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File 13542417588.jpg - (643.01KB , 1200x900 , wiiu-launch-games-release-list-box-art.jpg )
7662 No. 7662 [Edit]
anyone picking up a Wii U? mite b cool
>> No. 7663 [Edit]
I already have one.
>> No. 7664 [Edit]
Well, is it cool?
>> No. 7665 [Edit]
what games do you have and what do you think of it? I'm kind of surprised nobody else has mentioned it here.
>> No. 7666 [Edit]
Doesn't have any games that catch my interest as of yet, but I've seen a few videos and it doesn't seem too bad.

Actually, now that I'm looking into the games, I had forgotten about Bayonetta 2, but that is still a ways away.

Post edited on 29th Nov 2012, 6:49pm
>> No. 7667 [Edit]
It depends on what your stance is with Nintendo. The OS itself is pretty bad since it was rushed, but there should be a patch coming out to fix the long loading time that the OS takes it sweet time to go through and the freezing. Aside from that, Miiverse is a pretty cool idea and it is actually useful and helpful when you need it depending on the community. There's some other decently cool shit on there too or something.

I currently have 7 games for it and am enjoying them to an extent. I'm currently playing Sanic Racing, trying to unlock cool characters instead of having to race wit the awful pre-selected choices. I don't know why Danica Patrick is in this game. I'm not even entirely sure who that character is.
>> No. 7668 [Edit]
I have: Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U, Darksiders 2, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Scribblenauts Unlimited, ZombiU, and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge.

Nintendo Land: Better than I thought; It has a few single player games, but it's still a multiplayer game that you can get the most out of with some friends I don't have any (Local only)

NSMBU: Better than the slop of shit known as NSMB2; it can be a clusterfuck in multiplayer, but that's what makes it fun; The baby Yoshis are pretty damn cool, regular yoshis are only playable in the level that you get them, but the babies are way better (can take them to any level and leave with them) than them so it's better to stick with them unless you want a change of pace.

Darksiders 2: I haven't gotten all that far, but I beat the "fire temple" or whatever and got some giant elf man his plate. The story confuses the hell out of me, but the combat is pretty cool, along with the weapons.

TTT2: I've done jack shit but play with Yoshimitsu a little bit to see if he still had the same moves. I'm not sure if it's me or the gamepad, but it felt a little difficult to actually do the moves I wanted to do. Maybe it was because I was so frustrated in getting my ass kicked by Heihachi and his dad.

Scribblenauts Unlimited: This one I'm very biased about since it's a game where you can almost do anything if you can make your imagination work with it. This game is good and the fact that you can give a cannibal a baby and have impunity over that fact while still reaching your goal makes it amazing. Sure it is a little odd and childish, some of the puzzles require knowledge a child could never have. There's a ton of references to either old movies (king kong, Exorcist, ect.), creatures from the Cthulu Mythos, weapons of different kinds, and wacky wavy inflatable arm waving tube men. Much different from the DS games, but in a good way. I think hat it might still be a little short, though.

ZombiU: I haven't played it.

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge: Haven't played it.

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed: Fun and hard, but glitched straight to hell. I'd really like DLC to put Miku in it so it'd be better, but first they need to fix the courses that are litterally impossible to beat (the checkpoints doing spawn in certain modes)
>> No. 7669 [Edit]
I may buy one someday for the mario games and the inevitable animal crossing, but other than that I don't really care about it at all.
>> No. 7670 [Edit]
This was pretty much my thinking, except there are a few Wii games I missed out on and the Wii U is backwards compatible so I thought it was a good opportunity

...then I found out Wiimotes are still ridiculously expensive if you want a real one. you can literally get a second hand Wii with a Wiimote+Nunchuck for the same price.

oh well, getting a Wii U next week anyway.
>> No. 7671 [Edit]
If you're patient enough, you can probably catch a deal to get some game with cheap Wiimote+s'.

Right now there's some sort of deal going on which you can check out at YMMV with this since Walmart employees do whatever they feel like doing, but you can try this if you want.
>> No. 7677 [Edit]
I couldn't possibly have any less interest in it.
>> No. 7679 [Edit]
I could care less*

>> No. 7680 [Edit]
I'm gonna hit you
>> No. 7681 [Edit]
but I can't care less.
>> No. 7682 [Edit]
I am*

>> No. 7686 [Edit]
Okay, so I started playing ZombiU and I can't get anywhere since it's too scary for me despite already killing a few zombies with the cricket bat. ;_;
>> No. 7694 [Edit]
Okay, so the update to stop the console from freezing so much was released yesterday (I think). Aside from that, I've been playing TTT2 and I'm currently listening to this song about cheeseburgers and stuff. The song is very lame.

I think that I spent more time looking at the female character's butts instead of fighting or practicing, but I've been trying to draw very lewd things on them, so that's justifiable.

I'M TIRED OF THIS GOD DAMNED SONG! I first heard it when I started playing Tekken Ball, but now I've had it on loop for half an hour if not a full one.

I'm too scared to play ZombiU, and Ninja Gaiden 3:RE is going to get Momiji and Kasumi as playable characters.

Nintendo Land is pretty damn fun, even if I'm by myself. When I beat Metroid, Pikmin, and Zelda in Nintendo Land I'm sure that the game will become boring, but I still at least have some ways to go.
>> No. 7704 [Edit]
the only game I have so far is the new Mario. when I beat it yesterday I immediately went back to the first world to get all the star coins. fun game. the challenge mode is legit hard.
>> No. 7706 [Edit]
I haven't beaten Mario yet since I feel as though I can't go forward without getting all of the star coins in the ones that I'm currently on which sometimes makes things tricky and take a while since a small few are actually hidden pretty damn well.
>> No. 7711 [Edit]
I just tried Ninja Gaiden's online and it's pretty neat and fun, even if I ended up losing to an experienced user with a better weapon than me since I'm still at the beginning, I had some fun in versus mode. Then I tried Co-op mode. I joined this pretty cool guy who seemed to be willing to help him and I fought in some rounds against in-game enemies with him and made it to this particularly difficult level where I had died. I was ashamed and I hated the moment where I knew that I was trash and left him to fight the boss alone. I accidentally managed to start the fight over and my shame reached a higher level than what i wanted to feel, but as i didn't want to leave him alone in that difficult level I tried it over with him and managed to win with him. I managed to level up my ninja rank, but still felt much too much shame to feel as though I deserved it. I quit to the main menu immediately after it was done and now I am typing this up.

I am a complete and utter piece of worthless trash.
>> No. 7714 [Edit]
Welp, seems like the freezing thing hasn't been entirely resolved. I've experienced 2 freezes yesterday and one today while booting up Ninja Gaiden. I guess that the patch from last time was just to allow patches or something.

Why am I blogging like this? To share any problems with the console and to let people know things about it and what I do with it. I'm sorry if I'm spamming, but if somebody here wants this console I'd like to inform them in my own incompetent way of what they have to look forward to.
>> No. 7716 [Edit]
Why why why why why why why why why?!

I don't like the whole gamer tag thing since it shows whenever I play with somebody in co-op/versus and they'll be able to talk to me afterwards. I think that I might have gotten a friend request and I don't want to accept it! I can't refuse acts of kindness and other nice things like that since I never expect it and it's, like, something that grabs me out of nowhere. I don't know what to do!

I'm too scared to go to miiverse now only to find that this guy I finished fighting monsters with on Ninja Gaiden wants to be my friend! What do I do? I don't want any friends!

Haruhi damn it! I don't want to be ungrateful for the help and the karma he helped me obtain, but I don't want friends.
>> No. 7717 [Edit]
I've had this happen to me on steam a few times. After adding someone it turned out they were really annoying (messaging me dumb bullshit all the time, inviting me to play games I don't even own, etc), and I would desperately want to get rid of them but afraid of how they would take it. Luckily it seems like none of the people I've removed have ever noticed/cared, at least that I could see

Post edited on 13th Dec 2012, 12:04am
>> No. 7718 [Edit]
After my first time of playing the first motorstorm game online for a bit, some guy started bugging me after I left the match about teaching me how to play better, showing me all the shortcuts how to master the tracks and so on.
The guy was very pushy about it and made me really uncomfortable.
>> No. 7721 [Edit]
Nintendo Land: More fun than expected. That's about it.
Mighty Switch Force: Awesome. But I wish there were an option to adjust sound. I want to turn down Patricia's grating voice and turn up the sweet music.
And that's all I got. I don't think I'll be picking up any new games until Wonderful 101 and Rayman comes out. It's super-dumb how Pikmin 3 got delayed again. That game is practically the reason I bought a Wii U!

My id is necopunch, by the way. I promise to draw you something cute if you add me.
>> No. 7722 [Edit]
Has anyone tried Trine 2?
I'm tempted to get it.
>> No. 7723 [Edit]
That's a small part of why I don't really want to add a random to my list. There's nothing to talk about and I sort of don't want to talk to them. I don't mind helping people online if I can, but that's where it ends because I'm not compatible with any people. If I'm not too whiny and annoying, I'm too boring and uninteresting. It especially won't help when there are clashes of interest since I most likely won't care about whatever "normal" thing he brings up and won't be able to comment sincerely about whatever there is to talk about, and there's also the chance that I could offend him with my honesty. Nobody benefits and everybody wastes their time.

I'm lucky the guy hasn't done that to me. I'm also lucky that somebody hasn't done that to me in the Sonic racing game either, but then again I'm pretty terrible at that.

I like Patricia's voice. I personally think that she's cute.

Aside from that, are you going to pick up Monster Hunter?

I haven't bought it yet, but I have been hearing a couple of problems with it. I'll try to get it when I get some more money since I ended up using up a little to much money to buy the games I ended up buying.
>> No. 7724 [Edit]
I'd add you since you're from here, but I'm not sure if you'd like me since I'm not really all that sociable and I'm not interesting, but If you don't mind I'll add you.
>> No. 7725 [Edit]
I just think her voice is way too loud compared to the rest of the sound. She's pretty cute though, and so are the hooligan sisters. I've always thought that the WayForward games have had really cute art direction (their original games, that is).

Yes, Monster Hunter is a day one purchase for me, I'm happy that it's actually coming, and so soon! Glad it didn't go the way of 3rd.

That's no problem, I just want someone to play with once in a while, if that's alright.
>> No. 7727 [Edit]
In case that some people don't know, you can download the Rayman Legends demo in the eshop if you go to it's page.
>> No. 7728 [Edit]
Holy shit, that was awesome!
February can't come soon enough.
>> No. 7745 [Edit]
For those interesting in Trine 2 and a few others (2 more) on the eshop, there's going to be a sale.

Surprises the hell out of me.

Post edited on 20th Dec 2012, 1:19pm
>> No. 7760 [Edit]
I've tried out Trine 2 and I can say that it's pretty fun in multiplayer. Single player can be okay, but the fun lies in multiplayer, especially online multiplayer. It's odd how everybody tries to do complicated things to solve simple things like getting to a high location when they can just hop a ride on the box thing that I make and toss them over there.

The puzzles can be solved in a number of ways, unless it's a specific puzzle with a specific way of being dealt with it can be forced into being easy with the wizard in most cases.

It's not a bad game and there aren't any glitches that I've run into, although it can be difficult at times, it's still a load of fun. The only downside might be that it seems a little short. Nevermind, I might have found a glitch during a boss fight where you can get locked out of the boss room because of not touching the checkpoint in the room while it runs around and kills everything. Still fun, though.
>> No. 7777 [Edit]
apparently my Wii U is broken, its just giving me a white screen (with floating buttons in the background) when I turn it on. it was working fine earlier today. any ideas? I already unplugged it and waited a few minutes, rebooted it like 5 times.

I can find a lot of people online complaining about freezes but cant find anyone with the same issue.
>> No. 7778 [Edit]
maybe white screens are the new red rings?
>> No. 7779 [Edit]
Create another NNID and try to log in with that. I think that I've had something similar happen to me.
>> No. 7780 [Edit]
it freezes before I have a chance to do anything. it gets past the Wii U logo then the shapes on a white screen move for like 1 second, it freezes and makes a buzzing sound. I think its totally busted.
>> No. 7781 [Edit]
It's probably set to log in to your account first thing.

I guess that you have no choice but to hit it with a hammer and send it to Nintendo.
>> No. 7794 [Edit]
I got the black model with Nintendo Land for Christmas, along with NSMBU. NSMBU is pretty damn solid, but I have a shitty CRT with bad overscan, so some of Nintendo Land's games are shitty looking. Zero problems with freezing, just some slightly slowish load times and that horrendous 7 hour initial patch. Miiverse is cool because it's pretty subdued. I've gotten a few random friend requests but I just reject them. I don't think they are notified of the rejection.

For those who care, Virtual Console support is coming at some point and you'll be able to play VC games on the GamePad. I hope they bring SMRPG over.
>> No. 7818 [Edit]
my Wii U isnt broken anymore. It's a miracle, I guess? I switched it on to test one last time before calling Nintendo and it worked.
>> No. 7819 [Edit]
Oh, that's cool.
>> No. 7820 [Edit]
Aw, I just realized that I'm gonna have to act my best in Monster Hunter since it will most likely show my NNID.

I liked the freedom to act however I felt like acting.
>> No. 7835 [Edit]
Wii U exclusive? Bayonetta 2? What?
>> No. 7839 [Edit]

Welcome to November.
>> No. 7843 [Edit]
I'm trying out the downloadable demo of ZombiU and fuck as fuck is it scary. I hate how like the 4th zombie you encounter is a staticy-invisible zombie. It was quick as hell too. The zombie after that in the kitchen explodes when you hit it. This isn't a good way to demo your game by showing incredibly hard scenarios right at the start.
>> No. 7844 [Edit]
I agree that it is scary. I can't play it alone. Even with the item glitch to dupe items and bullets, it's still really scary.

>staticy-invisible zombie

You mean invincible? Yeah, I met those. I was surprised since they got the boost from the noise. They almost got me until I ran up the stairs across the supermarket. I learned from that that Molotov Cocktails are useful, and that even with the a ton of bullets, this game can kill you if you don't think fast enough.

>This isn't a good way to demo your game by showing incredibly hard scenarios right at the start.

Well, it is Ubisoft.
>> No. 7845 [Edit]
>> No. 8224 [Edit]
Are you still alive?
>> No. 8225 [Edit]
I refuse to play any games with the new bulky piece of shit mini-TV they call a "controller".

A question for those that have the console: is it common for the games to be compatible with the other controllers available, or are you pretty much stuck with the junk one most of the time?
>> No. 8226 [Edit]
It depends on the game, but it seems that some that don't rely on the GamePad too much let you use the Wii U pro controller and sometimes even Wii Remote (+nunchuck).
>> No. 8228 [Edit]
Hmm, apparently this thing is going to get Earthbound.
>> No. 8238 [Edit]
Never really understood the excitement for it. I mean, the ROM has been online in English for close to 20 years now.
>> No. 8245 [Edit]
No, I put myself into cryogenic sleep so I could wake up and play Pikmin 3 when it comes out, but you woke me up.
>> No. 8247 [Edit]
Play Monster Hunter with me. It might be nice to do the whole "friend" thing.

I've been waiting at HR3 for a while now so that we can go at the same pace or something. Also, I'm, like, really good and stuff.
>> No. 8255 [Edit]
People just want to support the game and play it "legit."

Some people may also not know how to look their computer up to a CRT so they could emulate it through that.

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