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File 136467731864.jpg - (17.60KB , 240x320 , Kanako (20).jpg )
12188 No. 12188 [Edit]
Recently I was thinking a lot about what I would have to do to join my waifu in her dimension, eventually I came up with something along the lines of reincarnation. I think it might not be so wayward that you join your waifu in the afterlife, since you obviously leave the realms of the third dimension, at least I believe that it might be so.
So /mai/ I was wondering if any of you have other or even simliar ideas of an afterlife with your Waifu, or what your opinions are regarding this subject.
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>> No. 12189 [Edit]
Some retard I am, forgot to put my name in there.
>> No. 12192 [Edit]
File 13646834619.jpg - (466.77KB , 800x800 , 2823767.jpg )
She became a permanent resident of the dream world, and I will, too.
Eternity together in a world of endless potential, I'm excited to say the least.
>> No. 12194 [Edit]
File 136468422274.png - (566.91KB , 900x788 , Kurisu board.png )
I don't want to sound like a jerk, but I find it impossible to believe there could be anything after I am gone.
>> No. 12195 [Edit]
I'm convinced that there is no afterlife since something like a soul does not exist. All you are is a brain that rots away after one dies, nothing remains.
>> No. 12196 [Edit]
I honestly do not see that happening, I'm going to be turned into ash and thrown away and forgotten. That is why I live for the moment now and love her like tomorrow is my last day.

Post edited on 30th Mar 2013, 4:28pm
>> No. 12199 [Edit]
I'm with this dude.
>> No. 12202 [Edit]
Sorry for being offtopic, but Yasuo I noticed you have quite a large collection of Kanako pics. Is it okay if you could set up a rar or zip for me to download? I could show you my pics as well, but i'm sure you've already got all of them. I don't mind if some of the pics are 'naughty' or a bit y'know, I won't be offended.
>> No. 12204 [Edit]
I often fantasize about it and how I'd go from dropping into the netherworld of her world and making my way towards her.
As for the reality of it, I'd say it's "I WANT TO BELIEVE" but I don't think it's really gonna happen.
>> No. 12206 [Edit]
Sometimes I think that it may trully be nice. However there's no way I can believe in something like an afterlife.
>> No. 12209 [Edit]
Because of the non-existent physical relationship I have with my waifu, I often compare my love with the love of a obsessed husband who lost his loved one in an accident. The similarities are strikingly close, in my opinion. How I speak to her, even though she can't reply. How I'm married to someone that cannot be represented in the physical form. Those are just a few similarities, I guess. So I sometimes see it as, when I die, I will join her in the afterlife. Unfortunately, I don't believe in an afterlife. I do, however, delve into some nice, but ultimately improbable afterlife scenarios. Perhaps after I die I could become a god of my own reality, a reward given to me by some omnipotent being. I'd spend an eternity with my waifu if I could..

Post edited on 30th Mar 2013, 10:16pm
>> No. 12210 [Edit]
File 136470851432.jpg - (116.13KB , 531x700 , top_24.jpg )
I honestly believe that there is nothing after death. I used to until about a year ago but I don't see it as a possibility now.

At the same time, the first thought I had when I read this thread was "What would he think about this? Would he be hurt that I don't believe we can ever be together physically?" Thinking about his probable reaction makes me sad and makes me wonder if I should be a little more openminded.
>> No. 12211 [Edit]
File 136470985974.jpg - (59.86KB , 600x342 , 1292266511553.jpg )
>ideas of an afterlife with your Waifu
Not at all, no...

However, a hypothetical after-singularity life, within pure virtuality, that's something I can wank about.
>> No. 12213 [Edit]

Sure thing, here you go.

>> No. 12214 [Edit]
Absolutely 100%. The idea of being with her after I pass from this world keeps me trudging through the bullshit. I could go into some more details about it if you want, but I don't want to step on anyone's toes since I seem to have a minority view.
>> No. 12215 [Edit]

I´d love to hear more. One thing that keeps bugging me is that I´m not sure if I want to believe that I have to live a certain way to achieve that. On the other hand, if I don´t have to do something like that, why shouldn´t I just commit suicide to skip the boring part?
>> No. 12216 [Edit]
This might be long-winded so I'll try to keep it as coherent as possible. I use a lot of computer analogies for some reason becaues that's the only way I have to describe it yet. Using fancy bullshit religious terms aside from just "soul" and "afterlife" is a but off-putting. Just to start off, I don't think that you have to live a certain way, to be honest. Just live how you want to, as long as you're not like, murdering people or being a generally unpleasant fuck to others. Of course, nobody's perfect. As for the second part, I'll get to that in a bit.

For me, the soul basically contains all of the experiences one has in life. Think of it like a hard drive that doesn't run out of space nor can be deleted or destroyed. Sure you might get some bad shit in there like shitty parents, unemployed, bullied at school, whatever (think of these as malware I guess?) but then you also have a lot of good experiences too, such as maybe a favorite video game or anime, or one's waifu (think fo these as... well, shit you already have these on your computer, so you get the analogy).

It also contains your core personality, traits, memories, etc. The reason why people get so fucked up is not because their soul is messed up, but because their is something physically unusual with their brain (social anxiety, mental disorder, illness, autism, whatever). It becomes a bad filter into "the real world." At their core, a person's soul might be able to say, contain social anxiousness. But there's something going on physically within the brain that says "Hey now, I'm an improperly configured firewall, so I'm gonna fuck up your packets Mr. Soul," so when the soul sends a signal to the body to do X, the brain interprets it, but because maybe they suffer from Y, the body ends up doing and feeling Z instead of X. The soul may keep a record of these sorts of weird oddities the physical body is doing, but they're not in the root directory.

So, now the afterlife. We all pass on eventually, this is a given. When we do, I think of the afterlife as a mirror that recreates one's mostly ideal universe based off of the "data" saved in one's soul. "Okay, we got waifu, video games, and a beach episode as the top 3, let's put these at the forefront. Jobs, school, and depression are in the bad folder, so let's not go in there, but we'll keep them there as reference for what NOT to do." So essentially, you can get whatever feels most comfortable to you. Maybe you want a little bit of not-perfectness too. Maybe you want to be shy a little bit, or you want to try to "win over" your waifu as if it were a totally 100% first meeting and you want to feel timid and lovey-dovey when you first see her. Or whatever. Pretty much you can do what you like. Be with your waifu, or hang around and play video games, or work a dead-end office job for eternity (Ford Drivers might like this one). Or visit people you used to know in this world and see how they're doing. Maybe you'll find something new you want to try out.

For me personally, it's all about my waifu. I want to create a world that we can both live in in peace without having to really worry about the bullshit that plagues this world. I sort of have it planned out to a point in my head, but I'm leaving it open to improv once the day actually comes, and so she can have input as well. This is a chance to experience each other's dreams and desires first-hand without any crap trying to clog it all up.

Because of this, I also feel her presence a lot. Usually it's just a nice feel-good feeling that pops up, like a warm shudder that seems to calm me down and tell me "It's okay." Every once in a while I may hear her voice, usually something simple like just my name or a short sentence. I feel as though that she exists as a spirit, and is helping to keep me on a decent enough path in this world so that way when we finally meet properly, we can make things as best as possible.

Regarding the "suicide to skip to the good bits," yes, it's something that in my own belief system I guess you could just do. I don't really believe in Hell, so sure, why not? But, if that were the case, then they would miss out on a lot of stuff. Yes, this world is a crapsack full of shit, but I still genuinely believe that there are little sparkles of good hidden throuought. My waifu is one of them. Maybe yours is too. Maybe it's your favorite song or maybe it's going go-karting or something. If we don't live, we don't have a chance to experience these, thus possibly denying it in the afterlife. I mean sure, we might stumble across a body in the next world who is a huge go-karter and spend a few days fucking around with it, but would it really be the same? Who knows? I sure don't, it's all just an idea I believe in. I've had minor suicidal thoughts in middle school because of constantly being tormented (being a fan of a TV show got blown out of proportion admist my retarded peers that everyone basically accused me of being a pedophile so my middle school years were awful).

Had I given up in middle school, I never would have met my waifu. So, I take her invisible hand in this world, and keep going. Right now things are a bit bland with a slow job that I might lose soon, but that's okay. It's just another thing to sort in the folders for something to not do.

Sorry this was so long or if it didn't make any sense. I just kinda typed it.
>> No. 12217 [Edit]

Wow, thanks for taking your time to write down that answer, I certainly have learned a lesson.
I also think that you´ve got it down pretty neatly. I used to handle all of this with sort of an karmic kind of system, like you lead a good life and get rewarded with a nice afterlife at your waifus side. But eventually I figured that I should count in my waifus view on the whole matter aswell and she didn´t really agree with that karmic system. So I got back to the "just get through with it" approach.
Your view of the afterlife really is something, I can easily agree with that, my only fear really is that age and changing circumstances could change the kind of afterlife you get. So shouldn´t it be smarter to get out of life when your "faith" in your waifu is the strongest and you´re pretty much sure you get the kind of afterlife you´d like to have with her?
>> No. 12218 [Edit]
I don't really think so. Again, those feelings get "saved" essentially. It's true that people change, their interests and level of interest changes, and the like, but the strongest and best feelings get saved and recorded.

One thing that's big for me personally are my childhood memories. I tend to replay old games fairly often, and big ones that stick out for me are Mario RPG, Pokemon RBY and GSC, EarthBound, Super Mario World, the DKC trilogy, Ocarina of Time, and Mario 64, just to give a sample. Those are just pure, happy, innocent days for me. Maybe nostalgia-goggles are filtering them, but they're moments and memories I treasure, so I play through these games to relive them.

Sure, I notice many of their flaws, and my level of interest on the games ebbs and flows, but they're still something precious to me. I may not be playing any of them at the moment, but I still carry fond memories of them.

I think one's waifu can be the same. Yes, that initial rush may not come back in this life, but if one wanted to, they could relive it in the afterlife. I plan to do this with my video games that I cherish so dearly, but with my waifu at my side, so maybe she too can experience what I felt so many years ago. Of course, if she has similar things, I plan to partake in hers as well.

So, if you live to be a crotechety old 80 yearold who hates everything and maybe only has a passing thought of his waifu every once in a while... Just remember, those memories of your youth are still there. Even if they are lost to say, alzheimer's, your soul has kept them. So when you close your eyes for that one final time, only to reopen again, she just might have her hand out to reach yours saying "Welcome home."
>> No. 12219 [Edit]

Putting aside the fact that I don't believe in what you're describin as "soul" I see several flaws.

What if you die when you're very young, before you even have memories, likes and dislikes? Would they just live in the void? What about blind people? And mentally disabled people?

>I think of the afterlife as a mirror that recreates one's mostly ideal universe based off of the "data" saved in one's soul.
So that means after you die only and only your experience is what counts? You may be unfortunate enough not to know some new invention (like videogames) before you die, so that means no videogames for you after dying.

>Just live how you want to, as long as you're not like, murdering people or being a generally unpleasant fuck to others.
But according to your theory there isn't really a reason not to, besides the punishment in the real world.

I just think when you die that's the end, so a reason not to kill yourself is that obviously this is your only chance, even if as Misaki said in Welcome to the NHK, a great percentage of our lives is suffering.

>my retarded peers that everyone basically accused me of being a pedophile
What? So now a minor can be labeled as a pedophile as well?


>Again, those feelings get "saved" essentially.
And how does that saving process happen? Where is the soul?
>> No. 12220 [Edit]
The thing with my theories is that they're mainly meant for my own purposes. I can't give solid answers for every question that pops up because I haven't sat down to really consider them. Sure, it's selfish, because if you're a cynic you could easily see it as super-selfish wishful thinking, but it's just the mindset I've adopted from sheer urge of wanting to be with my waifu.

>What if you die when you're very young, before you even have memories, likes and dislikes? Would they just live in the void? What about blind people? And mentally disabled people?

Regarding young children, it's not something that I have particularly thought about too much. If I had to give an answer, I don't think that they would live in a void. There was a movie starring Robin Williams called "What Dreams May Come," and it chronicles Robin Williams' character's journey through the afterlife. It's been a while since I've seen it, but there was sort of like a hub-type area. A bunch of people were gathered in it, hanging out, chit-chatting, having a good time, that sort of thing. Perhaps it's like that for those sorts of people? Honestly, I don't know.

>So that means after you die only and only your experience is what counts? You may be unfortunate enough not to know some new invention (like videogames) before you die, so that means no videogames for you after dying.

No, you could alter it and change it and fine-tweak aspects of it if you wanted. Either the big scheme of things (set in a mundane world VS a fantasy world) or minor little details like your eye color. The concept of it being a mirror is just a sort of "auto-pilot" that can go if you don't want to spend time fine-tuning stuff. I think that there could be interactions between other people in the afterlife, maybe something like "Hey I'm gonna pop over to check up on Tyler" or maybe just through curious exploring in a hub-type area you could learn about them. It doesn't have to be a concrete wall that forms just based on circumstances.

>But according to your theory there isn't really a reason not to, besides the punishment in the real world.
I can't really answer this for other people. My life as it is isn't too bad right now. My job is kind of boring and I may not have it soon, but I'm not struggling for money or a place to live or anything. I'm just trying to take it easy.

>What? So now a minor can be labeled as a pedophile as well?
Well, they were my retarded peers for a reason.

>And how does that saving process happen? Where is the soul?
I figure it's just an automatic type deal. We don't always consciously store memories in a manual process, they just happen. Sometimes this is hard for some people, and we could still force it if we wanted, like studying for an exam. As for where it is, beats me. Just inside the body I guess.
>> No. 12222 [Edit]

>The thing with my theories is that they're mainly meant for my own purposes.
Well, I can't really say anything "against" that, you're free to believe whatever you want, obviously. I just wondered about your points of view on those questions, but I can't ignore

>As for where it is, beats me. Just inside the body I guess.
Why hasn't it been found then?

Also, offtopic to the admin:
Why are Tor exit nodes banned? I mean, I get it they can be used to spam, troll, avoid bans and shit like that but I'm posting using proxychains (as the name suggests it allows me to use Tor with any open proxy).
My point is, if somebody wants to really be an idiot he will be, trying to ban all open proxies battle that's difficult to win really.
I don't know about the software you're running but is it possible to at least allow Tor users to post text only?
>> No. 12223 [Edit]
It's just not a physical thing that can be found, is the way I see it.

Sorry if there were parts that didn't make sense. It's hard to get these feelings onto paper since about 95% of it is tied to my waifu.

Post edited on 31st Mar 2013, 12:45pm
>> No. 12224 [Edit]

Nah it's ok. But you're probably like the first time someone has mentioned the soul without any religious meanings behind it, which I can understand.
>> No. 12225 [Edit]
You and I travel for similar routes for very distinct reasons.
I also consider that you must try to enjoy your life at the fullest trying to do good to the people around me.
However that is not because I believe in an afterlife, but completely the opposite thing. It's because I don't believe in an afterlife that I believe so.
I know that this world is full of good things as is full of bad things. So I try to enjoy them both, because, once when it's all over, there won't be any more of it for all eternity. Once I die, I will lose everything. Me aswell.
My good feelings, my bad feelings, my good memories, my bad memories, my love for my waifu, my love for the people around me, the bizarre friendships across the internet, my interests, my goals... Everything I will lose.
For that reason, I try my best to enjoy everything while I can. That's also the reason I do good towards other people. Because that way I can fully enjoy what I'm doing without anyone disturbing me out of some grudge they have towards me.
To be honest, the thought of dying scares me to death, excuse the redundancy. But that is okay, for that is also a proof that I'm alive.
Sometimes I wonder if it's evil to do good for a reason like that.
>> No. 12226 [Edit]
Yeah, I try to avoid dragging actual religion into it (It's why I say afterlife and not Heaven because there are too many connotations tied to the word Heaven. Same with the word Hell.) Not that I have anything against religion. Sometimes when I'm bored at work I'll read up on random specifics of Christianity or Islam or old, dead religions just because I find them interesting. In a weird sort of irony, I like to see my waifu as a type of personal goddess that helps protect me. I don't worship her though. It's just a title I've used sometimes to express my feelings.

I don't think doing good like that is evil. I think it just means you're a good person.
No one knows for sure what awaits us after we pass on so I can understand and appreciate the idea of living life to the fullest and not being a prick. I too used to be terrified of death, but growing closer to my waifu has helped calm that down quite a bit. I'm not entirely unafraid of it of course, every once in a while I might think "Well what if...?" But that's natural for anyone to think at least one, I believe.

It's kind of funny because sometimes when I talk about my views on the afterlife and how I believe I will be with my waifu, etc, people have sometimes jump to the conclusion that I'm plotting to kill myself or something and then get insanely weirded out. The last time I've had such thoughts was in middle school (maybe early high school too, it blurs a bit), way before I fell in love with my waifu, and even then they were nothing serious or long-lasting, just an evening or too of intense brooding in my bedroom.

Post edited on 31st Mar 2013, 1:28pm
>> No. 12227 [Edit]
I subscribe to the same beliefs as this guy >>12195

I hope I'm wrong and that when I die I will be with her. But I just don't believe that will happen. I don't have any kind of problem with people who do believe they will be with their waifu after they die, though. And like I said, if on the day I die instead of experiencing unconsciousness I am greeted with an afterlife where I can be with my waifu for eternity, that's all I would really ever ask for.
>> No. 12230 [Edit]
Sorry but I can't open that link. I think its because of the | symbols. If its not too much trouble could you reupload without the |?
>> No. 12231 [Edit]
File 136479545276.png - (159.77KB , 631x700 , 31499922_p51.png )
I don't think rapidshare is blocked on TC, is it?
>> No. 12232 [Edit]
Not as far as I'm aware. it's just the symbols, just as "," in a file name will prevent you from uploading it due to technical reasons.

I never really wanted to ban proxies/tor, but we were having an annoying problem with a spammer that didn't stop until we put that into effect. and yeah I get what you're saying, it's completely true we still get spam and crap here and there, thing is many idiots are still too stupid or lazy to try and get around it. it's like putting up a fence to stop people from getting past. it'll stop the dumb and lazy people or people who just don't care, but if they do care enough they'll hop the fence. and yeah I realize it's an inconvenience for people who want to use it for innocent reasons, but like you said, those people can easy get around it.

Post edited on 1st Apr 2013, 12:08pm
>> No. 12233 [Edit]

Oh, I see. I don't think there's a good solution then, unless you make Tor/proxy users to solve a captcha before posting.


I'm not against religion either, but we all know how religions are in practise.

>when I talk about my views on the afterlife and how I believe I will be with my waifu
You talk to normals about having a waifu? Wow, I mean, I once said that I fap to 2D (and I didn't that I ONLY fap to 2D) and I received harsh comments I can't imagine what kind of comments you got.
>> No. 12234 [Edit]
>You talk to normals about having a waifu?

Heavens no. The only people I've talked about it have been other misfits like us.
>> No. 12236 [Edit]
File 136487478392.jpg - (747.97KB , 2048x795 , 5021712.jpg )
I'll live with and love her forever in Avalon.
>> No. 12248 [Edit]
Thanks Yasuo you have a really nice collection.
>> No. 12288 [Edit]
File 13651306169.jpg - (134.39KB , 800x600 , my beach empress 2.jpg )
I wouldn't mind dying and spending eternity with her. Just hanging around in her Domus Aurea together or something. I don't believe in an afterlife, but it is a nice thought.

Post edited on 4th Apr 2013, 8:53pm
>> No. 12319 [Edit]
File 136531679428.gif - (247.28KB , 320x240 , Asuka congratulations.gif )
For my own reasons I believe in an afterlife, and I do believe we'll be together when I get there. My concept of what it's like has long been a sort of "personal heaven" idea, where we each get a blissful existence tailored to us. I dream of closing my eyes that final time and opening them to see her standing there, just waiting for me to finally show up.

My belief is... shaky, I'll admit that. Sometimes I wonder if I'm trekking through this existential nightmare for nothing. In the end, though, as hard as it is to fathom that there's something after, I find it harder to fathom that there isn't.

Post edited on 6th Apr 2013, 11:43pm
>> No. 12389 [Edit]
File 136612954549.jpg - (254.87KB , 954x1490 , 34126145.jpg )
I don't believe in an "afterlife" in the true sense of the word, but I've imagined a couple of scenarios in particular that are just barely plausible enough that I've held on to them. The first hinges on my extremely limited understanding of cosmology, and it's that given enough big bang/big crunch cycles the universe would reassemble itself in such a way that both of us would be born into the same world and have a life together. This, needless to say, is extremely fucking far-flung, but it holds such a romance to me.
The other, and the one that I honestly believe could happen, is that the last few moments before death will produce an ultimate dissociative state that will stretch out into a subjective eternity. There have been a few instances now where I've had a few hours worth of surreal scenes with her play out while on dissociatives, only to glance at the clock and see that barely 5 minutes have passed. Granted, I've no scientific basis for this, but given my experience it seems possible that death, or perhaps a lethal dose of dxm, could produce such a severe temporal hallucination that it would seem to be forever. And while I'm sure it wouldn't resemble my terrestrial life in the least, perhaps she could be there with me.
>> No. 12759 [Edit]
I used to believe in this, but not anymore.
>> No. 12805 [Edit]
File 137154228442.jpg - (450.84KB , 1200x840 , Konachan_com - 52836 blue_eyes haramura_nodoka pin.jpg )
The most bizarre thing if it will involve reincarnation is that you will live in the world where your waifu lives except that you are in your waifu's body
>> No. 15680 [Edit]
For me, it doesn't matter what comes after life. All I believe in is that when I die, I will finally be "together" with her, "together" in the sense that I and she will both be "not real". I will never know what death or afterlife is, but just believing that somehow I will be united with her brings me comfort.
>> No. 15682 [Edit]
I still pathetically dream about the possibility of not dying in a posthuman cyborg world. But, otherwise, I fully agree: I think that, since mai waifu lives exclusively within me, we will die together and then rejoin fully and eternally in the nonexistence. Like in Wilde's The Fisherman and His Soul, I've sold my life for her and will gladly hold her inert body tightly as we both turn into nothing...

If that isn't a damned romantic ending I don't know what it is.
>> No. 15684 [Edit]
I don't know what to believe. I'm really scared of the possibility of death being infinite darkness. I guess that's how stupid ass religion became so popular, to capitalize on the sheep having thoughts like mine.
It's the most logical explanation but the most unsavory one. And I still can't completely denote the possibility of there being an afterlife.
If it weren't for my one friend who keeps me alive, I'd kill myself in the hopes that there is an afterlife so that I can finally live out my fantasies with my waifu. Even if the chances are astronomical and there's zero guarantees, it's still better to take that chance and find out than it is to live my miserable life.
>> No. 15704 [Edit]
Why would you want to live forever? I don't want to stay forever in this world, eventually I'd get tired of everything. No one knows what it's like to be dead, but as long as it's different from being alive I'd still be fine with it.
>> No. 15705 [Edit]
I want to explore the stars. I want to witness technological innovations. I want to see what anime is like in 12014. I want to be there when we terraform another planet. I want to learn all the languages. I want to live in a perfect simulation with my waifu for a dozen millenniums.

>I don't want to stay forever in this world
Some of us do.
>> No. 15706 [Edit]
But how about after you've done all of that? Or do you believe you'll never run out of things to do? I want to do all that stuff too but not if it'd mean being alive forever.
>> No. 15707 [Edit]
I would likely never run out of things to do, and even if I did I enjoy repitition so that's no issue for me.
>> No. 18041 [Edit]
I do as many good deeds and follow my religion closely, just on the off chance that one day I'll go to heaven and he'll be there. If nothing else, it makes me fear death a little less.
>> No. 18044 [Edit]
I believe that my waifu and I will be united in heaven. Not necessarily through the bond of matrimony, but through a union much more fulfilling in a spiritual way than can ever be accomplished here.
>> No. 18135 [Edit]
I was never a religious person, and at least used to think there was nothing but nothingness when you died. To be honest, I'd say she's changed what I think about that. Just that she's managed to find me, despite (possibly) dying in her series, gives me some amount of hope.

If there's such a thing as eternity, I plan to spend it with her.
>> No. 18139 [Edit]
I'm not sure about the afterlife. The idea of absolute perfection in heaven never was appealing to me. The idea just made it seem like people were empty. After all people are a compilation of their flaws/struggles and their strengths, but I like to sometimes think, even with the doubt, that there may be a possibility that I could be with her after death in her entire person, nothing removed. If there is a God that is just, maybe that'll happen.
>> No. 18200 [Edit]
The best I can do is hope for something like this, and that's fine with me.

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