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File 133619381139.jpg - (1.20MB , 1794x1280 , 1336077444944.jpg )
14669 No. 14669 [Edit]
What would you do if two thieves have broken into your house while you were sleeping? Assume you are alone in the house.
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>> No. 14670 [Edit]
Also assume that you woke up from the noise.
>> No. 14671 [Edit]
Look for a weapon. I don't care if they take my life, but like hell they're going to take my computer.
>> No. 14672 [Edit]
I keep a golf club under my sheets just in case such a thing happens. I don't care if I'm shot or killed, I'm at least TRYING to take somebody with me.
>> No. 14673 [Edit]
File 133619485878.jpg - (31.88KB , 400x225 , harry.jpg )
Grab something heavy that I can swing easily, and hope they're not well armed, or too bright.
>> No. 14674 [Edit]
Grab my machete, and stand near my door while trying to listen in on them and get an idea of where they are in the home and how many there might be, call the police with my cell then stand at the ready to stab them if they brake down my door.

My door is always locked when I'm sleeping, and really, it's the only part of the house with anything worth sealing, but a good kick or two could easily bake the door open.
>> No. 14675 [Edit]
set a wide variety of amusing but effective traps using items from around the house
>> No. 14676 [Edit]
Considering that they're already in the house I don't think you'd have the prep time for that.
>> No. 14677 [Edit]
File 133619566565.jpg - (165.49KB , 1280x692 , skelly.jpg )
There's always time
>> No. 14678 [Edit]
I agree. Getting murdered is like guilt free suicide! And I might take a scumbag out also.
>> No. 14679 [Edit]

I think I'd do about the same. Normally I'd pretend I'm asleep but seeing someone break into my house to steal my consoles/PC (the only valuable things I posses) would make me pretty pissed. Who cares what happens to me. At times like this I wish I has a baseball bat lying around. I think I'd just use my guitar.


Get out Kevin, you're too young for /tc/.

How old is that actor now, anyway?
>> No. 14680 [Edit]
I think he's in his thirties now.
>> No. 14681 [Edit]
Try to run away somehow. I don't want to die.
>> No. 14682 [Edit]
As soon as I heard strangers talking (or relative silence), I'd go downstairs to look. After that... probably nothing, I don't have any weapons or fighting strength. Maybe I'd bring down a big hunk of metal or a baseball bat if it sounded like folks were breaking in.
>> No. 14683 [Edit]
If it looked like they were breaking in I'd probably assault them and then call the cops.

My house is only one storey, it'd be easy to defend.
>> No. 14685 [Edit]
I'd probably do the dumb thing and at charge them.
>> No. 14686 [Edit]
Cross my fingers and hope it's Isaac and Miria.
>> No. 14689 [Edit]
Make sure they know I woke up and call the police. Most thieves won't attack you, there's a reason they come when I'm not there/asleep. The few that do probably realize that there is nothing worth 10 years of prison in my house.

Post edited on 6th May 2012, 3:51am
>> No. 14691 [Edit]
They might still attack. They've probably come prepared with some weapons, also criminals aren't probably very smart or care much about the risk of jail and might attack you even when it doesn't make sense to.
>> No. 14694 [Edit]
I am not losing any of my valuables to anybody, so I'm going to try to smash that criminals head in with my hammer, or stab it to death. If I die, that wouldn't bother me, but like hell I'm going to let this trash take my computer from me.

I'll use whatever means necessary to insure the protection of my and my mother's possessions.

However, if the use a gun, I probably won't be able to stop them. It won't stop me from trying, though. I'll just have to try to block my vitals while I rush him, or think of some incredibly stupid plan that only has a chance of working. I'll aim for their vitals with my knife and try my best to avoid a long struggle since I'll most likely lose with how much strength I've lost from all of the inactivity that I've put myself in.

Wait, two thieves? My chances are drastically lower with two, but I'll still try my stupid plan.
>> No. 14703 [Edit]
Day time burgles yes, they're only looking to be in and out as fast as possible while grabbing whatever they can. They're not looking for a fight, they just want your stuff.
This is why they go in when people usually aren't at home.

Night time burglars on the other hand go in expecting people to be there, they don't care, they're the ones that are likely to kill people that get in their way. they're the ones you need to really worry about defending yourself from.

Post edited on 6th May 2012, 10:40pm
>> No. 14711 [Edit]
While the thieves will be awake and well in their game, I will be drowsy and insecure. Therefore I would never attempt to attack with a weapon that might be used against me, let alone store one near my bed. What I would do is purposly make just a little noise that might imply that someone is awake, but not for sure, thus giving the thieves time to escape on their own terms. If they're too close for such comfort, but still doesn't see me, I might attempt to flee my home should it be possible. If they're right next to me, and I don't panic, I'll pretend to sleep. If they're right next to me and I do panic, I will be at their mercy, and only engage if engaged upon. I would call the police only when I know for sure that they're out of the house. My game is to not provoke someone at an advantage, that would be the same as mashing in a fighting game - senseless and dangerous. What I would fear the most in this situation is thieves intoxicated by drugs, which will usually be the case with amateur thieves.
>> No. 14715 [Edit]
Sneak out the window, quietly slash tyres and stick massive heavy object in the car's way, call police and observe from a far distance
>> No. 14717 [Edit]
Some of them might, but I wasn't planning to actually charge at them or something. It's just so they think I called the police, it's just plain stupid to just quickly kill me if they can't get anything anyway and get caught because they didn't just flee (maybe with a small profit).

I could also just call the police and do nothing, but I don't know if they would be quick enough to ensure I won't lose anything too valuable.

But since there's a pretty big dog downstairs thieves would probably just go next door or something.

Post edited on 8th May 2012, 8:00am
>> No. 14736 [Edit]
I have like two-three sticks or poles in my room. Give one to me mother (maybe) and yell at loud as possible "what's good, nigga! This is a black house! No black-on-black crime!" Either they see me as a co-ethnic and leave, or they're not and I still have to fight with them with them w/my stick. Honestly then I might be scared shitless so I dunno what'll happen.
>> No. 14765 [Edit]
Run out in the hallway say something to have them face me, shoot them both with enough lead to sink them to the bottom of a pool.

I'm allowed to own, carry, and use firearms where I live in America. It's a good thing too since racially inspired crimes are pretty frequent.


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