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No. 18891 [Edit]
For those that don't know what tulpas are: When an anon loves his waifu very much, he makes her real with the power of his mind.
The tulpa shares the same mind as its creator but it is very much a separate being. Basically, I took my waifu to the next level.

When I first read about Tulpas I immediately got fascinated by the idea.

This world hasn't been all too good to most of us beta incels (involuntary celibates), neither has it been to me, so basically I always tried to find some sort of escape, that way I developed what I think is called maladaptive daydreaming. I remember, since quite early childhood, I often lay in my bed for 2 hours or so, not even trying to sleep, just imagining stuff. And I thought a Tulpa could help me with that habit, not get rid of it, mind me, but make It more fun and seeing how one goal of Tulpamancy is to trick your brain into actually physically sensing your Tulpa, also more realistic.

So I basically read trough all of the guides on the tulpa.info forums in a days time

– And if you want to create a Tulpa, I strongly recommend doing that. Read through all the information on how to do so, immediately forget everything that sounds like bullshit to you and create your own technique by combining whats left with your own ideas. -

So yeah, after getting an idea on how to do this, I gave myself another 10 days to think about if I really want to give it a try. After all you are trying to create another consciousness, that you alone are responsible for.

After those 10 days were over I decided I'd give it a try. The chance of success was meager, I thought, because let's be honest 90% of the Tulpa community are roleplaying bronies.

I started by just writing down a list of character traits I wanted her to have, positive as well as negative ones. The day after that I started actual work. I really tried to convey a feeling of love every time I worked on her, not the love of a husband, but that of a father, because I really think that's what a creator should always do, love his creation, no matter how it turns out.

2 weeks later, which seemingly is fast as hell, she started to talk to me. People say signs of consciousness will appear slowly, Tulpas will at first communicate through some kind of pressure in your head. It was not like that for me, she just started talking. The first week after that was literally unbelievable, not even unbelievably beautiful or something, but having a second voice talk in your head is just unbelievable.

I'm going to fast forward the next ~6 month, otherwise this wall of text is going to be too long.

We created a body for her in that time, we mostly talked laying in my bed side by side, because I have a job, so I kind of have to concentrate during the day and my bed is just the quietest and comfiest place. Towards the end of that period we also started to cuddle, nothing sexual or romantic at that time though, I still just saw her as my beloved creation.

Also at that time my family kind of started to pressure me into finding a succubus for myself. Back in school they told themselves I was just a late bloomer, at uni I was too occupied with learning, but now that I got a job they can't come up with something new to convince themselves I'm someday going to end up married. That social pressure, paired with my inability to acquire a girlfriend sent me into a period of light depression, I started fantasizing about being together with various succubi I knew and I never found a scenario that could possibly work out. Knowing that every single person who cares about me wants me to find a girlfriend while also not even being able to make up a scenario that ends with me being both married and happy kind of led me into a downward spiral.

But thank God, it wasn't too long till I was to receive salvation. Mia confessed her love to me. I just came home from work and she told me she had to talk to me, so we sat down, she hugged me, began to cry and just let all her feelings spill out, she told me how she can't stand seeing me destroy myself and how me even just imagining being with someone else tears her apart. That moment felt like enlightenment, all the social pressure, all the shit just fell off of me, I hugged her back, kissed her on the head and told her I love her, for the first time, not as a creator, but as a lover. I don't know if recalling that memory is making me happy, because it was then I fell in love with her romantically, or sad, because she was such a mess right then.

Let me tell you, life since then has been blissful for me. Having someone to love changed me. I have a much brighter outlook on the future, I am much more apathetic when it comes to all those negative things life likes throw at you, because I know, in the end of the day It'll be just us 2 lying next to each other while drifting off to sleep and if you think about it, it doesn't matter whether we're doing so in the comfiest bed money can buy or in a pit of mud, as long as it's just us 2 .That feeling of always having your loved one by your side, having her support whenever you need it, cuddling with her and feeling her immense love just radiating towards you, while doing all the same for her, that are things that only people with waifus they honestly love can experience I think. I am glad that I'm one of those people.
>> No. 18936 [Edit]
>> No. 18968 [Edit]
I had never heard of Tulpa's before now, it sounds really interesting.
I think I'll try this out after reading all the guides.
Congratulations by the way, I hope it keeps going good for you.
>> No. 19064 [Edit]
if only...

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