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File 134615157257.jpg - (854.34KB , 1000x1147 , 83474170ec31ef3d8910995c6e79a17e8efeeaf4.jpg )
11548 No. 11548 [Edit]
Do you guys like thinking about the future? I live in the past and the present. I can't think of the future. I don't know what I want to do when I get out of college. I couldn't even decide on anything to go to school for, and was pushed by my mother to take Japanese, since she knows I actually study it in my free time, so told me to go for it since I actually have interest enough in the subject that I'd learn it to actually learn it rather than just to pass a course.

I told her there are no jobs for that field though, but she told me that was nonsense. So I won't think about it. I'll just take it easy and ignore thoughts about the future like I always do.

I'm not skillful at anything, even video games that I spend so much time on. I never get better at those, despite how much I sink into them. People think I'm a computer wiz, but I just know how to Google properly to find answers to problems. There's really nothing at all I have skill in. Despite studying Japanese for 2 and a half years, I only know how to read simple sentences and frequently used kanji.

So that's why I can't think about the future. It's too much of a pain and leads to stress. I can't even imagine what I'd be doing in the future.
>> No. 11549 [Edit]
You could be a freelance translator or work as a translator for some company. Whether it be business or tourists or video games.
There are plenty of jobs in the language field, and plenty of money too. Just gotta know where to find them!

The future is scary as anything could happen so I don't like thinking about it too much.
>> No. 11550 [Edit]
I never think long term into the future. I do try to think of the close future to ensure that I can benefit from any and all of the choices around me (like in an eroge, except I'm alone and I don't talk to anybody and I hate myself). I try to think of the best possible outcome of everything to the worst possible outcome of everything to make sure that I can at least keep everything with as small a loss as possible. I like to think of it as playing some shitty strategy game that I'm forced to play.

Even though I think of the future, I hate it. I think about the past and there's not much to think about except for the bad, which I try to think about as much as I can and as deeply as i can to see the mistakes I've made and learn from that. Some things are unavoidable and will be repeated no matter how many times it is tried because of various reasons.

Long term plans should never be set because something will likely change them. The only long term plans which can be kept are ones like suicide since those are completely dependent on you and can be done at any moment if you are willing.
>> No. 11551 [Edit]
I don't think about the future, I don't even think about the past, I live on the present. I never make any plans. The future is going to suck no matter what so what is the point.
>> No. 11552 [Edit]
I absolutely HATE thinking about the future beyond maybe 1 or 2 years at most because after that it's all going downhill from there. Right now even a lot of my family is getting torn apart, I don't want to continue that chain and I can't anyways so I'm ending it with me. I always think about my past even if that past isn't so distant, it was still the golden age of my life I would say and that's over now. Very little if any chance left for to be satisfied in life. Nothing in the present has much soul to me and it's not because things are getting that much worse but because they weren't part of my life in meaningful times, I can't connect to them. This is like the afterlife to me. No memories seem to stick to my head anymore because they have no meaning to me beyond passed time that something average happened in. The only things I look forward to in the media these days is things that I can connect the past to personally.
>> No. 11553 [Edit]
I go through each day hoping it's my last and stopped really thinking about the future a long time ago.
>> No. 11554 [Edit]
I hate thinking. In the future my parents will die and then I'll have to deal with this shit on my own.

Maybe I'll just kill myself then.
>> No. 11555 [Edit]
I'm fully planning on killing myself when my parents die, if I haven't done it before then. Not really because of financial or living situations (I'll probably inherit enough money to live on for at least a year), but because they are the only people in this world I care about and their death would destroy me.
>> No. 11560 [Edit]
I fear the day when my parents pass way whilst I'm still stuck in a vacuum of wasted time and missed opportunities. I have some plans for the immediate future, like moving out and working full time, but they're always bound to change.
>> No. 11562 [Edit]
When my parents die, I will too. Maybe I'll be dead before them. I doubt I'll ever have an actual job beyond sometimes getting money from doing wood work for neighbors occasionally. (got payed 40$ yesterday for moving a bunch of wood. My throat hurts like shit for so many hours without water but hey I got more money now.) I just live day to day trying not to think about the long future. A month ahead is as far as I'm commonly thinking on the rare occasion I have something exciting to look forward to.
>> No. 11563 [Edit]
I'm not afraid of anything. I'll do whatever I want to do, and I'll live until I die.

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