered up the courage to make an important phone call today, and... they didn't even pick up.
Forget it.
>> No. 19257 [Edit]
File 141903237015.jpg - (99.90KB , 344x344 , image.jpg )
Browsed through no experience job listings in my area and mostly just found openings for fast food joints. If the very few retail opportunities don't work out; I might just have to prepare to deal with abusive teenage fords in closer proximity than I'm probably capable of.
>> No. 19263 [Edit]
You might have been doing something like reading or productive hobby instead of browsing mindless websites all day, though.
>> No. 19268 [Edit]
I readied myself to participate in a social event tomorrow.

I was at work the other week and someone brought up the idea of doing a secret santa or white elephant, and when asked who wanted to participate i found that I was the only one with my hand not raised, and was called out on it.i reluctantly raised my hand, then it somehow turned into a potluck as well.

I was a little stressed about it, but today I went out and bout twenty dollars worth of christmas chocolates and a coffee mug, stuck it in a bag, and made some homemade mac and cheese to bring to work tomorrow.

I've readied myself for this battle. I never go into a situation unarmed, or run from a fight. I won't be made to look like a fool.

I'm not actually mad about being peer pressured into this. Actually, I felt human for a few minutes when I was making the food. I doubt I'll ever have the chance to cook for another human again.

Back to my jap cartoons, alone.
>> No. 19269 [Edit]
Did you watch The End of Evangelion too?
>> No. 19280 [Edit]
Who's to say I don't read books on my computer?
I've taught myself all sorts of things.
>> No. 19289 [Edit]
This is the third day I've called an office at my college to try and get some important stuff sorted out.
Despite the office being open, they didn't pick up. Again.
I almost wonder if they know my number and are actively avoiding me.
>> No. 19324 [Edit]
Yesterday I drove for about 6 hours straight. I got lost at some point but eventually found my way back.
Today I stayed in my room because my family had company over and I know they wouldn't want to see me.
Now they've left, so I can leave and go to the bathroom, shower, etc.
>> No. 19333 [Edit]
Couldn't find a better thread so I'll phrase it accordingly. Realized that I have less and less websites I dare to even open anymore. I have lost my ability to bear normalfaggotry. I don't really hate normals but they make me want to escape even further inside my own personal haven or something.
>> No. 19336 [Edit]
I can certainly relate. TC is one of the only places I look at anymore.
>> No. 19337 [Edit]
I don't think its normalfaggotry or everything but there are only two places I check on the internet semi-daily anymore. One is /tc/ and the other one is one thread on /jp/.

I'm not sure if its normies taking over everything, the general standard of things has dropped or it was always shit but I just didn't notice.

I guess you could try some IRC channels but they feel like sitting in with a tight-knit group of friends and not knowing what to say.
>> No. 19338 [Edit]
I know how you feel, I know for a fact it's me. I used to be so outgoing, so open to talking to people online. Now it's all just white noise to me, no motivation to talk to people.
>> No. 19339 [Edit]
Sounds like you've become depressed.
>> No. 19340 [Edit]
No, I was just a naive kid before. Now I'm jaded, nobody seems interesting to me. I don't have many reasons to talk to people anymore. Life for me right now feels like having played a video game too long, you learn all the quirks and glitches, and eventually they just start getting annoying. Everything works the same with no deviation, there's no more reason to even play it anymore. Guess it's a drawn-out way to say the magic is gone for me.
>> No. 19350 [Edit]
If you just lurk for a while and talk a bit you get to know people there, if you're interested. People are pretty friendly at least on the TC one.
>> No. 19373 [Edit]
Notes to self:

It's all your own fault, for ************.
It wasn't just pathetic, but very irresponsible.
You just have no life of your own and so are egaer to snatch someone else's.
You just keep on going on like that, ruinnig everything.
You do are ugly from the inside out.

I restarted drinking and I'm getting dumber by the minute and I don't even give a fuck anymore. Fuck language and fuck my pile of bullshit. Also, this drink sucks; worst investment since my still unpacked plastic crap...

I'm too old for this.
>> No. 19374 [Edit]
I've accepted defeat at the hands of normalfags. Wizchan.org was supposed to be a haven. But a guess the normalfags followed us there. They have destroyed the site. It's already filled with normies who can't get enough of disgusting 3D girls
>> No. 19378 [Edit]
File 142060288093.jpg - (45.72KB , 480x467 , dc450e6ec702b5c3d44a181a13b34b110df37556_m.jpg )

Perhaps you and the other users of that site are not as abnormal as you might think you are.
>> No. 19385 [Edit]
Where did the wizchan userbase end up now anyway?
>> No. 19387 [Edit]
wizchan.org and magicchan.org
>> No. 19405 [Edit]
File 142088220833.jpg - (92.64KB , 1280x720 , Sayaka_baka.jpg )
I had a light in my life, and now that light is gone.

I really was a fool.
>> No. 19409 [Edit]
Anon, what happened?
>> No. 19420 [Edit]
You shouldn't be using a candle. A flashlight is much more useful and durable, just be sure to change the batteries so that it'll keep things illuminated for you so you can have your light and not stub your toes on anything in the dark.
>> No. 19421 [Edit]
I spend all my days in front of my computer doing nothing. It's already monday, I will close my computer for 1 week and see if I can find anything else to do. I will come back here the next monday.
>> No. 19423 [Edit]
Good luck.
>> No. 19429 [Edit]
I feel like as the years go by emotions are slowly going to be drained away from me. I'm only 19, but I guess it might be for the better -- I've never been able to get into the normals' habit of being happy, sad, and just working in the environment and I don't want to. If I really wanted to be in touch with my emotions it feels like my entire existence is being tugged down by weights, so I've learned to shut them off.

I do have things going for me in my life as I put a fair amount of work into creative things, but soon enough I wonder if I'll be able to do anything else. Video games have seemed to be losing their appeal, they either seem too easy, too competitive (and that would make me even more of a machine) or too reliant on the teams in the room/matchmaking. I'm able to do schoolwork mindlessly but that's just schoolwork...

The beginning of the year is always the worst for me I figure... I don't know, ever since I became more aware of my surroundings since puberty I would say the ups have been rare.
>> No. 19433 [Edit]
It sounds like depression to me. You don't have to actually be sad to be depressed. I was depressed for quite a while (maybe a year) and what you are saying sounds like how I was.
>> No. 19451 [Edit]
I bear no anger or hatred towards anyone, but I've never been like other people. While I may not approve of the actions of others, I don't lay judgment on them as people and would much rather hear about other people's lives than my own.
Everybody I have ever known in real life and on the internet is self-centered and judgmental, without fail. Back in high school I disappeared mid-semester and nobody even noticed for almost two months. I doubt people will notice my online disappearance either. No, I'm not killing myself. But I'm sick of interacting with people who pretend to be open and kind when in reality they are quite the opposite.
Others like me must be out there somewhere, but I just can't get the motivation to keep looking anymore.
>> No. 19453 [Edit]
Is this a judgment?
>> No. 19454 [Edit]
I'm not saying that I never evaluate their actions, I am saying that I don't judge how they live their lives and I'm not obsessed with myself or my own life.
Their actions are self-centered and judgmental, whether they hide it for a little while or not.
>> No. 19455 [Edit]
I've been thinking about improving my diet. You know how you read about anorexics and people undergoing chemotherapy and how they can't think straight because of vitamin deficiencies and things? Well, I wonder if that could be part of the reason for my brain fog. It seems to be kind of a vicious cycle too - you're depressed and/or spaced out so you can't be bothered making anything good to eat. A lot of the time I just drink something with sugar in it to get rid of the headaches. I can't start to fix it just yet though. My parents are overseas this month and I have exhausted all the good food in their house. They come back in a couple of weeks and then I can ask them to get me some vegetables or something.
>> No. 19456 [Edit]
Fish oils help with "brain fog", I recommend getting some fish oil supplements, and eat some tunafish every now and then (good meal, easy to make). I think it helped me out a bit.
>> No. 19457 [Edit]
The three best supplements I have found that have proven bemefit son mental health (that are not psychiactive drugs) are Vitamin D, inositol, and L-theanine. There are others, but these are very safe and scientifically proven.
>> No. 19459 [Edit]
I found four tins of sardines in the cupboard as well as some fish oil capsules. Also I stood in the sun for a while (it's summer here). I don't notice any difference 12 hours later but I suppose these things require repetition and commitment. I might try exercising too.
>> No. 19533 [Edit]
Just had a 72 minute game of Smite. God, that game wastes so much time...
>> No. 19535 [Edit]
I spent most of the day smashing ants that showed up in my home recently, I shouted when I saw a fly and my father made fun of me for it. I still feel very pathetic about that.
>> No. 19539 [Edit]
Woke up at 3:40 PM today. Strange as I went to bed at 5:40 AM and wasn't even that sleepy. My body's sleep cycle is completely arbitrary I guess.
>> No. 19540 [Edit]
isn't 10 hours a normal amount of sleep?
>> No. 19541 [Edit]
Ionno the night before that it was around 6-6.5 hours and there I just woke up naturally (from 6 AM to around noon-1 PM). On school days I get around 6-7 maybe. I'm sure a lot of people manage to sleep less.
>> No. 19542 [Edit]
There are hundreds of ants in the basement where I sleep and crawl all over my hands while I'm gaming. Nowadays I just ignore them it's only when they crawl all over the screen that I get annoyed.
>> No. 19544 [Edit]
What the fuck
>> No. 19545 [Edit]
That can't be healthy dude! Have you tried traps?
>> No. 19546 [Edit]
Do you snack on them?
>> No. 19547 [Edit]
Yeah, they aren't effective enough and kind of pricey. Pretty sure they are coming in through a hole behind the insulation (the people who built this house were shit), but it would be a big pain to rip it all out. Eventually I might. I don't know if it's really that unhealthy, just kind of unsettling. They don't bite or anything and aren't in the food. The big worry is that something other than ants are going to come in.
I ate them in chocolate before, but eating a live one of these seems kind of gross.
>> No. 19548 [Edit]
Try to plug the hole up for now?
>> No. 19549 [Edit]
There's three feet of insulation and it's behind a TV and a full aquarium. Then again it's not like I'm a busy guy anyway, maybe I'll rip it all out and plug up the hole if my parents pay for supplies.
>> No. 19550 [Edit]
Yeah if I was you I'd ask them, I don't think the ants are too much of a health risk.
>> No. 19551 [Edit]
Today is my birthday. Did nothing special but drink and get high at my mom's place. She said I should get on anti-depressant.
>> No. 19552 [Edit]
happy birthday?
>> No. 19553 [Edit]
"By the way, son, here's my present"
>> No. 19555 [Edit]
>> No. 19557 [Edit]
Suicidal then overbearingly euphoric then suicidal then euphoric again. I feel so trapped but the only way out is to up and disappear. That would be even worse though. I don't fucking know anymore.
>> No. 19561 [Edit]
I have been watching a western television show today. It was a sort of recommendation trade off.
>> No. 19566 [Edit]
I wept like a bitch.
>> No. 19571 [Edit]
Sold a bunch of old electronics for 100$, that means a lot for a neet.
>> No. 19589 [Edit]
I had a test for my college, I didn't know a small but essential part so the professor, in a gentle and understanding way, told me to come the next week. I feel weird because I don't know how to feel, I'm so tired and drained.
>> No. 19590 [Edit]
I don't get how people are able to sell stuff. I'd rather die.
>> No. 19597 [Edit]
Are you a hoarder?
>> No. 19598 [Edit]
Not him but it's so much easier to just dump old stuff away than sell them. Selling is stressful.
>> No. 19602 [Edit]
Only if they're very big expensive items, or very very cheap items that are barely worth more than the cost to ship them.
If you have tons of cheap small things, sell them as a group. if you have large/heavy stuff, price it dirt cheap so people wont be fussy.
>> No. 19603 [Edit]
File 142396207584.png - (353.67KB , 1008x792 , b2s9Kbs.png )
The laundry and a couple missions in FE: Awakening.
>> No. 19604 [Edit]
I spent $75 on beer. I could of brought so many Japanese books if I didn't drink all the time.
>> No. 19634 [Edit]
I was supposed to do something productive, but now it's long after midnight and I've just begun watching OreImo. Forgetting the 3D world for a moment is great.
>> No. 19635 [Edit]
It's so good. I can't believe how good it feels to watch it again and any series just become better with nostalgia added to it. This is the power of anime, this is the way of otaku, this is bliss, this is happiness.
>> No. 19636 [Edit]
Damn, if I'd be amazed if I could think like that after watching oreimo.
>> No. 19641 [Edit]
I totally agree, that's why I save anime, so I can some day watch it again and get nostalgic, as well as add some more nostalgia on to it. It's a beautiful thing.
>> No. 19664 [Edit]
I helped some guy at the library write an email to the customer support of the local public transportation company. Wish him luck because customer service sucks most of the time.
>> No. 19688 [Edit]
I've wrote a few things for this thread this thread you can read here: http://pastebin.com/049t94qP I didn't check the spelling.

I went to see my grandmother in hospital and she asked if I would continue my course. I said I would take barrister and bartering but she said I was above making coffees and stuff. I also said I would take JPTL N1 and she said I could teach English in Japan but I said English teachers get paid poor in Japan. My grandmother said she would come home tomorrow. I might take the bus and see her sometime this week.

I said I was going to drop my course and she said I should stick with it a bit longer.

I also purchased four six packs of beer and a twelve pack. Only one six pack tasted like I would buy it again.

I kept thinking of buying a lot of Japanese manga, books and eroge. My copy of19 Subahibi and Euphoria arrived yesterday. I'm waiting for Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa and a few volumes of Watamote to arrive. I also ordered Peep Show from amazon.uk.

I read an hour of Punpun, Watamote and White Album 2 today. I can't force myself to read more.

I posted all this while drunk. I don't think I could of done it another wise.

I also been thinking of making a Facebook to find my friends from high school.
>> No. 19689 [Edit]
I'm calling my mom, I need to set everything right.
>> No. 19696 [Edit]
>>19589 here
Today I was supposed to have the test but the professor couldn't. He said maybe he could be free in a hour, hour and half but he wasn't sure. I went full panic mode (and didn't want to risk wasting 90 minutes for nothing, to be honest) and told him I couldn't. We agreed for tomorrow, but then I find out I couldn't make it in time so we moved it to next Monday. I hope I'll be able to do this fucking test. Also I hope the prof is not getting tired of me, I know realistically and logically he shouldn't but the frustration is making me paranoid.
>> No. 19697 [Edit]
I recently had a prof refuse to hold an alternative midterm time for a test that directly conflicted with a midterm in one of my core program courses. After contacting him nearly two weeks prior to said midterm, he didn't respond for another week and forced me to come all the way to the fucking university to negotiate an alternative arrangement. He then proceeded to offer a time before the midterm which still conflicted with the exam I had to write and decline to entertain any other option. I'm now dropping partial differential equations I because of this, but it's not like anyone is going to distinguish the actual reasons behind this from my transcript.

You're fortunate you attend a university that doesn't comprehend their relationship with the studentbase as a purely commercial one.
>> No. 19698 [Edit]
I woke up far later than intended, but then sat around doing nothing for hours anyway. I went to buy some CDs, but went in the wrong direction from the train station. I thought it would look strange if I stopped and turned around so I walked around the block, which wasted almost an hour of my time in the end. Eventually I found the shop I wanted to go to, and spent $500 on music. Then I caught the train back, bought some food for dinner, and made curry but added inappropriate ingredients, so it was unpleasant.
>> No. 19699 [Edit]
>spent $500 on music
>> No. 19700 [Edit]

Altier series 44 disc soundtrack?
>> No. 19701 [Edit]
>I thought it would look strange if I stopped and turned around
Some people check their phone or go like "tsk" but I literally just turn around in that situation.
>> No. 19702 [Edit]
Is there a way to appeal that?
>> No. 19705 [Edit]
I made an 8th of what I meant to do and got myself drunk. Domo domo.
>> No. 19709 [Edit]
Cried. My musical just closed last night and I miss it horribly.
>> No. 19710 [Edit]
>You're fortunate you attend a university that doesn't comprehend their relationship with the studentbase as a purely commercial one.
I know, I'm lucky I go to a small Uni where we are not just numbers.
>> No. 19713 [Edit]
I dropped my course so it's back to the NEETlyfe for me. Time for another drink 乾杯~
>> No. 19714 [Edit]
Welcome friend, from a fellow college dropout.
Bottoms up!
>> No. 19716 [Edit]
Update on this. Thanks to me helping that guy he lowered some bullshit ticket the public transportation company issued him, from 120$ to 25$ (the tickets are insane in my country). He gave me around 6$ for the help which was pretty cool for just writing a simple email.
>> No. 19728 [Edit]
That's a nice story.
>> No. 19733 [Edit]
Could be worse. The fine for traveling without a valid ticket is $217 here.
>> No. 19734 [Edit]
I decided that I won't drink for all of March. Hopefully this will make me happier. But just finding things to do is hard, everything I'm reading, watching and playing isn't enjoyable.
>> No. 19735 [Edit]
Me too anon, I've been trying for a sober month since the year began but relapsed in January and February after roughly the same time (~4 weeks). Good luck to you, abstinence won't instantly cure your depression but neither will drinking in the end.
>> No. 19739 [Edit]
Test postponed again, this time until the 9th. Kinda losing hope in this.
>> No. 19740 [Edit]
I spent all yesterday depressed and mild panic attack and crying, I've reached my limit and I want to run away. I hope I do this time.
>> No. 19751 [Edit]
Literally spent the whole day playing minesweeper, good stuff. Won like half of the games.
>> No. 19754 [Edit]
I have reverted back to my true form. Sleeping is for the strong, failure is for the pathetic, procrastinating is for the weak-willed. I shall take on this world of darkness by myself, say goodbye to the positive emotions, bring upon mine body and soul the true misfortune! OHOHOHO
>> No. 19755 [Edit]
I wish you luck on your journeys, my brother!

Post edited on 2nd Mar 2015, 4:29pm
>> No. 19759 [Edit]
File 142536169580.jpg - (1.27MB , 1246x958 , Homura_homeless_.jpg )

Time to become a nameless drifter. Your world will become one of public libraries, museums and 24 hour fast food restaurants. Cold park benches under slate grey skies. Hundreds upon hundreds of miles of road and pavement trampled underfoot. A silent brooding observer.
>> No. 19765 [Edit]
I have a feeling that this sounds a lot cooler than it would actually be.
>> No. 19768 [Edit]
Pretty much.
>> No. 19769 [Edit]
I have an untested theory that if you lived like this for a couple of years you would get on disability easy as pie. Because to the average person (even the psychologist diagnosing you) what person in his right mind would become homeless to avoid working?
>> No. 19770 [Edit]
I was on disability for about a year and you run out of enjoyment and want to do anything and end up spending all your money on booze. Would not recommend.
>> No. 19772 [Edit]
File 142549593879.png - (234.10KB , 559x472 , cordelia4.png )
Well, I've done it now. For the first time in my life, I masturbated in a public restroom. Thankfully I didn't get caught, and there was no one else in the room, but I was still scared.

I also chose to skip class on the wrong day today. Turns out there was a test. Fuck me.
>> No. 19775 [Edit]
File 142550809515.jpg - (195.61KB , 640x480 , 305db2d8d8a9646df36245e5d60a7548.jpg )
How lewd.
>> No. 19776 [Edit]

5 days into March and I've drank heavily on 3 of them. Here's to April.
>> No. 19777 [Edit]
Please don't feel bad, anon, I drunk 15 hours into mine and drunk everyday since. Here's to April!
>> No. 19778 [Edit]
I have done it a couple of times in my university's library. Did not really feel bad about it but the overall experience was ehhh
>> No. 19779 [Edit]
Tried to recover from drunk emotional breakdown.
>> No. 19780 [Edit]
At least you didn't kill yourself. Here's to tomorrow!
>> No. 19782 [Edit]
Sometimes it's best to sleep them off. Passing out helps with that.

I can't believe I've been drinking heavily since fucking 2011, I only remember the year because it was around the time Hanasaku Iroha was airing. 4 years gone in the blink of an eye. Nothing whatsoever to show for it but becoming even more of an overly emotional, unstable, diseased (probably) wreck than before. Don't try this at home.
>> No. 19783 [Edit]
Those are some truly strange days I am living, really strange haha
>> No. 19786 [Edit]
Partially managed to recover from a drunk emotional breakdown. Aided by my friend sulbutiamine. If you're an alcoholic you should try it. It also prevents brain damage from thiamine deficiency that alcoholics get.
>> No. 19787 [Edit]
Why did you resume drinking (or went full force) back then?
>> No. 19788 [Edit]
Fortunately I have this wimp that I only drink this damned expensive and hard to find kind of booze which keeps me in control. It is really strong, though, and around New Year I said fuck it and ended up crawling at my yard at 6:00 AM; I didn't throw up cause it'd burn me alive and it was so expensive after all.
>> No. 19792 [Edit]
File 14259354962.jpg - (64.44KB , 380x376 , Useless bunny good only for fanservice.jpg )
Today I had the test that was postponed 3 times. I failed it and the prof was (legitimately) angry. In my defence I feel like I was screwed because he said he wasn't going to ask a part and then he asked it but my test was so horrible in every part I can't complain. It's just, I don't know, I was sure I knew and was going to do well but when I went there it's like my brain stopped working. This shit happens often, I don't know if I actually don't know and I just trick myself or if I can't talk to real people.

I'm doing a master's and yet I feel stupid and inadequate because of dumb shit like this, in hindsight what I was asked wasn't hard, I just had to study. I'm getting self esteem issues because I think an exam was too easy. It's a fucking weird combination of arrogance and lack of self esteem.
I fear my classmates judging me and making fun of me when for the past 10 years I received nothing but help and even when I was bullied (back in the first two years of high school) it was nothing serious. These people helped me and supported me when I was scared shitless in labs because I was afraid of fucking up and I'm scared of them judging me for failing a test when I'm not even the first one to do so.
All of this is just making me feel worse because I've no right to be sad, it's like I should make them proud but let down every time, holy fuck they are not even my family why do I feel like this. And talking about family, I need to find the balls to tell my father to let me live without asking how my uni goes. I know he means no harm but I can't lie to him and I feel even more stressed because I let him down.

I can't even say I hate what I'm studying because it would be a lie.

Fuck, I hope I feel this bad only today and it will be better when I wake up tomorrow. Well, right now I hope I don't wake up at all but yeah.
>> No. 19793 [Edit]
This, the whole, thing, but specially this:
>a fucking weird combination of arrogance and lack of self esteem.
Right in the feels, man.
>> No. 19795 [Edit]
I'm in a similar situation except in undergraduate rather than masters. What am I going to do when I graduate? My marks are so terrible due to many failed subjects that I doubt I can get employment, let alone the fact that thinking about hunting for jobs makes me panic. Meanwhile my parents keep pressuring me, over and over like a broken record. I have a superiority complex and consider myself above doing certain jobs, but at the same time I fail to perform at university. I would have done ok at university if I put some effort in, but even doing a little bit of effort seems so stressful.
>> No. 19796 [Edit]
I maintained a 4.0 across engineering courses most would consider challenging and in a following semester made a single error on a very easy midterm that cost me 30% of the test. It wasn't the result of a conceptual misunderstanding or unfamiliarity with the test format but an unbelievable lapse of attention. I still remember sitting through the mark distribution lecture a week later and realizing I scored in the bottom 30% of the class. Ever since that day I've aggressively procrastinated everything and cripple myself for every exam to the extremes of possibility. I also experience a persistent tremor in my hands that amplifies violently during things as insignificant as quizzes. I literally cannot use a calculator without bracing my palms against something. Mentally I feel nothing and am able to rationally apprehend how utterly trivial it all is but the effects persist. The worst part is other people interpreting the tremors as mental nervousness or timidity, which it absolutely isn't.

I'm pretty sure it gave me PTSD, which is absurd because of how meaningless and inconsequential it was. But here I am violently shaking when I so much as interact with another human being or am expect to perform anything.

Post edited on 9th Mar 2015, 10:38pm
>> No. 19797 [Edit]
Are you the same person I replied to? You can probably get special consideration for your condition. Try seeing the school counsellor/physchologist and ask them to support a claim. Getting counselling would be a good idea in and of itself too. I never got a 4.0 GPA though, I wish I was capable of that.
>> No. 19798 [Edit]

>your condition
I wouldn't even consider it a "condition" and there's no way I'm portraying myself as being mentally afflicted with anything. I know what counseling will likely entail and it would destroy what shred of dignity I have left to undergo it. My performance isn't impaired outside of the effects of extreme procrastination. Nowadays I'll usually go through months of coursework in 1-2 days and prepare for exams within hours. It works, but kids who put in more time have better information about problem sets and a heightened level of procedural memory. I also do not attend lectures.

I've played a ton of competitive online games and if there's anything I've taken out of it it's that you're only as effective as the information you have and the strategies you choose to use. By crippling myself I can effectively lump all instances of failure into the insufficient information category, shielding my embarrassingly fragile ego. I just can't deal with failing at a tactical level because I have little to no control over when my executive functions decide to shit themselves.
>> No. 19800 [Edit]
Today i considered killing myself. I think I won't take long anymore before I finally find the courage to end all of this shit.

The only hope I have left is, that this only a dream or some delusion of mine and by killing myself I crush this whole world with me.
>> No. 19801 [Edit]
like links awakening?
>> No. 19802 [Edit]
What a coincidence, so did I.

I have nothing to live for but I'm scared of doing things to make a change. Nothing is enjoyable. I know you always read that in symptoms for depression but oh my god, it's fucking horrible. How do people enjoy nothing but just go about their day.

I only reason I haven't killed myself is my family, it would have quite an impact on them. I wish I could just disappear and it was like I was never here or I magically die in my sleep one night.

I might be joining you in the following weeks.
>> No. 19806 [Edit]
Why do people always bring up family as an excuse? Every one of you will die, you're only postponing it. And then whoever suffered or not won't matter, which is in itself inevitable. If that's your only reason, you shouldn't worry. You don't even need a reason. There's no good or bad time for suicide.

I have a (joke) theory, brohnos can't take their own lives because they are great procrastinators. In school, work and life. Everyone has to die at some point, but they always delay the moment when they actually do it. Someone with a strong work ethic (hence not tohno-chan) would be like "let's get this done as soon as possible". I looked up my country's suicide rate, which is like 5 suicides per day. Ford drivers are less likely to be suicidal, but once they are, they're more likely to follow through.
>> No. 19808 [Edit]
Yeah, I wish I had never been born at all. Life sucks. It brought me pain an misery and the few glimpses of possible happiness I've got only made it worse in the long run. All in all nothing was fucking worth the effort I put into it and I regret nearly everything

That actually made me laugh but thinking about it, you might be spot on about your theory. Since everything is a hassle to me, I'm just to lazy to get it over with.

By the Way, 5 persons per day seems to be a lot. What nation are you from?
>> No. 19809 [Edit]
Portugal, it's actually not that high compared to the US for instance. Also, China is the only major country where men kill themselves as much as women do. How's that for some gender equality?
>> No. 19810 [Edit]
>How do people enjoy nothing but just go about their day.
That's why you have to find a job you legit enjoy doing. Which unfortunately is very hard for most people. Even most Ford Drivers just try to get some desk job out of their almost useless college degree they spent 4 years getting.
>> No. 19813 [Edit]
I felt randomly anxious today. Like at a certain time I feel fine and before I know it I suddenly feel anxious. The left hand starts to shake and I get a light sweat.

I tried playing some games but I get bored within a few minutes so I just wasted another day on the internet. There is nothing I want to do.
>> No. 19816 [Edit]
>> No. 19828 [Edit]
Suicide tears other people apart. My old highschool had a suicide chain of 6 people in a year. The whole place got ridiculously depressing (moreso than it already was). If you are going to do it at least make it look reasonably like an accident.
>> No. 19833 [Edit]

Like a lot of TC users, I grew up being very very quiet, self-conscious, shy, etc. I found expressing myself so difficult it was painful. I've also always had a real problem with persistent thoughts, distractions and words going through my head a million miles an hour. Intense daydreaming. Kind of like ADHD, no diagnosis though.

One summer day that year I decided to try some booze from my mother's special cabinet (the problem runs in the family, as is usual). It was like reaching enlightenment. My thoughts, instead of resembling a swarm of bees vying for my attention, became lucid and focused. The chronic hesitation to share my thoughts ended. I had IRC open that day. Up until then, I lurked channels for months if not years without saying a word. Suddenly I seemed to be very eloquent and talkative. I opened some discussions and felt an intrinsic joy at communicating with other humans (aided greatly by the alcohol). Until this point I was friendless and isolated and never experienced the simple pleasure of having another person say, not in so many words: "Hello, I acknowledge you, and your thoughts are worthwhile."

Anyway, after that the usual alkie stuff started. The occasional whisky sessions sitting by the fireplace as "le esteemed scholar" turned into regular oblivion binges on cheap vodka. My IRC presence became less interesting and lucid and more "im so drank guyssss" (didn't say that, but it was obvious. I only logged in when wasted and acted neurotic the whole time). Alcohol stopped loosening up my intellectual floodgates and instead started targetting my latent emotional issues. As some of you will know, being a lifelong introvert means you hold back a lot of things. Not just your thoughts on Renaissance paintings or the third season of DokiDoki♥Tokyo♥Shoujo. After you get all that out of the way, you're left with the less pleasant stuff. You've been belittled your whole life and suddenly liquor gives you the courage to speak out against it. For reference, this is when you should stop drinking altogether. Instead, I started hitting it harder. This began the recluse phase. Dropped out of university despite being a good student. Spent a good 6 months during this time doing absolutely nothing but binge drinking every day and listening to music. The emotional catharsis was incredible. My preferred activity during this period was laying flat down on my floor and zoning out to the End of Eva soundtrack while the ethanol slowly numbed my nervous system. When the booze ran out, I would stumble to the nearest store to buy the highest % bottle for the least money. The same cashiers got used to me. One woman in particular used to roll her eyes at me. The first time, she asked for ID. The next 10 times, she was like "I've seen you before, go ahead". It didn't bother me. I felt privvy to some kind of arcane secret knowledge that Ford Drivers could never understand. I didn't speak to anyone besides shop workers during this time, even online. I viewed myself as some kind of world-weary veteran figure, an Old Snake type, viewing the world through my own unique lens. In reality I had a bad case of chuunibyou combined with a genuine drinking problem. I got kicked out eventually one day when my family found the garbage bin outside filled literally from top to bottom with beer bottles. That, plus the couple of bottle bags I had stored in my room waiting for when the bin was emptied. Nothing interesting really happened after that. I still relapse sometimes but I'm self-aware enough nowadays to think "Ok I'm drunk, it's time to stop posting and go to bed". I probably seem drunk right now, I'm just rambling because I never really told my story before. But as an alcoholic you're always assumed to be mentally altered when speaking at length, and I'm always self-conscious of that now. As F. Scott Fitzgerald supposedly asked during the onset of his heart attack: "They think I am drunk, don't they?" - it's hard to find the words to explain the last few years, most of it is a haze now. But to be honest, writing all this really makes me want to get wasted. That's how addiction works, unfortunately. Power of suggestion.
>> No. 19834 [Edit]
i have nothing to say but that was very well written and interesting
>> No. 19835 [Edit]
>As some of you will know, being a lifelong introvert means you hold back a lot of things. Not just your thoughts on Renaissance paintings or the third season of DokiDoki♥Tokyo♥Shoujo.
Made me laugh.
>> No. 19838 [Edit]
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It was an interesting reading
>> No. 19839 [Edit]
File 142648455190.jpg - (344.44KB , 984x1400 , 1da7b882cdc3d358ee49edd974f73fa5.jpg )
I remember when i first started drinking i became concerned at just downing vodka straight.

So in my maturity I decided le classy man james bond martinis were what I would drink. Except I bought brown vermouth instead of white. Didn't tastes good with the gin and I just ended up drinking the gin straight, which was alright, though gin's a funny drink.

i dislike alcohol.
>> No. 19840 [Edit]
Cute pic.
>> No. 19841 [Edit]
File 142651015256.jpg - (199.78KB , 768x1024 , 19576757_p1.jpg )
Made some great meat sauce. I also had to walk the dog since my parents are away for a few days.
>> No. 19849 [Edit]
I fucking love gin. It gets me a different kind of drunk (kind of a clearer, more euphoric feeling) for whatever reason and doesn't make me sick in large quantities like pretty much everything else.
>> No. 19850 [Edit]
I can hardly read your post but I'm trying gin and ginger ale which tastes good. I hope I die.
>> No. 19851 [Edit]
Another gin's fan here.
>> No. 19855 [Edit]
File 142674038637.jpg - (76.02KB , 900x900 , 3359-1-gordons-gin.jpg )
martini guy here. honestly the last time i had gin was 2006. I can still remember the taste, a main component is alpha-pinene. a terpene which is present in many plants and has an obvious taste.
>> No. 19856 [Edit]
What, do you drink like vodka martinis or something?
Bombay Sapphire and Wild Turkey (or Kentucky Spirit). Sometimes with ice sometimes not. It's a bit too sweet without ice if I'm drunk.
>> No. 19860 [Edit]
I always mean to kill myself but I never do. I always think I'll do it tomorrow or later but I never do. It's strange that procrastination which ruined my life is now saving it.
>> No. 19861 [Edit]
I usually go to sleep at 7pm but now it's 11pm, I guess I'll stay up longer.
>> No. 19862 [Edit]
I keep looking at my window thinking I'll close it later but it's still open,,,
>> No. 19863 [Edit]
I'm going to do something today, I can feel it!
>> No. 19864 [Edit]
what are you going to do?
>> No. 19867 [Edit]
It's time to change my life
Something will happen tomorrow

>> No. 19868 [Edit]
Same with me brother. Amen.
>> No. 19870 [Edit]
Cut my hair, shaved my beard, trimmed my toenails, factory reset my phone and cleaned my room. Today is my last night of neetdom after 3 years. Going to college tomorrow. Fucking kill me. Someone please pray for a bullet to hit my brain out of nowhere.
>> No. 19872 [Edit]
Don't worry, you can always drop out and be NEET again! I've tried collage twice and dropped it both times.
>> No. 19873 [Edit]
>I told the woman to go fuck herself and left.
That wasn't very nice of you
>> No. 19874 [Edit]
Yeah, honestly, what >>19873 said. She was just doing her job. We can't even imagine the level of bullshit bureaucracy that exists in government departments like that (though you get a glimpse of it every time you go in there and wait a few hours). She has to deal with that every single day---you or I would probably kill ourselves. The least you could do is not be rude.
>> No. 19875 [Edit]
Yes, I guess I can squeeze one more year if I use "the degree is not what I was expecting" excuse. The problem is im 23 and first time college student, I'll be as nice as I can to my dad in preparations for an almost certain drop out in the close future.
>> No. 19876 [Edit]
I just woke up and the first thing I saw was chicken breast. I should really put away my groceries before passing out on my bed.
>> No. 19878 [Edit]
They actually called you? Wow.

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