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File 137186917399.jpg - (78.57KB , 1920x1080 , Portal.jpg )
12848 No. 12848 [Edit]
Lets assume some morning you wake up and realize that you're not in your room. You woke up in a 2D world. Your waifus world to be exact. At first sight this should be the greatest wish of everyone here. But how do you think you would look like? Its obvious, that you wont look like you look now. Lets assume you can decide how you would look like, how would you "design" yourself? For those who like to draw: it would be interesting to see some sketches. If your not that talented just describe it.

And to draw this granted wish even farther: what would you do then? You wake up somewhere and have nothing. What would be your first steps to build an existence and coming your waifu nearer? What would be your background? Obviously you cant just say "hello there, i was 3d earlier and now came to your world!". Would be pretty interesting to hear how everyone would handle this situation.
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>> No. 12849 [Edit]
I explained it here fairly well (and long and detailed...): http://tohno-chan.com/mai/2.html#12514
>> No. 12885 [Edit]
File 137243960387.jpg - (36.18KB , 225x350 , 39199.jpg )
I would look like Shinji. On the smaller side, but not a twig, and very cute in that "awww" sort of way, for a guy. But my personality would basically be my own as it is, except much more outgoing and productive, and not as idiotic.

I would wake up, go to school, find her. "Accidentally" bump into her lightly (like, bumping shoulders or something) one day, quickly apologize and blush. The next day or something I would actually talk to her, maybe ask to sit with her at lunch if I was feeling particularly ballsy. Just talk and stuff for a while. At the end of it, I'd just continue on with the rest of the day. After a few days of this, I'd ask her if she'd want to meet up outside of school one day.

She'd say no.

Months would pass before I talked to her again. I would finally ask her to meet me behind the school right after class ends, and she would show up, probably.

I would confess, and maybe give her a letter.

I don't know what she would do. She would probably blush, stammer a bit, and run away

The next day, she would ask to talk to me in private, where she would tell me that she was a lesbian and in love with Yutaka.

For her, the next day, she would probably feel kind of bad, but go on as normal.
The next day, for me, would end prematurely on the end of a noose. No, it wouldn't, that'd pin the blame directly on her and make her feel bad. I would wait a while and make it look like an accident.
>> No. 12887 [Edit]
I'm not that good in drawing, but I already have some sketches. I never really planned to draw myself, but since it's my work and he covers many of my personal favorites in terms of characterdesigns I would say I wouldn't mind to look like this in 2D. Also he wouldn't stick out in her world, so maybe i'll post him if someone is interested.

To answer OPs question: My 2D-self would still be lazy and easy-going since I certainly won't and can't change to 180° over night. But I would try to be way more serious in certain situations. I imagine myself as someone who worked earlier as kind of a soldier for special cases (like in shingeki no kyojin) and ended up in my waifus place. Im still unsure how I happened to be there, but I try to fix this hole. I just wanted to stick out storywise somehow and need some experience without just being strong.

Anyway, after I ended up there I work as a bounty-hunter to earn some money and end up being hired by her group she travels with. Since thats the perfect situation to be with her I just hope that we come together someday.

Well, it's still not completly thought out and pretty generic, but since english is not my first language it's even harder to tell my story. Maybe I post a v.2 version someday when my story is complete along with my picture. damn, while I was tiping i just realized how much of an escapist I am... Oh well, a man can dream i guess.
>> No. 12888 [Edit]
File 137257236696.jpg - (27.33KB , 251x410 , yamada-kun-to-7-nin-no-majo-3925575.jpg )
No need for any design. Just make me look like this girl please. No need for the waifu to be in love with me either. I just need to be friends so I can fujoshi squeal over her all day and rub my breasts all over her arm. Thats all I need to be satisfied.

That, and masturbating in front of the mirror constantly.

Post edited on 30th Jun 2013, 1:51am
>> No. 12889 [Edit]
It might seem a bit silly, but I like to picture myself as something like the brawny man.

I created a kind of avatar of myself before, but I don't imagine my waifu would be much interested in a same sex relationship.
>> No. 12892 [Edit]
Well played, moderator-kun.

Just curious, what are you even trying to do here? Is this related to the thread on /fb/?

Post edited on 30th Jun 2013, 2:40pm
>> No. 12895 [Edit]
File 137262956283.jpg - (10.52KB , 115x170 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I did that a couple years ago, OP. Here it is.
>> No. 12927 [Edit]
Shinji in his thirties.
>> No. 12937 [Edit]
File 137304403016.jpg - (540.38KB , 1124x900 , General_Mael_Radec.jpg )
I would probably look something similar to the one in the picture and the personality is someone that is a loner with an extremist views on everything, someone that would likely cause trouble. My 2D form's job would likely be some military officer from a despotic futuristic empire (think Helghast from Killzone series or Terran Dominion from Starcraft series).

How I got transported to my waifu's world involves some sort of a large blast that knocked me unconscious.

When I woke up, the first thing I would do is try to know where though it would be kinda hard due to my appearance and the method of how I will ask people, thus I would be on the run after a few attempts to ask until I enter an establishment which happens to be the cafe where Lizlet works.

There, I saw my waifu but before I could ask her anything, she knocked me unconscious with a frying pan due to her being intimidated; do note in the series, despite not seeing much action, she posses superhuman strength, thus the effect of being smacked by her with a frying pan

When I woke up, I saw her sitting next to me though my body is tied to a bed and I am unmasked, there she asked me who I am and where I came from and why I am wearing a very strange and intimidating clothing with mask. Since I was still confused, I could not answer her correctly but I did tell her that I have no place to stay.

She agreed to let me stay on the cafe (it has a living quarters on the second floor of the shop) but under the condition that I will help her, which I have no other choice but to accept it.

I ended up working as a cafe waiter helping her, and for months, she did everything she can to help me on that job and because of that, we slowly developed special feelings with one another.
>> No. 12938 [Edit]
Wow, that sure is a massive contrast with your own appearance and that of your waifu. Not even in a negative way, i bet it would look funny and cute at the same time.
>> No. 12939 [Edit]
I would look like a generic male MC with black hair and dark eyes. I wouldn't stick out as someone interesting in her world, as I'm boring just like the average male MC except that my personality can change. I wind up in her world in an unlucky moment. She is off on her way somewhere till she loses her balance on her bicycle and accidentally runs me over with it. I wake up and lose part of my memories, and she feels sorry for what she has done but I end up with her. She feels obligated to me because she feels that she hurt me and is willing to make it up with me. The rest is history as we become friends and develop our relationship from there. I feel obligated to stay with her because I have no idea why I'm there and she's the first person and friend I've made in her world. It'll be almost like an adventurous SoL show.

We're both oblivious and dense to anything romantic, so it might take a while. That doesn't mean we can't fall in love, it's just that we both don't see romance and love as anything important to our lives at the moment. The more we experience our lives together, the closer we'll be.

I could say more, but that's the best I can think of for now.
>> No. 12941 [Edit]
File 137306765669.jpg - (88.70KB , 480x800 , 5251348.jpg )
In the dream world I look very much like pic.
It's a hairstyle I'm fond of, and I love the color purple.
>> No. 12945 [Edit]
don't remind me...
>> No. 12971 [Edit]
It actually shows the two sides of my interests. The soldier depicts my interests on war-related stuff, weapons and politics while on the other hand, Lizlet depicts, well my waifu which is Lizlet herself.

Post edited on 16th Jul 2013, 9:14am
>> No. 13240 [Edit]
File 137759657227.jpg - (21.67KB , 500x375 , 1218216654299_f.jpg )
I'd probably look like a shorter, less well-built version of Fujitaka Kinomoto. Or maybe Madoka's father. Maybe that's a bit boring but it's how I'd like to look, in all honesty.

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