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File 142846887024.jpg - (16.07KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
26745 No. 26745 [Edit]
I recently refound this site, and also rewrote all of this because I accidentally made it into a huge blogpost and dont want it to get deleted.

I don't really identify myself as a hardcore weeb anymore, but I'm still stuck in a weeb-ish shutin rut, so I hope this won't be deleted for being too normie.

Does anyone play Runescape, maybe since it became free to play?

It's the perfect way to spend 18 hours of my day, grinding away.

It would be nice to have some losers like me to maybe play with or something

probably pointless asking but whatever

The last time I wrote a post here must have been 2012-ish, and it was also sunrise I wrote it. Funny how being tired fuzzies the fear.
I'll be too scared to check this post for a while, but I'll come back in a week or so.

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>> No. 26747 [Edit]
File 142846990324.png - (101.02KB , 289x207 , The_Great_Orb_Project.png )
I used to play this minigame a lot back in 2013. Then I just got bored with the game. I logged back into once this year and all the worlds were dead and I didn't understand the interface. I can't tolerate the grinding any more so I didn't get back into the game. They put too much P2W stuff and messed with its recipe. The gameplay was never its strong point. It played like shit even from the start. But what it did exceedingly well was hooking you in with it ssimple gameplay and getting you addicted to the treadmill of grinding and levelling up, and they screwed with that.
>> No. 26748 [Edit]
You should play Nostalrius, OP. It's vanilla WoW, and it's a lot better than runescape.

It's free too.


8ch's guild:
>> No. 26761 [Edit]

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