NEET is not a label, it's a way of life!
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File 143251071429.png - (136.23KB , 460x215 , divine_divinity_notext_a[1].png )
20148 No. 20148 [Edit]
* The lack of knowledge has extreme consequences. That's the reason why experiences are so important in life.

* There are multiple sides to every situation, just as there's two sides (and an edge) to every coin. If you know only one side of a matter, you are almost sure to fail in your judgment. *Truth* is a verb, not a noun. And to catch it you must be fleet of mind and willing to see matters from a constantly changing viewpoint.

*You need to balance all alternatives: good, evil and neutrality. Your good is another creatures evil and your evil is another creatures good. Nothing has a monopoly on Truth.

You have to be tested to earn the great reward. Failure is for the weak and cannot be forgiven. One thing is for certain and that is:

>> No. 20152 [Edit]
What is failure?
>> No. 20153 [Edit]
Knowledge is truly only useful when you find yourself in need to use it. Since I can be a neet forever I have no use for knowledge and Id rather enjoy my life and hobbies to the max, without caring whether some stranger thinks im succesful or a failure. Comforming to social norms you disagree with is actual weakness btw.
>> No. 20155 [Edit]
What you don't know won't hurt you. Right?
>> No. 20156 [Edit]
Becoming an hero
>> No. 20189 [Edit]
There is only one universal good. Strength. There is only one universal evil. Weakness. Changing environments often change what it means to be strong or weak, but these are the traits that determine what will be around tomorrow. Don't believe me? If there is any higher power, this is the morality he enforces upon the universe. Any other morality you attempt to hold true can only be enforced through the morality of strength. And if you don't like that, the only thing you can do about it is become strong enough to change it.
>> No. 20190 [Edit]
I for one believe Strength is evil and Weakness is good. Strength leads to taking advantage of others, bulling, abuse, and apathy for others.
Weakness teaches humility and humbleness, and makes people sympathetic to the plights of others.
Nothing but pain comes from Strength, but in Weakness you'll find great potential for kindness.
>> No. 20191 [Edit]
>in Weakness you'll find great potential for kindness.
Not >>20189, but on this board we find plenty of weakness and not much kindness, at least in my eyes. I suppose one could say that strength just gets things done and gets direct results...
>> No. 20192 [Edit]
That kindness is evil. Sadism and altruism are equally bad. Both lead to your spirit being crushed, the difference is that the sadists break your spirit by crushing it, the altruists let your spirit whimper away into nothing. Any exploitation, bullying, abuse, or anything like this directed towards you is just another chance to struggle towards your own self-determination. Just because you're strong doesn't mean you have to crush those under you. Strength can be the means to defend the weak and commit your own evil in this accord, if that's what you think is so right. Just remember whenever you go around helping people out of the goodness of your heart instead of when they really need it you're really just patting yourself on the back and denying them an opportunity to grow.

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