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File 140296973640.jpg - (74.80KB , 1280x720 , tru yuutaa.jpg )
17719 No. 17719 [Edit]
Do you have any talents? Not just with talents you can market for your job, but they could be useless things (combos, stunts, glitches) in video games or the like that most other people find hard, it could be something simple with your fingers or body.

I suppose having a high rank just from leveling video game characters and having "good taste" doesn't count because most people could go and claim that.
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>> No. 17720 [Edit]
People have complemented me on the few display thingys I've made for my figs, so there's that I guess.
>> No. 17721 [Edit]
Didn't it take some skill to create, attract traffic to, and moderate this site though? Judging from the conversation about I feel that most normies can't make websites.
>> No. 17725 [Edit]
I used to be pretty good at artsy stuff. Mostly things like making mock advertisements, typesetting, photomanipulation, etc. If only I hadn't went to college I might have made something of it.
>> No. 17726 [Edit]
I can solve the rubik's cube in 30 seconds
>> No. 17728 [Edit]
Lol I never really studied a Rubik's cube but I could only get 1 side. Do you use math skills or is it instinctual for you?
>> No. 17729 [Edit]
It has nothing to do with math at all. I used to learn the basic fridrich method but I was way too lazy to learn all the algorithms so I started doing it intuitively early on.
>> No. 17731 [Edit]
I know how to write good assignments on university level. I could possibly write scientific papers if I learned proper qualitative/quantitative research methods. I'm also pretty good with computers, but I don't have patience for programming. I'm pretty good at writing in my native tongue.

Perhaps more impressively I have a hyper-flexible right arm. I can do a self-handshake behind my back. Very useful for those situations where you have to do a self-handsake behind your back.

Post edited on 17th Jun 2014, 11:57am
>> No. 17733 [Edit]
I have a toward for cowardice and incompetence.
>> No. 17734 [Edit]
I used to be good at convincing people I know lots of shit about lots of shit.
But then I left school and now in any particular group of people there's probably at least one who knows enough about his shit to reveal my farce. That and nowadays everybody knows about wikipedia.

I guess I wasn't really that good about it in the first place then.
>> No. 17735 [Edit]
You could still use that skill to sell a pseudoscience/scam.
>> No. 17736 [Edit]
File 140306291553.png - (716.34KB , 1366x768 , 5.png )
im pretty good at this silly game
>> No. 17738 [Edit]
I am considered to be really amiable and considerate and I have a high tolerance towards the shortcomings others. It is 100% driven by an existential guilt, though, and since I do not actively associate with others it means even less than what it normally would.

I have a knack with computers, but that is from the ever popular "break it until it works, then break it again" methodology. Although I have a pretty good understanding of the inner workings of an operating system and hardware, I'd be damned if I had to write an original program, even though I know Java, bash, and some Python.
>> No. 17740 [Edit]
Talents? Nope, I'm pretty much terrible at anything, whether it be academics, sports, video games, etc.
>> No. 17742 [Edit]
I'm pretty good at hating myself
>> No. 17751 [Edit]
It's like we're just waiting with anticipation for an opportunity to either shit on or defend 4chan.
>> No. 17802 [Edit]
I can half-ass the melbourne shuffle (rave dance)
>> No. 17807 [Edit]
I'm pretty good at that, too!

You know it!
>> No. 20901 [Edit]
File 14464304464.gif - (2.52MB , 400x225 , 1418017719877.gif )
I'm mentally dense to the point that I can't hold heavy emotions like anger and sometimes even anxiety.

I was in an accident and never got checked after it so it may of knocked me into a state of mentally retarded bliss.

I also have a hard time taking things seriously.
>> No. 21205 [Edit]
To draw, apparently.

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