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File 137551963192.gif - (16.90KB , 540x378 , 82b9dcaf2f9de7f063ab251e34dda279f82b03ce.gif )
22615 No. 22615 [Edit]

preparing tonight
>> No. 22619 [Edit]
Please don't do anything that will get you arrested/shot...
>> No. 22621 [Edit]
good, they sent to cute one.
please post pics if you get any.
>> No. 22686 [Edit]
It was not possible to display the page.
The page you requested could not be accessed.

→ NHK online to (PC · smartphones) top
>> No. 22707 [Edit]
I only saw her board a car and ride by. Nothing interesting actually happened, but this is the most important person I have seen thus far.
>> No. 22727 [Edit]
Something about the wording of this reminded me of a book I read a little bit of in the library which translated some diaries of the first Japanese people to travel to the West. It's worth flipping through what Google Books previews show, there's a lot of wwww stuff.

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