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File 134290112394.jpg - (364.90KB , 1680x1260 , hatsune-miku-visor-future-crystal-glowing-dress.jpg )
9791 No. 9791 [Edit]
I've been interested in future technologies since I met my waifu (I think it's evident why) and part of the reason why I WANT to live on is because of the possibilities of the future.

While I'm sure that Virtual Reality (VR) will become one of the preferred types of tech to finally allow you to be able to interact freely with the girl of your dreams, I can't help but wonder...

What if she was available in android form? (Chobits, anyone?)

Of course, this would be at the point where they're so advanced that typical androids are indistinguishable from 3DPDs. While VR could be so astonishing that an entire second life could be lived by simply wearing the required headgear or hooking yourself up to a machine after getting home from work, what are your thoughts on waking up next to your gorgeous waifu and living your life with her by your side?

I've taken the liberty to write out some pros and cons for both technologies (feel free to add your own ideas):

Pros of VR:
A second life with your waifu (so advanced that you can actually feel her touch [I think this sort of technology already exists])
The ability to go anywhere with her for a few hours a day
A temporary escape from reality

Cons of VR:
Limited amount of time to spend with your waifu daily
I'm sure at least some of you would fall ill due to lack of nutrition and such (it's perfectly understandable)
You guys would leave the forum in order to spend more time with your waifu ;_;

Pros of an android waifu:
Being able to live life with your waifu beside you at all times
With the exception of any upgrades and customization, your android waifu would be a one time payment (reasonable price due to the ubiquitous nature of androids in the future)
Easily programmable software would allow you to make personalized choices in regards to anything, should any changes be required

Cons of an android waifu:
She would have to be recharged (although this could easily be done overnight and probably only once a week or so)
I assume she'd be reasonably heavy?
You'd have to programme her yourself as I doubt 'personality packs' would be available (not that this is much of a negative aspect, but it might feel strange to change her to suit your need)

So what would you rather have:
Perfected VR technology that would enable you to live out your wildest dreams with your waifu, or an android waifu that would always be by your side?

I know some of you will claim that 2D could never translate into 3D, but work with me on this one! If you have any other alternatives or ideas, be sure to include those.
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>> No. 9793 [Edit]
I'd rather have VR. I don't want an android mainly because it's physical and it resides in our 3D world. Unless it was a perfect world, I don't think I can even handle taking care of an android. At least, in VR (I'm assuming) I can create a perfect life with my waifu, in a perfect world.

Either way, I don't think I'd be able to live long enough to see anything but beta versions of VRs, much less Androids. Skynet, too.
>> No. 9798 [Edit]
Even if that happens, it would very expensive, i wish i could win the lottery to buy one, but i´ll rather choose VR over androids.

and pretty much what >>9793 said.
>> No. 9800 [Edit]
>>9793, what he said really. Reminds me of the manga, Ressentiment, where you could truly be whoever you want to be and the AI of your waifu is sophisticated enough to be actually your waifu, the only thing I can hope is they don't charge things like DLC to unlock more things you can do with your waifu. But knowing Scamco...

Though at least I can turn myself into 2D in VR, so we can be perfect for each other.
>> No. 9801 [Edit]
I'd go with VR too, assuming the hourly cost isn't outrageously expensive. But what Iorin said, knowing Scamco, everything would be expensive. I don't even want to know what type of prices they would charge for an android. Plus I doubt they could ever make facial expressions etc. perfect in our lifetime, or the next generations lifetime, but even if they could, I'd still go with VR, as long as her touch felt genuine.
>> No. 9802 [Edit]
Sometimes I wonder if something like Vocaloids can be made out of the Rock-afire Explosion.
>> No. 9804 [Edit]
I guess VR would also be the best choice due to all the possibilities available i.e 'travelling' with your waifu, etc.

Regarding the hourly rate, I'd assume you'd just be able to buy it and use it freely in the comfort of your own home, much like a gaming system. As for touch...

>> No. 9813 [Edit]
Compare how long it took to set up a global telephone system with establishing the infinitely more advanced internet. Considering the exponential nature of technology, I believe that any prediction is shaky at best.

i.e. There's plenty of hope yet, friends.
>> No. 9820 [Edit]
Tough, I'm leaning towards VR only due to the having to program Androids yourself.

Also for anyone interested, there is a manga that explores the whole VR concept very well:


Definitely worth looking into
>> No. 9826 [Edit]

There's a way to seize this now, as a sort of VR, except without all the cons.


I've been thinking about making one of Minami.
But I dunno.
>> No. 9827 [Edit]
Why do you have a <3 in your name. In fact why did you feel compelled to use a secure trip at all
>> No. 9828 [Edit]
Because <3 is ice cream side ways so he probably likes ice cream.
>> No. 9829 [Edit]
Short version: Because.

Long version: I'm banned from 4chan for two years and I don't want to forget my trip from there, which was the same as it is here, so I had to use it somewhere.
>> No. 9830 [Edit]
Why not open up a .txt and save it in there?
>> No. 9833 [Edit]
  Something like this
>> No. 9836 [Edit]
I'm, um, an idiot.

I still would like to keep my trip if that's okay for mere identification purposes; I don't want to have to respond to the inevitable "who are you"/"who is your waifu again?" question a bazillion times.
I'd gladly made it a regular trip instead of a secure one though (in fact, I just did).
>> No. 9838 [Edit]
>I don't want to have to respond to the inevitable "who are you"/"who is your waifu again?" question a bazillion times.

nobody asks this
>> No. 9850 [Edit]
You must be new here.

Even the trip and the stupid 'pete ham' name is somewhat tolerable, just take off the stupid love heart emoticon.
>> No. 9857 [Edit]
File 134316012715.jpg - (28.15KB , 283x332 , rs-pete.jpg )
r.i.p. me ;_;

Oh, good. That'd get old quick.

I'm just used to larger imageboards like 4chan where no one knows anyone.
>> No. 9858 [Edit]
Why does it matter?
>> No. 9859 [Edit]
fucking normals....
>> No. 9860 [Edit]
This seems like a good reason to work hard and make money now. There's nothing I want today, but in twenty or forty or fifty years? I'm hoping this kind of technology will be available.

I heard the record company fucked them over and stole their money. Was never really a fan of Badfinger but it's a sad story all the same.
>> No. 9861 [Edit]
Actually it wasn't so much the record company as their manager who basically stole all their money from them and committed fraud and pinned it on the band, leading Warner Bros. (their label) to pull their album from the shelves.
Then Pete Ham killed himself.
Then the band broke up, and then later got back together again but made no impact at all on anything (although the reunion albums were okay).
Then the other dude (Tom Evans) killed himself.

And to top it all off, they don't even get any credit for the most famous song they ever wrote ("Without You"). It's a real shame and pretty sad, yeah.
>> No. 9862 [Edit]
Take it easy everyone. And stay on topic.
>> No. 9863 [Edit]

The guy is new, I don't think that makes him a normal.
>> No. 9864 [Edit]

Classic new person who talks too much. I came here directly from /c/, but didn't needlessly flaunt it. Like right there.

At least he has good taste in waifus.
>> No. 9892 [Edit]
can we lock this because of all the normals....,.
>> No. 9893 [Edit]
what are you talking about
>> No. 9894 [Edit]
You know what? Forget I said anything to begin with.

Anyway, getting back on topic, I'd honestly go with VR. If the whole 2D -> 3D transition worked well enough, I'd consider the android, but the way it seems to me, VR would be the way to go.
>> No. 9921 [Edit]
File 134353930992.gif - (42.26KB , 226x300 , Dorothy1.gif )
"What if she was available in android form?"

Heh... Hehe... My waifu IS an android.
Of course I'd love to spend time with Dorothy, but I feel like there would be a hole in my heart. It wouldn't be THE Dorothy I fell in love with. It would just be a reincarnation of her. It wouldn't be the same.
>> No. 9951 [Edit]
That brings up an interesting philosophical question. What if the android's personality were written by the same people who wrote her lines in The Big O? Why wouldn't she be the Dorothy you fell in love with?

It further complicates things when you realize that anyone could write her personality (in a spinoff manga for example) as long as it's endorsed by the original creators.
>> No. 9953 [Edit]
You make a very interesting point. I think that although she would be the same Dorothy he fell in love with, he may think of her differently as she would be based on her initial personality.

That is, through the development of his relationship with her, I assume he most certainly (like at least some of us) furthered his concept of her by himself; an already designated personality can leave little room for additional traits, and so, he may feel unable to project his perfected concept onto a physical manifestation of her.

I sure hope that made sense...
>> No. 9955 [Edit]
No, it definitely makes sense. After living in our hearts/minds for so long, our respective waivus take on a personal form independent of the source material.
>> No. 9961 [Edit]
I think thats very true. My waifu comes from a Ken Akamatsu manga and he rarely seems to have any desire to go into charaters' pasts at depth, yet I've taken what he wrote about my waifu and made some pretty interesting thoughts.
>> No. 10077 [Edit]
None, I prefer a tulpa.
>> No. 10079 [Edit]
Have you made one? If so, how's that working out for you?
>> No. 10111 [Edit]
I actually don't want such a thing to be developed.
As far as I can tell, she'd be nor more real than she is now, and would instead just be a substitute of sorts.
>> No. 10113 [Edit]
Not really, though I would if I had time.
>> No. 10114 [Edit]
This. I am sure android or VR will never replace what I have right now with my waifu. Whole greatness of having waifu is there is no way to simulate it via technology.
>> No. 10115 [Edit]
My problem with robotics VR and all that jazz, is that someone still needs to program in the personality, and that doesn't seem like a easy task at all.
At least with appearances, it should be possible to pay someone to make you a custom version, it would just cost a lot. just like current day love dolls.
I can't even begin to imagine how you'd faithfully replicate a character's spirit, short of using pre-scripted lines of dialog like a game's npc.
Seems like it would be a really complicated task to create true ai in itself.
But if all you want is a emotionless robot that doesn't think for itself and only responds to your commands, I guess it could work out.
>> No. 10117 [Edit]
Don't worry, they can just get some Indian or Chinese slave labour to write out responses
>> No. 10119 [Edit]
Reminds me of the voice actors in Neil Stephenson's _The Diamond Age_.
>> No. 10122 [Edit]
File 134541435293.jpg - (858.39KB , 1440x900 , 129866030877.jpg )
Are you telling me that if you had the opportunity to bring your fantasies to life, you would miss out on it? I think people like us could do very well if such simulations, be it VR or robotics, were available. Just the thought of physically holding my waifu is enough to convince me that maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Also, since when has the concept of a waifu ever been restricted to non-technological entities? (Sal9000 being a prime example of what I'm referring to) Just because they exist in our minds, it doesn't mean we'd be unable to project our concept of them onto an appropriate physical or virtual form; in fact, I believe we would be able to do so, much more easily than you might think.

I can understand such technologies might never succeed in accurately representing your waifu or in making her feel any more real than how you currently perceive her, but until such things come to exist, there's just no way to know.

We can't be sure what the future will hold, so I'm giving my opinions with an optimistic view, even if I honestly doubt we'll be around to witness it at its best. I highly doubt that at an age when “they're so advanced that typical androids are indistinguishable” from regular humans, that they'd be emotionless machines. But then again, we'd be dwelling into the topics of sentience and self-awareness, something even experts are very much divided on.

You're right when you say that replicating a character's spirit and behaviour would be a difficult task, but, at the end of the day, surely what you see in your waifu isn't entirely depicted in her source material? What I mean to say is that you'll have 'filled in the gaps', so to speak, in order to complete this perfect concept you adore so much. So, in this case, my question is: why would the creation of an android/virtual form with those determined personality traits be so complicated? Again, I'm approaching this from the hypothetical point of view that we'd be so advanced that strong AI (that is, AI that at least matches human intelligence) is available.
>> No. 10123 [Edit]
You make a good point there.
>> No. 10128 [Edit]
True. If I can project my feelings for my waifu onto a pillow, then I can certainly project my feelings onto something that actually feels like a person. There's always the issue of an uncanny valley of resemblance, though.
>> No. 10131 [Edit]
Well you might be right. Somehow I was under impression that VR or android would replace her. Now I understand well what you mean. Something like dakimakura right? I don't really love my dakimakura, but because of it I am able to simulate her sleeping next to me. I admit I am very addicted to my dakimakura while it doesn't replace her or anything.

Both android and VR would definitely have their advantages. Android would be better choice for me because I really want to be here. I don't want to be "sucked" in VR. I enjoy living in my apartment, my town and my world and I wish I could show her how I live and then live with her. I mean like brushing her hair while sitting on the couch. Otherhand VR would better when I want to experience something that is limited by real world.
>> No. 10202 [Edit]
>to life
That's the thing though: She wouldn't really be "alive", just an AI with automated responses.
I want nothing short of her being physically real and truly alive. Perhaps that's an unfair, irrational dream, but until that happens I'm perfectly content with how we are now.
>> No. 10215 [Edit]
I can see where you're coming from, but this was never meant to be about our waifus existing in our world, but rather having simulations of them. The AI would not communicate in automated, pre-scripted responses, but would instead be able to think for itself and make decisions based on the situation it found itself in, in accordance with the waifu's personality.

>I want nothing short of her being physically real and truly alive.
'Alive' is a little too ambiguous to use, don't you think? But consider this; we, ourselves, are biological machines. When we perform any action it's due to the electrical impulses in the brain leading to motor actions and such (biologists, don't shoot me down). What exactly would be the difference between an android and us in terms of being alive? With the previously discussed AI taken into account, it would be conscious of its own existence and perform just as well as us intellectually, if not better.

Either way, if you're happy with your decision, then fair enough. This thought was mainly stemmed from the inability to physically interact with our waifus and, really, it's the only way I see us coming anywhere remotely near the real deal. That is, until cross-dimensional travel!
>> No. 10463 [Edit]
File 134812014785.jpg - (5.35MB , 2480x1748 , vocaloid_hatsune-miku-append.jpg )
Have you ever thought about creating your waifu? Sure, it's a tough task and you'll probably spend the rest of your life with it - but isn't it worth it if you have a slightest chance to hold your waifu in your arms?
>> No. 10466 [Edit]
Bellmer would agree.
>> No. 10505 [Edit]

Modern-day Galatea, eh?

Someday I might post about that. Making fun of "waifufags" is a popular past-time, but the the underlying philosophy of it was first explored by Classical Antiquity, which is generally held in high retard.
>> No. 10546 [Edit]
Screw VR.

We're fairly close to being able to upload your consciousness into a computer (<40 years if the R&D money holds up), and we'll have true AI not long after that. So somebody in Japan or somewhere will make a virtual model of your waifu's home universe, so just upload yourself inside and finally be with the girl of your dreams, and she'll not just be a pre-programmed cutout, her source material personality will merely be a template to build further experience and actions on.

Bad news is you'll only be able to afford it if you're rich (or if we implement socialism, making everyone "rich")
I know I will.

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