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File 131480144911.jpg - (14.52KB , 537x289 , 1313547752586.jpg )
10036 No. 10036 [Edit]
Anyone here managed to find a job by lying in their resume about their experience?
If I get caught is there any chance I will be put on some sort of black list?

I lived abroad for 2 years as a exchange student, so I was thinking about lying and saying that I spent that time working full time, it could give me a big advantage during interviews.
>> No. 10037 [Edit]
You can lie as much as you want. Only problem is when they want to see some papers that are proving what you are saying.

For example:
In germany you are free to lie if you got out of jail because of the huge stigma. So you can tell them that you went to a foreign country and IF they find it out, there is nothing they can do, you can even sue them if they fire you after that.

Post edited on 31st Aug 2011, 9:41am
>> No. 10038 [Edit]
I think it depends on the job. A job with lower expectations probably won't even background check you.
>> No. 10039 [Edit]
Why would you lie about being an exchange student? That doesn't sound too terrible or anything. You could actually twist that to your advantage in an interview and just say you explored another country, met new people, experienced diversity & all that. That might be a plus.
>> No. 10040 [Edit]
>an exchange student
I can't believe anyone on Tohno would be able to do something like that.
I'm sort of jealous, I've been wondering about taking the EJUs and studying in a Japanese university although it will probably cost me an arm and a leg to do so.
>> No. 10042 [Edit]
Exchange student is a great thing to put on your résumé, unless you're applying for a job at a hardware store that boycotts anything made outside the USA, or it's a position as a tea party sign maker.

Where did you go?
>> No. 10043 [Edit]
It's a sticky situation, because honesty is rarely rewarded, but lying is always punished. I'd recommend not flat-out lying, but stretching the truth. I.e., stay-at-home security guard.

Though in your case, studying abroad is already impressive enough.
>> No. 10046 [Edit]
go for it man. if they ask too many questions just tell them your manager doesnt speak English (depending on country?) and you were paid cash in hand so theres no records.
>> No. 10048 [Edit]
if you're caught lying on the app, it'll stay with that boss, he might make a note of it for the rest of that branch of the company, and might go down on a black list with the company, but outside of that is extremely unlikely.
>> No. 10052 [Edit]
Try not to do lies which can e exposed easily. Also, talking yourself up on a resume is a gven, most do it.
>> No. 11720 [Edit]
You can lie a little but, but nothing you can be called out on
>> No. 11735 [Edit]
>I lived abroad for 2 years as a exchange student
If you dont mind me asking, what program did you use?
How did you get in.

I signed up for Rotary, but that didn't go well.
>> No. 11736 [Edit]
My mother is trying to get me to go to a career councilor or job finder lady she knows. I am not sure what to say (if I go; I may just hide), and I am not fond of lying. Yes, for honor I like to tell the truth. I am not sure what jobs she will be able to find me when I tell her:

"I am not a hardworker"
"I am not a fast learner"
"I am no reliable"
"I don't like people"
"I don't like work hazards, (chemicals)"
"I don't approve of the [insert industry/company here], and can not morally work for them"
"I don't have a 24 hour sleep cycle"
"I don't like noises"
"I don't like to get dirty"
"I am not willing to be trained"
"I am not proficiant with windows PCs"
"I am not willing to do physical labour"
"I want to be payed in cash"
"I can't drive, nor am I willing to learn"
"I require naps"
"I require multiple eatting breaks"

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