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File 136803330482.jpg - (77.22KB , 717x303 , storyofmylife.jpg )
14708 No. 14708 [Edit]
Inspired by this anon
What are your long term goals? How will you face middle age? Will you NEET until death?
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>> No. 14709 [Edit]
>How will you face middle age?

I hope I never do
>> No. 14711 [Edit]
Aiming to fully independent by then. Can't rely on parents forever.
>> No. 14712 [Edit]
I think that it would be best if I died at an early age. Anytime soon would be nice. My life is a waste anyway.

Goals? I have none. Middle age? I hope I don't live that long. NEET until death? That's the only thing I want to do.
>> No. 14713 [Edit]
but will you have a job or live on welfare?
>> No. 14715 [Edit]
I hope to acquire some property and rent them out. I want to live somewhere moderately secluded. I can't stand the idea of working a regular job and even if I did I'd never manage to save up enough to get a decent place of my own and live in piece.
>> No. 14716 [Edit]
NEET4LYFE here. I'm currently saving up my 500€/mo retardbux, though those are currently on a 8-month period. I'll be looking to get more of those, and perhaps even eventually hit disability pension for truNEET retirement without ever having been employed in my 20s, though that is a bit ambitious and might very well not happen. If my retardbux stop flowing and disability pension proves to be elusive, I'll still be able to get on unemployment money and other kinds of bucks if push comes to shove, and I've got some ~9k€ saved up already so my finances are secured for the foreseeable future.

As for middle age, no idea. Guess I'll maybe have to figure it out when I get there, since health-wise I'm probably not going to croak any time soon.
>> No. 14717 [Edit]
Seriously the idea of living beyond 30 is terrifying to me, I can't even imagine it
>> No. 14721 [Edit]
File 136804233324.jpg - (27.18KB , 580x375 , 72432.jpg )
4 more years to go and I'll hit 30
The sad thing is my life is no different now then it was when I was 17. I guess that means I've missed out on a lot of personal development because I don't even feel remotely 'adult'.

Maybe it will all hit me when I turn 30. I can easily imagine I'll become overwhelmed with no place to turn, no route of escape.

Throughout my lifespan I have known around 5 people who committed suicide. All of them did it around the 27-31 age. The amount of empathy I am starting to feel is what really terrifies me.
>> No. 14723 [Edit]
Stayed with parents during college, things stalled as a new grad. Hopefully I'll prove my keep with this new position and it'll be a career and independence then. Get my own place, no more using parent's car etc. etc.
>> No. 14725 [Edit]
I kinda want to keep NEETing it up and I'll probably go back to depending on my parents by the time I'm well into adulthood. I have no college education and low paying jobs here are so bad that you couldn't even pay the rent of a small apartment with them.
Funnily, right now I'm living on my own, NEETing and not even getting welfare or any help from relatives, because I made a popular site a few years ago, sold it to someone and made big bucks. It's a time bomb waiting to go off though. I've been pondering about making another site of similar popularity and selling it but I don't think I could do it again; it's really a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing, and I have no other skills. Well, I like music, but that's as unreliable as it gets, no doubt.

Post edited on 8th May 2013, 2:20pm
>> No. 14730 [Edit]
>low paying jobs here are so bad that you couldn't even pay the rent of a small apartment with them.
I think that's rather common actually. These days with women joining the workforce and creating two income households, prices have risen for housing in response. Needless to say singles are shit out of luck.
>> No. 14731 [Edit]
long term goals (well short/medium term goals actually now) get the fuck out of my mother's house) and be self-sufficient (long term as i have no job and doubt i can find a part-time job)

Face Middle Age? I fucking don't know. I am 22.

NEET till death? Nope, but hey its likely. Maybe ill get shot tomorrow while moving rocks.....
>> No. 14732 [Edit]
I want to be a writer. Right now, I'm writing poetry every day and I'm trying to find ways to get published. I also want to write various fiction and non-fiction but I'm going to put that off for a while. I really like philosophy a lot and I'm currently planning on writing about my own thoughts and put them in .pdf form to distribute; I'm already experienced in writing essays.

I don't know how I will face middle age. I know that if I'm still alive by then, I will be different somehow, but to what extent I'm not quite sure. I'm currently 29 and I'm a completely different from when I was 21 and still fairly different from when I was 25. Of course I doubt that I will change as much in my 30s but I still think that my life could become very different by then.

I don't know. I recently got on SSI and I stopped working my part-time job so I'm a NEET again and could be for the rest of my life, but that might not be what is best for me. Still, it is nice to waste your life at your own choosing, rather than having others ruin it for you.
>> No. 14734 [Edit]
A good portion of the rises in housing costs is due to the housing bubble (among other things) which deflated, so its not just female dual income Remember colonial immigrants to USA/black slaves, for examples had females work. NOW if the economy wasn't shit it'd be real easy in some places to buy houses.

Anyway, didnt white americans refuse to sell houses to single males/females not too long ago thinking it would be 'too much for them because they aren't married' or something? I remember hearing of that. So even then if you had the money, buying a single house was not exactly the easiest thing to do....
>> No. 14739 [Edit]
Globalization doesn't help either with countries where people will work for pennies on the dollar without any real labour laws siphoning away decent paying semi-skilled manufacturing jobs. Temporary foreign workers and illegals at home further push down the wages and benefits of low-skill labour. Spots eliminated due to automation and the economic slowdown make even these low level jobs more competitive than one may think. Just look at all the grads applying. Since everyone and their dog has a bachelor's now, a college education is going to end up a real prerequisite for retail and burger flipping at this rate.
>> No. 14740 [Edit]
>I want to be a writer. Right now, I'm writing poetry every day and I'm trying to find ways to get published.
I really wish you the best of luck - I wanted to be a writer too in my early youth. As with anything, probably best to have a plan B though. Please don't go V-tech if you fail.
>> No. 14741 [Edit]
Current short term goal:
Save up to buy the new Meruru fig on AmiAmi
Watch the next Railgun episode

Medium term goal:
Clean my room and go back to my kanzi flashcards sometime this week or the next.
Finish watching Nichijou in July.

Long term goal:
No idea

Unrealistic goals, fantasies delusions etc:
Go from one end of the silk road the other on a bicycle
Climb a mountain
Intern myself in the Alaskan wilderness for 90 days
Travel to Syria and join the ongoing civil war like Hemingway
>> No. 14743 [Edit]
File 136806671163.jpg - (13.98KB , 495x486 , 1324526208350.jpg )
>Become security guard that does the night shift.
>Try to write. Later, learn to paint.
>Give up on music. I'm no good at it, and I've got slight to moderate hearing damage.
>Just try to get by. I don't know. Probably move away from this place, when it feels right.
>Not fuck up school again. No weed or other drugs. No masturbation. I need to be an ascetic. I need to buy that whip that I've been wanting to get.
>Quit my band. I play in a band, and I've quickly realized that my NEETing ways have stuck with me. I'm too socially retarded to be able to exist with these people.

This is turning into a blog so I'm going to stop now.
>> No. 14745 [Edit]
I just want to get out my mom's house, get a job with little to no interaction with people (magically, for I have no idea how to even search for one and I can't do nothing anyway), rent an apartment and that's it.

I don't like to picture myself old, I don't want to live past 30 or 40 and be the same loser I am now.
>> No. 14746 [Edit]
Get a job that pays reasonably well for me to afford the kind of lifestyle I want and won't end up taking over my life too much.
Move out of my parents house.
Work for a little while before I think about applying for a Master's Degree.

I'd really like to try and do all of the above before I hit 30. After missing out on so many chances for personal development through experience, the idea of facing my 30s terrifies me deeply.
>> No. 14772 [Edit]
I wanna find a job so I can buy stuff and move out, but I have no experience and do not own a drivers license. It also doesn't help that I'm terrified of leaving the house because I live in a ghetto neighborhood.

I have no clue what to do with myself. I wish dying wasn't such a hassle.
>> No. 14773 [Edit]
>I wish dying wasn't such a hassle.
This. I could get a job. I could move out. I could earn money. I could continue to sustain myself.
But what for? Living isn't fun enough to justify that. Yeah, sure, I still enjoy my hobbies enough to keep me sane, but not enough to WORK for them. It's just not worth it. Nothing is worth that tedium. Why did I have to be born into this world? Ugh.
>> No. 14781 [Edit]
My uncle from Hong Kong likes like a NEET. He fixes air conditioners and lives in an extreme tiny flat, with no wife, no relatives, all he does is watch porn and tv all day, he doesn't even have enough money to retire properly. Don't kid yourself, you WILL be a loser for the rest of your life unless you change it or kill yourself.
>> No. 14784 [Edit]
I'm going all-in on University this fall.

I lived alone once and I was tranquil, happy and productive. It'll work out fine once I escape the moldy dark of my parent's basement.

I think we're living in the 1930's. I want to be ready.
>> No. 14785 [Edit]
What if I enjoy this lifestyle and don't want to change?
>> No. 14787 [Edit]
NEET till I die.
>> No. 14789 [Edit]
I'll be getting a technical degree in IT, then I'll be living with my mother until she dies and I inherit the house.
>> No. 14790 [Edit]
I want a peaceful and quiet life, which of course is simply not possible unless I become a super popular author overnight. Which should be hard considering that I've never written a book.
>> No. 14791 [Edit]
are you me?
>> No. 14793 [Edit]
That's an interesting thought. Do you guys have an age in mind when you want to pass on? Some want to live as long as possible. Others dream of going down younger in a blaze of glory.
>> No. 14794 [Edit]

As soon as possible
>> No. 14796 [Edit]
When my supporting family is gone, probably.
>> No. 14797 [Edit]
Eventually I will get a job and such. Become financially independent, and live alone.

I don't need much to be content. Internet connection, secure finances, fun things to do like walk around and look at buildings or forests, and just stuff I collect. And some sort of outlet for creative urges.

Eventually I will start to think "well what have I done so far, and is it really fulfilling?" but that will come when it comes.

Right now though I'm just in dontwannaworkdontwannaworkdontwannawork mode.
>> No. 14801 [Edit]
Try to survive. And it's just a day-to-day thing. I'm sure most of you understand that feeling of "this is it, my final day, there is no way my being can take any more battering".

I used to have dreams/plans but those were all selfish. Even drawing things, I always seemed to have a motive of gathering attention rather than creating what I loved. Even though that area of activity is the only thing I was somewhat passionate about. Now I don't even like anything.

So, how will I live through this? I don't know. Everything is fading into darkness. The abyss seems more real every single day, and it won't let go of me.
>> No. 14802 [Edit]
Be selfish, you'll live for yourself as starting block, other things will develop around it.
>> No. 14817 [Edit]
I want to draw at least one picture I can be truly proud of before I hit the dreaded 30. I'm not really worried about anything else.
>> No. 14820 [Edit]
What exactly is so dreaded about 30? Is there pressure for you to have already established a family of your own then or something?
>> No. 14822 [Edit]
30 is a psychological barrier. 30 is like the point where you can no longer excuse your shittiness or laziness or lack of "prospects" on youth.

I'd encourage anyone who's anxious about being a middle-aged man who is destitute on relying on his parents to learn a trade and make money. Money is a good thing to have for all kinds of reasons. Being able to have independence from your family and their expectations is liberating and wonderful.

I see myself as hopefully comfortable and independent in my middle age. I will definitely be alone, though. No doubt about that. Thankfully, I won't have to care about what my family thinks of me at that point.
>> No. 14823 [Edit]
I want to get a stable job and be able to live myself with bare necessities, getting something nice every once in a while.

Even THAT is probably impossible.

I'm probably just going to die as soon as I start working again.
>> No. 14824 [Edit]
I once made an offhand comment about how, if I could afford it, I would like to buy the company I work for (its a small business, only 1.5 employees and the owner). Now the company accountant keeps mentioning it to me whenever she comes to the office, "What do you want to do with your life? This could be a career for you, be your own boss its great" etc. My boss has said she intends to sell the business and retire in a few years. So thats my long term goal at the moment, even though I have no idea if its even possible and it would involve a ton of hard work and there is a possibility for catastrophic failure. The way my boss does things really annoys me, e.g. she will send thousands of emails manually instead of using a PHP script or outsourcing the job. And all our databases of clients and stuff are in MS Word documents. I am convinced I could do it better.
>> No. 14825 [Edit]
I've always lived day after day. That's all I can do.
>> No. 15527 [Edit]
I don't think about the future, but I hope to one day be happy so I do have a goal. Just no plan.
>> No. 16146 [Edit]
I don't think I can envision myself past 30, or much older than I am now for that matter.

NEET until death. Which is hopefully soon.
>> No. 16148 [Edit]
1- Graduate
2- Get a PhD
3- Get a research position on a good university
4- Leave everything behind and find spiritual enlightenment on a monastery in the hymalayas
>> No. 16150 [Edit]
I want to live in my city. Unfortunately cities are expensive to live in, I will need like 500,000$ for a house. Not sure if this is doable, or more to the point not sure if it is something I want to do. That will be like 20 years of work, and I just don't think I can do it for that long. So maybe I'll settle for something out of town. Which could be like 5 years of work, then start to garden.

>I don't even feel remotely 'adult'.


What is this job?
>> No. 16158 [Edit]
>What is this job?

administration type job for a training company
>> No. 16190 [Edit]
I'm chronically suicidal. I'm a wimp and a hedonist, though. So my only long-term goal is to find a euphoric or at least relatively painless route to death and take it.

I never want to see middle age. I couldn't cope with it. I'm having difficulties enough coping with having hit the age of consent.
>> No. 16234 [Edit]
1. Continue learning Japanese
2. Translate unforgivable yaoi doujin or something online for chump bucks so my parents don't kick me out, maybe move on to something slightly more in demand and well paying as I earn experience
3. Save up as much as possible and relearn basic algebra online
4. Train in some sort of trade and save up money for retirement
5. Intelligence Augmentation has improved vastly by the time I'm in my early 50s, I get an implant that makes me useful to society and good at math.

I'm too depressed and lazy for even this sort of plan, though.
>> No. 16241 [Edit]
File 138443665123.jpg - (147.38KB , 1920x1080 , 1384420469688.jpg )
1. Continue watching anime until I am satisfied
2. Seppuku

There is (perhaps there never was) no longer any reason for me to stick around in this world. One of the only things this world got right was anime, which is ironic due to the fact that it is pure escapism for me. I honestly regret not leaving sooner, though in fairness I did grow as a person somewhat (though that is completely worthless in retrospect, at least in this world).

I'm also glad I found TC before I went. I can't think of a sufficient word to describe it as anything but pathetic that it took so many years to find a great community. Anyway, thanks.

For all those who plan to live on: Good luck, I'll be here for a short while longer.

Post edited on 14th Nov 2013, 5:47am
>> No. 16264 [Edit]
Please don't go...
>> No. 16270 [Edit]
I don't know you, but I do hope you find the peace you are looking for. Good luck to you.
>> No. 16300 [Edit]
"So you wanna be a superhero..."
Yeah, this is the right place for it. Enjoy your stay, for as long as it may last.
>> No. 16305 [Edit]

>1. Continue watching anime until I am satisfied

Protip: there's no real point of saturation. I told myself 'I'll just stick around until I'll watch everything that's worthwhile and then I'll off myself' years ago and nothing has happened yet. I'm at roughly 170 days on MAL (I rarely update my list, it says 166.4 but I have to add like 20 shows) and I still have hundreds of shows I'd like to watch, even though back in the day I was sure I'd run out of those way before I reach 100 days.
It doesn't depend on anime itself - the medium has been around for 50 years and there's quite a bit to watch as a result. It depends on when (or maybe - whether) you get tired of it.
>> No. 16328 [Edit]
security guard job
night shift
be alone
try to make something

maybe try to finish school (game dev)
maybe make game
maybe get job making games
>> No. 16477 [Edit]
I want to become a pharmacist and also make post-punk music (by myself). I've been practicing my singing lately and will have to learn multiple instruments.
>> No. 16479 [Edit]
>2- Get a PhD
>3- Get a research position on a good university
This. Though I'm not sure if I have the necessary intelligence and drive for that.
>> No. 16480 [Edit]
Your right there is no magical point where you will ever be satisfied in whatever you like doing. But keep going while your still comfortable in doing do or you'll regret it if whatever your doing really is important to you. My passion is only music and if I just stopped collecting a whole ago because I wanted to much I wouldn't have anything I have now. I know exactly what that satisfaction feeling is and it's honestly just a brief period of being happy with existing while that hobby of yours though you realize isn't what the meaning of life is just something great and meaningful to you personally your progressing on the side and as long as what is most important to you in it is done everything else is just extra enjoyment of it but still progress somewhere in your own life. it's hard to explain, but I know exactly what this perfect feeling is that everyone talks about wanting. As a human you can only feel it in bursts and/or on drugs. it's just something that isn't human, we're all dogs chasing our own tails and those things in life we find such meaning in are just keys to use to unlock that feeling more often. What we really are all working towards is pleasure. That's all in a nutshell whether I'd be purely physical or something even greater. When we can't get those pleasures we seek we get depressed and can't move on, it's mostly just our desire for physical pleasures that causes many of our problems. We're held down by just being human. I know I can't really get what I want and it makes me extremely depressed I'll never get it but sometimes that fades away and I'm happy with something else. Not for long though I try to keep it with me but the pain of everything else is so overwhelming.
>> No. 16481 [Edit]
I wanted to be a marine, but my mental health history will not let me. So I will just do drugs and eventually kill myself.
>> No. 16482 [Edit]
>mental health history
Did you not have the right disorders?
>> No. 16540 [Edit]
File 138866283425.png - (581.52KB , 860x1040 , mu.png )
hikkineet til I die nigga ####
>> No. 16542 [Edit]
I can tell you what I DON'T want

-being murdered or ending up in prison
-parents dying a violent death

As long as I have a computer and a roof over my head it's all good. Remember, no matter how bad things are, they could always be a lot worse.
>> No. 16544 [Edit]
>Remember, no matter how bad things are, they could always be a lot worse.
I think the worst feeling would be coming to at 50 and realizing you've wasted your entire life on mediocrity and running away.

Maybe homelessness would charge you with inspiration to create a wonderful life for yourself. Maybe you would end up ending it as a result. Either way, you'll have finally escaped this hell, no?
>> No. 16545 [Edit]
>Remember, no matter how bad things are, they could always be a lot worse.

Nothing else is as simultaneously inspiring and terrifying as this.
>> No. 16546 [Edit]
Master's degree
Cottage in the woods
Good career in my field of study
Early retirement
Improved fitness
Home workshop with lots of tools and benches for fun engineering projects
Stay drug-free
>> No. 16548 [Edit]
I don't even think about it. People around me worry about my future much more than I do, but I just can't find it in me to give a damn, as much as I probably should.

So I guess my "plan" is to keep going as I am right now, NEETing day by day.
>> No. 16549 [Edit]
I don't remember if I posted in this thread or not, but that doesn't matter now.

My plan is to NEET as hard and for long as I can, then when shit hits the fan, I'll gather what I think will be of help and maybe wander around. If I'm lucky, I'll probably get stabbed with a rusty knife by some bum and die of an infection somewhere where nobody knows me.

I am nothing more than a high school drop out, so I can't do much with my life and I have no interest of getting a career or working for the rest of my life to live in some home that I will eventually come to love and hate with my self hatred until I eventually kill myself or die in some pathetic way.

The fact that I dislike people won't change. The fact that I don't want much in life won't change. The fact that I cannot stand being around others for long won't change. I cannot live as others can. I cannot do what "normals" do.

Fuck, I'm not funny or attractive, so I cannot even do LPs'. I cannot do even that. I cannot do anything worth of any value.

Why do I exist if I'm so worthless? Why did I have to be born? I wish that I had died at any of the times when my life was in danger. I don't want to think, I don't want to feel, I just want to never wake up again.
>> No. 16565 [Edit]

I secretly want to be put in solitary confinement, and have food delivered to me and all the things I need. It is essentially maximum hikki life, but with security, it is not for everyone, and it may not even be for me, but I could certainly live with it, so long as I don't have to commit crime to get it.
>> No. 16567 [Edit]
If you did things which gets looked down upon in the prison community, like molest children, it could certainly happen. If the prison gangs caught wind of it you'd be in so much danger that they'd probably have to send you to a protected cell.

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