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File 135695029340.jpg - (127.16KB , 850x607 , 32d6ed3605c22f1ec7ec46204ed81612.jpg )
12963 No. 12963 [Edit]
2012 is almost over. What was your favorite anime and why?
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>> No. 12965 [Edit]
Natsume S4 easily. Because it's Natsume.
Runner up would be probably Yuru Yuri S2. Because it's Yuru Yuri.

As for 'new' series ('new' as in not 'more of the same' sequel; it's not exactly 'new' since most of it is based on some old manga but...) I think it was either Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou or Joshiraku. I really enjoyed the first ~4-5 episodes of Tsuritama and I was fairly confident that it'll be my favorite series of the year but it got really boring later on.

There's actually a lot of cool stuff in this season but it's not concluded yet so I'd rather not judge it for the time being. Psycho Pass was kinda boring at first but is gets better with each episode. I like Robotics Notes, too. And then there's Aikatsu which I kinda like more than Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou/Joshiraku but there are still some 40 eps left so Sunrise has a lot of room for potential fuckups.

Overall a somewhat disappointing year, though. 2011 was much better in my opinion.

Post edited on 31st Dec 2012, 3:39am
>> No. 12967 [Edit]
>Natsume S4 easily. Because it's Natsume.
This, without a doubt.
>> No. 12971 [Edit]
Yuru Yuri 2. Nothing else really stood out as being exemplary shows.
>> No. 12976 [Edit]
The Kissxsis OVA was amazing. I jerked off to it twice
>> No. 12977 [Edit]
>> No. 12981 [Edit]

Kinda interesting since I don't think we even had a thread for Chihaya. Didn't do much for me either way, I somehow ended up watching all of it but I highly doubt I'll watch S2.
>> No. 12982 [Edit]
I agree. YRYR2 is easily my favorite this year. Chuunibyou was alright but it ultimately fell short.
>> No. 12994 [Edit]
I feel as if naming anything from the current season would only be becuase it's still fresh in my mind, even though the only thing from this most recent season I'd even consider naming off would be girls und panzar (tanks are rad).
Not sure which one I'd go with betwen yuruyuri 2 and fate/zero.
I guess I'd go with the yuris, as for the why, well Yuri yuri is an all around fun and charming show about cute lesbians, what more could you ask for?
Runner up being fate/zero. while it might have had a lackluster second season in the same year, fate/zero was a really well done action packed exiting anime.
>> No. 12995 [Edit]
Jaja's Crazy Quest is the only answer. The best adaptation of the best manga.
>> No. 12998 [Edit]
I can't decide one. Here are my favorites of year but not in any specific order:

Calm and cute everyday life of cute girls. After watching this feels I could die happy now.

Yuru Yuri
I think S2 was even better than first one. Heartwarming and comedic life of schoolgirls with slight yuri.

I think Horizon S2 was better than first season too. I really like how Horizon combinates random comedy, ecchi and still manages to hold plot. Very fun show.

Highschool DxD
Show that doesn't try to hide what it is. Exactly what harem ecchi battle shows should be, boobs, boners and beating up of bad guys.

Daily lives of Highschool Boys
Comedy anime that is actually funny? Not just funny but absolutely briliant.

I just loved Nyaruko. Lovecraft references and all other jokes were really interesting.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Very cute and charming show.

Post edited on 2nd Jan 2013, 1:28am
>> No. 13006 [Edit]
File 135712900012.jpg - (106.24KB , 1280x720 , nemdiggers-nazo-no-kanojo-x-02-720p-h264-aac-mp4-m.jpg )
>> No. 13010 [Edit]
This. Best anime was either Momo's Strange Journey or YRYR2.

Post edited on 2nd Jan 2013, 10:22am
>> No. 13021 [Edit]
File 135717195584.jpg - (2.54MB , 1870x4424 , i8I2SwQ2SdUqK.jpg )
I'll go ahead and repost the charts to help spur everyone's memory.
>> No. 13022 [Edit]
File 135717222790.jpg - (4.94MB , 1870x6222 , i70RqqpyS5WHh.jpg )
Thats not entirely accurate, I'm not actually reposting the charts, I'm just linking to them from moetron.
>> No. 13023 [Edit]
File 135717239141.jpg - (3.50MB , 1870x4102 , ib2htiqSkcalri.jpg )
Of course they're not really at moetron, they're at minus.com, but I'm getting the links from moetron.
>> No. 13024 [Edit]
File 135717267150.jpg - (5.15MB , 1870x5820 , i43pjmIgaW3YF.jpg )
Sometimes it is difficult to confidently call a favorite due to the vagaries of being a somewhen mentally fucked up human, but my choice for 2012 is Another
>> No. 13025 [Edit]
Out of shows that have finished airing, Sakamichi no Apollon and Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou are excellent.

Jojo and Magi are also very nice, but they haven't finished airing so I can't pass a verdict just yet.
>> No. 13031 [Edit]
File 135718240890.jpg - (56.64KB , 1361x767 , A85Ag.jpg )
Binbougami or Jinrui, because both were really refreshing.
>> No. 13034 [Edit]
I really liked Upotte, Nisemonogatari, AKB0048, Mouretsu Pirates. I'm really not good at picking just one show....
>> No. 13035 [Edit]
Nisemonogatari, hands down.

Other memorable: Joshiraku, Yuru Yuri 2nd (BRS, Papa-Kiki, Hyouka).
>> No. 13055 [Edit]
Why not both?

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