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File 129359751971.jpg - (84.31KB , 728x1086 , trinityblood.jpg )
195 No. 195 [Edit]
How many times have you obsessively read chapter after chapter of something that you considered genius only to have it destroyed by a lazy adaptation.

ITT: we discuss manga that should have STAYED manga... and why?
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>> No. 196 [Edit]
Mayoi Neko Overrun easily.
>> No. 197 [Edit]

Oh? And I was about to start watching that anime today.
>> No. 199 [Edit]
First few episodes are good, but then they go off and retarded filer all over.

Bad pacing
Cat-on-head lack of plot
Characters going derp mode ooc.

It's sad because the manga is good too ;_;
>> No. 202 [Edit]
One Piece but i don't watch the anime...

Berserk is going to be animated by studio 4C so i think that will be good.
>> No. 203 [Edit]

Really? I think every shounen is better animated, except for the fillers of course.
>> No. 204 [Edit]
Most of the manga I really really like never get anime adaptations so I can't say I've ever really been disappointed.

I know Blade of the Immortal had a horrible anime adaptation, though I don't follow that manga.

Though I prefer the manga, the One Piece anime used to range between decent and good as an adaptation until they got to Enies Lobby where the pacing slowed down to a crawl and never recovered.
>> No. 205 [Edit]
Shonen action manga can be more fun animated but that's only if it's actually animated well (which it isn't 90% of the time) and the pacing isn't raped, which it usually is when anime adaptations get close to catching up with the still on-going manga.
>> No. 206 [Edit]
File 129361347270.jpg - (52.54KB , 300x415 , Bokurano_v1_cover_front.jpg )
Then again, we wouldn't have gotten the Uninstall OP without the anime.
>> No. 207 [Edit]

OK, that's 2/2, Surtic. The manga for MNO is so much better than the anime.

I'm also gonna throw Mirai Nikki in the pile until we get a better version than that pathetic little cocktease that came out recently. I think the story has so much potential that has yet to be tapped. However, I approach the subject with caution. I want to see genuine pathos from Yuno not some rehashed yandere exploitation if a series happens.
>> No. 218 [Edit]
I might be alone on this one but I've got to say it - Azumanga Daioh. The anime adaptation was infinitely inferior to the original. Manga by some artists (such as Azuma himself, or Asano Inio) should be just left alone as they can only lose some of their original charm in the process of adaptation.
>> No. 219 [Edit]
What exactly about the anime was it that you found so inferior?
>> No. 220 [Edit]

Manga and anime are two entirely different media. If you want to adapt a manga you sometimes have to change some stuff or it just won't work. This was the case with most gags from Azumanga - what worked pretty well in the manga felt out of place in anime, especially the parts where Azuma tried to show how long a character has been doing something. Copying the same panel 4 times in manga works fine, as you get what he meant and you can just skim ocer the panels and turn the page. Looking at the same scene for a minute wasn't exactly exciting, nor was it funny.

The other things I could complain about is the subpar animation and constant white backgrounds - again, it didn't feel out of place in a 4koma but in the anime it looked just plain stupid. I personally found the voice acting to be not so good but that may be just me.

What I'm trying to say is that you can read manga at your own pace. Whether you'll read all of it in five mniutes or you'll take your sweet time and turn pages lazily is up to you. Anime forces certain pacing and in my opinion it was off in Azumanga's adaptation thus making the anime inferior to manga. Then again, I doubt it would be possible to find a pacing that actually worked. Azuma himself said countless times that Yotsuba&! wouldn't work as an anime for the exact same reason and I couldn't agree more.
>> No. 221 [Edit]
You know, the reason I haven't watched at much anime as I have read manga is precisely the pacing. I always get bored when I watch anime because I hate being forced to watch stretched-out scenes of someone talking slowly with long pauses in between, or scenes where only the mouth move, or something similar (of course, there are exceptions).
>> No. 243 [Edit]
I say...Biomega. But what is the manga in OP's image?
>> No. 245 [Edit]
But... There is no Biomega anime.
>> No. 246 [Edit]
It says right in the picture.
>> No. 315 [Edit]
Lucky Star was good as a manga, but as an anime it just didn't feel right. They tried too hard.
>> No. 347 [Edit]
I have heard the Gantz anime was terrible so I avoided it, but the first live-action movie they released was surprisingly good. It changed a few things and was not entirely necessary but it was by no means a bad movie.

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