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File 144221504252.png - (471.37KB , 1101x1600 , 09.png )
27616 No. 27616 [Edit]
I've been noticing a lot of this black-and-white motif, symbolism or whatever in Japanese entertainment.
I'm assuming it has something to do with the ying-yang thing.

in MGS2 Raiden had white hair and Snake had dark brown
Aldnoah/Zero had it with the two main characters
And pic related even has Kodaka have a mix of blonde and black hair.
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>> No. 27617 [Edit]
yeah man it's weird. Like, all their comic books are black and white too. What's up with that?
>> No. 27618 [Edit]
Rude much? This is why you have no friends.
>> No. 27619 [Edit]
Chill out, it's just a joke.

Anyways I'd say it's an easy and simple way of illustrating two characters being polar opposites.
>> No. 27620 [Edit]
I can tell that manga is bad just from looking at that one page
>> No. 27621 [Edit]
It is, but it's a harem manga so it's not like it could've amounted to anything.
>> No. 27622 [Edit]
It's pretty good.

Though if you only read mature manga for mature men then I guess you won't like it.
>> No. 27625 [Edit]
There can be well-made shonen/harem and poorly made shonen/harem manga. I don't know why you automatically assume that I'm only into grimdark seinen just from that comment, stereotyping much?
>> No. 27626 [Edit]
File 144229196179.jpg - (66.08KB , 700x525 , 1394502491641.jpg )
harem is the only good genre
>> No. 27627 [Edit]
>There can be well-made shonen/harem and poorly made shonen/harem manga.
There can be; I just do not believe you are one who is capable on deciding which is which.
>> No. 27629 [Edit]
File 144232822941.jpg - (349.99KB , 488x650 , de4f8eb99c49e3938ec0047124d9f383.jpg )
I noticed it when watching Kanokon,
One has dark hair, one has light hair.
One has long hair, one has short hair.
One has big boobs, one has small boobs.
One is loud, one is quiet.
They are both whores.

I wondered if the goal was to make the two characters cover every base. I felt that I could apply some of these to other love triangles I was seeing at the time, like in Macross Frontier.

At any rate Yozora from Haganai's haircut is very normal for a random bishoujo series, so position a black-haired character with someone else enough and you may end up with a few black-and-white pairs.
>> No. 27633 [Edit]
Harem is shit.
>> No. 27656 [Edit]
File 144272888727.png - (164.99KB , 777x656 , 1439373084569.png )

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