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File 134897794956.jpg - (90.11KB , 354x500 , 48946.jpg )
11479 No. 11479 [Edit]
This movie was amazing, did anyone else watched it? I got it without expecting anything but it blew away the expectations I didn't have. It was really entertaining, especially being a fan of the .hack series.
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>> No. 11480 [Edit]
I haven't watched any of the .hack series. Mainly due to below-average ratings.
Can this be watched without having watched any others?
>> No. 11483 [Edit]
I understand what you mean. I didn't watch the other anime series of it, only played the games, but it was very well animated and entertaining even though it had an obvious lack of focus in what kind of story it wanted to tell. I'd surely pick it up and give it a try if I were you and had some time to spend.

Also, yes, you can watch without knowing anything about it beforehand.
>> No. 11489 [Edit]
I just watched it. I only remember watching sign a long time ago, but I like how it continued with the whole 'The World' being more real than the real world. I thought it was pretty interesting and at the very least, worth more than the two hours it took to watch it. In retrospect though, I really should have watched the Thanatos side story after the movie instead of before.
>> No. 11494 [Edit]
I >>11480 tried watching this as well, but I couldn't make it to the end. Not my cup of tea, games.
>> No. 11514 [Edit]
File 134922169177.jpg - (101.29KB , 1280x536 , [Commie] _hack⁄⁄Sekai no Mukou ni [BD 720p AAC.jpg )
Just finished this, it was pretty awesome.

How an MMO type series should be done imo.
I could easily watch 20+ eps of something like this. The only thing I didn't really care for was the "gomen" at the very end... but everything else made up for it.

It's a shame (apart from Quantum) that the rest of the franchise couldn't be directed as well.
>> No. 11528 [Edit]
I enjoyed the parts where the focus was on real life and school life. Even though I did enjoy it overall, I hoped the ending would have been less cliched.
>> No. 12302 [Edit]
The Thanatos report was kind of interesting.

Dave is a boss.

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