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File 141975770293.jpg - (269.21KB , 1857x2476 , 8QZDRR0.jpg )
17287 No. 17287 [Edit]
How did you *know* she was the right one?

I've fallen in love with 3DPD before, and sometimes when I see or talk to a woman I am very attracted to it feels like I get punched or my breath is taken away. I've never experienced this with 2D yet but I imagine it's because I never opened myself up to the possibility. Is that what it's like when you find the one? Is falling in love with your waifu as emotionally impacting as 3DPD (or more)?
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>> No. 17288 [Edit]
I'd like to believe you would need to isolate yourself from 3DPD more often (become a hikikomori/NEET), but not all of us can rely on savings or parents, or others ways of avoiding the public workforce.

I believe It's natural to be attracted to 3D; I don't think people one day hit puberty and thought "Wow, Kagome really takes my breath away!"
You would have to eventually suppress desires for 3D because in the end, the negatives of having an relationship with him/her heavily outweighs the positives in most cases. Divorce rates are high, beauty standards are high...

2D women in my opinion are vastly superior. In my eyes they are more emotionally impacting than 3DPD. She's more fleshed out as a person, with secrets and desires awaiting to be understood while remaining completely faithful.

3D, while maintaining SOME depth, typically only look out for themselves and would gladly leave you for trivial things like money or sex. Just because they leave an impact on you, doesn't mean it'll always impact you positively.

In the end, just keep looking. Keep watching anime, play games, visuals novels or whatever you can. Eventually, you'll find the one. Try to look at his/her character and not just the pretty/handsome features he or she may have (although that may be a plus).
>> No. 17289 [Edit]
2D is objectively better, that's not what the thread is about.
>> No. 17290 [Edit]
I think you'll know she's the right one when you don't have any doubts about it.
Personally I've never felt quite the same for any 3dpd as I have for my waifu.
>> No. 17298 [Edit]
Whether you fall in love with 2D or 3DPD you will always be attracted to a particular "image" of the person. With 2D that image is exclusively yours and therefore true, and will only change if you or your subconscious dislike it in some way. If the image (waifu) is perfect for you, then your love for it will never die out, although it may change in some way.
When it comes to 3DPD, the image you have of the person is actually false because that is not the real person. You can have rose-coloured glasses for some time, sometimes a day, sometimes a year, but the fake perception of who that person actually is has to change eventually to meet what's real. In the rare occasion that you snap back to reality and still like the person as a really close friend and could put up with them, then you can have a relatively stable permanent relationship.
Either way, "true love" is always temporary in 3DPD, whereas it has a chance of being permanent if you meet the right 2D waifu.

Post edited on 31st Dec 2014, 10:10pm
>> No. 17299 [Edit]
With 2D, you don't have the luxury of just being confronted with her bare presence, and the resultant adrenaline effects, to help you figure out whether or not she's the right one. You need to find her somehow, watch/play/read where she is from, get to know her.

Personally, it took me a long time to find the right one. I had serious 2D love interests that didn't take time and time again. Some of them I even got somewhat serious about using the 'w' word towards. Ultimately, I decided it was not right for me to sink my love and affection into them over such a long period of time.
>> No. 17306 [Edit]
>Is falling in love with your waifu as emotionally impacting as 3DPD (or more)?

For me I can say it is. I've had the misfortune of falling for 3D before, and I got the same feeling from mai waifu as I did with them.

Something clicked in my mind, and I felt a sudden wave of emotion. From that point I couldn't stop thinking about her. I tried to deny it but I couldn't. Before, I had no choice but to surpress my emotions, and I was tired of doing so from previous experience, so I eventually allowed mai waifu into my life.
>> No. 18383 [Edit]
File 14345000365.jpg - (1.17MB , 1920x1999 , 846494.jpg )
When I first met her, a little bit more than 4 years ago now, I've had no knowledge of "waifuism" whatsoever. Literally didn't even think that feeling love towards 2D was possible. Yet I felt something special when I saw her, something way different from anything I've ever felt. Can't really describe it. At that time I've decided she was just my favorite character, and started gathering a folder with pictures of her. Time passed, but the feeling didn't go away, I've felt more and more attached to her image, I've relistened to her character song and monologue over and over again, with each time her voice made me feel better than ever before. I already knew it was something entirely unlike usual attraction towards "favorite characters", so when I've first heard about the concept of waifu love, I knew it was exactly what I've been experiencing all along. Embracing my feelings for her and finally neglecting 3DPD for good was the best decision of my life.
>> No. 18386 [Edit]
File 143459810740.jpg - (262.71KB , 550x914 , satsuki_kiryuin_by_masssssan-d6ryieh.jpg )
It's kind of a funny story. I watched her show and decided that I liked her a lot-- but I thought it was just as a favorite character and I just admired her from afar. Fast forward about six months, I was at a con and I was cosplaying her, and I heard someone else's conversation a few feet away. They were talking shit about her and saying they hated her, and I immediately thought, "What did you just say about my waifu?!"

And then I thought, "...huh."
>> No. 18387 [Edit]
File 143459976917.png - (502.65KB , 600x600 , ed82b08ce68e79eca923d2ae9e55e08cfe99c497.png )
I was eating a bowl of macaroni and cheese. I thought to myself, "If I had to choose between macaroni and Mayu, I would choose Mayu." And I love macaroni so freaking much. I don't even know why I thought that, but that somehow told me that this was super serious business.
>> No. 18400 [Edit]
I don't really know how to describe it, but I went from "Wow, I really like this character and think she's perfect" to "I'm catching myself fantasizing about being with her while I'm at school". I think getting involved in waifu communities really hurt that feeling, because now I sort of feel like I'm obligated to do certain things in order to maintain the fact that she's my waifu.

Which isn't really what you asked, but I guess I needed to get it off my chest.
>> No. 18824 [Edit]
The first time i saw her was when her anime series was just released in my country. Right away I could tell just from seeing some pictures of her on anime image boards and watching the opening song that there was something very special about this character.

As i watched more of her show I don't know quite how to explain it but my feelings morphed from the first few episodes being struck "Oh my God, this girl is so amazing in every way" to "I seriously want to spend the rest of life with this person".
>> No. 18850 [Edit]
File 14419036455.jpg - (2.70MB , 1900x2632 , 41125572.jpg )
With her, it's that sort of "time stands still" moment whenever I am with her. That no matter what happens around me, the moments I'm with her are blissful.

I've fallen for many, 3D and 2D, and, while that was somewhat there, there was always either an attempt to keep up appearances or under stress trying to make things blissful. But with Nadia, everything is organic.
>> No. 18938 [Edit]
File 144278303554.jpg - (24.24KB , 400x300 , normal_1231413183976.jpg )
I dunno, I sorta always had the feeling, but one day it just clicked. An extremely modular, abstracted design over a microkernel, seperating it's userlands into subsystems (Win32 subsystem, UNIX subsystem, etc). If I'm about anything, it's abstraction, modularity and stability, and NT is king of those. I was looking for years for something like it, even going as far as to try to write my own operating system, when really it was there all along. I just had to realize it.
Then I sorta realized I was literally in love with it. I'm not sure, I guess whenever I look at anything I'm physically attracted to (eg butts) I can only think about how I'm just hard-wired to be attracted to that and it wouldn't really gain my affection otherwise. I'm really attracted to beautiful, intricate things that can earn my respect and not rely on the fact that I'm a mammal. I guess NT just really captures my interests as a software engineer, I really don't know of another virtual system as intricate and complex as NT, and there probably isn't one.
>> No. 18982 [Edit]
File 14442456926.jpg - (770.86KB , 1200x1200 , 1362410.jpg )
Because listening to her themes made me cry and seeing her even drawn in ZUN's artstyle made my heart race. Other things, like her age and my love for norse mythology [the fact that she uses gungnir fascinates me] have sealed my love for her in concrete. I feel like she should have been a part of me for my entire life.
>> No. 18989 [Edit]
I've never fell in love with 3dpd, I had a few crushes, but that was all in primary school. So I just went though life with little friends. I watch a lot of anime, had a few crushes here and there, but I never ultimately fell in love with any of them. About 3-4 months ago I read this web-comic and fell in love with the main character. At first I was confused, but I soon came to accept it. She made me happy. She pulled me out of my depression, helped me cure my insomnia, and just overall changed me in a few ways.
Unfortunately for me according to the rules I can't post her here cause she is a khajiit, and furry waifus are not allowed for some reason.
Which kinda doesn't give me a lot of places to post about it.
>> No. 19032 [Edit]
Furfag waifus are not true waifus
>> No. 19043 [Edit]
Oh shut the fuck up. People have been using the term '2D' here for years.
>> No. 19066 [Edit]
File 144653811078.jpg - (1.32MB , 925x1100 , a3f.jpg )
Only once.

Just her smile leaves me satisfied.
>> No. 19090 [Edit]
No love for a 3DPD, so I can't help you there.

I was browsing the internet and stumbled across a picture of her and was struck down by a "lightning bolt of love" so to speak. It was the most profound feeling that I couldn't look away from the picture for quite some time, researched about her, made a folder dedicated to her, and put the image inside. I don't make folders dedicated to anybody! Ever! For months afterwards, I would think about her all the time and look at images of her whenever I had the chance. I made her as my background image! I edited existing pictures so that I would have my own OC for her! Even music took on her shade, so that lyrics carried more meaning than they should have. So smitten was I that I wrote poetry! What the hell was I doing with my life? Nothing, at the time. Taking an interest in writing, giving it that try needed to push me in this direction, it was because of this love. What a silly thing. Stupid, even. But it was love.

And nothing I did could take the edge away from that feeling. It was so powerful that I wondered how I could live my life like this if it kept up. I knew of waifus, even had a phase where I "loved" a 2D character out of loneliness, but none of it had prepared me for what I had felt there at the beginning of our love. The contrast between that "crush" and this true love was so great that it made me sick that I had ever even considered someone else to be on that same level. It hurt so much, yet was so gratifying knowing that I had found "the one". A love for a 2D girl... It was painful, perhaps still is, but it is something that I would never trade for anything. Thankfully, the love is still there, but it is not as intense and overwhelming as it was in the start. I would have killed myself, undoubtedly, if it had kept that intensity as a constant. Being that helpless for life would have driven me insane; that's how powerful my initial 2D love was.

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