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File 139862171641.jpg - (190.61KB , 800x528 , Sailor Moon.jpg )
19186 No. 19186 [Edit]
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>> No. 19187 [Edit]
File 139862176839.png - (211.65KB , 503x700 , Rei.png )
Early thread but since Toei revealed just about everything about the series it's highly unlikely to get delayed again.

It'll begin airing on 5th of July (Saturdays on 7 PM, just like the original series) but apparently on biweekly basis. The staff looks pretty promising overall.

I'm pretty fond of these new desgins. They suffer a bit from the 80s-pointy-chin syndrome but I think they manage to capture the overall feeling of the old degisns while looking pretty modern. You can find the rest on ANN (waa.ai/44vi) and somewhere on the official site I bet.

The cast however looks pretty awful. Mitsuishi will voice Usagi again but aside from her they changed the cast completely (not even Hisakawa was spared). Itou Shizuka (waa.ai/44vL) as Minako, Koshimizu Ami (waa.ai/44vY) as Makoto, Kanemoto Hisako (waa.ai/44vP) as Ami and Satou Rina (waa.ai/44vg) as Rei.

First of all I'm extremely salty about the fact that they decided to abandon the old cast. I was really fond of it. The actual bad part though is the fact that the new cast looks awful. All of those seiyuu are pretty good in their own right but it feels they mis-casted them completely. Satou Rina Rei and Kanemoto Hisako Ami cannot possibly sound good. You know they didn't really do a good job with casting when you'd recast the exact 4 seiyuu in different roles. I'd much rather have Kanemoto as Venus, Satou as Jupiter, Koshimizu as Mars and Shizuka as Mercury. Not to mention there are simply tons of better choices for every character period.
>> No. 19191 [Edit]
>I'm pretty fond of these new desgins.

Have a link to them all?
If I had to go by just that butchered rei design, I might just rethink even watching the remake. Her jet black hair really fit well with her red sailor soldier outfit, and I really don't see it going well with that shade of blue with her new design... assuming that wasn't changed to the same extent or they pull a precure hair-color change when they xform.

As for the VAs, the only VA I would've been happy about changing would be Usagi's, so the main character's voice isn't quite so ear-splittingly shrill. The new Rei voice should work out rather well, once you get used to it. It'll make Usagi calling her an undignified shrine maiden really hit the mark! That Ami though, I'm worried they might have to change her personality significantly to make that voice match her.
>> No. 19196 [Edit]
File 139870044512.png - (234.79KB , 503x700 , Minako.png )

>Have a link to them all?

I linked them already (waa.ai/44vi). Unless you mean Tuxedo Mask and/or Outer Senshi, those haven't been revealed yet.

>they pull a precure hair-color change when they xform

I'm pretty sure they don't.

>The new Rei voice should work out rather well, once you get used to it. It'll make Usagi calling her an undignified shrine maiden really hit the mark!

I think Satou Rina is a bad fit for a fiery Rei. I bet she simply won't sound sharp enough.

>As for the VAs, the only VA I would've been happy about changing would be Usagi's, so the main character's voice isn't quite so ear-splittingly shrill. That Ami though, I'm worried they might have to change her personality significantly to make that voice match her.

Amusingly enough somebody suggested Kanemoto should've voiced Usagi and I really agree with that opinion. That would make sense (unlike her voicing Ami).
>> No. 19197 [Edit]
>I linked them already (waa.ai/44vi).
indeed you did, my bad.
Luckily it's only rei that was butchered. That hair change is much too much. She's supposed to be a shine maiden with a hime-cut and straight black hair, the "modernization" fucks it up even more than the first anime's design, an ocean blue and curly, she looks like code geass's Shirly. I can understand Ami's hair changing so that her entire color pallet is more than two colors + skin tones, but rei didn't have that problem at all.
I'll be griping about this for a while, I'm sure.

> I bet she simply won't sound sharp enough.
It'll take a few episodes to get used to it, but it'll work out. She's not supposed to be witty, she's supposed to solve those problems with her fists only less outwardly tomboyish than jupiter, at least when she isn't pissed off.
It will definitely be a different Rei, but it is a good enough fit and some slight differences aside from the new artstyle should help the production be uniquely different and hopefully in a better way than the first run.
>> No. 19211 [Edit]
What next, live-action Sailor Moon? oh, wait.
>> No. 19596 [Edit]
File 140199430362.jpg - (856.61KB , 900x900 , a429d2f10c715200b861214be76a05aa.jpg )
One month left!
>> No. 19597 [Edit]
Looks like Hiorhashi Ryou is voicing Luna. I hear Nojima Kenji will voice Mamoru.
>> No. 19646 [Edit]
File 140229364923.jpg - (129.14KB , 550x563 , ys9FbSZob.jpg )
>> No. 19648 [Edit]

Good job linking the exact same PV as the person before you.
>> No. 19650 [Edit]
I've never read or watched Sailor Moon and I won't start now, but I just wanted to say that that the one with short hair and the one with brown hair are clearly the best.
>> No. 19876 [Edit]
File 140394629268.jpg - (72.95KB , 584x390 , Bones.jpg )
Cashing in on nostalgia
tsk tsk
>> No. 19877 [Edit]
Old vs New
>> No. 19888 [Edit]
>> No. 19914 [Edit]
File 140467433130.jpg - (224.15KB , 1280x720 , Sailor Moon Crystal - 01.jpg )
Well, this was way better than I expected it to be. Mostly because all the characters with mistmatched voices haven't appeared yet.

I'll just start with voices. Nojima Kenji was good as Mamo. I'd never want to trade Furuya's goofy voice for anything else but he's a decent replacement. Same with Luna, Han Keiko was ear gratingly rapsy in the original anime so new Luna has lost some of her charm but Hirohashi Ryou has done fits the character overall. I think the biggest disappointment was actually Mitsuishi, she doesn't like she did in the original. Kinda makes you question bringing her back if that's the case but whatever.

I'm a wee bit disappointed they didn't bring back the 'intro'. Well, they kinda did but actually changing what Usagi says defeats the point (yet again).

As for the way the anime itself looks I'm a bit relieved. Yes, the chins are super pointy but overall the placement of facial features doesn't look as terrible as it did in the PVs. The production values looked pretty good overall period, especially the detail given to the backgrounds. Damn shame they went wtih CGI transformation sequence, though. The 'lipstick' ended up being too thick. Not the first anime that attempted to do this but I feel it has been done better in the past.

Overall all's well so far but we're barely one ep in.
>> No. 19916 [Edit]
File 140468622150.jpg - (81.99KB , 1280x720 , [mcag] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal - 01 [7.jpg )
>I'm a wee bit disappointed they didn't bring back the 'intro'.

I sincerely hope you aren't referring to the English-Only Edited version of the first episode where the first main story line is brought up and spoiled to the viewer before the series actually starts.
>> No. 19919 [Edit]
File 140473108865.jpg - (254.79KB , 1280x720 , We Ikuhara now.jpg )

I must admit I don't know what you're talking about. By 'intro' I meant the self-introduction Usagi gives at the beginning of each ep. They actually kept that in Crystal but for some reason they decided to change the wording while keeping the nuance. I'm looking forward to some throwbacks so this is a bit disappointing, especially if they plan to keep using this (like they did in original anime).

On a completely unrelated know I'm amused how they went all Ikuhara with eyecatches. There were some rose frames in the ep, too, but for now the roses aren't spinning. Soon.
It's a good source of inspiration so I welcome our new Utena overlords.
>> No. 19922 [Edit]
File 140476047965.jpg - (72.65KB , 960x540 , moon.jpg )
The colouring on the close shots looks so plastic and artificial it can be comic.
And I want to draw blackfaces on the eyecatches.
And I never noticed how much Tuxedo Mask looks like some freemason iluminatti knight.
>> No. 19923 [Edit]
File 140477298028.jpg - (109.57KB , 1280x720 , [mcag] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal - 01 [7.jpg )
>I must admit I don't know what you're talking about.

You are better off that way, trust me on that.

My only complaint is the 3D CG. I was, perhaps a bit too hopefully, expecting something at least along the lines of Pretty Cure levels of CG quality. I was very disappointed. They lazily used the model from the OP and simply redid the original transformation scene in what appeared to be only slightly more effort than what could be done in MMD.

Now, if it was a weekly series, I would let that slide, but it's god damned every other week and there should have been plenty of time to wow us with something that at least had the same level of effort as the weekly mahou shoujo that the production company puts out given the large amount of extra time available to have gotten it done.
>> No. 19930 [Edit]
>Now, if it was a weekly series [...] but it's god damned every other week
I didn't know that. All those delays and they still can't put out one ep a week?
>> No. 19978 [Edit]
File 140523952080.jpg - (32.48KB , 640x360 , y0L02014.jpg )
>> No. 20097 [Edit]
File 140582320431.jpg - (102.40KB , 960x540 , shot0049.jpg )
What have they done to her? I don't think I wanna see how they handled Rei and makoto.
edit: remembered they show everybody in the OP. Ami doesn't look that bad there, so there's hope.

Post edited on 19th Jul 2014, 7:46pm
>> No. 20098 [Edit]
File 140582745462.jpg - (121.13KB , 960x540 , shot0050.jpg )
Windows 8? Can't expect much from Usagi. At least it seems she doesn't use IE.
>> No. 20113 [Edit]
File 140585060559.jpg - (52.15KB , 640x480 , 1366898293063.jpg )

Well, she really improved over the course of last 20+ years. She's part of Opera masterrace, too, I'm proud.

Ami wasn't as terrible as I thought she'd be. Kanemoto isn't using an ultra high pitched voice but even her natural voice is a bit too 'ducky' for Ami. But again, not as bad as I thought it'd be. I'll get used to it.

On the other hand this week's ep confirmed that the weakest member on the cast so far has been - without a doubt - Mitsuishi. She just can't pull off the old Usagi voice and she's trying really hard. And failing.


It didn't bother me that much during first ep - maybe just because I was pleasantly surprised that this isn't anywhere near as shit as I expected it to be - but the eyes look really 'plastic'. It's an early 00s syndrome if you look at it closely.
On the other hand the attention to details in backgrounds is really something. I'll just go ahead and say it - I don't think I've ever seen backgrounds as good as these. The actual backgrounds itself are good not great but they blend in with the character perfectly so you don't get with that P.A.Works-esque contrast between great-but-CGI-backgrounds. It's done really well.
Still kinda bummed about 3D transformation but I got used to it a bit, it was just the initial shock factor. I'm a bit sad they didn't manage to recreate Mercury's transformation sequence well, it's my favorite mahou shoujo transformation sequence of all time, it's so simple but very elegant and kinda creative. Oh well.

I was also hoping they'd keep using different eyecatches every week, they are really pretty. Also the amount of roses everywhere is staggering, we're going full Ikuhara here.

But I'll just say this now, this is good. I'm a big fan of the old anime and I was fully prepared to go all 'THEY CHANGED IT AND NOW IT SUCKS' but this has been a pleasant surprise so far. Then again, we're barely two eps in.
>> No. 20135 [Edit]
File 140598010479.jpg - (860.83KB , 1280x1440 , Magical disappearing pen.jpg )
The production values really dropped with ep 2.
Lots of terribly animated mouth movements and sections that really clash against the art style.
And sections of close-up shots for the hands, but they only colored in the fingernails on one of the hands...
>> No. 20327 [Edit]
File 140702540951.jpg - (100.48KB , 1280x720 , [SMC] Sailor Moon Crystal - 03 (720p_x264_AAC) [F7.jpg )
I take back everything I said in >>19197 about Rei.

Her new color design is incredibly shit, and her voice is quite shitty, and there is a very good chance of her original personality being altered into matching the new voice.

Also Usagi is one hell of a creeper, stalking a girl she thought was pretty all the way back to her home because she was bored of hanging out with Ami on the bus.

Post edited on 2nd Aug 2014, 8:10pm
>> No. 20328 [Edit]
Only Usagi has the original seiyuu back?
>> No. 20329 [Edit]

Yes, and even then she sounds notably different.

Personally, I think it is an improvement. For Usagi, anyway.
>> No. 20333 [Edit]
File 140705601798.jpg - (214.79KB , 1024x1152 , wtfheads.jpg )
I think they need to fire a couple of interns doing the head drawing.
>> No. 20334 [Edit]
Oh God, what have they done to you, Rei?
>> No. 20416 [Edit]
File 140827053691.jpg - (1.82MB , 2048x1536 , 4373e9e915f8cebc231054c017753342.jpg )
Well, things are getting complicated.

I had the feeling this will be the case the second I heard they changed the cast but the personalities of the girls don't exactly resemble the old anime. I haven't read the manga so I can't comment on how closely they resemble the original(s) but since Takeuchi is kinda involved I bet it's actually somewhat close. Usagi is mostly still the old klutz. Ami seems to be a bit more laid back but she's mostly the same. On the other hand Rei is absolutely nothing like the old temperamental Rei. As such I have a hard time saying 'Satou Rina is a complete mismatch for Rei' since it's a completely new character (well, at least to me as I haven't read the manga) and I have no idea how to even judge her. Kanemoto's Ami kinda grew on me, no complaints there. I'm a bit worried about what'll happen to Mako, though. She's my favorite girl in the series and considering they actually got Koshimizu I can see her turning into more of an action girl compared the old Mako I know (and like).
Also I can't stop thinking they should've just gotten Shimono for Umino, he would've been perfect.

As for everything not related to characters/voice cast things aren't looking as good as I kinda expected them to after ep 1 but I guess it's not bad, either. The problem is that they will do their best to run through the story as fast as possible and as such the whole series will be pretty plot focused, with only minimal amount of SoL happening here and there. Now that I think about it Naru got bussed at some point in S1 since the cast got crowded but with the way Crystal is made she's all but gone already. And since the old anime was pretty much 95% monster-of-the-week filler (and boy did I enjoy that) it feels it and Crystal are nothing alike. Most importantly it doesn't have that easy going atmosphere (which was amplified by the rather cutesy chibi-esque artstyle).

Frankly at this point I have no idea what I should even think about this. I miss the old intro, I miss Mamo's old goofy voice, top hat an 'saraba da' and I just kinda feel like rewatching the old series instead.
>> No. 20418 [Edit]
File 140832474490.jpg - (101.93KB , 1280x720 , [SMC] Sailor Moon Crystal - 04 (720p_x264_AAC) [5E.jpg )
With all the bus passengers unconscious and lying in a pile, and the scene occuring in the underworld, exactly who took that picture?

Good episode.
There was a lot less quality than the previous one, but there's still room for improvement.

I quite dislike how they are chugging through the content quite fast while also doing the luna-introductions for each character at the beginning. It gives me the feeling of the episode at first trying to be drawn out as long as possible, and then rushed. And luna knowing everything and at the same time nothing is getting old. She seems to know all of Sailor Moon's abilities as she unlocks them, and nothing else useful. it feels like a half-assed asspull.

Tuxedo Mask is substantially more useless in this version, that is for sure.
In addition to the classy tophat being left out, he doesn't tango with a red rose in his teeth, in either his introduction or wrecking monsters with it as he saves Usagi's ass.
>> No. 20420 [Edit]

>In addition to the classy tophat being left out, he doesn't tango with a red rose in his teeth, in either his introduction or wrecking monsters with it as he saves Usagi's ass.

Technically the last part being gone might be a good thing. Tuxedo Mask felt out of place in the original series. He kept showing up to save everybody's ass and the series was technically supposed to be full 'girl power' (just look at the lyrics from the new OP). Granted he does get saved by Usagi later on but my point stands - they make a series where the girls fight for themselves instead of being damsels in distress... and they get turned into damsels in distress on weekly basis.

Speaking of OP, I want Moonlight Densetsu back.
>> No. 20567 [Edit]
File 141004382645.jpg - (159.67KB , 1280x720 , [mcag] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal - 05 [7.jpg )
Was Sailor Venus always holding a 3 ft. length of anal beads?
>> No. 20568 [Edit]
All the time, except when she... You know... "Stashes" them... In ah... A special, kind of trunk for that kind of things...
>> No. 20570 [Edit]

Yes, although you'll probably see it being used as a belt of sorts about as often as something she'll use in fights.
>> No. 20677 [Edit]
File 141125703749.jpg - (119.75KB , 1920x1080 , [mcag] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal - 06 [1.jpg )
So much of the combat is being skipped that it's getting nonsensical.

but it feels a lot more like a shoujo than a monster of the week show for little girls.
>> No. 20955 [Edit]
File 14136790633.jpg - (60.23KB , 1280x720 , [mcag] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal - 08 [7.jpg )

What's the point of a cliff-hangar episode end if the preview spoils what is going to happen?
>> No. 20989 [Edit]
File 141383034940.jpg - (181.64KB , 805x1024 , 6258e2f77495cf0ab0e838e4da4af503.jpg )

>What's the point of a cliff-hangar episode end if the preview spoils what is going to happen?

To SM's defence it's hardly the first show to do that. Me, I never watch previews so the cliffhanger wasn't lost on me... not that it mattered because I genuinely don't care much what'll happen (to begin with nothing could happen either way).

Man, such mixed feelings here. This is such a weird situation, too. I'm sure most of people who watch this are fans of the old SM. Thing is this is nothing like old SM. Whether it's like the mnaga I can't say since I'm not familiar with the source material but I bet it is. This creates a pretty amusing situation, though, as I'm sure I'm not the only person who prefered the old SoLesque version: people like SM but they don't like Takeuchi SM.
>> No. 21392 [Edit]
SM Crystal is driving people to watch the first SM anime...
>> No. 21395 [Edit]
File 141727130299.jpg - (99.25KB , 1280x720 , [SMC] Sailor Moon Crystal - 10 (720p_x264_AAC) [64.jpg )

Either you deal with QUALITY, or you deal with filler.

pick your poison.
>> No. 21401 [Edit]
File 141735063030.jpg - (452.56KB , 600x839 , dc6b641d0b3312c4bd3855f7ff871227.jpg )

The things is it's actually 'filler' material which made the original SM fun for me. I doubt anybody ever cared about the plot, it's so boring and banal. Crystal is completely devoid of charm. I'm actually grateful it only airs once every 2 weeks, I keep falling behind either way.
>> No. 21402 [Edit]
File 141735073882.gif - (456.50KB , 400x226 , 614a4a6c6d4cd05ee02b624b4f62e702.gif )
>> No. 21407 [Edit]
Filler is fun
>> No. 21412 [Edit]
File 141755561353.jpg - (85.19KB , 325x598 , 325px-Chibi-chisame.jpg )
Looks very nice. I'm a huge fan of sailor uniforms, so this is like candy to me. I'm a fan of skirts in general, but add thigh highs for my fetish fuel. Weirdest part of today was when I saw my ane-san in THs and a skirt. Weird how that can both frighten one and make one wish for some incest mango action. Life is suffering fellow Brohnos.
>> No. 21417 [Edit]
I think I've achieved enlightenment by looking at this.
>> No. 21454 [Edit]
File 141786131216.jpg - (146.46KB , 800x800 , z20141207.jpg )
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Merry Christmas!
» Columbia COCC-13827
» Released 1996.11.01
>> No. 21673 [Edit]
File 142034023295.jpg - (177.42KB , 600x848 , z20150101.jpg )
>> No. 21682 [Edit]
File 142041905187.jpg - (59.52KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Sailor Moon Crystal - 12 [720p]_mkv.jpg )
Toei, you canceled precure this week and still you can't be bothered to correctly proportion the fights?

I wonder how many of these will actually be fixed in the BD release.
>> No. 21716 [Edit]
Filename is "Reed Richards about to slap that Sue Storm.jpg"
>> No. 21800 [Edit]
File 142152001652.jpg - (70.80KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Sailor Moon Crystal - 14 [720p]_mkv.jpg )
【~~~ヽ(=^‥^ 丿~~~】
>> No. 21842 [Edit]
I'm not sure if that's canon or not, but it's kind of shocking to see Chibi Usa hold a gun like that. Then again, I know very little of the series.
>> No. 22341 [Edit]
File 142583672430.jpg - (62.23KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Sailor Moon Crystal - 17 [720p]_mkv.jpg )
And another one gone,
And another one gone,
another one bites the dust.

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