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File 139906963680.png - (603.83KB , 1874x1419 , satsuki.png )
15210 No. 15210 [Edit]
I had this idea and I was wondering if any of you guys have thought/do something similar.

I had an idea of making sort of, I guess an "online shrine" to her. I'd open a private blog and write on it. I'd write poems to her, send her things that remind of her like songs, etc. Post fanart I like of her. Write to her about my day, about how I wish she was there, about things I've seen that she would enjoy. Like an online portal to bridge the gap between me and her.

What do you guys think of that idea? Have any of you done anything similar?
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>> No. 15211 [Edit]
That's pretty much /mai/'s SOP for me. There are several threads here covering all those subjects and more (e.g. 2D love ethics and philosophy) that you can partake on. If you really want to keep it all related to your own waifu in one single place, I guess you could always make a [character]-tribute thread like some that have existed in the past. I also prefer imageboards over blogs so... yeah.
>> No. 15212 [Edit]
Personally I post to /mai/ I feel it is not very personal to my waifu, but more about sharing my experience with other people
>> No. 15213 [Edit]
I'm thinking of doing this on Tumblr. It seems like a good platform for short things and it won't even be the weirdest thing on there.
>> No. 15214 [Edit]
When you say "private blog" do you mean just only you can see it like a sort of digital journal? I don't know of any programs that can replicate it better than an online blog, I kind of like that idea. A neat way to keep track of thoughts that you don't feel like sharing.

As for making a bridge between you and her, I can't say that's something I would use it for because I feel like my husbando is with me but if that's how you feel then why not?

Tumblr has a pretty bad image size limit which could cause a problem.

Post edited on 2nd May 2014, 4:05pm
>> No. 15215 [Edit]
You can password protect blogs on Tumblr too.

This might be too sentimental, but the act of "publishing" it to the blog would feel like, I dunno, posting it to her. That might be a weird way to see it though. As I said about Tumblr blogs can be password protected so if you didn't want it public you could easily hide it and if you were so inclined give out the password to those you'd like to see it. I will definitely be doing this, I thought I'd post the idea here just in case it gave some other tohnos an idea
>> No. 15217 [Edit]
If I enjoyed Ford interfaces like blogs or tumblr better, I wouldn't come to anonymous imageboards and certainly not this one in particular.
>> No. 15218 [Edit]
File 139907336818.jpg - (175.77KB , 640x896 , 5d8b0687958f6938b887d3f52822d5df.jpg )
Done fanfictions before, I guess I've always wanted to capture the experience in a story even though I wouldn't fit in as a main character in an all-girls anime no matter how OP I could get. Otherwise I guess I'm just too lazy or have other things to do. If I just write down all my fantasies and thoughts I feel it would kind of look like a jumbled mess and pathetic (in a way I've done that too and I don't think it improved things much).

I don't know if Satsuki would react much to any of her fans, but if you really were to present yourself you'd have to show your high RESOLVE in one way or another.
>> No. 15219 [Edit]
File 139908475788.png - (92.02KB , 480x640 , 16.png )
I actually started doing something like that myself at the beginning of the year where I talk about what we do together every day... I tried to post daily but around mid-February my life got really hectic so it's tapered down to pretty much nothing. I do have a private blog where I post (other's) fanart and (my) meta though; I'm too shy to actually share it but I like knowing that it's out there somewhere other than my hard drive in case something happens to it.

I think for the most part posting here is enough, though.
>> No. 15221 [Edit]
I occasionally mention her on my blog I use as a diary/journal. Depends on what I write that day.

I use wordpress.com and have it set to private since I don't want anyone reading it.
>> No. 15222 [Edit]
I havent made one. But someone else has. If you want a flashback to noughties internet here it is:
>> No. 15224 [Edit]
I just keep an electronic journal. I don't really feel the need to post it online.
>> No. 15225 [Edit]
That's a cute site. You can tell a lot of love went into creating it.
>> No. 15237 [Edit]
I hope it never goes down.
>> No. 15267 [Edit]
Wow, that's a decade old.

Going through the guestbook makes me feel really emotional.

It's nice, I like finding stuff like this.
>> No. 15269 [Edit]
That's really cute. Made me a bit nostalgic for when the internet used to look like this, hah.
>> No. 15290 [Edit]
That site is just amazing. It makes me want to make one.
>> No. 15295 [Edit]
Maybe we can make a little project here on /mai/ similar to that. Did we make a valentine's day collage this year? I forget.
>> No. 15299 [Edit]
I own waifu.pl as a domain. The plan was to give out subdomains to people to do exactly that.

Then I realized some people have the same waifu and scrapped it.
>> No. 15303 [Edit]
I wish you had of went through with it, I would loved to of made one
>> No. 15304 [Edit]
If you propose a solution to the multiple waifu issue, I shall go through with it.
>> No. 15305 [Edit]
Take it on a first come first serve basis. Whoever comes first gets

Whoever came next would get

Whoever came after that would get

What about something like that?
>> No. 15307 [Edit]
Tripfagging might be simpler, although I don't know how many would be willing to come off anon. For example, "Cossack_25A-1;Saber Lily" or "Iorin!;Iori Minase"
>> No. 15308 [Edit]
I thought if you were giving out sub-domains though its not like anyone would need to tripfag? I thought you just got the sub-domain to run as sort of online waifu shrine, i don't see why you'd need a trip
>> No. 15310 [Edit]
That feels quite unfair and also too much of a hack workaround. Think about HatsuneMiku. A lot of people have Miku as a waifu, I know 3 on the internet myself; we will run out of domains at one point.

Another way would be to demand activity; if you don't update the shrine in a month (with no prior warning), the subdomain goes to another user.

Tripfagging is something I do not want to happen.

I'll just start working on the site and see what happens, I guess.
>> No. 15311 [Edit]
Here's an idea, each person can create a sub domain with whatever name they want. Related to their waifu or not. Then just index them on the front page, sorted by character.
The sub domains can be anything and it would solve the waifu sharing problem.
>> No. 15312 [Edit]
Oh boy I can't wait to be immortalized on a site for my waifu.
I'm already well known over my waifu as it is, but it'll still be fun.
>> No. 15313 [Edit]
Okay then, expect a launch soon!
>> No. 15315 [Edit]
Fuck off.
>> No. 15333 [Edit]

>> No. 15334 [Edit]
Yeah, turns out the early launch caused quite a few issues. Those should be fixed now, hopefully. Also, added a contact email in case you find any issues (but here works just as well!).
>> No. 15336 [Edit]
I can't thank you enough, anon. To wygląda świetnie.
>> No. 15338 [Edit]
It's not working for me...
>> No. 15339 [Edit]
Details? I know at least one other person for who the site doesn't load at all, but I cannot figure out why. Or is it an FTP problem?
>> No. 15340 [Edit]
My FTP client just keeps saying
"Connection attempt failed with "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server".
Error:Could not connect to serve"
>> No. 15341 [Edit]
Oops! Google Chrome could not find waifu.pl
Did you mean: waifu.org

"Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"
>> No. 15342 [Edit]
Okay, so from what I know the DNS server is completely screwed up. I tried to fix that (you might need to figure out how to flush your DNS cache, sometimes forcing a refresh helps)... Maybe that will help.

About the FTP, if the site works for you, remember the FTP port is 3015. The site said 3014 because I'm an idiot. Forgive me.

Post edited on 17th May 2014, 12:49pm
>> No. 15343 [Edit]
Ah yes that was the problem, FTP has went through now thanks!
>> No. 15344 [Edit]
It's still not working for me, the same browser can't find/display the page message.
>> No. 15345 [Edit]
Anyone else having trouble logging in?
I'm 99% sure the password is correct but I get an error every time.
>> No. 15346 [Edit]
I am not very computer savvy so I'm researching my way through this whole thing. I have to upload a website template to basically get the site started right?
>> No. 15347 [Edit]
Yes, you need to create an index.html file. Maybe someone else can recommend a tool to create one without heavy HTML knowledge.

Later on, I might provide default templates (for things like image galleries or whatever), but right now that's not the case. Sorry.

I am pretty sure it works, that means your password is incorrect. Message me at the email address on the site and I'll remove your account (can't change or tell you the password - encryption!)

Check back in a few hours. DNS records take a while to propagate. If it still doesn't work, write in this thread again (preferably, leave a means of contact) and I'll try to contact you more directly.
>> No. 15348 [Edit]
To the owner of Kagamine Len:

You're not supposed to paste HTML code into the Cocoa editor. You're either supposed to use the editor to create a site by dragging and dropping elements, or to use something more like Notepad (on OS X, TextEdit) to write a .html file.
>> No. 15349 [Edit]
I made an html file in TextEdit but I seriously have no idea what any of this is. I'm reading lots of tutorials to try and learn though!
>> No. 15350 [Edit]
Good luck!
>> No. 15353 [Edit]
I got it working, uploaded an image of my waifu too, working on the index and stuffs now.

Post edited on 17th May 2014, 2:41pm
>> No. 15354 [Edit]
Funmaker, you should add this video:

That's nice.
>> No. 15355 [Edit]
I rather not. Main idea of my site is image gallery.

Also, just to avoid confusion, I'm not from /mai/. It's my first post here.
>> No. 15356 [Edit]
So I spent the last couple hours or so (trying?) learning html and playing with it to make mine... I don't know, at the moment I don't feel like I can (or will eventually) make anything more impressive than something lazily slapped together with a preset theme on tumblr. It just feels like this is more exclusive.

My waifu is Homura btw
>> No. 15357 [Edit]
The only real way of doing "blog" type updates is to edit it into the code and update the index file right?
>> No. 15358 [Edit]
Is there anyway we can get the domain to redirect to a tumblr? It would help a lot of us who don't know HTML.
>> No. 15359 [Edit]
I think you're missing the point of this website. It's something that will last longer than content on tumblr, where posts can be deleted, accounts banned, images erased, etc.
>> No. 15360 [Edit]
I really don't get any of this, but I'll see what I can do. This seems like something I don't want to miss out on.
>> No. 15361 [Edit]
http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp I learned stuff for what I currently have now (in around 2 hours) here, it's pretty simple. Just observe the code and play with it. If you don't want to reupload the index every time to see your edits you can open up the .html file in a browser to test.

Stuff I need to figure out: gradients in backgrounds and titles, how to make the images smoothly fit together like the Mikubro somehow did... Maybe I should go look for a software instead of doing everything in Notepad -- any suggestions for that?

I suppose in a sense you're right and I guess a lot of us would trust a fellow waifubro over a company....
>> No. 15362 [Edit]
i've been using notepad++

>> No. 15363 [Edit]
If you mean adding a blog template, then yes - that's the easy way of blogging. If you mean updating the index file with blog-like text/media, then that's the hard way. There's always an easier way when coding, if you know how and what.

Here's an example:

<!DOCTYPE HTML> <html lang="en-US"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1;url=http://example.com"> <script type="text/javascript"> window.location.href = "http://example.com" </script> <title>Page Redirection</title> </head> <body> <a href='http://example.com'>Click here if you're not redirected automatically.</a> </body> </html>

For babies: Create a new text file somewhere on your computer. Slap that example text into it and replace the 3 http://example.com links with your tumblr or whatever. Save the text file as "index.html". You can use notepad for coding something this basic (you can get notepad++ for example if you don't want to live in the stone age). Test it by dragging the file into your browser window. If it works how you want, place it at the appropriate location (your subdomain).

I'm not involved with this thing, but all you need to know to get going with html is how to google. The rest will be history. At least try to google and learn before posting, it takes a few minutes unless you're trying to invent the new twitter. Take me for example: I don't know what I'm doing.

Like >>15359 noted, this way of doing things is nigh pointless. Here's the deal though: get that redirection action going for starters, learn how to 1up your programming ninjutsu, experiment, and you'll have an actual waifu shrine going.

Post edited on 17th May 2014, 6:42pm
>> No. 15364 [Edit]
Nevermind, we have code brackets. Fixed the post.

"code" "/code" in brackets for future reference. Wish it wouldn't generate weblinks in the bracket though - that's part of the point.

Post edited on 17th May 2014, 6:48pm
>> No. 15366 [Edit]
Edit: Oops, I named the file wrong. Now I think I have the hang of this.

Post edited on 17th May 2014, 7:09pm
>> No. 15367 [Edit]
What's up with the "Donate" box, though? Do you want to make money on the subdomain you got for free?
>> No. 15368 [Edit]
I was wondering the same
>> No. 15369 [Edit]
Hm, I kind of regret putting 2014 as the subdomain. I kind of just wanted to have it be the year I made it...
>> No. 15372 [Edit]
Getting FTP errors again:

Response:150 Here comes the directory listing
Status:Disconnected from server
Status:Disconnected from server
Error:Connection timed out
Error:Failed to retrieve directory listing
>> No. 15373 [Edit]
Ship him a mail kindly asking to change it into makoto, or makoto2014 or whatever. I would have opted to just putting something like "made in 2014" at the bottom of the page.

Anyway, I like this thing. It almost feels like a collaboration, where members get together and actually do something - even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.
>> No. 15374 [Edit]
Yeah, I am getting these same errors as well.
>> No. 15375 [Edit]
I've done some research and I'm thinking the server has not been configured to allow Passive connections. Wonder if anyone can actually connect
>> No. 15376 [Edit]
A much simpler way to redirect is to just use PHP, assuming the waifu.pl guy has PHP enabled for us.

<? header('Location: http://www.yoursite.com'); ?>

You only need that line in a file and it will redirect you. Make sure you don't have any HTML text being sent before the redirection or it won't work.
>> No. 15377 [Edit]
Contact me via email and I will change it.

Who knows?

From what I know, FileZilla works fine. Try it.
>> No. 15378 [Edit]
I'm using Filezilla, it just won't connect
>> No. 15379 [Edit]
No PHP. First of all, too many security issues are involved; second, it is a custom web server.

Maybe later I will add some form of scripting.
>> No. 15380 [Edit]
My FTPd logs show timeout issues from someone. It would mean the issue might be on your side... Try to fiddle with FileZilla or perhaps use another FTP client.
>> No. 15381 [Edit]
The Mikubro has a special script to generate thumbnails and collection lists for him. It's higher-level coding. You may want to fiddle with CSS and/or JavaScript, though.
>> No. 15382 [Edit]
For some reason its putting the folder name into my URL. Does anyone know how I can get rid of this? Example: http://kagaminelen.waifu.pl/out_of_eden/home.html
>> No. 15383 [Edit]
I tried sending you a email about deleting the domain thingy since I guess I typeo'd the password when registering.
>> No. 15384 [Edit]
Fixed it for you. Try going into the folder and dragging all the files from the folder. Depends on what you are using.
>> No. 15385 [Edit]

Yeah, I really didn't know what I was thinking when I put 2014 in.


Thanks for changing it!
>> No. 15386 [Edit]
Ah! Missed it in my inbox after I woke up. Fixed!
>> No. 15390 [Edit]
I'm really liking the work you guys have done here so far, I can really feel the emotion that goes with each subdomain. I'm considering joining in but I'll tweak around with this coding stuff first.
>> No. 15393 [Edit]
I'd say Miku and Ren have the best-designed/most impressive pages so far, I feel so awkward trying to fumble around on mine... I've rarely actually designed stuff like this.
>> No. 15394 [Edit]
Relax, not everyone is a programmer. It's not the quality that matters, it's the love
>> No. 15395 [Edit]
First, I made this website before waifu.pl existed.
Also It's not like I want to gain money, the problem is that all images are hosted on my VPS and I have limited transfer. All images weight over 1GB and if lots of people would load all of them and/or download all.rar I would quickly run out of transfer. At the beginning I created my website for people who want to browse nice Miku pics, so I added this option for people who like my page and want to help me keep it up. If I would like to make money on it I would put adverts on it.
For now all.rar is on my dropbox but this is temporary solution because dropbox blocks popular files.
Also I showed donate button to waifu.pl's owner and he didn't have any objections.
>> No. 15396 [Edit]
I didn't have any objections, that is true - although if I ever decide to launch my own donation service (or offer enough hosting space for Miku's web admin to move his site completely over to my hosting), I might ask to remove it.
>> No. 15398 [Edit]
I set up a small FAQ section for new people. If anyone could fix mistakes and propose new points, it would be very appreciated by me.
>> No. 15401 [Edit]
I just put Len's together on iWeb, if you have a Mac its so easy to use!
>> No. 15402 [Edit]
Oh I'm going to run, because I couldn't rightfully make one anyways.
Besides, I'm terrible at this stuff.
>> No. 15403 [Edit]
Oh, come on! I'm sure someone here can help you.
>> No. 15406 [Edit]
Yeah I can see that it was premade. I guess I'll be downloading all.rar (or load all the images if there's a cap) 100 times out of spite~

Just kidding, I don't really care.
>> No. 15409 [Edit]
It looks like Mio is the most popular among us?
>> No. 15413 [Edit]
Actually, there has not been any Mio bro posting here on /mai/ recently.
Anyway, the popularity comes from the fact that it was one of the first account to be finished and, as waifu.pl has been promoted on /a/, it got some views (and some stalkers too).
>> No. 15416 [Edit]

It has been promoted on /a/?

Oh Jesus..
>> No. 15417 [Edit]
Looks like the Yuno, Miku, Madoka and Nero ones are from there.
Guy who keeps promoting it on /a/: Please stop. We don't want those kinds of people here.
People from /a/ probably don't even know about this place and they think the waifu thing is a joke.
>> No. 15418 [Edit]
tbh I go on 4chan too but just for entertainment. Although there are more people that claim waifus and have active discussion there I just don't feel like there's a point in their waifu community.

None of the shrines you mentioned look particularly bad imo though...
>> No. 15419 [Edit]
>> No. 15423 [Edit]
I checked the content and the shrines. To be honest, the people who are willing to put the effort to make a proper webpage are usually the people who take this thing seriously.
>> No. 15424 [Edit]
Nah, fairly certain they wouldn't.
I'm fine loving my waifu without a shrine of sorts anyways.
>> No. 15425 [Edit]
I would.
>> No. 15426 [Edit]
I'll help if I can help. But I'll still snap at you for being incompetent, because I'm tsun like that. Don't judge me.
>> No. 15427 [Edit]
i personally just love to see the sites so its a more the merrier deal in my opinion, if they're putting in the effort to make a site for their waifu they must be pretty dedicated
>> No. 15430 [Edit]
I've had some ideas for what I want to do with my page. Once I figure out how to code it then I'll get to work on it. I don't intend to leave kagura.waifu.pl as it is.

/a/ was bound to find out about the site eventually. I'm not saying I was the one that posted about it, but as long as they want to make pages in the same vein as the others, then I say let them.

Post edited on 19th May 2014, 4:08am
>> No. 15432 [Edit]
Getting an error 500 on the site.
>> No. 15433 [Edit]
iWeb found a bug in the code. Tried to fix it and also added automatic restart facilities to prevent further long-term downtimes.
>> No. 15434 [Edit]
We should make a new thread for this waifu.pl business and move the existing posts there.
>> No. 15435 [Edit]
Or I could make a simple imageboard for waifu.pl's purposes. Or we could stay here. Hmm.
>> No. 15436 [Edit]
I think a post here wold be fine imo
>> No. 15447 [Edit]
Whoever made the Luka site, its looking great
>> No. 15449 [Edit]
He's definitely not from here.
>> No. 15450 [Edit]
How can you tell?
>> No. 15451 [Edit]
I don' remember anyone here ever talking about gentoo or ethical issues with proprietary software. It is however commonplace on /g/, which commonly connects with /a/ and /jp/. That is knowledge from several years ago, but I doubt they've changed.
>> No. 15453 [Edit]
I personally don't really see a problem, anyone who loves their waifu is welcome in my eyes
>> No. 15454 [Edit]
I only implied that he wouldn't get the message. However I do find it daft that he would connect Luka with gentoo. Might as well throw in a showdown between Richard Stallman and Kenmochi Hideki.
>> No. 15458 [Edit]
Whoever runs the Homu page - can you please take down that crap about the Madoka-husbandu? It's really negative.
>> No. 15459 [Edit]
Damn, these pages look very crisp.
>> No. 15460 [Edit]
Okay, if he takes down his statement that implied he "had to crush" my waifu. Sure Homura wouldn't like me, but I can't really see Madoka approving this guy's sentiments about karma as well.
>> No. 15461 [Edit]
That statement on his page has nothing to do with you personally. Your statement is personal to him.
>> No. 15463 [Edit]
I'd never do something like that. I don't like the idea of sharing my waifu experience with web peasants, I only post here sometimes because it's a "secret club"

I have to say though, some of the pages at waifu.pl are pretty cute
>> No. 15464 [Edit]
So basically, you don't care about expressing your love, you just care about being in a, as you put it, "secret club" ?
>> No. 15466 [Edit]
I'm uncomfortable with expressing my love to others, but it's easier to do here because it's a small and closed group of like-minded people
>> No. 15467 [Edit]
You're making out that people who ARE okay expressing their love are bad.
>> No. 15468 [Edit]
I'm not a very big fan of this view count...
>> No. 15469 [Edit]
I don't care enough about you to keep justifying myself any longer, but I meant to say that this is the only place I feel comfortable and wouldn't use other means besides this board.
>> No. 15471 [Edit]
>> No. 15473 [Edit]
It might be hidden. It served as a sorting method during the first day, but then Miku-husbando took out the proxies.

That's fine - I am considering adding private domains for the shyer people.
>> No. 15474 [Edit]
Views are temporaily hidden. For your own curiosity, you can see the views to your own subdomain in the account settings.
>> No. 15475 [Edit]
Should we all agree to put the surname or the given name first, or leave that to the hazubando's preference? Feels kind of awkward as it is...
>> No. 15477 [Edit]
There is no comment feature and one is not planned. I don't see how their mere presence can hurt you. If they start behaving bad, they get the banhammer.

I opt for surname, personally.
>> No. 15478 [Edit]
I agree, I hate other people on the web. This is like a safe heaven and waifu.pl already attracted people from 4chan so in my eyes it is doomed to fail.
For clarification: This post used to be >>15476 , but I forgot the tripcode so I reposted it after someone already replied to the original.

Post edited on 21st May 2014, 12:38am
>> No. 15479 [Edit]
Well someone already made a page for my waifu and with people like that you never know if they're serious about it or not. I can't shake the feeling that they are just joking.

I also feel like making a public webpage for our love is attention whoring... I'd rather just want something private for us nobody else could see and I can easily already do that in the physical world by collection pictures of her to make a "real" shrine.

Post edited on 21st May 2014, 12:26am
>> No. 15480 [Edit]
It's not attention whoring because most pages are pretty much anonymous - the role I had in mind is more of a leaving a mark in the world. Also, nothing stops you from making your own page.

EDIT: I understand where you are coming from, though. Really, it is fine.

About the not taking it seriously part - most people spending hours, if not days, on a website are rather serious about it. (i used to take it non-seriously a few years back myself, so I think it's more maturity than anyhing)

Post edited on 21st May 2014, 1:06am
>> No. 15481 [Edit]
I'm not saying that everyone who makes a page is an attention whore, but it just feels weird to me. Making such private information available to the public for everyone to see. I couldn't do it. That's why I won't make a page.
I'm also afraid having two pages for the same character might turn it into some kind of competition and that's disrespectful. I also get jealous and that's never a good thing.
>> No. 15482 [Edit]
>someone already made a page for my waifu and with people like that you never know if they're serious about it or not.
I'm pretty sure if they weren't serious they wouldn't be going through the trouble of making them a personal webpage. Plenty of people here clearly know nothing about building webpages but are learning for their waifu's sake, and that's something I kind of admire.
>> No. 15483 [Edit]
But I hate the guy who made it
>> No. 15484 [Edit]
There are characters on there I hate, but I just don't visit those pages. If you really hate the guy make a better page and show him who's more devoted. This isn't like buying figures and junk where rich people have the advantage, here it's all about how much time and effort you're willing to put into it.
>> No. 15485 [Edit]
But that stuff just turns it into some kind of bullshit contest. That's just disrespectful to your waifu because at that point you only use the webpage you made (for her) for some stupid dickwaving contest. This also doesn't justify the other things about making a page I talked about earlier.

It's also not the fact that someone made a page about her, that's no problem. I just dislike that particular guy who made it (!YUNOcchiS2) because I've seen his other posts. It's a mix of irrational jealousy and disagreeing with his viewpoints.
>> No. 15486 [Edit]
Then ignore his page, pretend it doesn't exist.
>> No. 15487 [Edit]
That's exactly what I was going to do.
>> No. 15488 [Edit]
>But that stuff just turns it into some kind of bullshit contest.
Do you see a solution, then?
>> No. 15489 [Edit]
>> No. 15490 [Edit]
I would really appreciate private domains. I was fine with having it public until all the 4chan people started pouring in.
>> No. 15492 [Edit]
This idea remains nice, but there are issues left and right.
I'm just gonna stay out of it.
>> No. 15493 [Edit]
>four or five
>> No. 15494 [Edit]
Why do you think 4chan will ruin waifu.pl?
All pages that are made by people who post on /a/(I recognize: Luka, Miku, Len, Yuno) are nice and it looks like they put some effort to make them.
>> No. 15495 [Edit]
Everyone forgets that many of the posters here already are (or once were) people who go on 4chan already.
Now can we get off of this topic?
>> No. 15496 [Edit]
With the masses more and more idiots will come
>> No. 15497 [Edit]

I dunno but, with all the backlash against waifuism and people who have waifus, I don't think most people would not even dare touch the subject with a yardstick without any gasmask or chemsuit on.
>> No. 15498 [Edit]
Just look at shit like /r/cringe.
When more than just a few people know about sites like this it's only a matter of time until normals will come to make fun of us or whatever.
>> No. 15499 [Edit]
And? They could just as well find this site.
>> No. 15500 [Edit]
No, this site is not popular so they won't find out about us.
>> No. 15501 [Edit]

And it bothers you because...? You won't ever meet those people and it's kinda unlikely that you'll even find out about it. Whatever.

For your information /tc/'s /mai/ and /so/ are regularly linked on 4chan (as well as other sites, really) and they are deemed to be 'the most pathetic site[s] on the net'. Not much has changed in that aspect.

As for all the complaining about 4chan I'd very much like to know where all of you came from if not directly from 4chan or some related site.
>> No. 15502 [Edit]
Read the rest of the thread, can't be bothered to explain the obvious to idiots like you.
>> No. 15503 [Edit]
Yeah I came from 4chan, doesn't mean I relate to it. I made a conscious decision to quit browsing it, as I noticed it fucked me up. There's good merit to despise it whatever you did in the past. There's nothing we can do about it anyway, so we'll just have to deal with it.
>> No. 15504 [Edit]

I literally came here as a result of late-night Googling, IIRC.

Elitism doesn't work well if you ever want to meet new people. Or not let your community stagnate.
>> No. 15505 [Edit]
I came from 4chan too, to be honest. But just because you came from 4chan doesn't mean you relate to it. I hate it now. And I do not want to meet new people.
>> No. 15506 [Edit]
Stagnation is fine. Anyone who still browses 4chan is not someone I want to associate with. I stopped going there five years ago when the community became unbearable.
>> No. 15507 [Edit]
It is not. I am part of some communities which stagnated. In a few, I was literally the only person who browsed it more than once a month.

In addition, judging people by their tastes is stupid as you never know their motives.
>> No. 15508 [Edit]

i'm the owner of the Len page, and i actually came here before i went to /a/, and i only went to /a/ for their waifu thread as it moves a lot faster than this board. i feel there are quite a few people similar to me in that way, so i don't see why its a big deal if someone on 4chan makes a waifu page.

about the sites getting "outted" on reddit or something: just keep your personal info off. what do you care if they share it if they have no way of finding out who you are? i certainly don't care at least.

in my eyes, anyone who goes to the effort of making the webpage deserves to have it. when i saw this posted in the waifu thread a good number of people in the thread replied outright saying "i'm not going to make a page because i'm not that into this"

if you have a problem with the idea of this, just don't make a site. simple. i don't see why it has to be changed to accommodate those who are being uncomfortable about it.
>> No. 15509 [Edit]
>And I do not want to meet new people.

Then stop browsing the Internet and cease doing all forms of human interaction. I mean, you don't want to meet new people, then you browse sites in which any Johnny-come-lately can just introduce himself to the community and then that's it, you just met somebody new.

If you don't want that, you should just stop using all forms of communication.
>> No. 15510 [Edit]
Stop being a dick

>if you have a problem with the idea of this, just don't make a site. simple. i don't see why it has to be changed to accommodate those who are being uncomfortable about it.

I never ever said that you guys should not make a site if you want one. I came into this thread just saying that I can relate to >>15469 .
I never said you people shouldn't make a site, I never said it is a stupid idea, I only explained why I'm not going to make one. See >>15481 . When people asked me various questions I answered them and then we started discussing things. I never said that I have a problem with you guys making a website.

Post edited on 21st May 2014, 8:48am
>> No. 15511 [Edit]
but >>15509 is true. if you don't want to meet new people why are you even here? should waifu.pl become exclusive to people you pre-approve just to keep you happy? if waifu.pl becomes like that i will take my site elsewhere. waifuism about love, not this ridiculous exclusivity.
>> No. 15512 [Edit]
>should waifu.pl become exclusive to people you pre-approve just to keep you happy?
I never said anything like that! Don't just make up something I never actually said.

I never said that making such a website is a stupid idea either, I only said I'm not going to make one. Why are you verbally attacking me?

Also I know pretty much everyone on /mai/ so it is rare that I meet someone new here, but if I do, I don't have a problem with it. I come to this website so I can see how the others and their waifus are doing.

Like I already said in >>15487 I was and still am going to just ignore waifu.pl completely. I don't have a problem with the webpage or the idea of it, I just wanted to say I'm not gonna make one. See >>15479

I dislike people from 4chan, that is true. But I never said that I do it for very rational reasons. What I can say is that I dislike the board culture of 4chan and I also dislike that it is so big and fast, I feel like everyone on 4chan is very mean and also a huge normal so I don't feel comfortable around people who frequent that place.

Again, I'm not saying that you people should stop liking things I dislike. I never said that, I apologize if it came across that way. I apologize if someone misinterpreted my posts or if I misinterpreted someone else's post.

At this point I feel like people try to make me angry on purpose, so I'm not going to reply to anyone in this thread anymore. Read my other posts, I feel like I have said everything that is worth saying.
I actually thought after >>15487 everything was already clear and talked about.

Post edited on 21st May 2014, 9:50am
>> No. 15513 [Edit]
Then why are you derailing this thread instead of just letting people who do want to make a shrine be?
>> No. 15514 [Edit]
Maybe I did, if I did it was not on purpose. I apologize.I honestly feel more like ou guys are the one derailing it, but that does not matter now.
Let's all just ignore this off-topic stuff now.
Like I said I thought we were done talking after >>15487
>> No. 15515 [Edit]
I stopped derailing it a while ago because I realized your opinions are fully sane; no idea who the other guy is.
>> No. 15516 [Edit]

I followed the entire thread and found no mentionworthy arguments against people from 4chan, especially from you. You just seem to be whining for the sake of whining.

Calling people idiots out of the blue certainly doesn't help your case, either.


>Yeah I came from 4chan, doesn't mean I relate to it. I made a conscious decision to quit browsing it

Same goes for a number of us (including me). The point is you(/we) are originially from 4chan so going full 'OH NOES EVIL PEOPLE FROM 4CHAN WILL EAT US ALIVE' simply cannot be explained by any logical arguments. It seems a lot of people try to bend the facts because of their massive anti-4chan tendencies. Which I can't blame them for but you've got to show some self-restraint sometimes.


Fun fact: new people discover 4chan every day. Just because somebody came from 4chan now doesn't mean they were actually stuck in that shithole for over half a decade. And if they were there that long then I feel to sorry for them to ask them to leave. They've seen some shit.

Also stagnation is what killed /an/ and pretty much every board sans /mai/ and /so/. Old users will leave sooner or later. If new ones won't be there to replace them the site will slowly die out.
>> No. 15518 [Edit]
Stop talking about off-topic stuff now.
>> No. 15519 [Edit]
This, please.
You're all behaving like children.
>> No. 15520 [Edit]
I really hate that argument. You toss that shit around like we're branded for life and can never leave it behind.
I could just as easily claim that everyone forgets we were once inside of our mother's vaginas, but that doesn't mean we want to go back. 4chan is a horrible place full of horrible people and always will be. If they had half a brain they'd leave but they've made their discussion to stay there and that's what makes us different.
>> No. 15521 [Edit]
After this, Homubando's actions and a few other things... I'm not sure if keeping the site is as good an idea as I thought.
>> No. 15522 [Edit]
I wouldn't worry about the homura guy too much. He's been an obnoxious little shit on here for a few months but I think most of us just ignore him.
>> No. 15523 [Edit]

It seems to just be a few people fueling all the drama while most people on it are just peacefully enjoying it.
>> No. 15524 [Edit]
How do you guys get such nice looking websites? I'm looking at templates but I most of them are for blogs and the rest are for professional photographers.
>> No. 15526 [Edit]
It's probably easier to use a jQuery + CSS framework and customize it from there. I'm the guy using Bootstrap, I like its results so far and it's easy to work with. The Yuno guy is using Pure which I haven't tried but it looks nice as well.
There's lots of templates and themes available for Bootstrap, not sure about Pure though.
>> No. 15527 [Edit]
Len's waifu here, i just used iWeb
>> No. 15529 [Edit]
I'm owner of Miku.waifu.pl.
I use Javascript + jQuery to load and add images, buttons etc.
The secret behind nice look is slow and boring adjusting every CSS value.
Also use things like: divs(to make layout), gradients, box-shadow, :hover(and other selectors), border-radius, use buttons instead links e.g: http://designshack.net/articles/css/css-button-tutorial-how-to-code-buttons-in-5-simple-steps/
>> No. 15531 [Edit]
I've thought about doing this. There used to be a Misato Katsuragi fansite at Misato.cz but the domain expired, I was gonna buy it but didnt.
>> No. 15581 [Edit]
I think making the subdomains private (so you can't view on front page) would solve some problems people have with waifu.pl. Not trying to start discussion, just making a suggestion to the owner of the site.
>> No. 15596 [Edit]
absolutely not. I LOVE looking at the other pages. how would I find new ones if they weren't listed?
>> No. 15642 [Edit]
Pure is kind of basic, but it offers a lot of potential. Even though I had just started from scratch, I had no problems using it, and modifying the existing layout was a great learning experience.
>> No. 15702 [Edit]
Looks like reddit found it.
Found the link from the Reimu guy's page.
If there was ever a time to implement private domains, it's now.
>> No. 15716 [Edit]
Here we go...

Not everyone enjoys attention as much as you do. Should a feature that people want not be implemented just to keep you happy?
>> No. 15977 [Edit]
Hmmm I haven't seen updates in a week or so and it turns out that I can't access the server or upload my updates, even when I'm logged in. Time for troubleshooting perhaps?
>> No. 15981 [Edit]
File 140464859686.png - (29.87KB , 500x400 , 21117582.png )
For now I want to update my page once every two weeks or so, as long as I still have ideas for what to write in it, and decent sized pictures that I like to put in it.
>> No. 16024 [Edit]
It seems like you can establish an FTP connection, from command line, but every command times out except for file deletion.

For some arcane reason Firefox can grab the directory listing, but you can't upload with it.
>> No. 16083 [Edit]
File 140520987579.jpg - (51.40KB , 480x232 , error.jpg )
it looks like the Luka guy still managed to update today, I get this error though when I try to access waifu.pl through Windows Explorer. Help perhaps? I run the Homura page.
>> No. 16091 [Edit]

Please send more emails the next time. I just got one today and I don't constantly lurk tohno-chan.

>> No. 16092 [Edit]
I'm able to connect through filezilla again. Woot.
>> No. 16093 [Edit]
Sweet, thank you, I had an few fixes waiting for a week now.
>> No. 16097 [Edit]
Thanks. Just remembered something else I forgot to mention in the email.

It looks as though the page view count has been reset. Not that I mind, but has the original count been wiped completely or can it be restored?
>> No. 16100 [Edit]
I apparently forgot to run the SAVE command on the cache I used to store the pagecounts when moving.

I'm sorry. Nothing can be done to fix these. (We also lost the order of updates, but I managed to regenerate that based on the filesystem update times, though that is not perfectly accurate either).
>> No. 16101 [Edit]
It's alright, it's really not that important, to me at least.
>> No. 16159 [Edit]
Great taste OP.
>> No. 16172 [Edit]
Some of the pages there are really nice and cute, you can feel all the love and effort put into them.

Did any of you learn these web skills just for her? I'm thinking about it myself.
>> No. 16177 [Edit]
I tried learning some HTML in early 2013, but that stopped after a short amount of time as I had no use for it. I refreshed my memory and learned some new things in the making of my page.

You can always make a page without putting it online just yet if you're unsure about it.
>> No. 16181 [Edit]

Sort of, I had to re-learn a lot of things. Hadn't made a website for around 8 years. Lots of stuff changed in spec during that time.
>> No. 16259 [Edit]
I suppose you're right, I'm just going to keep it on my computer for the time being.

How did you guys decide what to put on there? I've been thinking about starting a nice little journal.
>> No. 16266 [Edit]

I looked at other shrines.

Next time I update I might get around to adding fanwork (mostly music/manga) featuring her that I like. I don't think anyone else has done that.
>> No. 16515 [Edit]
The site is throwing a 500 error again.
>> No. 17689 [Edit]
I know this has turned into a long conversation, but OP has amazing taste in waifu. I thought I was the only one with Satsuki as my waifu. Godspeed, OP.
>> No. 17707 [Edit]
Really hope the site goes back up again, I am scared that my shrine will get deleted
>> No. 17709 [Edit]
It is up. Also you should make sure to keep a copy of the website locally.

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