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File 134576863783.jpg - (377.16KB , 1280x960 , 059d2f050f8c1c2d182dcfe7b9ef3140.jpg )
10152 No. 10152 [Edit]
What would you do/think if somehow you got to know, that, in another dimension, someone has you as a husbando?

I mean, if you in that other dimension were an anime/manga/VN character and you got to know that someone has fall in love with you, and spends most of its time thinking about you and treating you as a husbando/waifu, and yet it doesn't matter what you do or s/he does you would be always separated, with the other still loving you no matter what. What would your feelings towards that person be? How would you manage that situation? Would you still be able to love that person?
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>> No. 10153 [Edit]
inb4 "In an alternate universe..."

Jokes aside, I find the thought rather endearing. That's actually what I've kind of been hoping for: to be loved unconditionally, just as I love her. Even though there's no proof or anything supporting such love, it's still one of those things that help me sleep at night.
>> No. 10154 [Edit]
I doubt that very much. I mean just fucking look at me.

But I see what you mean. I guess my feeling would be one of pity, because we'd never be able to meet. Also longing, if she happened to match up to my own preferences.
>> No. 10158 [Edit]
I would feel sorry for them, that they would have to settle on me. There is no way I could love them, I would never want someone so crass as to want someone like me.
>> No. 10160 [Edit]
File 134580655233.gif - (962.76KB , 190x107 , 1304908382122.gif )
I suppose I have to assume that in this situation I'm actually a sentient being, instead of the usual anime/manga/vn character. I suppose I would feel really flattered, but also rather sorry for them. I'd want them to move on with their life and all that, and not bother themselves with me, y'know? I can't really guess the feelings I would have towards that person, because there are a lot of variables involved. Is this person appealing to me? What sort of anime/manga/vn am I in anyway? Am I capable of finding love in my own dimension? Are the other characters in my anime/manga/vn sentient too? How the hell would me and this person interact with each other?
>> No. 10161 [Edit]
Back then I heard joke "Don't worry anon. There is some 4D girl who thinks you as her husbando. She saves your pictures and posts them on imageboards. Also she has dakimakura and other merchandises of you. She also thinks 4D men are disgusting." Heh.

If I found out there was someone who would love me even he/she wasn't able ever to meet, I am not sure what I would think. I might be disgusted or I might admire her/him, I don't really know. I think I still might be happy that someone really thinks I am lovable person.

I quess OP is trying to think what our waifus would think, if they were real and knew we have such feelings for them. I think it is entertaining to think alternative universe scenarios but it doesn't really matter.
>> No. 10162 [Edit]
Nothing. They are in another dimension, what can I do? I'd be indifferent mostly, maybe think about it for a few days.
>> No. 10164 [Edit]
it would make me wonder how bad guys are in their world to make me seem attractive to them.
>> No. 10174 [Edit]
I would yell at her for having such a shitty taste and torturing herself by falling in love with me, of all people.

I'd feel unworthy of her feelings, specially because I can't guarantee that I would reciprocate them. Still, I guess it's sweet to have such pure feelings directed to me.

If I could love this person? Who knows. It depends on what kind of person she is.
>> No. 10305 [Edit]
2D was created by our 3D world. It may be that we are merely fiction of a higher dimension but we cannot perceive our creators or those who call us husbando from a higher dimension, just as our waifus in a lower dimension cannot perceive us. But then I wonder, if we are creations of a higher dimension why is it that we are made to yearn for beings below our dimension but the 2D world that we create is never made this way? Perhaps it is our extra third dimension that gives us the free will to do so, or perhaps we are merely background characters, the ones drawn without faces and mono-palette hair, destined to be without life or love in our own dimension.
>> No. 10306 [Edit]
>why is it that we are made to yearn for beings below our dimension

Because the people above us love drama and angst. It's the current fad in their entertainment industry.
>> No. 10307 [Edit]
Well, in some manga/anime/VN they show characters with waifus, which are made for yearn for someone under their dimension. So, following your idea, we could also be made that way.
>> No. 10308 [Edit]
I'd try my best to be worthy of their love. I'd say whatever supportive things I could, and reassure them. I couldn't love them romantically, because my heart is already taken, but I'd accept theirs and love them as a dear friend.
>> No. 10312 [Edit]
To be honest, I dunno. Simply as that, because even if you knew that someone has me as a hasubando in another dimension, we don't know the person and his/her attitude. I can't care less, because they might actually like me for who I am, see?
>> No. 10404 [Edit]
I like to think my waifu, in her own dimension, has me for a husbando.

Does that count?
>> No. 10411 [Edit]
Let's say it counts.
How would you feel that your waifu loves you as a husbando? She may love you as much as you love her, however, she would be in a situation similar to yours regarding her love. Although she loves you you cannot ease her problems created by the fact of having a husbando, even more, YOU are the cause of those problems.
How would you feel about that?
>> No. 10440 [Edit]
That' deep; I've never thought of it that way. I guess she is an otaku too, in the sense that others thinks she's a weird nerd/geek for having a husbando, just like our own society sees us as such?

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