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File 137332916880.jpg - (106.15KB , 1015x579 , 4364587547456.jpg )
16496 No. 16496 [Edit]
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>> No. 16497 [Edit]
File 137332989094.jpg - (191.77KB , 1051x589 , 457457456.jpg )
It was a rather odd and weird but fun first episode.
>> No. 16498 [Edit]
the op caught me off guard
>> No. 16499 [Edit]
I didn't like the OP, but the ED was pretty good.
>> No. 16501 [Edit]
zOMG torrent plox
>> No. 16502 [Edit]
Is this kind of post necessary?
>> No. 16503 [Edit]
>> No. 16504 [Edit]

Click on that link. It'll take you where you need to go.
>> No. 16505 [Edit]
please don't be so edgy, you'll frighten off all of your fellow kodomomuke fanbois.
>> No. 16506 [Edit]
File [HorribleSubs]_Watamote_-_01_[720p]_mkv.torrent - (25.63KB , [HorribleSubs] Watamote - 01 [720p]_mkv.torrent )

OK, here it is.
Sorry about the others, apparently sharing their torrent files is too much effort for them, but making uninstigated insults to total strangers isn't.
>> No. 16507 [Edit]
I didn't like the OP or the ED. Also, is Tomoko's voice supposed to be annoying/ugly?
>> No. 16508 [Edit]
I enjoyed it a lot.
If I were in the brother's shoes, when my friends joked about how ugly she was, I would have said she was pretty or something. That's what siblings should do for each other. It would have made her so happy, as well. Sure they might think I'm weird, but they'd forget in like a day or so.

I want to protect her but at the same time, the opening with all the chains kind of turned me on.
>> No. 16509 [Edit]

to be fair she was making a weird face on purpose for her little disguise, so it's not like they were calling HER ugly exactly
>> No. 16510 [Edit]
File 137335578957.jpg - (206.03KB , 1121x1429 , behold.jpg )
If you were my brother I'd knew that you say such things out of pity and couldn't trust you no more; it'd be doubly humiliating...

However: I was skeptical about this adaptation but it started off nicely. At first I didn't like onii-chan: too tall and deep voiced for a boy; however, by the end, I've dig him already. Tomoko's voice, in contrast, is more childish than I imagined it; but it's very appealing: her general depiction is just canon (cute and totally fucked up). So in general this is coming up rather well.
>> No. 16511 [Edit]
File 137336001789.png - (1.22MB , 1280x1024 , Tomoko1.png )
Guess I better not bail on that follow up with the cardiologist.
>> No. 16515 [Edit]
Much nicer art than the manga.
>> No. 16516 [Edit]
I didn't dislike the song
it just seemed really out of place for something like watamote.
>> No. 16518 [Edit]
As expected awful manga gets awful anime adaptation. Why this one even got an anime?

Post edited on 9th Jul 2013, 9:48am
>> No. 16522 [Edit]
File 137340407765.jpg - (260.28KB , 781x597 , 132042896650xx.jpg )
Not necessarly, but it's interesting alright.
>> No. 16523 [Edit]
What. The hell. Is up with that OST.
No really, what happened there? What am I even listening to?
Overall a pretty straightforward adaptation expect for some silly camera angles (and the OST, what the fuck) - not much to talk about since I already read that.
>> No. 16525 [Edit]
which sub group is the best?
there are a lot of them.
>> No. 16526 [Edit]

I used FFF/UTW and found nothing objectionable with them
>> No. 16528 [Edit]
File 137342018937.jpg - (121.51KB , 1114x622 , for real.jpg )
I bet guys sing those even more often than girls.
>> No. 16529 [Edit]
> Tomoko's Voice in the ED
I feel like crying, it's so beautiful.
>> No. 16534 [Edit]
The fuck was up with that OP? reminded me of death note and it was getting annoying, I just wanted it to stop... was it supposed to be a joke? I mean the scene with her researching how to be cute on the computer seems like a deathnote reference, is it just coincidence? if I don't drop this show I might just skip that op every time it comes up. At least the ED seemed to fit better.
>> No. 16535 [Edit]
File 137343826111.png - (1.21MB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-226.png )
The somewhat SZS-esque OP was a pleasant surprise. It'd be nice if Tomoko displayed that punky attitude in the actual story.

>I want to protect her but at the same time, the opening with all the chains kind of turned me on.

Same here.

>was it supposed to be a joke?

That would be boring, so I hope not.
>> No. 16536 [Edit]
If it was so SZS-esque, then why the fuck was I so turned off by it? It was way too CRAWLING for my taste, and my favorite SZS OP was Daydream Rumba.
>> No. 16539 [Edit]
yeah it seemed like they picked an OP that they thought would appeal to their target audience, which is 4chan users, so they picked something they thought would appeal to a 16 year old male american suburbanite.
OP was pretty much the only thing i didn't like about this.
also choosing between three dozen different fansubbers, what the fuck?
i just went with horriblesubs because i'm guessing that most of the others are probably hadena's/commie's tier of "epic" subs
>> No. 16544 [Edit]
>so they picked something they thought would appeal to a 16 year old male american suburbanite.
Damn, they fucking know their target audience.
>> No. 16545 [Edit]

>which is 4chan users

Uhhh, I highly doubt that.
>> No. 16546 [Edit]
The clean female vocals in the OP were quite off-putting.
>> No. 16547 [Edit]
Actually I thought that was one of the few redeeming qualities of the OP.
>> No. 16548 [Edit]
I did say 'somewhat'. I just liked how Tomoko was depicted as a disaffected youngster instead of as some lame and gross nerd.

Post edited on 10th Jul 2013, 7:06am
>> No. 16549 [Edit]
This post didn't come out quite right and I can't edit it. Just so nobody gets me wrong, I'll add that I think Tomoko was adorable in the ED.
>> No. 16550 [Edit]
I always skip the OP beyon the first time
the only exception being pani poni dash and s&w
>> No. 16552 [Edit]
>their target audience, which is 4chan users

hahahaha what
>> No. 16553 [Edit]
maybe he means people similar to 4chan users with the same kind of mentality?
>> No. 16554 [Edit]

The target audience (as with any anime) would be Japanese people who would be willing to buy DVDs and Blu rays, I don't really know how much they overlap with 4chan people
>> No. 16555 [Edit]
The OP reminded me of the second season Kaiji OP more than SZS.
>> No. 16556 [Edit]
This was very hard to watch. I felt really bad for her and myself, even though I've read several chapters of the manga. I don't think I can put myself through another episode.
>> No. 16557 [Edit]
we havn't even gotten to the truley cringe worthy parts yet.
>> No. 16558 [Edit]

>The OP reminded me of the second season Kaiji OP more than SZS.

I can agree with that, I was reminded of Kaiji, too.

But really, the weird BGM tracks bothered me far more than the OP.
>> No. 16559 [Edit]
First ep made me feel bad, but not for the character or anything. It made me feel dirty, I felt like I needed to take a shower after watching it for some reason.
>> No. 16560 [Edit]
I actually know what you mean, it made me feel a bit like that too.

It was also nowhere near as funny as I expected and generally pretty disappointing, but I guess I'll give it a few more episodes.
>> No. 16593 [Edit]
From what I've seen, the kind of people who use 4chan just sadistically enjoy watching Tomoko being defeated under life's crushing thumb. They certainly don't want to protect her. It's one of the reasons why I liked her "fuck you" attitude in the OP.

I went with UTW for the subbed OP and ED.

Post edited on 12th Jul 2013, 6:55pm
>> No. 16608 [Edit]
I've just realized that "yangire" is the word I was looking for, and that Tomoko actually shows that attitude in the story all the time. I love that part of her, along with everything else about her.
>> No. 16613 [Edit]
I like this series because Tomoko is moe.

Post edited on 13th Jul 2013, 6:12pm
>> No. 16614 [Edit]
Tomoko's supposed to be the reliable, supportive one as an older ara-ara nee-chan. Not just an anime stereotype but IRL one too. It's expected of the older siblings to look out more for the younger ones than the other way around.
>> No. 16639 [Edit]
I didn't find it cringe-worthy because throughout reading the manga and watching the anime, I never really gave a fuck about Tomoko.
>> No. 16651 [Edit]
so they are going to keep using a diffrent ED each time?
>> No. 16672 [Edit]
can you actually buy a recording of yanderes talking to you?
>> No. 16673 [Edit]
yeah there are a few popular albums out there.
>> No. 16678 [Edit]
File 13740152944.jpg - (110.77KB , 1122x626 , mana transfer.jpg )
I mean, it's nice that we get to see her day dreams now, but please don't leave the brocon stuff aside.
>> No. 16679 [Edit]
File 13740153667.jpg - (146.82KB , 1102x620 , scent.jpg )
Yeah but, like Murderface said, they're soul eaters.
>> No. 16682 [Edit]
File 137401574586.jpg - (177.89KB , 776x875 , verbally abussive yandere.jpg )
Maybe I could make a living on that. At least I'd mean it.
>> No. 16683 [Edit]
Here's one with subs if you're interested.
>> No. 16686 [Edit]
File 137402142234.png - (353.53KB , 718x404 , don't push my buttons bitch.png )
That was quite exciting (extra points for imouto). Thank you.

Although I'm guessing male versions in general have to be different. I mean: a bad boy can be brutal (yell at her and hit her good) but he can never turn truly hysterical, right? that wouldn't be manly...

exhibit-01: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTEW8Vh8vIU

I don't know. I might need to do some more research about this sometime.
>> No. 16689 [Edit]
Her voice is a little too nasal. I can't ignore it. It just bothers the hell out of me.
>> No. 16692 [Edit]
you have to have assumed that her voice is less than attractive.
>> No. 16693 [Edit]
Unattractive? Yes. A total nuisance? No.
>> No. 16705 [Edit]

>Although I'm guessing male versions in general have to be different. I mean: a bad boy can be brutal (yell at her and hit her good) but he can never turn truly hysterical, right? that wouldn't be manly...

Not necessarily. I don't plan to go into detail since I don't want to derail the thread but I'll just say that being 'manly' isn't really as desired as you make it out to be. As a trait it's not a staple, that's for sure. Provided the cast is big enough most otoge have a clingy otouto bishounen guy for example.
>> No. 16706 [Edit]
I don't know, I thought her seiyuu was doing a great job so far, what with her variety of moods and inner dialogue and the vocals on the first ED.
Speaking of that, I loved the first ED, and was really disappointed not to see it in the second episode.
>> No. 16709 [Edit]
I didn't like episode 2 so much. I mean, nothing was really... bad. But nothing felt that great either. I caught myself looking at the time, just waiting for it to end.

Nothing was really that funny to me this time. Her fantasy about the fat kid and her being together was probably the best part of the whole episode.

Liked episode 1, didn't like episode 2. Liked the manga, though.
>> No. 16710 [Edit]

Yeah, the show (and the manga) is at it's best when Tomoko goes full delusional.

... The more I think about it the more I'm reminded of Chaos;Head (the VN, haven't seen the anime). The glorious delusion system was just about the only enjoyable thing about C;H.
>> No. 16779 [Edit]
File 137463143369.jpg - (133.41KB , 1250x700 , zutto zutto.jpg )
>> No. 16780 [Edit]
File 13746337498.jpg - (81.27KB , 1252x698 , self-explanatory.jpg )
>> No. 16781 [Edit]
I love this anime to death. I usually don't enjoy comedy, but this anime is endless laughter and awesome. It has been a long time since I have been so excited for the next episode to come out!
>> No. 16815 [Edit]
File 137497383047.png - (302.01KB , 905x592 , Screenshot_2013-06-21-14-00-02-1.png )
I enjoyed the third episode very much, can't wait for the fourth. The manga is pretty great if you need more of it!
>> No. 16818 [Edit]
This show isn't half bad so far, save for that really obnoxious OP but I can just skip over that gay shit every week.
>> No. 16819 [Edit]
File 137497955373.png - (162.27KB , 564x600 , 37245678_m.png )
I hated the first episode (I was >>16560) but have really enjoyed the other two. I don't know if I changed or the show did, but either way I'm glad I didn't drop it.

I identified quite a lot with her annoyance at having to share her shelter...

Post edited on 27th Jul 2013, 7:46pm
>> No. 16820 [Edit]
Well I was the person you replied to, and I didn't get that same dirty feeling from the second or third ep.
>> No. 16829 [Edit]
File 137498814494.png - (32.60KB , 1322x368 , female virgins in anime.png )
I don't quite see why she is so obsessed with the virginity thing. Is not being a virgin a more preferable thing at age 15? (Also see: pic)

And dwelling on not having a boyfriend far more than having no friends seemed a bit strange as well. I wouldn't expect a girl to suddenly make a boyfriend once she enters high school, she seems to believe that is the norm or something. Maybe it's because of all the dating sims she has played.
>> No. 16830 [Edit]
That is the 'norm'. Women are all filthy bitch sluts that want to spread their legs for any guy they consider attractive.
>> No. 16831 [Edit]
It's the opposite of modern social views in real life. Female virgins are seen as highly desirable whereas male virgins are seen as highly UNdesirable. It could simply be part of the humor of the show, since it's something you'd never see in a 3DPD situation.
>> No. 16832 [Edit]
>Female virgins are seen as highly desirable
only to weirdos like us. I think most guys out there don't care how many men a chick has fucked these days, be it 0 or 1,000 it's all the same to a Ford Driver.
>> No. 16834 [Edit]
It's not the virginity for the virginity's sake. She's frustrated and scared for feeling unwanted and left behind.

I don't care if they're virgin or not (sex holds no value for me). I just don't want them in my life at all.
>> No. 16837 [Edit]
>> No. 16841 [Edit]

>Female virgins are seen as highly desirable

By whom? A female virgin over the age of ~18 is seen as a weirdo by her peers, be they male or female.
>> No. 16844 [Edit]

>A female virgin over the age of ~18 is seen as a weirdo by her peers, be they male or female.

Eh, depends on society. Conservative societies value virgins, so being a virgin in such societies is actually considered an asset (the "pure untouched holy maiden" effect). I thought Japan was like this, guess I thought wrong.
>> No. 16845 [Edit]

A few additions:
Maybe the older portion of the society is still like that, viewing virginity as a virtue. But since what matters is younger people's opinion, being a virgin could be a stigma. I guess the average person considers every kind of experience as an added value. To me, having or not having had sex means little.
>> No. 16854 [Edit]
>By whom? A female virgin over the age of ~18 is seen as a weirdo by her peers, be they male or female.

I'm assuming you don't live in the US, because I've literally never heard of anything like that here. In my forced socialization through highschool and college (which is thankfully over), I've found that attitudes towards virgins tend to match what you usually see on the more Ford Drivery places on the internet:

Most males see female virgins as desirable (to the point where many girls will lie about being one) because they want to feel "special" to them, instead of just being another notch on their belt so to speak. This is contrary to females whom typically prefer males with as much relationship/sexual experience as possible. I've seen plenty of girls and occasionally even guys insulting other girls for being promiscuous or 'slutty', and both genders *heavily* bash males for being virgins or 'needing to get laid', but I've never seen a male or female attack a girl for being a virgin. I'm obviously not an expert and there are exceptions to every rule, but those seem to be the predominant social rules concerning virgins in the United States from what I can see.

Post edited on 29th Jul 2013, 6:55pm
>> No. 16860 [Edit]
File 137523153178.png - (920.34KB , 1122x622 , zettai ryouiki.png )
well played, Yuu-chan.
>> No. 16861 [Edit]
File 137523157052.jpg - (82.37KB , 1148x648 , daughter I'm proud.jpg )
>> No. 16863 [Edit]

Those plump thigs.
>> No. 16864 [Edit]
Yeah, they're amazing.
>> No. 16870 [Edit]
How old is Tomoko's brother? He looks older than her, but I've realised it's actually her younger brother.
>> No. 16871 [Edit]
He's on his last year of Middle school. He later joins the same High school Tomoko's in, hilarity ensues.
>> No. 16872 [Edit]
File 13753008475.jpg - (206.36KB , 800x1050 , 633.jpg )
sexiest daki ever
>> No. 16873 [Edit]
Shit god, her right foot grows when she is excited?
>> No. 16880 [Edit]
Best show this season!
>> No. 16907 [Edit]
I'm not sure that I want this...
>> No. 16914 [Edit]
File 137577515847.jpg - (113.50KB , 1118x630 , smile.jpg )
The face you shall never ever see her wear (in actuality).
>> No. 16915 [Edit]
File 137577518716.jpg - (187.13KB , 1114x622 , so asking for it.jpg )
>> No. 16916 [Edit]
File 137577548533.jpg - (161.08KB , 784x874 , kabukicho.jpg )
After hour world is something only cornered people and low-life should step in indeed.
>> No. 16917 [Edit]
File 137577554765.jpg - (141.40KB , 1117x627 , wut.jpg )
OK, I have no idea about these ones.
They look rather otakuish, if anything.
>> No. 16920 [Edit]
File 137577689446.jpg - (79.45KB , 1280x720 , f511692f.jpg )
>> No. 16927 [Edit]
It's a motorboating simulator.
That ED was a nice surprise and it's so funny that it's the same artist who did ED2.
>> No. 16935 [Edit]
File 137587758249.png - (728.76KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-08-07-13h35m17s176.png )
>> No. 16944 [Edit]
yeah no fucking clue. they look like they'd be rock'em sock'em robots but they're facing the wrong way. Couldn't be sex bots becuase the controls would be in the way, aside from having nothing bellow the wastes. I'm actually very curious now.
>> No. 16950 [Edit]
>> No. 16951 [Edit]
haha, oh god what the fuck.
>> No. 16955 [Edit]
>kabukicho robot restaurant
lol, thank you. that place sure seems loud but not so bad, actually: golden toilettes, half-kigurumi, LED flashing panzers and lots of women degradation. For some reason I couldn't but remember Baudelaire's Giantess. we leave in strange but wonderful times indeed.
>> No. 16956 [Edit]
>At any rate, seeing girls on robots is enough to make any Evangelion fan’s dreams come true.

But there does exist "Evangelion World" already. It just needs more work.
>> No. 16957 [Edit]
File 137597404771.jpg - (177.40KB , 500x752 , DSC2707-500x752.jpg )
I'll be honest, I think it looks fantastic. I was a bit disappointed when I read that the actual robots are only a small part of the show, but then I saw the disco tank.

I'd definitely go if I was in the area, rather than 6000 miles away.
>> No. 16960 [Edit]
entrance + shitty obento = 5,000 yen
you better not drink at all.
>> No. 17011 [Edit]
File 137643851924.jpg - (27.03KB , 554x312 , 137398864152.jpg )
does she remind anyone else of kurokona?
>> No. 17012 [Edit]
File 137643908856.png - (1.07MB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-08-13-20h28m40s93.png )
>> No. 17014 [Edit]

Yeah, that's who I thought of when I first saw pictures of the manga.
>> No. 17016 [Edit]
File 137646493033.gif - (0.99MB , 640x966 , 1376401922463.gif )
>> No. 17023 [Edit]
lol no, I never made the connection. but now you've said it I cannot unsee (sorry Surtic, wherever you are).
>> No. 17025 [Edit]

I liked better the manga version of her greasy hair, though; it looked sluttier.
>> No. 17028 [Edit]
What is this "shi" ending that Tomoko adds to half of her sentences? Does it have a particular meaning or is it part of a certain accent?
>> No. 17030 [Edit]
File 137660173765.jpg - (104.05KB , 1282x720 , dumb slut.jpg )
This coming from someone who's always calling her class mates sluts.
>> No. 17031 [Edit]

Not sticking with lifetime-monogamy is being a slut?

In any case, she calls them names because she's jealous. Tomoko herself is sort of a failed slut, she has a constant desire for male attention.
>> No. 17032 [Edit]
yes, you slut.
>> No. 17036 [Edit]

That's the joke, it's just sour grapes all the way.
>> No. 17192 [Edit]
File 137829636596.jpg - (371.67KB , 1104x1776 , Yuuchan.jpg )
>> No. 17193 [Edit]
File 137829641871.jpg - (234.65KB , 1112x1176 , Mokochin.jpg )
>> No. 17266 [Edit]
File 137929060853.png - (942.75KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-09-15-17h04m43s199.png )
Well, it finally happened

This show finally made me want to kill myself
>> No. 17268 [Edit]
oh! the club activities.
that part was nice.
>> No. 17283 [Edit]

I thought they ruined the ending of that episode. They should have followed the manga more closely and after waking Tomoko from her daydream and havinf her mother call her down for dinner (which was a nice add in on top of the manga) should have ended with her closing her bedroom door and it fading to the noticeboard with rejected clubs instead of doing that short segment in school after which ruined the impact and sequence of events.
>> No. 17284 [Edit]
good use of the spoiler tag, thats what its there for;)
>> No. 17285 [Edit]
were you expecting her club to get approved? I never read the manga but I knew it wasn't gonna happen.
>> No. 17294 [Edit]
File 137955912691.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0522.png )
Was it really that obvious to the girl that Tomoko was in desperate need of a hug?
>> No. 17298 [Edit]
yeah, but now shes going to be a furry
>> No. 17299 [Edit]
You know, being Nakamura must feel good. Seiyuu get paid per episode, not per number of lines, so even though he usually reads 2-3 sentences at the end of the episode he gets paid more than the girl who voices Tomoko. Pretty amusing.
>> No. 17303 [Edit]
>Seiyuu get paid per episode

Assuming that's true, why would he get paid MORE for the same amount of episodes?
>> No. 17304 [Edit]
I think he means that he gets paid just as much for far less work, hence somewhat "earning more". But I don't think casts are paid equally; the stars must earn some more, right?...?
>> No. 17305 [Edit]
Presumably so. Even if they are paid by episode, it would stand to reason that the lead actress would receive the highest wages.
>> No. 17309 [Edit]

They do get paid per episode but household names (such as Nakamura) earn slightly more. Can't really say the same about Tomoko's seiyuu, she's not a complete newbie but she's nowhere near Nakamura's level of stardom.

Ever heard the term 'budget cast'?

Again, since seiyuu don't get paid per number of lines (not in anime; they actually do get paid per lines read in VNs for example) but per episode I'm pretty confident Nakamura earns more on weekly basis.
>> No. 17313 [Edit]
That makes sense. I mean, to be paid in consideration of your trajectory. But it's also like Hollywood, with starts demanding insane amounts of money for doing pitiful appearances. I'm not sure what's fair anymore.
>> No. 17314 [Edit]
File 137972482475.jpg - (140.19KB , 1122x628 , kono bichi.jpg )
Hi, slut.
>> No. 17315 [Edit]
File 137972514131.jpg - (92.52KB , 1120x622 , unnf.jpg )
So saved by the bell. Both of them.
>> No. 17316 [Edit]
File 13797258841.jpg - (87.32KB , 1125x627 , daijoubu.jpg )
there, there
>> No. 17318 [Edit]
File 13797263611.jpg - (125.84KB , 1120x624 , Madoka.jpg )
They're doing it right.
>> No. 17319 [Edit]

I thought it was a Madoka reference, but I wasn't quite sure
>> No. 17338 [Edit]
For someone who likes to call people Ford Drivers, Tomoko sure has some Ford Driver style taste in anime. Just makes it all the more fun to laugh at the stupid bitch.
>> No. 17343 [Edit]
I dislike her, too.
>> No. 17350 [Edit]
I've been wondering, why does her brother also have those bags under his eyes if he lives what seems to be a normal life? I thought Tomoko only had them becuase she stays up all night on the computer...
>> No. 17354 [Edit]
Good question. Maybe he stays up late playing video games, just not to the extent that Tomoko does on the computer.
>> No. 17356 [Edit]

I'm too lazy to check (I already moved the files to an external hard drive) but didn't their mother have those, too? Maybe it's hereditary.
>> No. 17357 [Edit]
Well, episode 12 was kind of a forced ending.
Back to the manga, then.
>> No. 17359 [Edit]
File 138021292340.jpg - (59.74KB , 1296x730 , [FTW]_Watashi_ga_Motenai_no_wa_Dou_Kangaetemo_Omae.jpg )
Nope, she doesn't have them.

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