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File 142855618714.jpg - (13.44KB , 428x267 , 3262933_1371117562810_63res_428_267.jpg )
22716 No. 22716 [Edit]
I'm downloading lots of fresh new season anime and I'm rly excited about watching it all.
First two weeks of the new anime season is my favorite time of year.
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>> No. 22719 [Edit]
I like trying to watch shows that aren't that bad, but I know I'll probably drop. It's like a weird ritual.
>> No. 22722 [Edit]
sometimes its nice to just take a look at the girls in a show you know you'll drop even if its for only one ep
>> No. 22757 [Edit]

Sometimes I will sit and watch an entire series I find completely mediocre for no better reason than I like looking at the girls. I may even buy the second season of Strike Witches.
>> No. 22785 [Edit]
mmmmmm... pantsu
>> No. 22789 [Edit]
This season is no good for me so i'm just chipping at the backlog and only following past season ongoing stuff like Jojo's and Fate UBW.

You are right though that the hype and speculation that comes every season is where most of the fun discussion lays.
>> No. 22826 [Edit]
I'm having trouble keeping up with this season so far. Don't know if its to much anime or too much drugs, but its keeping me amused, although a bit tense as well.
>> No. 22909 [Edit]
File 143002370040.gif - (319.60KB , 250x304 , yomi.gif )

Here is some anime news sites;

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