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File 13861420087.png - (445.72KB , 1000x1000 , 38712562.png )
16382 No. 16382 [Edit]
Sorry for making a thread for this, but I really could use some advice/info and I don't want to talk with normals about it.

My parents are getting divorced after being married thirty odd years. Like a lot of you I still live with them and largely live off of their support. I'm 23 and... well, I don't ONLY use them as the way to support myself financially, but I'm probably going to be fucked when the divorce goes through and they sell the house. Even at forty hours a week, a $9 an hour job (after taxes) doesn't do a whole lot after gas/car expenses and bills. Plus at the moment my dad is paying for most of my bills (medical/dental/phone/etc) and even though he says he'll help, things that he's done recently and not-so-recently makes it hard for me to trust him. My mom hasn't had a full-time job in 5 years and has jobsearched the whole time so I can't rely on her either. Part of it's the location though.

Mom said that she'd let me move in with her when she gets her own place (a duplex or apartment probably) but I'm afraid that she won't cut me any more slack in terms of pulling my own weight, which she's been lax about in the past. Luckily due to monetary/other concerns, I probably won't be out of this house until March at the very earliest, and all of the insurance expires in April, so I have a little time to figure things out, but...

Fuck. What do I do? Has anybody else been through something similar so they can tell me how they dealt with it?
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>> No. 16383 [Edit]
I've been in a similar situation alright. When I was 17, my mom and obviously I were unemployed, and my father was supporting the whole thing. He got a new wife and divorced my mother. Said he'd help, but lo and behold, he doesn't even provide child support (I also have a little sister who's 2 years old) most of the time and cannot be forced to in court because he's a greedy, sly motherfucker, and a lawyer. He can pull the right strings and get away with it.

So, after two miserable years of begging everyone in the family, I sold off an important asset of mine and made a ton of money. At this point, I was on bad terms with my mother, so I just took off and lived on my own for an year. It went from really shitty to awesome in a matter of days.
Now I've moved back to my grandma's house, since I figured I don't want to live by myself (too lazy to cook, wash, etc). It's great because she's quiet and nice and I help her out sometimes and she does all the house work. Since the house is big, things are fine for now. I haven't seen my father in years, and I barely see my mother these days, since I moved 300km south. Mother only calls to beg for money, and Haruhi damn she owes me a lot. But if it wasn't for me, she'd be homeless by now, so it's ok.

I had this very important thing I could sell to turn my life around, unlike you, it seems. I feel very grateful for that, and although it will be over someday, I can enjoy myself for now. I wish you the best of luck and maybe a better job, so that you can pull through.

Post edited on 4th Dec 2013, 1:50am
>> No. 16385 [Edit]
If worst comes to worst you can get roommate(s) for a while during which you should try to find a better paying job. Strangers may actually be preferable to crazy abusive family.

Either way try to become more independent and don't stake your well being on unenforceable promises - even those of your parents. Assume the worst and prepare for it. That worked for me anyways. Feels reassuring and empowering even if you end up living with family again to have the means to comfortably go out on your own in short order.
>> No. 16389 [Edit]
where exactly do you think you are
>> No. 16392 [Edit]
File 138638335582.jpg - (437.42KB , 1199x1200 , madoka-fuck-you.jpg )
Don't shitpost with the Dokes, sperglord.
>> No. 16420 [Edit]
find a roommate in a place that has a short public transit commute to work, sell the car (they're too expensive for someone on near-minimum wage), stay at 40 hours and save up to move somewhere else (with higher min. wage/better job opportunities) or go to college. alternatively lower your hours and have more time to yourself
>> No. 16761 [Edit]
Well, for better or for worse, I think I've figured out what's going to happen. I wrote a big blog post but I think all that needs to be said is that I'll be okay I think. It might not be fun but I can do it.

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