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File 134615132521.jpg - (125.58KB , 400x225 , 130574297833.jpg )
16577 No. 16577 [Edit]
Choose ONE of these five aspects of a society:
> 1. Education
> 2. Work & Careers
> 3. Community & Social
> 4. Entertainment
> 5. Law & Crime
Then describe how they would be in your perfect world.

Funny answers just as welcome as serious ones.
>> No. 16578 [Edit]
I wouldn't exist in this “perfect world”.
>> No. 16580 [Edit]
...The world is fine and 'perfect' as it is, in my opinion. Like, sure, we don't fit into it very well, but we make the most of it.

I'm too lazy to fill your shit out, is what I'm trying to say.
>> No. 16581 [Edit]
As much as I hate the world as it is, I lack the expertise to create a world which could be better.
>> No. 16583 [Edit]
Not a perfect world, but better

>> 2. Work & Careers

We gather food and produce things using magic, so there's no need to work, and we take it easy all day.
>> No. 16586 [Edit]

Would be basically almost free.
Everyone should be allowed a decent education.
>> No. 16587 [Edit]

no matter what. but Thuo Must!!

aw shit tsk i hope yo ain't no thinking bout schools n university n shit cause that shit a shit and is bad yo know. didnt yo read yo ivan illich today and shit. like yo know dem essays bout education why a shit and shit. and the anarchist critique of dem schools n why a shit is nice too and they both critique work too so its tc related. read it!!
>> No. 16594 [Edit]
In my perfect world, education isn't based around tests.

In early childhood, certain rules (right conduct in society is taught, arithmetic, grammar, writing, speaking, language, basic history and law, etc) is taught. If an individual is drawn to studying and research and writing, he moves to higher education, where a lecture is given on a topic, the topic is discussed, a text is assigned to be read on the topic, a lecture is given again on the topic, another discussion is had, and the topic is to be written on. Once everyone's thought about the topic and has been interested, it's moved past, and a new topic is found. Self-study is encouraged and writing is especially encouraged, but due to the fact that no tests are given, it doesn't matter if a student finds interest in a topic or not. Education isnt' something people only do to find jobs, it's something people take part in because they're curious about things, and they take topics and listen to lectures and get trained in direction on where to take in their interests.

sorry for bad writing
>> No. 16596 [Edit]
Say, hasn't this thread been posted here before? Or maybe it was on another chan...

Anyway, education would be less general and more specialized as you get older. In college, your major means "what you study," not "what you study + all these irrelevant classes." That's what pisses me off about college. I don't care about art and history, what does it have to do with math and programming?
>> No. 16609 [Edit]

>Say, hasn't this thread been posted here before? Or maybe it was on another chan...

Yes, we had this (exact same) thread before but it's either in the archive or was deleted, too lazy to check.
>> No. 16611 [Edit]
2. Work & Careers
With only a little work, anyone can make a living wage.
>> No. 16612 [Edit]
does it matter? why dont you make some original threads if you dont like it.
>> No. 16636 [Edit]

Neither of us said anything negative about it, >>16596 ust asked a question and I answered it.
>> No. 16686 [Edit]

>5. Law and Crime.
More 'sensitivity' training for police and security. Given the times I have dealt with such people, I tend to be annoyed. Jail for shit like tresspassing and other misdemenoars should be very light and nice.

Legalize week, abolish the age of consent, etc.
>> No. 16756 [Edit]
> 1. Education
Universities should be much, much larger. Something like a small city where students live, work, and study. Another interesting thing to do would be with standardized testing, make multiple types of standardized tests through something that's international rather than exclusive to the country. That way students going to university or college can choose whatever country as well, given they can speak the language required. I also think education should be free, or at least have most of it be completely paid for if its something that is high in demand. It's one of the best investments a nation could make, I think.

I would have also included stuff on the other 4 but I've never held a job, am not good with social interactions, entertainment is subjective, and something being a law doesn't always make it ethically correct, and even then you have to weight why some things are even considered ethical.
>> No. 16787 [Edit]
Oh OP, you so silly. People who complain about all these things couldn't come up with a better solution even if their lives depended on it, they are just complaining for the sake of complaining.
>> No. 17165 [Edit]
Well, considering my perfect world is a fusion of my own desires with a setting of the series my waifu is from:

>1. Education
No homework, no stressful fact memorization or cramming or anything like that. Mostly just club-like stuff and learning about stuff that's actually interesting, such as history. Also, since I'm a huge pervert, classes about fetishes.

>2. Work & Careers
Kinda the same as above really. Stuff just smoothly rolls out and doesn't hit too many snags.

>3. Community & Social
Just doing shit with her and her friends basically. Every day stuff like snuggling, eating together, going on walks, shopping.

>4. Entertainment
Since I'm a huge nerd, lots of video games and stuff like card games, etc. My waifu's not exactly big on these in her canon, but she's hung around me so long a lot of it has rubbed off on her, just like how her interests have rubbed off on me.

>5. Law & Crime
There will be no crime.
>> No. 17168 [Edit]
I care about nothing but entertainment. I looked at all those other choices and threw up in my mouth a little. I want nothing to do with any of it. Those things never even cross my mind.

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