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File 137753410685.jpg - (95.28KB , 430x533 , choose.jpg )
13233 No. 13233 [Edit]
I propose you the following situation.

Granted you sometime dreamed about becoming something in this world (the next Newton, Mozart... a man of true greatness or a happy regular guy, whatever), if you could magically turn it into reality and be precisely what you wanted to be but at the logical cost of not being who you currently are and not loving the 2D character you love, the way you do it...

Which one would you pic?
Your dream (but waifu-less) life or your current one?

Be honest with yourself.
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>> No. 13234 [Edit]
File 137753952788.jpg - (24.63KB , 600x800 , 9430923316_069af42a5a_o.jpg )
My current life, because it is the only life I want. Though I suffer, I suffer because of myself. I do not want to give up my responsibility for a cheating empty happiness.
To lose my love in the cheating would be even worse, though even that wouldn't be needed to make me remain.
Similiarly, I love Asuka, even though she can never return my affection and so my love can only bring me anxiety and pain. But I hope I'll never give up my love for her.
>> No. 13235 [Edit]
File 137755266536.jpg - (97.62KB , 516x1000 , 66f2a78e3a9ca7a0fc1de51f5836ac28.jpg )
My current life, no doubt. I'd rather work my way up with her by my side than magically becoming something I don't deserve and losing her in the process.
>> No. 13236 [Edit]
My concept of fantasy love is really different from what goes on here, but I really have to agree with the other two posters. For me, this is the dream life. I see too often on here people doubting themselves, or even self shaming sometimes, it's hard to consider this kind of thing a dream life and perfect and right when the culture we were born into is this huge mass trying to influence you to stick to the traditional life.

I get pretty jealous when I see something beautiful that happens in the 3rd dimension, and I think "Wow, they're cheating so badly getting to do all that, and the girl is even gorgeous. I wish I could do that, I could do it too." - but then I think that what is really happening with this whole imaginary love is a test of faith. It is my belief that every drawing I make and every story I write will be a part of a new life when I stop dreaming (Die), and actually become that dream. Needless to say, this is pretty much my life, I have no regrets about that.

But yeah. Being perfect on Earth makes you really shallow usually, being outcast and living with your own self created value system is the most empowering thing that could have happened to me. So much that I could go out and seize the world because of the girls I've met over the years, and I couldn't do that before, but I never intend to replace fantasy. Sorry, no picture since I like to keep my original girls a secret.. Thank you for reading. I rarely post, but this place is so gentle and quiet, I'll give it a shot.
>> No. 13241 [Edit]
I don't have any dreams of greatness or anything like that. All I need is a roof over my head and warm meals. So, my current life is my ideal one. The only thing I want to change in my life is to be able to wake up next to Arturia every morning and share our lives together. A life without her would be too cruel, there's no way I could change the way I am now.
>> No. 13242 [Edit]
File 137763356489.png - (679.11KB , 1000x650 , Liz 3.png )
It is really hard to choose as the things I dream of becoming something in this world is being an ultranationalist /fascist leader which is driven by my interests in modern war, modern-futuristic weapons, Nazis and politics.

The thing is if I choose this, then I would have to endure living a life no loving my waifu Lizlet which is then the other side of my interests although which at least complements my current state in life which is somewhere between "normal" and "crap."

But due to me fearing in losing her, I doubt that I will choose the choice which I dream of becoming.
>> No. 13244 [Edit]
This. I have no dreams, so I really have no reason to abandon my waifu for them.
>> No. 13251 [Edit]
File 137764493527.png - (51.32KB , 211x258 , Osaka_Wat.png )

I do not want to imagine such a horrible, baneful existence.
>> No. 13258 [Edit]
File 137767525010.jpg - (461.28KB , 630x640 , 1364687588526.jpg )
>Your dream (but waifu-less) life or your current one?
My dream life includes my waifu.
So my current one.
>> No. 13259 [Edit]
I'd go for the waifuless life. Because when I transfer how can I regret not having something I don't desire? Its like having my brain altered so I don't like pizza anymore. How can I be sad about not having pizza when I don't like it anymore? Also its not like she's going to be sad either. She is not real.
>> No. 13266 [Edit]
File 137780635168.jpg - (226.31KB , 420x581 , 36413170_p0.jpg )
After pondering this, I have concluded that this question is really unfair, like most of the 'what if..' questions are. It forces us to choose between known and unknown, and of course most of us would think that the status quo is better than than the most precious person being taken away, no matter how bad the current life situation might seem right now. But like >>13259 noted, being waifu-less wouldn't necessary be worse, because the memories and the knowledge of her would be lost. Maybe one could be much happier without thoughts of his waifu.

For my answer, like on everything else in this life, I would probably keep up making up excuses to convince myself that my current state is the happiest state I could ever be in.
>> No. 13270 [Edit]
File 137781873563.jpg - (139.50KB , 1120x624 , fuck my life.jpg )
>this question is really unfair

It's meant to be challenging: it serves you to realize if you have a waifu either as a conviction or as a consolation prize (since you rather be somewhere else). The benefits you give up on for her, cause you think she's worth it, amount to the value of your love.
>> No. 13275 [Edit]
>How can I be sad about not having pizza when I don't like it anymore?
Of course you wouldn't; in fact, you might be much happier in many ways indeed without liking pizza. The point is to ponder the decision of heading such path: you must decide if pizza alone is something worth living this life for, giving up all other possible happiness just for it (do you realize now how disgraceful it was to compare your love with fancy and your waifu with food?).

>Also its not like she's going to be sad either. She is not real.
Precisely, that's why the question has relevance here: since she's doesn't exist and won't feel a thing, you can know for sure that you aren't holding yourself based on such a disgusting thing like consideration (and not love) towards her, like petty 3D couples do and even find commendable. The purpose is to find out what you really want and feel, disregard anything else; I guess you did.
>> No. 13323 [Edit]
Waifu-less dream world. My love for my waifu and whether or not it is the right or wrong thing to do, has only caused me agony lately, and after all, she's not real, and I wouldn't have known her in that world, so it's not like I would regret it there.

This world sucks anyways. Why not live in a world tailored to your desires?

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