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No. 4840 [Edit]
  Who else here played Threads of Fate? This was one of the first vidya I beat by myself.

I dunno what made me think of it, but yeah. One of the coolest games in the Squaresoft catalogue.
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>> No. 4841 [Edit]
File 131760793040.jpg - (886.51KB , 1880x1500 , b54d48e6b5cd00ea605aa3d47571ef30.jpg )
Threads of Fate and Chrono Cross were my favorite games on PSX. I happen to have a copy of both for PSP. Unfortunately, you can only get through Disk 1 of CC before it screws up, but you can fully play through ToF.
>> No. 4843 [Edit]
Looks pretty cool. I never owned a PSX or PS2 as a kid so I apparently missed out on many good games, I'll look into this one.
>> No. 4844 [Edit]
I loved this game as a kid. It's too bad Squeenix has currently decided to spend their time and money making sequels (note the plural) to FF13-nova-crystalis-we'reoutofideas-ibus when they could have been making more instant classics like this.

I swear, as soon as the 21st century hit, they all came down with a bad case of amnesia for the previous ten years. FFX was amazing, but it was also a harbinger of the endtimes in more ways than my 14-year-old brain was able to comprehend.

GAH. I feel old already. Someone pass me the Werther's Originals and tell those kids to stay off my lawn.
>> No. 4845 [Edit]
I played this. it was pretty cool and the mini games were fun, specially the ones in the witch's hut (not sure if I remember correctly)

theres a short fanmade sequel from the devs who made recettear, you should try it.
>> No. 4847 [Edit]
Threads of Fate and Chrono Cross completed my PSX days.

I really hope Squeenix can put in money on these kinds of games, even if these games would look like they'd have the budget of an PS3 Atelier game, I'd eat it.

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