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File 132645901756.jpg - (134.89KB , 972x704 , 57577879.jpg )
8125 No. 8125 [Edit]
Pretty cute looking show, interesting plot.
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>> No. 8127 [Edit]
Is there a show left that doesn't have a girl with long hair, straight bangs and purple eyes? Getting sick of all these recycled character designs...
>> No. 8130 [Edit]
But black hime cuts and purple eyes make a great combo.
>> No. 8132 [Edit]

That may be true, but at least she doesn't act like most of them.
>> No. 8137 [Edit]
There should be more if anything.
>> No. 8139 [Edit]
If it wasn't for her then I wouldn't have picked this show up in the first place. She does act pretty different from the norm for this sort of design, which is good in my opinion.
>> No. 8159 [Edit]
File 132669826754.jpg - (84.01KB , 1280x720 , 1326496325555.jpg )
The same could be said about genki girls with short brown/orange hair. However, I like dark haired girls with hime cuts, so there's never enough, in my opinion.

Anyways, I really enjoyed the first episode. It's another anime adaptation of a 'shoujo running in a shounen magazine' just like Zakuro was (which I also loved), so I look forward to future episodes.
>> No. 8219 [Edit]
File 132702597445.jpg - (161.17KB , 1266x919 , horny ririchyo.jpg )
I prefered her when she was normal.
>> No. 8309 [Edit]
File 132763418143.jpg - (261.32KB , 1438x1072 , 436757564.jpg )
Dohoho, they forgot to draw a button for the third floor.
>> No. 8310 [Edit]

No, it's just there is no 3rd floor
>> No. 8319 [Edit]

But her horns are hot.
>> No. 8352 [Edit]
File 132821639134.jpg - (26.20KB , 640x360 , ff44be4ee598e3e328747702a02baffe1326312112_full.jpg )
Intresting because there is no fourth floor in Another(but that's made on purpose I think).
>> No. 8353 [Edit]
Ain't that "no fourth floor" thing common supertition in Japan because "four" is pronounced just the same as "death"(shi)? At least that's what I've been told all my life.
Now I don't get why the heck no third floor.
>> No. 8354 [Edit]
Yep, just like several hospitals in america don't have 13th floors
>> No. 8355 [Edit]
Depends what you mean. In Europe they use ground floor, then first floor and so on. In the US the ground floor is called 1st floor.

So if they were following European design in there, then they have ground, 1st, 2nd, (skip third which would be 4th in the US, yet labeled 3rd in Europe).

I'm sorry if I got this wrong for all of Europe, it might just be the UK that does this.
>> No. 8360 [Edit]
Really? They just skip the thirteenth floor? Why would they do that?
>> No. 8361 [Edit]
If they are using the european design then why would they ommit what would be the 4th floor in the american design? Why not both? If that matters so much why not ommit both?
>> No. 8362 [Edit]
13 being an unlucky number with folklore and superstitions in the US.

And it's not just floors, but apartment buildings and hotels as well won't have a room #13.

Usually they go room 11, 12, 14a, 14b, 15, 16 instead of simply skipping the room number.
>> No. 8363 [Edit]

note that this generally doesn't apply in the big city areas, but mostly the rural areas and smaller towns.
>> No. 8364 [Edit]
That just sounds silly, despite it having its cultural background.
>> No. 8365 [Edit]
File 13282320898.jpg - (112.57KB , 1142x914 , 5478458568.jpg )
This show has the best intro I've seen for a long while. I honestly don't remenber the last show I didn't skip the intro everytime, they were always boring and repetitive but for some reason both the song and the animation of this gets me amazed everytime.
>> No. 8366 [Edit]
Don't they realise that 14a or whatever number follows 12 is really just the 13th whatever, and all that's different is the name?
I mean, the 13th flood is the 13th floor, regardless of what you call it.
>> No. 8394 [Edit]
File 132841038263.jpg - (201.69KB , 1280x720 , hnnnggg.jpg )
I died.
>> No. 8461 [Edit]
File 132884505063.jpg - (289.19KB , 1602x1062 , bhbj.jpg )
>> No. 9032 [Edit]
File 133266981462.png - (1.62MB , 1378x768 , Spoiler Picture.png )
Did anybody else kept watching this? Episode 11 was pretty moving...

Ririchiyo is a REAL lady: beautiful, clever, sensitive and refined. I'm waiting now for the conclusion of this fairly nice series.
>> No. 9033 [Edit]
Watched episode 11 today. It was amazing. This series turned out to be one of the best (if not the best) of the season, for me.

The sales are okay and the EDs are getting loads of views on nico. There might be some hope for a second season.
>> No. 9041 [Edit]
Episode 11 was indeed very good. So far I've thought inuxboku is just mediocre fanservice show but seems it might turn to actually decent. Let's wait till last episode.
>> No. 9085 [Edit]
Just caught ep 11 now. I loved it.

Hopefully they finally get to sit down and have that damn cup coffee already. They both deserve it.
>> No. 9099 [Edit]
Having a cup of coffee is for casuals, they moved straight to holding hands and cuddling.
>> No. 9100 [Edit]
File 133309284243.jpg - (125.14KB , 596x318 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
So, in accordance with Ririnchyo's sentence on Miketsukami's speech...
Seems correct...

However: DAMN GOOD ENDING. Still won't make it into my own Parnasse, but it was a damned (and totally unexpected) good series alright.
>> No. 9101 [Edit]
File 133309439888.jpg - (132.78KB , 1222x686 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 9123 [Edit]
File 133319807836.jpg - (283.89KB , 1280x1317 , 1.jpg )
What a good series. This turned out to be an excellent surprise. I'm sad to see this one gone.

Although season two is only a matter of time, judging by the BD sales.
>> No. 9124 [Edit]
  EASILY the cutest ED of the season.
>> No. 9139 [Edit]
KanaHana's voice is a tactical weapon of mass heart attack.

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